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3 October, 2007

Fire and Water, Prison Break fast tracked from US

Prison Break

New series of Prison Break is Fast Tracked on Channel 7 tonight.

Last week on Prison Break, Michael was in Sona (jail), Bellick was humiliated, Mahone tried to get Michael to help him, Michael refused. Michael was forced by Lechero, the kingpin of the prison, to undergo 'orientacion'. T-Bag sucks up to Lechero. If you missed it out last week's Prison Break (Season 3 premier), you can download the episode Orientacion free and legally from iTunes Store.

Promo for tonight's Prison Break.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 3 episode 2, Fire and Water iTunes)

T-Bag is working his way up through the prison pecking order, and is using the the current water shortages to his advantage. In the meantime, Michael and Mahone are using brains rather than brawn in their attempt to flush Whistler out of his lair. Lincoln follows Sophia, who also has a copy of the mysterious note that Michael gives him.

Season 3 Prison Break starts at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by The Unit. Don't miss out the new season.

Prison Break: season 3

Previously on Prison Break (season 3 episode 1, Orientaction iTunes),

In a fancy hotel somewhere, a beautiful and impassive woman with a deeply scarred face covers her scars with makeup as best she can.
Lincoln goes to the American consulate to try to get Michael freed, but the assistant consul can't help. He tells Lincoln that Sona is the worst prison of all, with the most violent prisoners. The government won't interfere: nobody ever gets out of Sona. In Sona this is borne out as Michael witnesses a bloody fight to the death between two inmates. Bellick is humiliated, and forced to drink muddy water; a situation he shares with fellow inmate Sapo. Mahone confronts Michael: he wants Michael's help. Michael refuses, knowing Mahone needs him alive to testify at his trial.

At the consulate Lincoln finds that the bag went missing from the scene where Agent Kim was shot. Michael's going to be transferred to a safer facility tomorrow, and will have a court date in 45 days. Lincoln goes to Sona. He sees a grieving widow, Sophia, rattling the fence and demanding to know what happened to her husband. He visits Michael, and gives him the good news. Michael makes Linc promise he'll find Sara. That night Michael is forced by Lechero, the kingpin of the prison, to undergo 'orientacion.' Lechero's heard about Michael, and makes sure he knows his place. Mahone's there, too; he's trembling. Another newbie is so terrified he wets his pants. Lechero goes ballistic, and then strangely calm again when Michael interrupts. He used to be uncontrollably violent, but meditation has helped him to be able to take his finger off the trigger. Lechero dismisses the newbies, and then muses that Michael will be a problem because of his fame: others might rally around him.

As Bellick and Sapo are made to clean toilets, T-Bag arrives. Michael has a visitor: Pike, the Company man who hired T-Bag. He offers to be Michael's lawyer, and implies that he's very well connected. Michael won't listen, and walks out. He runs into Bellick, who begs Michael to help break him out. The only way is by digging, but Sapo says the sand is too soft. Any tunnel will collapse in on you: it can't be done. Later Sapo finds a break in the bars, and is shot and killed while trying to make a break for it

Michael is accused of stealing the drug paraphernalia of inmate World; the items are discovered planted in Michael's mattress. World's furious, and swears he'll get Michael. Lechero is setting Michael up. Linc's search for Sara leads to the morgue, but the body fished out of the lake where he last saw her isn't Sara. Linc gets a call from LJ. He's in Panama, and he's seen Sara. He tells Linc to meet him and Sara at the top of the Garfield Price building at 8:30, and then the phone cuts out. Bellick teams with Whistler, a shadowy figure who says he'll get Bellick food if Bellick runs an errand for him.

Michael is challenged to a fight by World. Lechero says he has to go through with it. That's how grievances are settled here: rules are rules. As a crowd gathers for the fight, a prisoner spills soda on Lechero's foot. T-Bag sucks up to Lechero by offering to use his one cup of water for the day to clean Lechero's foot. As the fight is about to begin, Bellick arrives and gives Michael a hug: slipping one of two sheets of paper he got from Whistler into Michael's pocket. Mahone digs himself in deep with Lechero, begging him to give Michael a pass. Bellick slips the other piece of paper into World's pocket. The fight is on: No weapons; man to man; to the death. Somebody slips World a shank. He's almost got Michael, but then Mahone kills him by snapping his neck. Lechero is furious, but Mahone points out that World was cheating with the shank: rules are rules. Lechero knows the inmates are on Mahone's side in this, and grudgingly lets it go.

Lincoln tries to meet up with LJ and Sara. The Maitre D' of the classy restaurant on the roof of the meeting place forces him to get a jacket, so he bribes a busboy for his. It's 8:20, and the beautiful woman with the scarred face approaches him. She flirts, and he rebuffs her... until she reveals that she knows his name. She's there to discuss his brother, and she hands him an iPod. The bodies of those who have died are removed from the prison. Sophia, the grieving widow, follows inconsolably. As soon as the bodies are left alone her demeanor changes. She goes through their pockets, and finds the paper in World's pocket. It reads "Versailles 1989 v. Madrid." She smiles. A praying Whistler fixates on a shaft of light from a tiny drain up above, and Michael finds an identical note in his pocket.

Linc arrives and tells Michael the transfer is off unless Michael can help break somebody else out of there: Whistler. Linc shows Michael the video on the iPod: it's a beaten and bloody LJ, saying that "they" got him and Sara, but... "Whatever it is they say they want you to do, don't do it Dad... tell Uncle Mike not to do it". The video cuts off. Linc says Michael's got a week to break Whistler out, or both LJ and Sara will die.


Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
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You can download tonight's episode Fire and Water legally from iTunes Store.

Link: Prison Break (Channel Seven)

Posted by Antony on 3 October 2007 12:39 PM | Prison Break

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