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18 August, 2008

the fat Antony needs to get fit, presenting Wii and Wii Fit

Antony in MelbourneFrom the picture on the right, it is without a doubt that I am fat (and black). (The photo was taken last month in Melbourne.) Because of the overweight, I decided to get myself a birthday present in advance, a body exercise equipment - Wii Fit (and Wii) - last week.


As usual, more photos follow...

Before I continue, Wii is pronounced as English word “we”. And we all know that the word “Wii” has a very strong connotation to the word “wee”, that's besides the point of this entry.

Do I really need a Wii? Well, after Laurent and I getting a Sony Bravia LCD TV, I got a Sony PlayStation 3 for Blu-ray and DVD playback. We have some PS3 games, but somehow I found that PS3 game title is still quite small. After some thought, I need a gaming machine that suits both Laurent and I, as well as a motive on getting fit. The solution: a Wii and the popular Wii Fit.

There are the photos:

Presenting the Wii (and its contents):

It comes with one set of Wii Remote, Nunchuk, one sensor bar and Wii Sports (game). Two Alkaline AA batteries are included for Wii Remote. According to Wikipedia, the Wii Remote itself is bluetooth based (like the PlayStation 3 Controllers), but it read the signal from Sensor Bar that determines the location of Wii, then transfers back to Wii.

Presenting the Wii Fit:
It comes with Wii Fit (the game) and the Balance Board. Four Aklaline AA batteries are included for Wii Balance Board.

Of course, I would try to get the best video quality out of Wii. And the maximum quality from Wii machine is 480p. I also bought the Wii component cable for doing that job.

Besides the body fitting part, Laurent and I found that we are more interested in gaming titles offered in Wii, more family friendly ones. (Gaming titles in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are mainly focused on shooting/fighting or racing.) The graphic part is certainly nowhere as good as PlayStation 3 games (either on 1080p or 720p). However, do I really need the best quality in picture? (To Don: I am not an open-source extremist who demands everything the latest and the best.)

Getting a Wii is not that easy, as most shops are out of stock. It is a very popular machine. Lucky that I got one with discount from Myer.

I know I don't really need an excuse to buy anything, but it sounds better if I have an excuse.

(To Don: Antony is poor.)

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

For those who hasn't got a Wii and a Wii Fit, you might want to check out this popular YouTube clip Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit:

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Posted by Antony on 18 August 2008 10:18 PM | gadget, photos
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from iTunes Store:
I'd like to use your sort of logic right now, if I may.

The Wii offers hardware compatibility with the GameCube and software compatibility with the N64, Super NES, and NES. Hence, not only do you now have two seventh-gen game consoles (to Antony: I am poor, I have none), but you also have a sixth-gen console, a fifth-gen console, a fourth-gen console, and a third-generation console. That's six consoles, many more than my three, hence, you are rich!

You're also very lucky, being able to pick up a component cable at the store. For GameCube, I was forced to order one from Japan.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 August 2008 10:54 AM.
Don, Over in Wii Shop (online store), you can buy old games (originally designed for NES, Super NES, or N64) at very good prices. It does not mean that I have all those consoles. You have a PlayStation 2, a Nintendo GameCube, and an Xbox. That is three out of four (75%) of sixth-generation gaming consoles. In comparison, I only have two consoles (PlayStation 3 and a Wii), which is 2 out of three (66%) of seventh-generation gaming consoles.
Posted by Antony Shen on 19 August 2008 1:19 PM.
Sick, sick, sick, that's all I can say!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 19 August 2008 2:39 PM.
I notice that your picture was taken in a temple of commerce in Melbourne City!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 19 August 2008 4:49 PM.
I forgot to write down the place name. It is somewhere in Melbourne, a quite good looking arcade.
Posted by Antony Shen on 19 August 2008 5:19 PM.
Is it not "The Clock Arcade"?
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 19 August 2008 9:27 PM.
Was it the Royal Arcade?
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 19 August 2008 9:31 PM.
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Posted by Hammer Toe on 2 August 2015 2:50 PM.
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