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23 June, 2008

No more desperate Mondays

Last Monday was the biggest Monday night, season finale of Desperate Housewives. I, for the first time, watched Desperate Housewives on a Sony 52-inch LCD TV in full-HD resolution. Until Season 5 starts, there will be no exciting Mondays.

I think I'd better complete the Desperate Housewives reporting.

It is the biggest night of the year. Tonight is the season finale of Desperate Housewives (season 4). Due to Writers Guild of America strike, Desperate Housewives the episodes of season 4 was shortened to only 17.

Some names have interesting meanings, and the housewives in Wisteria Lane do have some meaningful names:
Lynette is how the French describe “a pretty one”; Katherine means "purity" by ancient Greeks; Gabrielle is a Hebrew word meaning “God is my strength”; Bree is an Irish name meaning “power”.

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, mysteries were solved. Dylan wasn't the real Dylan Katherine gave birth to. Gaby found out Ellie's teddy bear had $118,000 cash in it. Ellie was later killed by Wayne. Katherine's Dylan was dead in an accident, and she was adopted. Wayne wanted to kill Katherine, but Adam rushed back and saved Katherine and Bree. Cut to five years later: Katherine would be an intrinsic part of the weekly poker game and all other aspects of life on Wisteria Lane. Orson and Bree would be back together. And when Susan arrive home, it's not Mike who greet her with a kiss, but a new man.

If you missed out last week's Desperate Housewives - (Season 4 episode 17, Free), you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

Desperate Housewives

(Mary Alice Young quote and the detailed recap follow...)

Mary Alice Young quote:
(Five years later)
There's a ritual, my friends have observed for years. Once a week, they meet to play a game of cards and talk about their lives. Of course, there's another aspect to these gatherings that has nothing to do with gossip or poker. Every seven days, my friends are reminded of a basic human truth -- there is nothing more important than friednships that endure, especially in a world that insists on changing.

Desperate Housewives

Last time on Desperate Housewives, (Season 4 episode 17, Free):

Katherine goes to the police to report that Adam has been kidnapped. While she waits for a policeman, we see her in a flashback, when she'd been beaten up yet again by Wayne. When the female officer taking the complaint found out that her husband is a respected patrolman, she advised Katherine to take her daughter and run, since the other cops would all be on Wayne's side.

The cop taking Katherine's statement about Adam turns out to be a friend of Wayne's, and thinks she only wants revenge on her ex. Realizing the police won't help, she runs home to pack and orders Dylan to do the same, but Dylan demands to know what's going on first. Katherine says she'll finally reveal the truth, although we don't hear what she tells Dylan. Whatever it is has Dylan running away in tears. Katherine goes to tell Bree she's sorry, but she has to bail on Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony, although she can't say why. Lynette, Susan, and Gaby smugly point out that Katherine's too aloof to be trusted, and that she'll never be a part of their group. Bree agrees they may be right, but insists that now they all have to help her out. Orson also offers his services, but Bree turns him down.

Lynette has been walking on eggshells since Kayla left and wants to know when Tom's going to stop being angry with her. He insists he's not mad at her, but at the situation.

Meeting with Bree and Lynette at the pizzeria, Bob and Lee fight over what to have as their wedding ice sculpture: Lee wants a castle, while Bob insists a cherub is more tasteful. Lee gives in after Bob calls him a diva, but Tom urges Lee to stand up for what he wants, or else he'll be caving in for the rest of his married life. Tom nods approvingly as Lee insists on the castle. Bob agrees, but tells the women to stick with the cherub. Bree goes to pick up the ice sculpture herself, but loses cell phone coverage and then her tire blows out. The ice sculpture starts to melt, so she commandeers a baby carriage to wheel it to the ceremony. Orson miraculously shows up to give her a ride. She's grateful, but says she still won't take him back, unless he turns himself into the police, as she'd originally asked. He says he just can't because he wouldn't survive it.

Julie is chosen for a student internship at Princeton but Susan tells her they can't afford it, then says she just was panicking about her leaving earlier for college. She lets Julie go, but gives her a cell phone to stay in touch.

When Lee sees the cherub ice sculpture, he announces that the ceremony is off. Lynette and Tom go to talk sense into the couple. Tom says they shouldn't get married if they're breaking up over an ice sculpture. "What are you gonna do when the big stuff happens?" he demands, saying that they better know that the person lying next to them in bed is worth it. As Bob and Lee agree to go on with the ceremony, Lynette kisses Tom, realizing he does still love her.

