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2 July, 2007

Into the Woods, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
Last week on Wisteria Lane, Gaby was furious to learn that Carlos has been seeing Edie. The neighbourhood is full of gossip about the dead body found in Mrs McCluskey's basement. Mrs McCluskey told the women the reason she kept the body. Her husband's pension instructed to give all his pension to the ex-wife, not her. So she decided to keep the cheque coming to the bank account. (Season 3 episode 20, Gossip)

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 3 episode 21, Into the Woods)

Rick and Lynette grow closer in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, when Carlos tells Susan that Mike has gone hiking, she heads off into the mountains to find him. Elsewhere, Gabrielle takes on a police officer, while Edie finally discovers the joys of motherhood.

Desperate Housewives airs at 8.30 tonight on Channel Seven after the one hour special of Border Security.

Desperate Housewives

Previously on Desperate Housewives (Season 3 episode 20, Gossip iTunes), the recap:

At Gabrielle's engagement party, Edie finally confides that she's seeing Carlos. Gabrielle pretends to be happy for her, but the next day day she orders her to stop seeing her ex-husband, "or else." Edie tells her she's not going to and to do her worst. Gabrielle calls on old favors to get Lynette and Susan to give Edie the cold shoulder. Once she realizes what's going on, Edie sets out to top her. She makes Lynette an offer she can't refuse: Catering Travers' birthday party. Lynette agrees, since she knows Gabrielle will be busy with Victor. Susan also gets roped in when Edie tells her she's got 20 copies of her children's book and all the children are expecting autographs.

Unfortunately, Gabrielle comes back early and demands they leave the party right now, or their friendship is over. Carlos settles things by bodily removing Gabrielle from the premises. She says she feels betrayed that she had to learn of his affair from Edie and he points out that he learned about her engagement on the news. She swears that she's madly in love with Victor, but he admits he's "just having fun" with Edie and that it'll never be anything serious. She realizes that he still loves her and is content.

Everyone is avoiding Mrs. McCluskey since word of the body in her freezer has become the talk of Wisteria Lane. Lynette has hired another babysitter and the neighborhood boys are egging her house. Parker urges her to tell everyone what she told him, but she says it won't make any difference.

When the boys paint "Witch" on her front door, she realizes the time has come to tell the truth. She walks over to Edie's, where several women are gathered after Travers' party, and tells them that Gilbert died of natural causes. But when she saw that his pension was going to go to his first wife and that he never changed the paperwork, she realized she had no choice but to keep him on ice. Lynette tells her she missed her and things go back to normal, more or less.

Lynette is spending more and more time at the pizzeria to spend time with Rick, even though she tellsher family it's all work-related. Kayla says she knows Lynette is lying about it because of her telltale laugh and Lynette tells her she's being ridiculous.

Rick asks Lynette if she'll accompany him to the opening of a friend's new restaurant. She turns him down at first but then agrees, rationalizing that it's work-related to check out the competition. She's just doused herself with perfume when Tom shows up with the kids, so the date is off. Kayla overhears her talking about their scrapped plans and mentions to Tom that she thinks Lynette "likes" Rick.

Tom tells Lynette he's ready to go back to work. She is flustered and tells him the doctor said it would be several months at least. He says he's up for it. And he suggests maybe it's time they think about firing Rick, since his salary is cutting into their profits. She insists that Rick's cooking is bringing in so much business, he's worth every penny. She rushes off to the restaurant, leaving Tom alone with his worst fears.

Edie is not thrilled to overhear women gossiping that it's obvious Carlos is still in love with Gabrielle, just as Rick is dismayed to hear the pizzeria employees say that to get ahead at the restaurant, you've got to flirt with Mrs. Scavo.

Susan is so upset at men about the Ian and Mike situation that she goes ballistic on a man who takes her parking spot. She's ordered to anger management therapy, where she breaks down and admits she loves both men and how can she possibly choose? The therapist advises her that to lose one is tough but to lose both of them would be stupid and that she has to choose.

She tells Mike that she's made her choice and that she's going to marry Ian after all. She says it was a hard decision and that she wishes the timing were different for the two of them. He's hurt, but says he'll always have his memories of her, at least.

Ian is thrilled to have her back and starts talking up the wedding again. But when he hears Susan replaying Mike's farewell message over and over on the answering machine, he realizes she's never going to get over him. He tells her he's leaving for England, because she'll always love Mike a little bit more.

The next morning, a neighbor brings a misdirected letter for Susan and tells her Mike moved out in the middle of the night, where, no one knows.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesMissed an episode?
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Can't wait for tonight's Desperate Housewives, you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

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Posted by Antony on 2 July 2007 2:49 PM | Desperate Housewives

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