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17 October, 2007

Good Fences, Prison Break

Prison Break

New series of Prison Break is Fast Tracked on Channel 7 tonight.

Last week on Prison Break, after encountering Whistler in a confessional mood, Michael finds himself in the unenviable position of needing T-Bag's help, but without it he can't get some vital information to Sara. T-Bag agrees to help Michael to use Lechero's mobile phone. If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode Call Waiting legally from iTunes Store.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 3 episode 4, Good Fences iTunes)

Michael starts to hatch an escape plan and asks Linc to make friends with the prison gravedigger. Meanwhile, Mahone, going through withdrawal, begins to hallucinate that Haywire is there.

Season 3 Prison Break starts at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by The Unit.

Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break (season 3 episode 3, Fire and Water iTunes),

Sucre comes to Lincoln looking for money. He refuses to help Linc look for Sara and LJ. Michael finds that Lechero isn't interested in any kind of truce with him. Lincoln visits Michael, and shows him today's photo of Sara and LJ. Sara's pointing to the words "Santa Rita" on the paper they're holding up. Could that be where they're being held? Linc tells Susan that Michael won't help with Whistler until he talks to Sara to make sure she's OK. Susan refuses. Michael learns there's only one phone in Sona, and Lechero has it.
Mahone meets with his public defender, and finds that he has a trial date... next year. Even if Michael testifies that he set Mahone up, it won't wash: one inmate taking the fall for another is common. Realizing how trapped he is, Mahone begs for his medication. The attorney simply thinks he's a drug addict, and abandons him. Mahone turns to the other addicts in the prison for a fix of something, anything. Before he can shoot up, Whistler - realizing Michael isn't entirely on his side - forges an uneasy alliance with Mahone. Whistler has an emotional reunion with Sofia at the visitor's cage. She says the book was taken by Scofield's brother. Putting the pieces together, he says it's okay that Lincoln has the book. She really doesn't know what's important about the book. Whistler won't tell, to her frustration. How can she help him if she doesn't know what's going on? As she signs out she sees Lincoln's address, logged when he visited Michael.

Lechero finds that business on the outside seems slower than usual: his take is getting smaller, and his men are losing faith in him. His cousin says everything's normal. Perhaps the problem is inside the prison? Sucre tries to sell the gun he bought the other day, but the gun-shop clerk is only willing to give him 1/3 of what he paid. He sells the gun, buys some tequila, and gets himself stinking drunk.

Michael blackmails T-Bag into helping him get Lechero's cell phone. T-Bag surreptitiously unplugs the charger so that Lechero has to leave it charging at an unexpected time. T-Bag sneaks the phone to Michael while Lechero is out, telling him he has less then 30 minutes to use it... or they're both dead. Linc strong-arms Susan into putting Sara on the phone right away. Sara, speaking in code, lets him know that "Santa Rita" means "Saint Rita:" the patron saint of lost causes. She's not in Santa Rita; she can see St. Rita from wherever she is.

Michael, with T-Bag's help, just barely manages to get the phone back into the charger before Lechero returns... but it's not plugged in firmly enough. The charger light isn't on. Lechero knows something's up. He hits redial, and gets Linc. Linc doesn't speak, he just hangs up. Lechero has the number researched. Sofia catches up with Linc, and finds that not only is he helping break Whistler out of prison; he's being blackmailed into it. She's stunned; she thought Whistler was trying to get out legally, and that he's only a fisherman. They take a cab to a monument of St. Rita, which is in the red-light district. He finds where Sara and LJ are being held. Linc charges in, but their guards spirit them away in a van.

Whistler tells Michael that he's in prison because he was running a charter boat. One day he got a call demanding to know exactly where he took a naturalist of some sort who took water samples and measurements. He said he couldn't remember, but then government types started snooping around. Then a bar fight led to his incarceration in Sona. The people who are trying to get him out demand that as soon as they do, he show them where he took that guy. The book is his trip log: the only way he can retrace his steps. Sammy suspects T-Bag of disloyalty to Lechero, and tells T-Bag to watch his back. T-Bag responds by starting to poison Lechero's mind against his men.

Bellick gets himself some shoes from Stash, the prison's tranny barber. As he picks a comfy pair from the Stash's stash, he spies Michael meeting with Mahone. Mahone forces Michael to admit that he needs Whistler alive so he can break him out of Sona. Bellick begins to hatch a plan. Susan calls Linc with a warning against him ever trying another rescue attempt. There's a box by the trash: a blood-soaked box...

Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
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You can download tonight's episode Good Fences legally from iTunes Store.

Link: Prison Break (Channel Seven)

Posted by Antony on 17 October 2007 9:26 AM | Prison Break

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