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iPhone 5

26 March, 2008

Invisible Shield


I received my 32GB personalised (engraved) iPod touch on 3rd March. The first night, I was using it extremely careful, trying not to create any scratches. The following day, I bought Belkin Leather Sleeve for iPod touch. (It comes with a protective screen sheet.) Since then, the iPod touch has been leaving inside the Leather Sleeve.
Few days later, I saw a thread in a Mac forum in Australia about how people protect their iPod touches. One person recommended invisibleSHIELD, I went ahead and ordered one. My invisibleSHIELD arrived on 18th March.

(photos of Invisible Shield follow...)

iPod touchAccording to the company, ZAGG Inc, invisibleSHIELD is a tough gadget scratch protection film available, origin from US military where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear while travelling hundreds mphs hour. After applying, I would give it a thumb up. It beats all other skins and cases for iPods.

invisibleSHIELD contents and my iPod touchiPod touch (front) with invisibleSHIELDiPod touch (back) with invisibleSHIELD

There's really nothing wrong with other skins and cases available for iPods, but I just don't like the additional thickness (other) skins and cases add to iPods. The reason I bought Belkin Leather Sleeve was simply it added the least thickness (bulkiness) to iPod touch. After seeing the images and videos I saw on invisibleSHIELD website and reading reviews, I knew this is the product for me.

iPod touch (back) without invisibleSHIELDFor the sake of comparison, the photo on the left is taken when I first receive my iPod touch, no protective films, no protective skins or cases. Of course the invisibleSHIELD is not 100% “invisible”, but close enough. If you don't look careful, you probably won't notice it. Once applied, it stays there.

Applying invisibleshield is not an easy task. You have to be very careful when aligning. The company even provides an installation guide as well as installation video.

invisibleSHIELD does make the reflection of the surface a bit different than without it, and the surface does not feel as smooth when without it (the grip feeling is different), but still quite smooth for touch screens usage. This is not an issue for me. Finally, just for the sack of completeness, invisibleSHIELD has all sorts of precut protective films designed for almost all sorts of gadgets you can think of, including all Apple iPods, Sony PSP, BlackBerry, mobile phones, GPS, PDA, digital cameras and even laptops (many brands including Apple, Dell and HP). If you have some gadgets you don't want to see scratches on them and you don't like the common bulky skins or cases, invisibleSHIELD may be a solution for you.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

(This is a backdated entry.)

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updatedinvisible shield on MacBook Pro (18 April, 2008)

Posted by Antony on 26 March 2008 9:24 PM | iPod/iPhone/iPad, photos

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from iTunes Store:
This iPod Touch Cases looks pretty cool. I actually not like having a case for my iPhone. It slides in and out of my pocket easier and the form of it in my hand is quite nice. Plus, it is really sturdy with the glass screen; I’ve dropped it at least 2-3 times (from 3-4 feet off the ground) and it hasn’t suffered.
That said, I’d like to see the case on my iPhone. If it’s cool I might buy this iPod Touch skins .

Posted by Ronald on 30 June 2008 5:48 PM.
I ordered the invisishield for my new Blackberry Bold and paid the $24.95 plus an extra $37.00 or so for overnight shipping. Almost $40.00 extra!!! I paid the exorbitant shipping because I am going out on a tug boat for a month and wanted the protection for my phone. I ordered the invisishield on Tuesday and here it is, Friday, and have not received my order. I called Zagg, the company who sells the invisishield, and was told, "Oh, yeah, well it takes a couple of days to process your order." So I want everyone to know NOT to pay for overnight shipping!! Ain't gonna happen. I can't really review the product as I haven't gotten it yet. By the way, the guy with whom I spoke on the phone made no attempt at mitigating my ire at paying almost twice the product cost for shipping that didn't take place, he also seemed like he was perturbed at me for calling and asking what was taking so long and wanted me to hang up so as not to have to talk to me anymore. Quite unsatisfactory service.
Posted by Dan on 5 December 2008 8:44 PM.
well i have a iTouch 2nd gen 32g and i put on the invisible shiled it took me nearly 2 hours and you have 2 leave it over night i recommend not buying one because i think it has caused problems with my iTouch because it says the volume button is continusouly being held in.
Posted by Tony on 19 February 2009 3:41 AM.
In spite of Whatever they say about those colorful skins, I have always liked invisible skins, cause they keeps the originality of the phone.
Posted by itouch skins on 17 November 2009 5:28 PM.
I'm eligible for an upgrade with AT&T and will wait for the Bold 9700. I would like to get a screen protector, a nice protective case (just in case I dropped it). I've dropped my Curve 8310 a couple of time.
Posted by itouch skins on 21 May 2010 7:46 PM.
It's about time.
Apple's really finetuned the iPhone and it's great to see all the progress they've made. good invisible skin..i like it
Very nicely done!
Posted by itouch skins on 27 August 2010 2:51 PM.
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