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9 May, 2007

The Message, Prison Break On The Run

Prison Break On The Run

Last week on Prison Break, Kellerman brings Michael and Lincoln face to face with Steadman but their plans unravel in a heartbeat. Elsewhere, Bellick crosses the wrong prisoner at Fox River while "Uncle Teddy" T-Bag terrorises the Hollanders with his own warped idea of family.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 15, The Message iTunes)

While on the run with Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln reveal their story on national television. Michael gets a coded message to Sara in an attempt to reunite them once again. Elsewhere, Bellick gives Mahone a valuable clue that may jeopardise the brothers' plans.

Prison Break On The Run start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 14, John Doe, iTunes),

Run! Linc and Michael, Run! Oh, Owen too. The guys make it to a van and head out.

Amidst all the chaos, a cop hears the ringing of a phone and follows the sound to a stairwell where he discovers Officer Outrage Mahone. Cop answers the phone to find a pissy SAM on the other end, who identifies himself as Mahone's supervisor. SAM's mood does not improve when he receives this news, "Your boy's been shot."

Owen tells the brothers to hide when they come upon a roadblock. Tension blah blah. They get through.

So Michael "All about the Planning" Scofield asks Owen what his plan is and while Owen babbles, Linc gets flashes of Owen trying to kill him last season, I mean, a couple weeks ago (on the side of the road and in the junkyard). So Linc, of course, goes all 'roid rage on Owen, forcing the van off the road. He manages to yank Owen outta the van and get his gun (dirty!). Update: yes, Linc's shirt is still unbuttoned, his five o'clock shadow is gargantuan and yes, it's still oddly hot. Anyhoo, Owen's calm, "I know where Terence (Nu)Steadman is," leads us to the credits (where Purcell still receives top billing) and commercials.

After said credits and commercials, Michael queries, "How do you know where (Nu)Steadman is?" "Because I arranged this whole thing," replies Owen calmly. He goes on to say that he was following orders, but now he's got a "bullseye on my chest, just like you two." Actually, Owen, that'd be a flaming hot iron imprint. He shows the brothers his other weapon and says if he wanted to kill them, he'd have done so already.

Fox River (woo!). I can't believe Bellick's still alive. A massive black inmate approaches the ex-co and orders him to bring him a dessert at the next mealtime (don't know if that's a euphemism for anything). Then he bitch-slaps Bellick (awesome!) to make sure he does what he's told.

Kansas. Robert Knepper earns his paycheck as he hisses at SM that he wants to start over. She agrees, but what's that she's hiding? Why, it's a handgun.

Back with the brothers and Owen (I so need to come up with a name for this little group). "So," Michael summarizes, "this is the conspiracy, huh? A bunch of little boys in suits running around trying to kill each other? It's pathetic." Oh, snap! Also: hee! That's the entire conspiracy in a nutshell. Owen responds, "Well you were a little more formidable than we anticipated." Linc busts in with, "We don't need compliments outta you, jackass!" Awesome again! "Oh, yes, there it is! The winning Burrows personality..." "Shut your mouth and drive," Linc spits. "...the one we really knew would win over a jury. Good work." I could just watch these two all day. Michael sits in the backseat and rolls his eyes. And giggles like a schoolgirl, or maybe that's just me. The comedy act is interrupted by a call from SAM. Owen answers and blames Mahone's shooting on Linc, but SAM informs him that Mahone's still alive. Dun! Owen takes a moment to shit his pants, then manages to say that that's good to hear. He says the brothers are dead and he's on his way to bury them. SAM insists on visual confirmation and Owen says he'll take a pic. When he hangs up Michael warns, "You leave that on, they'll trace it." Owen smarms, "Yeah, uh, Secret Service, it's untraceable, but thanks." Jackass.

Nebraska. Dede misses her mommy and isn't really buying C-Note's Lie! that Kacie's off helping a friend.

The Prison Break Comedy Troupe arrives at a plane hangar and Linc is hesitant to fly off into the sunset with his attempted murderer. Michael: "We don't have a choice."

Albuquerque. Mahone comes to in the hospital and is greeted with the asstastic news that SAM's on the phone. The height-challeged one bitches that though the brothers may be dead, Owen's still out there. He wants Mahone to tie up that loose end. Um, dude just got shot. Don't they get medical leave or something? Anyway, Mahone informs SAM that Owen was the one who shot him and laughs/groans that Owen double-crossed SAM before SAM could do so to Owen. He bets that the brothers are with Owen. "Have a good day, Kimmy," Mahone signs off. Hah! They should've shot Mahone earlier, I like him better already.

Montana Mansion. NuSteadman is not happy with news of the ongoing Escape. He whines and whines some more about how he's given up his whole life and blah blah. Then he whines again.

Albuquerque. Mahone refuses to go back to work, so Blonde Agent (the one who plugged Moronica and tried to off Doc in her apt.) threatens Mahone with that whole Shales business. "Go tell the world about Shales, in fact, I will. I killed a predator, a man who tortured and raped women and I buried him in my back yard. I'll do the time." Funny thing is, that's the most sane Mahone has sounded in a loooong time. "I'm out." Blonde Agent he needs more fiber in his diet.

