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10 October, 2007

Call Waiting, Prison Break

Prison Break

New series of Prison Break is Fast Tracked on Channel 7 tonight.

Last week on Prison Break, according to Michael's friend McGrady, James Whistler killed the son of the Mayor of Panama City. From Bellick, Michael found out where Whistler was hiding. There was a problem in the jail, no water. Michael set the fire and got the water out. Lincoln got the item from James Whistler's girlfriend, a pocket-sized Encyclopaedia of Birds. Lincoln gave Susan a fake one. Sucre decided to stay. If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode Fire and Water free and legally from iTunes Store.

Season 3 Prison Break starts at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by The Unit.

Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break (season 3 episode 2, Fire and Water iTunes),

After receiving his daily ration of water, Michael asks young prisoner McGrady if he's ever heard of Whistler. McGrady tells him that Whistler killed the son of the Mayor of Panama City. A fight breaks out in the yard between a hungry inmate and Sammy, Lechero's muscle, and in the fracas, the huge water drum is spilled. Lechero promises more water, but where's it going to come from? The inmates slowly begin to turn against him.
Michael uses his water to bribe the thirsty Bellick to tell him where the piece of paper in his pocket came from; he then goes to the sewer to find Whistler, and tells him he's going to break him out of there. Whistler demands to know who Michael is working for and what they want with him. Mahone is the only one who sees Michael leave the sewers.

Lincoln meets with the beautiful kidnapper, who calls herself Susan B. Anthony. He threatens that he'll kill her family if his son or Sara is harmed.

McGrady tells Mahone that the Mayor has promised, via Lechero, that anybody who kills Whistler will get a court date with a friendly judge. Mahone goes into the sewers to kill Whistler.

Sucre visits Bellick, pulling a gun on him and demanding to know where Maricruz is. He's about to pull the trigger, so Bellick admits that he conned Sucre - he has no idea where Maricruz is. Sucre leaves, ignoring Bellick's pleas for help.

Lincoln visits Michael; Michael gives him the mysterious note and asks him to look into it. Linc slips him some money. As he leaves, he runs into Sucre and asks him for help. But Sucre has just located Maricruz and is ready to go to Chicago to see her. He gets on the bus - and as it pulls away, Lincoln sees an ad for the Banco de Versailles. He looks at the mysterious note again: "Versailles 1989 V. Madrid." Sofia is also studying her copy of the note. She takes a taxi to the Bank of Versailles.

Bellick gets T-Bag to take him to Lechero. He sells Whistler out, finally gaining some clothes for his trouble. And T-Bag climbs in Lechero's esteem for helping bring him this information.

Michael sees two of Lechero's men heading into the sewers. He follows, and he and they come upon Mahone about to kill Whistler - but Mahone slips, and Whistler takes off into the darkness. Mahone follows. Michael, blocked by more prisoners coming to get Whistler, has no choice but to return to the prison yard. As the protests against Lechero get louder and angrier, Michael pays McGrady to bring some alcohol to his cell - then a match, a rope and some plastic bags.

At the bank, Sofia meets with a Vera Madrid (the "V. Madrid" of the note), saying she's James Whistler's girlfriend. Vera brings Sofia something from Whistler's safety deposit box, but what? Lincoln confronts her outside the bank, stealing the object from her - a pocket-sized Encyclopedia of Birds, with seemingly random numbers written all through it. Agent Pike watches them from his car.

Sucre calls Maricruz - and tells her he's not coming home. He's bad for her; he'll drag her down.

Susan confronts Lincoln and tells him to stay away from Sofia, and demands the book. But he gives her a fake - another copy, without the numbers.

Mahone starts a fire to smoke out Whistler, while Michael takes his improvised Molotov cocktail to a pump room in the sewers. As Whistler is marched into the yard, the bomb goes off - and sprays the yard with a geyser of water. Lechero's back in power - and, indebted to Michael, he makes Mahone let Whistler go. Whistler's now in Michael's care - but he still has no idea how they're going to escape.


Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
You can now download it from iTunes Store. US$ 1.99 per episode or US$39.99 for entire session.
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You can download tonight's episode Call Waiting legally from iTunes Store.

Link: Prison Break (Channel Seven)

Posted by Antony on 10 October 2007 9:26 AM | Prison Break

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