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21 August, 2008

The Nespresso Cube

Remember my beautiful Nespresso Lattissima (espresso machine)? I bought the Nespresso Cube not long after getting the Nespresso Lattissima.

Nespresso Cube

This is a beautiful box from Nespresso. I bought it a few months ago, and has been in its packaging (as photo above) since.

Nespresso Cube

(As usual, more photos follow...)

The Cube comes empty, which does not look nice. So I filled it up with Nespresso capsules.

There are the Nespresso capsules. The Espresso blends: (by the order of strength) Ristretto, Arpeggio, Roma, Decaffeinato Intenso, Livanto, Capriccio, Volluto, Cosi, and Decaffeinato. The Lungo blends: Vivalto, Decaffeinato Lungo, and Finezzo.

Nespresso capsules

Here's the Cube filled with Nespresso capsules.
Nespresso Cube

Because I am a loyal customer, they gave me a Nespresso Discovery box free.

The Discovery box in ebony-tinted varnished wood. This is the old one:
Nespresso Discovery box (old)

And the new one they gave me.
Nespresso Discovery box (new)

Can you spot the difference?

After taking the photos, guess what I did? Putting it back to the box, then back to the packaging. ;-) I think I shall use the Cube myself to make my coffee corner look better.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

Rev. Dr. Wu Yi, I know you like my Nespresso coffee. Don't get jealous about my beautiful display for Nespresso coffee.

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Posted by Antony on 21 August 2008 10:35 PM | coffee and food, photos

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We nerds prefer stacked soda cans to Nespresso Cubes when it comes to interior decorating.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 22 August 2008 12:38 PM.
If I hear any more about your stupid bloody Nespresso, that only fools who like to get locked into monopoly coffee suppliers buy, I will come over and kick your duck-house in!!!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 22 August 2008 4:15 PM.
I forgot to mention that Cube is the 3 dimension version of square. Nespresso coffee capsules from Cube got to taste extra good.
Posted by Antony Shen on 22 August 2008 6:52 PM.
Very interesting picture in this post.I do not
Posted by Sie Whange on 16 September 2008 10:11 PM.
i'm so happy to see your blog! i just got my Nespresso machine (my friend had one that i envied) and i think i may love this as much as you?!
Posted by little flower on 24 September 2008 6:26 AM.
My company has had a Nespresso machine for around two years now. All the staff loved the coffee but recently there were complaints about the Aluminum capsules health effect. There is a small amount of paint from the capsule which comes off and there must be fractions of metal breaking off when the capsule is punctured and high pressure imposed. I was not satisfied at all with the response when I posed this to Nespresso:
Aluminium is a naturally occurring element. It is the most abundant metallic element found in the earths crust (8%) and naturally present in the food we consume. Plants naturally absorb aluminium and some plant food sources, such as tea, are inherently rich in aluminium
Use of aluminium
Aluminium metal is wide-spread used for processing equipment and packaging of foods (can, tubes) as it provides one of the most efficient barriers to protect food against light, moisture and air.
Possible sources of aluminium in a Nespresso cup of coffee
Roasted and ground coffee:
Like other plants, the coffee tree absorbs a small quantity of aluminium from the soil. The intake of minerals enables plants to avoid self-phytoxicity. This naturally occurring aluminium is found in coffee beans (0.73 – 52mg/kg) and hence in roasted & ground coffee, ie.: measured average content is around 8 mg/kg. A capsule of Nespresso contains 5 or 6 grams of coffee and about 0.035 and 0.042 mg of aluminium respectively.
Our blends of coffee are 100% pure and do not contain any additives that night contribute to aluminium content.
Alumimun capsule (body and lid/membrane)
Aluminium packaging ensures the coffee freshness, and the preservation of all aromas for the best in-cup quality through an excellent barrier to moisture and air. Moreover aluminium can be recycled. The aluminium body and membrane are coated with a layer of food grade lacquer, avoiding migration of aluminium in the roasted & ground coffee contained in the capsules
Pieces of aluminium from capsule lid/membrane
This may accidentally happen during the coffee extraction with water under pressure. The metallic form of aluminium is not absorbed by the human body.
Water can contain aluminium at a maximum level of 0.2 mg/l. The amount of aluminium due to water can theoretically range from 0.008 mg per cup of 40 ml to 0.022 per cup of 110 ml
Daily Intake of aluminium
The daily intake from food and beverages, as main contributors, is estimated to an average value of 8 mg/day (Food Safety Brief – July 2006). The contribution from drinking water is usually less than 5% of the total daily intake. Migration from processing equipment, packaging and cookware is low and therefore has only a modest contribution to the daily intake.
Contribution of Nespresso cup to the daily intake of aluminium
The consumption of Nespresso cups (0.005 mg per cup) has a totally negligible contribution to the normal daily intake of aluminium (average of 8 mg), ie: one cup of Nespresso represents about 0.06% of the daily intake of aluminium.
This value can be compared to the daily consumption of the following food and beverages:
125g of bread = 0.55mg of aluminium (100 cups of Nespresso*) and 330 ml of fruit juices = 0.13 mg of aluminium (25 cups of Nespresso*)
* Considering there is a low aluminium content in the water
Food Safety Brief – July 2006 – CT-NRC/QS
Guideline for Drinking Water Quality – 2004 – WHO
Nestle Nespresso SA report – August 2002 – JJS
Nestle Nespresso SA report – March 1999 – Alex Kollep
Study on quantification of aluminium present in Nespresso roasted & round coffee re-used for Nescafe. – August 2003 – NRC report RDOR - 60001

Posted by Luke on 17 October 2008 3:48 PM.
Can someone tell me where to get such a glas cube for the capsules? I want to give one to my friend who has a Nespresso mashine for his birthday.
Posted by Charline on 30 June 2009 6:36 AM.
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Regards to all coffee lovers Graig LANGRIDGE Santa Barbara, CA
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