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14 May, 2007

I Remember That, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, Lynette helped Tom in the fair for Pizzeria Scavo promotion. Kayla told Lynette's boss that Lynette wasn't sick. Lynette later decided to quit the advertising job. Bree showed Orson the bag of teeth she found in Alma's house. Orson threatened Alma back. Gloria and Alma drugged Orson. Alma and Orson made love (Alma raped Orson), Bree discovered. Gabrielle asked Zach to make bail Mike out. Gabrielle and Zach became friends. Ian's wife Jane passed away. (Season 3 episode 13, Come Play Wiz Me)

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 3 episode 14, I Remember That)

Mike Delfino remembers scenes from his past after visiting a hypnotherapist. Elsewhere, problems at Scavo's Pizzeria cause conflict in Lynette and Tom's relationship, while Gabrielle falls into a trap set by her admirer. Orson, meanwhile, reveals his hidden past to Bree.

Desperate Housewives airs at 8.30 tonight on Channel Seven after The Rich List.

Desperate Housewives

Previously on Desperate Housewives (Season 3 episode 13, Come Play Wiz Me iTunes), the recap:

Bree shows Orson the bag of teeth she found in Alma's house which must prove that it was Alma who killed Monique. Orson informs Alma that the teeth are likely to turn up anywhere and when they do, they'll implicate her, not him, so she should forget about trying to blackmail him into seeing her.

Alma's next move is to slit her writs. Gloria calls Orson instead of an ambulance, saying she wants to keep it quiet. He dutifully goes over and when he starts feeling dizzy, he realizes that Gloria drugged his drink. Next, the bandages come off Alma's wrists. There was no suicide attempt, Orson realizes with horror as she strips down to red lingerie. It was all a ploy to give Gloria what she's always wanted -- a grandchild! Alma reveals she's been injecting herself with hormones to increase her fertility. And that his drink was drugged with something to make him sleep as well something to make a certain part of him very responsive.

Bree finds Alma and an unconscious Orson in bed together. She hits him and when he doesn't wake up, she realizes something is wrong. She finds both sets of pills and the whole sordid scenario becomes clear.

The lawyer Ian has hired for Mike wants him to plead guilty to manslaughter, but Susan insists they find a lawyer that thinks he's innocent. Ian points out that every conversation they have is about Mike and he's tired of it.

Gabrielle and Vern are shocked -- but thrilled -- when their contestant wins the Little Miss Snowflake pageant. Zach bribed the judges for her, but she angrily tells him to get lost.

After eight weeks of sick leave, Lynette is ready to go back to work, but Tom begs her to call in sick again and help him promote the restaurant at a street fair. She puts her sling back on and pretends to still be in chronic pain, then goes to help out at the fair.

Mrs. McCluskey is sitting Kayla, and telling her she hurt Lynette's feelings when she refused to go to the fair. Ed shows up with a gift for Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey lies that she's at the doctor's. Kayla sees her chance: She tells Ed where Lynette really is. He finds her hoisting a tray of pizza with her "injured" arm and fires her, but then agrees to take her back if she agrees to work overtime with no complaints. She decides she'd rather help Tom out with the restaurant, and quits.

Paul admits he arranged for Mike's prison beating so that Mike would owe him one. He wants Mike to help him find Zach. Mike only vaguely remembers Zach and nothing about being his real father until Paul tells him.

When Susan hears that Zach is now loaded and wooing Gabrielle, she pleads with her to ask Zach to hire a new lawyer for Mike, which means Gabrielle will have to agree to go out with Zach, at least once. They negotiate the terms of the date, but she balks at a goodnight kiss. They finally set the price of the kiss at a million dollars, the cost of Mike's bail.

Gabrielle and Zach's date goes swimmingly but when he goes in too aggressively for the goodnight kiss, she tells him he's a terrible kisser. He says he's been told he's a good kisser and she realizes he's been paying women to say that. He leaves in embarrassment. She goes to his house to say she's sorry how the date ended. He admits he's been paying off his new friends as well. She offers to be his friend -- but not his girlfriend -- free of charge.

Jane's condition is worsening and since Ian's on a business trip, he asks Susan to go to the hospital and be with her "in case anything happens." When Susan arrives at the hospital, Jane's best friend, Erica, is ordering a guy named Ted to leave her room. Erica confesses that Jane had an affair with him. She realizes now why Ian's been so insanely jealous of Mike.

Jane is slipping away so quickly that when Ian calls from the plane, Susan tells him he won't make it back in time. She holds the phone up to Jane's ear so he can tell her he forgives her.

After being sprung from jail, Mike finds Zach waiting for him at his house. He admits he doesn't remember Zach, but that he knows who he is. Zach says if he needs anything, to let him know, so Mike asks him to visit Paul. Paul says he knows Felicia faked her own murder and that if Zach paid for it, he could track her down. Zach's answer is no: he's got to keep his money for his future wife, who has very expensive taste. Mike tells Susan he knows she was really behind Zach's generosity and he wants to thank her. She says he can do that by staying away from her. She walks away from him and into Ian's arms.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesMissed an episode?
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Can't wait for tonight's Desperate Housewives, you can download it legally from Season 3 episode 14, iTunes Store.

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Posted by Antony on 14 May 2007 9:45 AM | Desperate Housewives

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