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18 April, 2008

invisible shield on MacBook Pro

If you like me would get annoyed from ugly marks and scratches, and you recently bought some gadgets, you might like invisibleSHIELD products.

As mentioned on Wednesday, I received my invisibleSHIELD for MacBook Pro. Previously, I applied invisibleSHIELD on iPod touch (blog entry) The result was really as promised on their website, and that really is something I want... slim profile without added bulkiness, and almost not noticeable. Although I did not try to scratch it to see how strong the invisibleSHIELD really is, as all iPod owners know that iPod (particularly the back) is prone to scratch, invisibleSHIELD really protects the iPod touch from getting those annoying scratches.

(photos follow)

Although invisibleSHIELD is not that cheap, but when comparing to a few thousand dollars for the cost of MacBook Pro, I think it is a good investment, unless you are kind of person that can live with scratches.

So, there are some before and after photos of invisibleSHIELD on MacBook Pro. (Invisible Shield is not that noticeable in photos.)

MacBook Pro before applying invisibleSHIELDMacBook Pro and iPod touch both has invisibleSHIELD appliedMacBook Pro before applying invisibleSHIELD

MacBook Pro with invisibleSHIELD appliedMacBook Pro with invisibleSHIELD applied on wrist rest area (including track pad and button)Back of MacBook Pro with invisibleSHIELD applied

invisibleSHIELD for MacBook Pro not just provides the protection from scratches in almost non-noticeable design, it also make the gadgets less slippery by adding some grips. You will notice that invisibleSHIELD makes your iPod or MacBook Pro harder to slide, particularly if you put your gadget on a glass top table.

I applied invisibleSHIELD in two steps. The first one is to apply the wrist rest area, then I let it ‘set up’ for 24 hours, then I applied the rest. As I have spent a great deal on applying invisibleSHIELD for iPod touch, applying on MacBook Pro is relatively easy to me this time.

Applying InvisibleSHIELD requires patience. I would recommend read the instruction carefully and preferably watch installation video before starting. Some hints on applying invisibleSHIELD from me: work in a clean and well lit area, start with smaller pieces, if not happy with the alignment, take it out straight and re-apply it again. And if you spray enough solution, you can let a section of invisibleSHIELD touching the gadget and slide it to the right alignment.

In my opinion, this invisible protection is really worth the money.

One re-related note: A great way of preventing remote controls from getting unwanted marks and dirty grease is simply covering them with Glad Wraps. Rev Dr Wu Yi can confirm this.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

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Posted by Antony on 18 April 2008 10:48 PM | Mac hardware, all things Mac, photos

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from iTunes Store:
I'd been thinking of getting a screen protector (not an InvisibleSHIELD, as I hadn't heard of those yet) when I bought my laptop, though given the condition of the screen now there's no point to bother. Back when I still had my Palm m125, I used generic screen protectors to keep the screen from scratching, which would arguably have much worse effects on a touch screen than on a regular screen. Plus, the screen protectors added a bit of extra traction to the display, so the pen didn't slide around as much.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 April 2008 10:47 AM.
If you have an "InvisibleSHIELD", how do you find your MacBook Pro when you want to use it?...LOL!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 19 April 2008 4:18 PM.
Don, I tried another screen protector for iPod touch. It does the protection, but did not work that well in terms of "feeling". I only knew invisibleSHIELD after I got my iPod touch.
Posted by Antony Shen on 20 April 2008 12:26 AM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
The invisibleSHIELD is not Harry Potter's invisible coat. The film itself is almost invisible.
Posted by Antony Shen on 20 April 2008 12:28 AM.
This is funny, I basically got the exact same stuff as you did. My iPhone and MacBook Pro are coming in the mail soon. Everything is the same except I got 2.6 GHz not 2.5 GHz :]. I also go the invisible shields for both. I had a couple questions though. Does the feel of the iPhone's touch screen or the trackpad of the MBK Pro feel weird or are they harder to use? and do the invisible shields make the MBK Pro look worse in any way? Thanks :]
Posted by Lawrence on 29 April 2008 1:14 PM.
You will feel a bit different to the original smoothness. It is not say that the Invisible Shield makes them harder to use, just a bit different in feeling. The touch screen and touch pad are very easy to use after applying Invisible Shield.
It does make the MacBook Pro look a little bit shinier (under lighting condition) then before, but not much. (Still nowhere as shiny as some HP notebooks.) Hope this helps.
Posted by Antony Shen on 29 April 2008 1:35 PM.
Did your invisible shield come with a piece to cover the screen too? Their website leads me to believe the protection is only for the outside of the machine. Thanks!
Posted by Katie Fritz on 12 September 2008 5:18 PM.
I just received my invisible shield and will be installing it soon. It does not have screen protection and is pretty much external protection and the palmrest area.
Posted by jason on 15 February 2009 12:21 PM.
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