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26 September, 2007

Orientación, Prison Break is back

Prison Break

Prison Break is back tonight! Channel 7's Fast Tracked Series.

Two months ago on Prison Break, Sara's was in trial, and was saved by Kellerman. Kellerman confesses what he has done, and the judge decided Lincoln was a free man. For some reason, Michael was being locked in Sona. If you missed it out the final of season 2's Prison Break, you can download the episodes Fin Del Camino and Sona (season 2 episode 21 and 22) legally from iTunes Store..

Tonight on Prison Break (season 3 episode 1, Orientacion iTunes)

Lincoln goes to the American consulate to try to get Michael freed from Sona, the most dangerous maximum security prison in the system. Inside, Michael struggles to stay alive, running afoul of Lechero, the prison's kingpin.

Season 3 Prison Break starts at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by The Unit. Don't miss out the new season.

Prison Break On The Run

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 21, Fin Del Camino iTunes and episode 22, Sona iTunes),

When he realizes that Michael's gone to Panama City, Lincoln begrudgingly goes looking for him. T-Bag steps out onto his hotel-room balcony, where he's spotted by Michael. Michael sees T-Bag make eye contact with a couple of thugs. Mahone drives along a dirt road talking with Callie. He tells her he's got one last thing to take care of, and then he's done with the Bureau. Michael pays a kid to set off some firecrackers, which sounds like gunfire. This causes one of the thugs to reach for his gun, confirming Michael's suspicions. Michael runs into Sucre and Bellick, who want his five million. Michael points out the thugs, saying it looks like a set-up. Sucre begs him to help now, saying Maricruz is in trouble. Sara's trial progresses in Chicago. Kellerman polishes his medals, and then checks his sidearm. Sucre tells Michael he plans to kill Bellick once Maricruz is safe. Michael says he's not that kind of guy. Bellick pulls the hotel's fire alarm. T-Bag checks an address on a slip of paper, grabs his gun and his bag of money, and heads out. The thugs follow; Michael, Sucre, and Bellick trail them. Mahone spots Michael, but before he can grab his gun Lincoln's fist sends him reeling: "You son of a bitch, you killed my dad, you're done!" A fight breaks out, and Lincoln manages to get Mahone's gun and handcuffs. T-Bag arrives at the address on the paper, and heads up the stairs. Bellick distracts the thugs while Sucre approaches with a gun drawn.
Kellerman's in full-dress uniform. He signs a note to his sister, puts the gun to his head, and pulls the trigger. Kellerman's sister gets a phone call. Sucre ties up the thugs while Michael checks their ID's. He believes they're Company men. The guys find T-Bag in a room. Bellick orders him to toss over his gun, and demands the money's whereabouts. T-Bag motions to one side while approaching sirens fill the air. Bellick tells Sucre to get the money, but all he finds is a dead prostitute. In the ensuing confusion T-Bag manages to escape. As the sirens close in, Michael figures they were set-up. Police rush the building. The guys race after T-Bag, who shoots Bellick in the leg. While running, T-Bag is hit by a car. Sucre and Michael catch up with him, and Michael picks up his gun. They lead T-Bag away, leaving Bellick behind with the dead girl. Michael tells Sucre to find a car. Michael questions T-Bag about his new "friends." T-Bag won't say anything unless Michael lets him go; "No deal." Sucre hotwires a car.

Kellerman's sister enters his hotel room to find Kellerman... crying in a chair. His gun jammed. He tells her he's followed orders, and done terrible things. She says to undo them. She tells him his gun jammed for a reason, and no matter what... he'll always have her. Sucre brings a stolen car around. Michael has a plan: They'll take T-Bag to the embassy to be deported, and then find Bellick so they can save Maricruz. In Chicago Sara is offered a plea agreement of twelve years. Mahone and Lincoln wait for Michael to call.

While riding in the stolen car, T-Bag plays with Sucre's head. He distracts him enough to pick up a screwdriver off the floor, and then he stabs Sucre in the shoulder. He lunges for Michael, and the car veers off the road and crashes. Michael gets out just as a passing motorist stops. Michael hollers for him to call an ambulance, and proceeds to yank Sucre from the wreckage. Sucre looks bad. T-Bag takes off with the money. Michael asks the motorist to stay with Sucre, and then goes after T-Bag. T-Bag makes it to an abandoned house, and breaks in. Michael follows. T-Bag picks up a knife, and gives Michael a choice: either he agrees to split the money and go their separate ways, or he'll rape and kill him right now: "cuz it's been a long time comin', Pretty." Michael answers T-Bag by picking up a bottle, and breaking the top off of it. They fight. Michael grabs the knife from T-Bag, and holds it to his throat. T-Bag just laughs. He knows Michael doesn't have it in him to kill. Michael brings down the knife. Sara's told that with good behavior she could be out in nine years. Another lawyer comes up, and informs her that a witness just came forward who could clear her. The courtroom doors open to reveal... Kellerman. The police have followed T-Bag. As they approach the old house, they hear screaming. They enter to find T-Bag still alive, but pinned to the floor by a knife through his good wrist. Michael returns to the boat with the money. Lincoln calls, and says he's sorry. We see in a flashback that when Lincoln demanded Mahone's cuffs, Mahone overpowered him: it's Lincoln who's the prisoner. Mahone tells Michael he's heard that T-Bag's been apprehended but without the money. He tells Michael that he wants to disappear. He orders Michael to bring him the money and the boat, and gives Michael five minutes to get there.

