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January, 2008

NYE2007 midnight fireworks
Happy New Year 2008
Judas on a Pole, Bones
5.5 hr to fully charge a battery?
The Week It Was, 6 January 2008
The Fox, Criminal Minds
racist and hypocrite Australia
sneaky, power-abusing Manly Council
The Man in the Cell, Bones tonight
I'm on holiday
it's good to be back
decision... dilemma...
it's still a good time to buy Christmas ornaments
number talks
The Week It Was, 20 January 2008
Enchanted Wide Conversion Lens
Heath Ledger dies
1TB of storage
party boy Corey Delaney and ACA
Happy Australia Day
The Week It Was, 27 January 2008
Natural Born Killer & Derailed in Criminal Minds
UFO and the lying nature of US Military
it has been a year

February, 2008

The Week It Was, 3 Feburary 2008
Desperate Housewives will be back next Monday
been quiet from telemarketing in the last few days?
new iPod touch and upcoming MacBook Pro
let there be light
it is important to keep a record
cold today and my printer is not working
Samantha Who?
The Week It Was, 10 Feburary 2008
Desperate Housewives season 4 starts tonight
last minutes gift ideas for Valentine's Day
Epson AcuLaser C1100N is working again
expensive rose day
my Valentine's meal
MacBook Air has arrived in Australia
the wedding on Samantha Who?
Australia says sorry to Aborigines. the week it was, 17 Feb 08
Smiles of a Summer Night, Desperate Housewives
Michael Jackson did not show up at the Grammys
two's better than one, part 7
size does matter; hello another Zed
Queen Victoria is here, Queen Elizabeth coming tomorrow
the week it was, 24 Feb 08
The Virgin on Samantha Who? tonight
The Game, Desperate Housewives
Sunday's Royal rendezvous
one more Crumpler
Thriller 25, Neverland trouble
here endeth the dilemma

March, 2008

Mardi Gras Parade, 30th anniversary
The Restraining Order on Samantha Who
the week it was, 2 March 2008
If There's Anything I Can't Stand, Housewives
iPod touch hath arrived
my PDA, my touch
Potential Connection Delay, bugger
The Hypnotherapist on Samantha Who
the week it was, 9 March 2008
my MacBook Pro hath arrived, finally
Art Isn't Easy, housewives
presenting MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.5GHz)
more power for power abusing NSW Police?
cheaper by the bulk
one more Logitech
the week it was, 16 March 2008
Neverland is saved
down by 1, up by 2, then down 1 up 1. Crumpler bags again
Back to My Mac is simply so cool.
Jason Dundas is Cleo's Bachelor of the Year
where's the justice?
it's important to have a comfy chair
happy Easter Sunday, the week it was 23 March 2008
Royal Easter Monday
The Ten Catmandments
Invisible Shield
Mr Mum, a pregnant man
the pot is good at calling kettle black
Vodafone mobile broadband
the week it was 30 March 2008
Now I Know, Don't Be Scared, housewives' back tonight

April, 2008

Happy April Fools
the car broke down
The Restraining Order on Samantha Who
Time Capsule (1TB) has arrived
one more bag, Booq this time.
the week it was 6 April 2008
You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover, housewives tonight
Antony does not speak English
3G iPhone is finally coming to Australia?
Cadbury owns purple colour? Court says not.
the week it was 13 April 2008
Distant Past in Wisteria Lane
pink rock salt
two's better than one, part 8
I got my a cat 6, finally
invisible shield on MacBook Pro
High School Musical: The Ice Tour day
the week it was 20 April 2008
Something's Coming to Wisteria Lane
I do not have a 42-inch LCD HDTV
how police distribute their resource
Journey of Harm arrived yesterday
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
the week it was 27 April 2008
Welcome to Kanagawa, Desperate Housewives
freezing cold here
it's momsense: Mom's Overture