Wayne's cop friend calls him about Katherine's kidnapping claim and they both laugh it off. And then Wayne goes back to beating the truth about Dylan's whereabouts out of Adam.

Carlos chews Gaby out for maxing out their credit cards. Then Ellie calls to ask Gaby for one last favor, to bring her a teddy bear she left behind as it has sentimental value since her father gave it to her. Suspecting it might be full of drugs, Gaby opens it up and finds over $100,000 in cash instead.

She and Carlos are planning what to do with the money when Ellie calls back and realizes she's found the cash. Gaby offers to split it with her, but Ellie threatens to throw acid in her face if one dime is missing. Gaby warns the police that Ellie is on her way, but she's already in the house. They fight for the duffel bag full of money and Gaby, with the bag in hand, runs out to summon the cops while Ellie escapes.

Katherine returns home to find Wayne waiting for her. She runs for the gun, but Wayne shoves her aside, breaking her wrist, and grabs it. He wants to know what happened to the real Dylan but Katherine swears she won't tell him anything.

Adam escapes from where Wayne was holding him and hijacks a car.

Katherine warns Wayne that he won't have an alibi if he kills her, but then Ellie runs into Katherine's house. She grabs a knife when she sees Wayne, but he shoots her with Katherine's gun. "Now I have an alibi," he says, planning to make it look like the women killed each other. Katherine informs Wayne that Dylan's run off and is probably never coming back.

Bree is incensed to hear that Katherine hasn't left town after all, since Karen McCluskey just saw her. Bree storms over to Katherine's, insisting she needs to talk to her now. Not getting an answer, Bree just goes on in, and becomes Wayne's second hostage -- and his bargaining chip to get Katherine to finally tells the whole story.

Katherine had been hiding at her aunt's, but Wayne found her there. The aunt wanted to call the police, but Katherine told her to let Wayne in, vowing to protect her daughter one way or the other. Wayne insisted on seeing Dylan, but Katherine hit him on the head with a heavy candle holder. He left, but announced he'd be back.

Anxious to play with the doll her daddy left her, little Dylan went to reach for it on the top of a tall cabinet, and it came crashing down on her, killing her. Katherine buried her daughter in the backyard, rather than let Wayne learn the truth, or blame her for Dylan's death. She flew to Romania to find a girl who looked just like Dylan, and raised her as her own.

Adam, in a desperate attempt to reach Katherine, drives right through Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony. Wayne goes to stave off Adam and the two women wait in fear for Wayne's return. But it's Adam, with Wayne's gun, who comes up the stairs. Wayne is lying on the floor with a broken wrist and now Katherine turns the gun on him. He tells her this isn't over and that he'll make her pay when he gets out of jail. "I know," says Katherine, and shoots him.

Katherine refuses to say anything, but Bree tells the police that Katherine shot him in self defense. All her friends confirm how scared she was of Wayne and the same cop who phoned Wayne earlier to laugh about the kidnapping tells Katherine this was obviously self-defense, and orders her cuffs to be taken off. As she's being taken to the hospital, Dylan runs up to hug her.

Cut to five years later: Katherine is now an intrinsic part of the weekly poker game and all other aspects of life on Wisteria Lane. Orson and Bree are back together. And when Susan arrives home, it's not Mike who greets her with a kiss, but a man we've never seen before.

(source: Desperate Housewives recap)

One screen capture showing five years later.
Desperate Housewives, five years later, Susan's new man

In the United States, epsode 16 and 17 are combined into one two hour season finale.

Desperate HousewivesYou can now buy the current seasons of "Desperate Housewives" (Season Pass). When you buy a Season Pass, you get immediate access to all episodes of the current season that are available, and receive new episodes as they become available. US$ 34.99 for the entire season or US$ 1.99 per episode.

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Posted by Antony on 23 June 2008 9:36 PM | Desperate Housewives

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from iTunes Store:
I'm a vistor from Taiwan.
I found here because one of your old artical about inkwell.
I'm so carzy about Desperate Housewives toooo and I can't wait to see next season.
Sorry for my poor English because I'm just a student now.
Thanks for your artical:)
Posted by riverchung on 24 June 2008 2:10 AM.
Awwww isn't that nice Antony? Someone else from a remote village in the homeland...LOL!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 24 June 2008 5:22 PM.
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