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7 October, 2007

the stocks

Navy Base Open Day

The stocks is an interesting device used in the old days for punishment and public humiliation. As the Wikipedia states: “Stocks are devices used since medieval times for public humiliation, corporal punishment, and torture.” As for ‘public humiliation’ in the 21st century, the best weapon is to shame people via national TV, in programmes such as Today Tonight or A Current Affair.

Yesterday was the Navy Base Open Day. The Open Day does not attract me much as I've been to Garden Island (Navy Base) a number of occasions with Laurent. The Naval Historical Society of Australia had a stand, and I was helping there.

I managed to find something interesting during free time. I was in the stocks:
(more photos below)

Antony in the Stocks

Although I only tried it for half a minute, it was not that comfortable I have to say.

A Geocities website has in-depth content about stocks and pillories. And how do people got into the stocks? Very easy. As simple as not

Stocks and pillories were used to punish a wide range of minor offences. Drunkenness, prostitution, not attending church; the list is endless. Under more puritanical regimes, even dancing round a maypole.

Some of the more regular occupants of stocks and pillories were shopkeepers and market stallholders who cheated their customers. For example, giving short change or measure, or selling poor quality merchandise. Here the punishment was often made to fit the crime. A butcher who sold rotten meat would be pilloried with the offending product tied around his neck. An alewife who watered down her beer would have it poured over her head while she sat in the stocks.

The stocks was provided by The New South Wales Corps of Marines Inc. The cannon firing was another interesting attraction.
Cannon firing

As for the navy ships, I am somehow not interested.

Photo of Navy Band:
RAN Band

Posted by Antony on 7 October 2007 6:45 PM | photos

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