May, 2008

off-duty police officers attacking citizen jailed! hooray!
my iPod touch has a Dock
the week it was, 4th May 2008
Sunday, Desperate Housewives
Australia's favourite chicken
Ugly Betty is back tonight
this won't be on
unusual meat and I cut my finger
Happy Mother's Day. the week it was, 11th May 2008
In Buddy's Eyes @ Wisteria Lane
floor polishing
disgraceful power abusing Queensland police officers
Family Affair @ Ugly Betty
Bones is back tonight, The Girl in the Gator
more chickenmercial
new couch and an ottoman
Robin Hood (Kevin Rudd)'s first humble arrow, the week it was 18th May 2008
Hello, Little Girl - Desperate Housewives
Maryborough, I've been there.
they discontinued it? The trouble of getting Lipton tea
Betty's Wait Problem @ Ugly Betty
The Man in the Mansion, Bones
Grumpy wasn't happy
donkey is free after 3 days jail time.
the golden rules
the week it was 25th May 2008
cheaper to shop on Fridays
Opening Doors in Wisteria Lane
Apple Store drop in soon to Sydney
I got a Navman
Criminal Minds is back
Grin and Bear It @ Ugly Betty
Bodies in the Book, Bones
TypePad AntiSpam beta

June, 2008

the week it was 1st June 2008
Mother Said in Wisteria Lane
Mauve, Rust, Chocolate, Sage, Mink, Slate Blue, Stone, White and Foam
Criminal Minds: In Name and Blood
A League of Their Own @ Ugly Betty
The Boneless Bride in the River, Bones
Miss Man on Australia's Got Talent
happy birthday Laurent
my Aeroccino stops working
the week it was 8th June 2008
The Gun Song @ Wisteria Lane
a new TV is coming
it's confirmed: 5pm 19th June
iPhone 3G is coming to Autralia, finally
two hours of Criminal Minds
Something Wicked This Way Comes @ Ugly Betty
Belkin CushTop
a real unicorn was born
Sony Bravia LCD TV
Apple Store, Sydney, breaking 19 June
Samsung L730
everybody loves coffee
the week it was 15th June 2008
Housewives Season Final, Free
Nespresso Lattissima
there are quite a few people worship Apple
Scared to Death @ Criminal Minds
A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding @ Ugly Betty
367-373 George Street
Apple Store Sydney Grand Opening
iPhone 3G news update
the week it was 22nd June 2008
No more desperate Mondays
workshop @ Apple Store
Seven Seconds @ Criminal Minds
I See Me, I.C.U. @ Ugly Betty
Don't like chicken?
Spaceman in a Crater, Bones
I got a Blu-ray player (a.k.a. PS3)
photo of the day
the week it was 29th June 2008
I can't afford the Monster Cable

July, 2008

Telstra to sell iPhone 3G confirmed, price released
TiVo is coming to Australia
Optus released iPhone 3G prices
WYD to be worse than APEC
free upgrade
the week it was, 6 July 2008
About Face @ Criminal Minds
exciting week
the count down...
Boxed In on Prison Break tonight
Identity @ Criminal Minds
Vodafone releases iPhone 3G pricing
crunching with PS3
I got my iPhone 3G!
1.5 TB hard drive from Seagate
the week it was, 13 July 2008
Lucky @ Criminal Minds
Bastille Day and Wendy's at La Perouse, 2008
WYD = SYD lockdown
Prison Break, Dirt Nap
Penelope @ Criminal Minds
Sony PSP
Sony PS3 HDD upgrade
the week it was, 20 July 2008
True Night @ Criminal Minds
fines on annoying pilgrims is unconstitutional
invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G
Under & Out @ Prison Break
two Criminal Minds
the Quarter Pounder equation
Obama is popular in Europe
the week it was, 27 July 2008
Limelight @ Criminal Minds
Starbucks not shinnying in Australia
Prison Break seasone finale tonight
Phantom of the Opera

August, 2008

Express and Tasty Cooking
all capsicums are now singular
the week it was, 3 August 2008
Machismo @ Criminal Minds
more iPhone 3G news
disgraceful NSW Police decision
Express and Tasty Cooking on square plates
the week it was, 10 August 2008
Bonds - The Short
Chicken Kedgeree, Glazed Zucchini and Strawberry Romanoff
Coca-Cola Olympics Glasses
Apple TV price drop
more cat.6 and Gaffa tape
How US count the medals
the fat Antony needs to get fit, presenting Wii and Wii Fit
Tagliatelle Pasta, Cucumber and Mint, Cheese Cassata
The Nespresso Cube
My PS3 and Wii
Olympics is over! Border Security and Bones tonight.
Qantas choir
tomato rose and chicken talk
Michael Jackson turns 50
the week it was, 31 August 2008

