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19 June, 2008

Apple Store Sydney Grand Opening

Apple Store Sydney

Most of you should know that I went to the grand opening of Apple Store Sydney today, and I was there with Laurent since 3.30am this morning.

Actually, I was not there for the entire hours. I came back at around 4.30am to catch up some sleeps, and back to the queue from 9.20am. 3.30am in Sydney's street during winter? Freezing cold.

Since I was one of the first 50 people in the queue, Laurent and I went into the store not long after 5pm store opening. The store was simply beautiful and amazing.

(As usual, more photos follow...)

Except the first (top) photo in this blog entry, all other photos are clickable (expands to larger photos). Just a hint: Once you clicked on a photo, you can navigate photos by using P and N keys or left arrow and right arrow keys.

Apple's official photo of Apple Store Sydney (first photo above), has clearly been manipulated. The distracting traffic light has been removed as well as some signs around. You can compare Apple's official photo with the one below (it was only a quick photo, and posted in previous blog entry):

Apple Store, Sydney, the day before open for public

Without further ado, there are more photos:

Apple StoreJust before 5pm. Final preparation.

Apple Store SydneyThe ground level is the Mac section, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, etc... All free to use. Free WiFi is also provided.

Apple Store SydneyThe first level is iTunes and iPod section. iTunes Gift Cards, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod touch and all related accessories. Software is alos in the first floor.

Apple Store Sydney Genius BarThe longest Genius Bar, One to One Personal training and workshops are located on second level.

Apple's famous glass-case stairway and the giant Apple logo (and reflection) from inside Apple Store.
glass-case stairwayApple logo and its beautiful reflection

Apple T-shirtAnd the very important Apple T-shirt. The front of the T-shirt says "Store's up." The back of the T-shirt says "Apple Store, Sydney" and "19.6.08". Free for first 2500 customers. The T-shirts are the rewards for queuing outside Apple Store for 14.5hr. Well, you know Apple pilgrims ;-)

Long queue outside Apple StoreSince Laurent and I were first 50 customers to get into Apple Store Sydney, we left at around 5.35pm. (That included my first purchase at Apple Store Sydney.) There are still thousands people queuing to get in.

Overall, this is the world's second largest Apple Store (one after Regent St, London). I was there for grand opening of the first Apple Store in Australia and Southern Hemisphere, and I was one of the first 50 customers walked in.

You might wonder what I bought from Apple Store Sydney since I already have most Apple hardware I need.
It is (very) important to keep Apple products such as Macs and iPod clean and shinny, like those in Apple Store. (To Don: Antony is poor.)

All those photos were taken by the new Samsung L730. Samsung L730 is less powerful than Sony DSC H9. The reason I took Samsung L730 with me was mainly due to the compactness of it, also considering the huge number of crowds.

(To Don: We started with Ground level/floor which is the first floor in the States.)

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

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Posted by Antony on 19 June 2008 8:37 PM | all things Mac, photos
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from iTunes Store:
That Apple Store looks like it's the size of a small shopping mall.

To be honest, I'm surprised you didn't exit the store with anything bearing an Apple logo.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 June 2008 11:43 PM.
I never thought about the size of Apple Store is comparable to a shopping mall.
They gave me an Apple plastic bag for iKlear, and it has an Apple logo on both sides. (Of course this does not count.) To be honest, I couldn't think of what to buy. Except an Apple TV, which the price here is almost twice the cost as in the States (I won't be happy to pay that much.)
Posted by Antony Shen on 20 June 2008 1:45 AM.
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