Mahone calls Michael, and asks if he's made a decision. Michael doubts Mahone will let them go, considering his track record with the other escapees. Mahone reminds Michael he's a wanted man now; all he wants is to disappear. Michael agrees to the exchange. Michael says it'll take twenty-four hours to get there. A local boy approaches Michael, and offers him liquor or drugs. Michael sends him away. Lincoln tells Mahone he'll get the chair for what he's done. Mahone makes a call, and leaves a message for Kim. At Sara's trial Kellerman testifies in detail about Lincoln's set-up. The prosecutor asks what this has to do with Sara skipping bail. Kellerman says she had to run because he was under orders to kill her. Michael seeks out the drug-selling kid, Chaco. The charges against Sara are dropped because Kellerman brought documents to back up his testimony. He's then arrested. As he's led away he says: "It was nice knowing you, Sara." Kim calls Mahone, and is told to come down because he'll have both brothers there. Michael calls Sara, and leaves her a message. As Sara leaves the courthouse she hears that the charges against Lincoln are being dropped. She tries to reach Michael to let him know, but can't... so she decides to go to him. Kim meets with his tightlipped boss. The man holds up notes with "SONA?" and "Just one is needed." The "one" refers to one of the brothers, and Kim knows which one. Under Lincoln's piercing glare, Mahone talks with Callie. He asks for another chance, and says they should go to Colombia since she always wanted to. She won't promise anything, but Mahone feels hopeful. Sucre leaves the hospital despite his nurse's objections. He calls the American embassy looking for Bellick. Bellick is pacing in a holding cell, and is happy when T-Bag is put in the cell with him. Chaco brings Michael to a yacht where his wealthy, drug-dealing boss is relaxing. The boss thinks Michael's a cop, and pulls a gun. Michael tells him to check the Internet for his name. They see Michael's picture, and a one-hundred-thousand dollar reward. Michael offers the man even more to help him. Lincoln works on his handcuffs as he tries to psych out Mahone. A guard takes Bellick from the holding cell, and escorts him to a police van. Sucre runs up as the van pulls away, pleading to know where Maricruz is. Bellick just screams that if Sucre wants to see her again, he'd better get him out of this. Sucre collapses in the street.

Michael makes it to Mahone's location, hides the bag of money, and enters the warehouse. Michael asks if Mahone is really going to let them go. Mahone informs the brothers that the Company doesn't want them dead, but alive. Kim calls, and Mahone gives their location. Then Mahone calls the police to report that a well-dressed Asian man has been shot by two Americans. Kim appears, and Mahone turns his gun on him. Kim came prepared for the double-cross: his own men storm in with guns drawn. Lincoln has unscrewed the pipe he is cuffed to, and breaks free. Guns blast away. The brothers and Mahone escape in the confusion. Michael grabs the bag of money, and Mahone takes off in the boat. Shackled and wearing an orange jumpsuit, Kellerman is loaded into a van. As they drive down the road the engine light comes on, and the van stops. One guard gets out to check it out. Kellerman tells the remaining guard: "In the French Resistance it was considered a high honor to face a firing squad. The highest honor was to smile when they shot you." The back doors open, and a masked gunman fires into the van. Mahone prepares to sail off on the Christina Rose when the police show up. They search the boat, and find two bags of cocaine that Michael planted. Mahone is arrested. Lincoln and Michael meet up with Chaco in the woods. He shows them a boat he bought with the money Michael gave him, and says she's very pretty. He's not talking about the boat: Michael is stunned to see Sara on board. She tells them Lincoln's been exonerated. Lincoln needs a drink, and Sara goes below to get one.

Kim shows up with his gun drawn. Lincoln tosses the money to Kim but he kicks it into the water, saying it's not about money. They're not done with the brothers yet, but only one of them will survive. He points the gun at Lincoln. A shot rings out, and Kim falls over... dead. Sara holds a smoking gun. The police run up, and the three run for it. Lincoln goes one way, and Sara and Michael go another. Sara and Michael are cornered in a shack. Sara breaks down over taking a life. Michael says they have to surrender, and takes the gun from her. He'll do everything he can to see she doesn't go to prison. They exit the shack, and Michael pretends to hold Sara hostage. Then he throws up his hands, and yells that he did it. Mahone calls Callie from jail, and heartbreakingly tells her to forget he ever existed. Lincoln makes it to the police station, and asks about Sara. A woman says she was released. Lincoln sees someone who might be Sara, but loses her in the crowd. A man visits T-Bag in jail. T-Bag screams that he did what they wanted. He got the brothers to Panama, and set them up. The man replies, "You got caught," and walks away. Michael and Mahone arrive at the federal prison. At the Basil Island Research Facility in New York, an underling gives the shadowy boss an update on Michael, and assumes Michael will try to escape. The old man says that is exactly what they want him to do. The season's final shot shows Michael stepping into the cold gray light of the prison... again.


Prison Break On The Run

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
You can now download it from iTunes Store. US$ 1.99 per episode or US$39.99 for entire session.
For more music and TV Show guides, please visit AntTunes701.

You can download tonight's episode Orientacion (which is called Visitation in the States) legally from iTunes Store.

Link: Prison Break (Channel Seven)

Posted by Antony on 26 September 2007 11:16 AM | Prison Break

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