September, 2008

Bones - Mummy in the Maze
double Criminal Minds tonight
avocado, marinara and almond
head of disgrace resigns
not in good mood
Intern in the Incinerator, Bones
Solferino, haddock, potatoes
Apple releases new iPods, return of Xena
double Criminal Minds tonight
another TB joins my storage, well almost
thinner MacBooks coming?
nothing beats the USA
the week it was, 14 September 2008
Boy in the Time Capsule, Bones
seven sisters came to rescue my storage problem
green beans, casserole and omelet
Libertad; Antony is black
Christmas shopping
the week it was, 21 September 2008
Emmy Awards, The Knight on the Grid @ Bones
poor little swine
little piggy is saved
The Crossing @ Criminal Minds
cubs, piglets and a sow
day trip
two's better than one, part 9 the Logitech V470
the week it was, 28 September 2008
The Santa in the Slush @ Bones
new Carlson Twins wallpaper
let there be solar power

October, 2008

Tabula Rasa @ Criminal Minds
Desperate Housewives Starter Kit
daylight saving starts in many parts of Australia
the week it was, 5 October 2008
Wii Day
how do you keep someone annoyed
Prison Break returns tonight
it's time to try Pepsi
Zen fountain
the week it was, 12 October 2008
Player Under Pressure @ Bones
Cashmere Bone China
eve of Apple special media event, thinner MacBook tomorrow
bloody power cut
Breaking & Entering, Prison Break
Sculptures by the Sea
courgette, sardines, chickpeas, 40 cloves, choux
the week it was, 19 October 2008
The Baby in the Bough, Bones
bayard, hansardize, imprecation, petrichor
disgraceful Queensland Police
The Angel Maker @ Criminal Minds
Shut Down @ Prison Break
two laughable games, but I like them
pumpkin day invisible special
the week it was, 26 October 2008
Will & Grace returns tonight! Bones at 9.30
Norton Street Italian Festa 2008
Minimal Loss @ Criminal Minds
one small appliance and some accessories
Eagles and Angels @ Prison Break
today's news
this is Antony. happy Halloween

November, 2008

the week it was, 2 November 2008
database crashed
The Wannabe in the Weeds, Bones tonight
Melbourne Cup Day news
Paradise, Criminal Minds
Agent Booth was shot on Monday, Bones
why do you need gigabit ethernet
a new hope for the US, the week it was 9 Nov 2008
Yanks in the UK, part 1, Bones tonight
a girl with 8 limbs; Catching Out, Criminal Minds
Yanks in the UK, part 2, Bones tonight
tiger cubs are very friendly
in the middle of a roundabout
one more Sony (Sony DSLR α350)
Dragby side table
the week it was 16 Nov 2008
The Man in the Outhouse, Bones
Mickey Mouse turns 80
The Instincts, Criminal Minds
new supermodel reveals; Bones tonight
two faces are cuter than one
a polarizer and a charger
the week it was 23 Nov 2008
The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond, Bones
one more invisibleSHIELD
Prison Break at new night
a sad news
Memoriam, Criminal Minds
The Crank in the Shaft
thanksgiving turkey day; Sarah Palin
today only, Apple shopping event
from the archive
the week it was, 30 November 2008

December, 2008

double Bones (Pilot, The Man in the SUV)
Blow Out, Prison Break
freeview? the new package of current free-to-air channels
Five the Hard Way, Prison Break continues
exciting follow up news against disgraceful police
free service from government
invisibleSHIELD Gift Cart 25% off
the week it was, 7 December 2008
posting baby-swinging video is child pornography: Queensland Police
double Bones again (A Boy in a Tree, Bones in the Woods)
The Price, Prison Break
Greatness Achieved, Prison Break
poor little cat
48 Coca-Cola's
The Quarfie, Crumpler
a bird nest
the week it was, 14 December 2008
double Bones again (A Boy in a Bush, The Man in the Wall)
chicken parade
The Legend, Prison Break
Quiet Riot, Prison Break
Antony can't afford a slice of watermelon
7 Deadly Sins/7 Heavenly Virtues... on web designs
Carols in the Domain (Grant Denyer and Kate Ritchie are back)
same as last year
double Bones again (A Man on Death Row, The Girl in the Fridge)
Michael Jackson needs lung transplant???
Selfless, Prison Break tonight
Deal or No Deal, Prison Break
Carols by Candlelight
a quick note on Boxing Day
Merry Christmas 2008
Happy Boxing Day
2008's important headlines
double Bones again (The Man in the Fallout Shelter/The Woman at the Airport)
Christmas trees
Just Business, Prison Break
Going Under, Prison Break

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