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27 October, 2007

daylight saving starts tomorrow

Daylight saving

Just a gentle reminder, the daylight saving starts tomorrow morning at 2am in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The clock will move forward to 3am at 2am.

Last December, Western Australia started a three years trial of daylight saving. Some liked daylight saving, some didn't. In the 31 years prior to last year, WA had rejected daylight saving in three referendums. Tomorrow will be the second year of daylight saving trial for WA, and starting the same as most of the countries.

Queensland and Northern Territory are not observing daylight saving.

The daylight saving should end at 30th March 2008, however, the State Government is still thinking about extend it until April (same as Tasmania).

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As for me today, I spent the day playing the new Mac OS X Leopard. It's just amazing and fabulous!

Join the discussion - daylight saving starts tomorrow (28 Oct) in Australia at SillyDog701 Message Centre.

Posted by Antony on 27 October 2007 7:41 PM | newstalk

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