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14 April, 2008

Distant Past in Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives

Last Week, Desperate Housewives won the time slot. Sea Patrol II's rating was dropped below Desperate Housewives.

Last week on Wisteria Lane, Lynette and her sisters didn't want to get their mother Stella back. Stella ran away. Orson did not want to get baby Benjamin circumcised, Bree managed to get Banjamin circumcised in a Jewish ceremony without Orson'a permission. Victor took Gaby out on a boat, Gaby worried that Victor might have killed her, so she knocked Victor off the boat twice. (The second time was with Carlos.) It seems like everybody is good at one thing - deception. Dylan's mother Katherine deceived Dylan about her birth father. Bree used it too keep big secrets (Danielle had a baby). Carlos and Gaby used it to covery the accident that they killed Victor.

Mary Alice Young said: Why do people resort to deception? Because it's a handy tool that helps get us exactly what are are looking for.

If you missed out last week's Desperate Housewives - You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover, you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

Exciting Desperate Housewives coming up tonight, (Season 4 episode 8, Distant Past)

Adam Mayfair is shocked when a mysterious stalker from his past shows up on Wisteria Lane. Elsewhere, Bree and Orson encounter unforeseen marital problems, while Lynette reunites with her long lost stepfather.

Desperate Housewives airs at 8.30 tonight on Channel Seven followed by Dirty Sexy Money. Forget about Sea Patrol II.

Desperate Housewives

Last time on Desperate Housewives, (Season 4 episode 7, You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover):

Lynette's cancer may be gone but she's starting to wish her mother was gone as well, especially when she brings a strange man home that she picked up the night before. Lynette suggests it's time for Stella to leave, but she admits she has nowhere to go since her other daughter, Lucy, kicked her out and that she has no money since loaning it all to Lynette.

Lynette tries to get Lucy to take Stella back, but Lucy, who's still in therapy after the two years Stella spent with her, refuses. Lynette's other sister also refuses to take Stella in, having spent one year with her. Lynette's sisters say that they don't owe Stella anything since she was such a terrible mother to them and Lynette can't believe they don't care. She tells them not to visit for a few years, since it'll take that long for her to stop hating them. Meanwhile, Stella has overheard their heated conversation and taken a taxi to points unknown.

Bree is shocked to hear that Orson doesn't want to get baby Benjamin circumcised. He reveals how traumatic it was when he was circumcised since it happened when he was five years old! Bree sneaks the baby out to the doctor and finds that Orson has written to all the doctors in town to forbid them to perform the procedure. Bree seizes the invitation to a bris to ask the rabbi to perform the circumcision. She has to pretend to be Jewish to and vow to raise the baby as a Jew. "He'll be as devout a Jew as I am," she promises the rabbi. Orson is angry when he finds out she went behind his back and she admits that since Benjamain is related to her by blood, she felt her wishes were more important. He wants to know if she considers him to be the baby's father since he doesn't just want to be a glorified babysitter. "Your son wants you to hold him," she says, handing him the baby.

Dylan uses a school assignment on genealogy to probe for more information on her father. Katherine refuses to help at first. She finally brings her a piece of paper and says it contains all the information she needs to find her father, as long as Dylan swears to never reveal where Katherine is, since the night he left, he'd vowed to kill her for taking his daughter away. She tearfully tells how her husband beat her and she was certain she was going to die. Dylan hands back the piece of paper and says she'll ask her teacher for a different assignment. Katherine smiles in triumph as she unfolds the paper and we see that it's completely blank.

Victor tells Gaby that he's cleared his schedule for a month so that they can take a real honeymoon. First, they're going to start with a boat trip. He makes her promise not to tell any of her friends about it. She's surprised that he's even dismissed the crew and that it'll be just the two of them at sea.

Carlos goes to collect a painting he left at Edie's and she gleefully informs him that she showed Victor an incriminating photo of him and Gaby. Carlos immediately calls Gaby who now sees the romantic boat trip in a sinister new light.

Victor tells Gaby he knows about the affair and tells he "has something for her," as he's reaching into a duffel bag. Gaby assumes he's got a gun and knocks him overboard with an oar. She motors the boat back to the marina, where Carlos is waiting for her. He suggests they call the police to look for Victor, since it was self-defense, but when they look in the bag there's no gun, only a sweater Victor was going to give Gaby because she was cold. They decide they're going to have to retrieve Victor themselves and, luckily, find him and bring him back on board.

He and Carlos start to fight and Gaby, fearing for Carlos's safety, knocks Victor overboard again. Only this time, they can't find him. They look for six hours, but finally face facts: Victor must be dead. They return to the marina and realize that since no one knew that Gaby was with him, if they send the boat back out on its own, it will just look like an accident, or suicide, since Gaby will say that Victor was despondent over her leaving him.

When Susan and Mike are over at Bree's for dinner, Bree finds Mike taking some pills in her kitchen. He tells her it's just aspirin for residual pain from his car accident but she examines a pill he's left behind and determines that it's a highly addictive narcotic. She tells Susan, who's reluctant to believe that Mike's lying to her and is reassured when he says it was the last few pills from an old prescription.

But Bree convinces her that addicts are cunning and resourceful liars, so Susan looks through Mike's things and finds a baggie full of pills hidden in a flashlight. When she confronts him, he says he's been taking them since hurting himself on the job. He didn't think he could take time off, not with all the talk of expenses for the baby. He wants his son to have all the advantages he had, and not to have to be a plumber. Susan says all he needs is a father who's not on drugs. To reassure her of his sincerity to quit, he empties the bag of pills into the kitchen sink. But later that night, he opens up the drain to get the pills back.

(source: Desperate Housewives recap)

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesYou can now buy the current seasons of "Desperate Housewives" (Season Pass). When you buy a Season Pass, you get immediate access to all episodes of the current season that are available, and receive new episodes as they become available. US$ 34.99 for the entire season or US$ 1.99 per episode.

Can't wait for tonight's Desperate Housewives, you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

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Posted by Antony on 14 April 2008 12:20 PM | Desperate Housewives

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from iTunes Store:
What an exciting episode tonight! Next week promises to be ever more thrilling. Haven't had the TV off SEVEN tonight!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 15 April 2008 1:11 AM.
Yes, it was a fabulous episode last night. Monday night is always Channel 7 night. Must clear your schedule for the very important Desperate Monday.
Posted by Antony Shen on 15 April 2008 10:02 PM.
Yes,should look good on the new 42" Sharp Full HD LCD Flat Panel TV.
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 16 April 2008 9:13 PM.
Why does Bree have the baby in front of a Jewish Rabbi for goodness sake? Don't tell me she has deserted the one true faith? May the Great Chicken have mercy on her!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 16 April 2008 9:23 PM.
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