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27 June, 2008

I got a Blu-ray player (a.k.a. PS3)

my new Blu-ray player

Finally, I got a Blu-ray player for the Sony Bravia 52-inch LCD TV delivered two weeks ago.

With a 52-inch LCD TV in Full HD (1080p) resolution, it seems a bit silly not get get a Blu-ray player. And since Sony PlayStation 3 appears to be one of the cheapest Blu-ray players, I went ahead and got one on Wednesday. (Usually, I post the new gadget on the day I get it, this time, I've been busy.)

(As usual, more photos available in large format follow...)

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the advices from SillyDog701 forum, people met in MacTalk Sydney Meet, and especially to Don who provided a lot of recommendations over iChat.

The main reasons I choose PlayStation 3 are: it plays Blu-ray discs, and it has a relatively good media centre (compared to others or just a Blu-ray player), and I can play games from time to time. (Okay, I admit I am very very bad at games.)

Back to topic, there are the photos.
Photo of the very important remote control for the new Blu-ray player.
remote control for the Blu-ray player
As usual, this remote control will be wrapped with Glad Warp immediately once I placed the batteries in.

For $50 more, you can get the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots game. (link). Dick Smith Electronics Powerhouse has this Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Pack for $20 less, and I did not need to pre-order it. I bagged it home on Wednesday afternoon together with a Dualshock3 Wireless Controller, Blu-ray Disc Remote Control, and an expensive HDMI cable.

Photo of Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Pack:
Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Pack

Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Pack and accessories

What is next? Get some Blu-ray movies from QuickFlix.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

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Posted by Antony on 27 June 2008 7:21 PM | gadget, photos

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from iTunes Store:
Good for you. Hope you enjoy your new gadget, but can't imagine you playing PS3 games! Surely the Blue Ray is for recording shows?
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 27 June 2008 9:22 PM.
I am very bad at playing video games, but it does not mean that I won't play a game or two from time to time. No, Blu-ray is for high (usually Full) HD movie playback.
Posted by Antony Shen on 27 June 2008 9:41 PM.
I still can't believe that Sony discontinued all of their PS2-compatible lines of PS3s in PAL territories. If you're looking for something that both you and Laurent can play, take a look at Unreal Tournament 3. I've never actually played Unreal 3, but I did enjoy Unreal 2003 (which, strangely, is actually a couple of versions back). MGS4 should give you something to do for awhile, though; I was actually thinking of getting a copy of MGS3 (prequel) sometime this summer.
Posted by on 28 June 2008 12:25 AM.
On a completely different note, look who forgot to leave their name with their post!
Posted by Don_HH2K on 28 June 2008 2:00 AM.
Thanks Don. I do not see "Unreal" in the shops. I guess it might not be available in PAL or Australia.
Posted by Antony Shen on 29 June 2008 7:33 PM.
I'm a little late but congrats! I hope your PS3 is still going strong and is doing EVERYTHING in your house!! A great system and a game library that's gotten better year by year!! Keep enjoying it!!
Posted by PlayStation SAL on 25 July 2010 3:47 AM.
Regardless of the number of hours used, your PS3 will be due for a heat sink cleaning/repasting next year. Search for "prevent YLOD" on YouTube for free detailed instructions.
Posted by Fix My Playstation on 21 November 2010 3:09 PM.
I think the ps3 is awesome
Posted by movieman on 27 January 2011 5:36 AM.
Only with a complete system can you get the best experience and judging from your setup you've got most of it tuned but what about getting serious on the audio?
Posted by iPhone Unlock Code on 4 April 2011 2:59 AM.
i m gud at playing video games :)!!
Posted by PS3 Games on 20 December 2011 4:17 AM.
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