Fox River, lunchtime. Bellick brings a brownie to MBI who happily commences chowing down. So, I guess dessert meant just dessert? MBI isn't pleased that Bellick's left out his "boys" (read: large inmates of the African-American race). He demands Bellick bring them five desserts at every meal. If Bellick can't pony up, well then dessert can mean something entirely different. And, ew. Bellick says he's got some candy right now and by candy he means: a sock filled with unidentified objects (perhaps rocks from the yard? Coins? The lumps of matter that rattle around in Bellick's big 'ol shovelhead?). Bellick proceeds to whomp some inmate ass, then just walks away.

Back to the Storyline Which Requires Me To Shower After Having Watched A Scene. SM's kids come home (played by different actors, but it has been three years in the PB universe). They're all hugs and happiness to see "Uncle Teddy" 'cuz SM told them he'd left to work on an oil rig. I throw up at the happiness.

The plane lands in Montana. As the PBCT plots, Linc (hotly) monotones, "The second I feel this thing going bad, you get a bullet in the head." "I'd expect nothing else," is Owen's response. Get a room, you two.

SAM receives word about Owen's plane and orders his goons to move NuSteadman, who is not happy to hear this. He and the goons get outside where they're greeted by the screeching tires of the OwenMobile. Owen disarms the goons as Linc grabs NuSteadman, "You look pretty good for a dead man." As they're about to make haste, SAM orders a goon to kill everyone, including NuSteadman. Goon moves to shoot, so Owen offs him and the others.

Back to Albuquerque. Callie calls and, boy is she wigging out! But, considering her little boy was involved in a hit-and-run and is in surgery, I'll cut her some slack. Mahone tells her to hold it together and hightails it outta the hospital, against medical advice, which duh! He was shot mere hours ago. He runs into Blonde Agent outside who asks, "How's your boy?" Uh-oh!

The PBCT has holed up in a motel with the ever-annoying NuSteadman. Owen goes on and on about how they erased the man: altering his medical and dental records, burning off his finger prints, giving him a little plastic surgery... Linc sits and stares straight ahead as NuSteadman (what else?) whines. So here's Owen's big plan: get NuSteadman back to DC, contact agents in the "inside" (like SF, may he rest in peace) who can get "that pain in the ass to safely tell his story, on the record."

More ooky. SM tries for the gun, but gasp! It's gone. It's migrated over to T-Bag's pocket (dirty!). Needless to say, he's most displeased. Robert Knepper deserves a raise as he goes all hissy hostile on SM, which Zach overhears. The kid grabs a skateboard and wallops T-Bag. Go Zach! SM yells at Zach to grab Gracie and Run!, but T-Bag manages to stop them before they can get out. Oh, this can't end well.

Bellick's working out in his cell when BitchMaster informs him that the other cons think he's nutso. Bellick figures this is a good thing. Prison Guard Stolte pops by to warn Bellick. Seems MBI's got connections with the guards on nights and they're gonna pull Bellick outta his cell later. "Well, can't you do nothing?" Bellick wusses. "Yeah, I can warn you, which is what I'm doin'," Stolte drily replies. Heh. He goes on to say that the guys working nights are doing so 'cuz Bellick put them on that shift and he should've treated them better while he was there. Karma's a bitch, ain't it Brad?

As Owen's going over the details of his plan (still), NuSteadman complains and whines. Linc's finally had enough and tosses him against a wall. Linc pulls his gun and goes off on the whiny one for standing by while Moronica bit it. Michael manages to talk down Big Brother who grits, "So many people dead and he gets to live."

C-Note gets the bad news that Kacie was denied bail. He offers to turn himself in, but his friend says Kacie's already shot down that idea. It would mean both of them in jail and foster care for Dede.

Why, oh why couldn't they have hired a crappy actor who doesn't make me want to submerge myself in bleach whenever he's on screen with children? Do you think that whenever Robert Knepper takes his kid to a play date, the other parents all stare and get mighty uncomfortable? ANYWAY, T-Bag boards up the house so they can be together, always. "Make no mistake about it, we will be a family, if it kills us." Now, where's the bleach?

Motel. Michael comes up with the genius idea to call the local news station. Owen pulls his gun as Michael gives his name and location.

Fox River. The cons are taunting Bellick (calling "Bradley"), who's looking like he needs to change his shorts. As he begins to hyperventilate, his cell doors slide open.

Mahone calls SAM and says he's getting back to work. What, did they give you a whole half day off? Call your union rep, Mahone! "Good," says SAM. "So I take it you got my message?" "Oh yeah, loud and clear," replies Mahone. As he signs off, Mahone opens his trunk to reveal a now deceased Blonde Agent. Well, I'm assuming he's no longer living, considering the giant-ass bullet hole smack in the middle of his forehead. See, Blonde Agent, that's how you kill someone without ruining their fetching blue overcoat. I'm still upset about that.

NuSteadman's busy with the begging and when that doesn't work, he grabs Linc's gun. Michael tries to talk him down, just like he talked down Linc. "How many more people have to die so you can stay locked up in some cabin in the woods?" Michael's successful, sort of. NuSteadman decides to stay, but he also decides to do so by swallowing a bullet. The guys' varying reactions are interesting. Michael immediately freaks, Owen's all "God dammit!" and Linc's resigned. Owen hears the cops a-comin', so he tells the boys to saddle up. "We got (Nu)Steadman," Linc says. "No, we have nothing," corrects Owen. Michael adds, "All we got is a John Doe." Hence, the episode title.


Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
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You can download tonight's episode The Message (season 2 episode 15) legally from iTunes Store.

Posted by Antony on 9 May 2007 4:59 PM | Prison Break

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