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3 May, 2007

Aeroccino is back

AeroccinoNespressoSome of you know that I am a big coffee drinker, and I love Nestlé's Nespresso machine, especially the Aeroccino - the milk frothing machine. (Previous blog entry on Aeroccino and milk.) Two days ago, I noticed my Aeroccino stopped working. Laurent immersed the Aeroccino in water while washing it. It simply stopped working.

I called Nespresso, and they told me to post back the Aeroccino. Instead I took the Aeroccino machine to Nespresso Boutique in city (King St). To my surprise, they replaced it with a new one without questions. I am happy now. I haven't had coffee for the last two days.

On the side, I noticed Gloria Jean's Coffees use Pura milk, the same milk recommended by Nespresso.

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Posted by Antony on 3 May 2007 12:43 PM | coffee and food
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Review by Isis for Rating: After a lot of research and konniwg how tasty the Nespresso espressos are (free sample at a store a year ago that I fondly remembered), I bought the Nespresso C100 on Amazon in September 2009 for an anniversary present to ourselves. In four months, we have made about 180 cups of cappuccino or expresso for my husband and I and an occasional guest. We make about 2-3 cups during the weekday and more on the weekends.- Very fast and easy to make, with no mess. Fill up the water dispenser, turn the machine on, pop a colored pod in the maker and close lever. Wait for buttons to stop blinking to show it is heated, then push the button. Enjoy the smell! Very easy to clean run water through by pressing the button and dump out/wash the tray where the overflow grill is and the basket that catches the many pods.- Aeroccino froth maker is soooo much easier than trying to use the steam nozzles that most cappuccino maker's have (no splattering and nice, consistent froth. My friends are impressed how easy it is!). Just pour the milk in (regular, 2%, or soy) up to the bottom line, put on the plastic lid, and press the button. It makes enough for two cappuccinos. I make the expresso on the lungo or larger setting (7 oz), so the frothed milk is fine for me; however, my husband likes the cappuccino hotter since the milk is warm but not hot, and he puts his cappuccino in microwave to make it hotter. If you pour the milk into the expresso, made on the expresso setting (5 oz), since it is a smaller amount of coffee, the milk tends to make it too cold. If you pour the milk a little above the lower line in the Aeroccino, it can froth over the container. The container is easy to clean up, although it seems best to clean up after each iteration; otherwise, the milk can be stuck on the bottom in brown stains and harder to get off if you heat it up the 2nd time. After cleaning the Aeroccino, make sure you dry it and put the wire whisk back on its magnetic base. A few times, I have just put it inside and later tried to froth my coffee. When it doesn't froth, it means, the wire whisk wasn't put on the magnetic base. You can push the button again to stop the machine and put the whisk in place. - I bought two Nespresso Lungo (5 oz) glass cups when I bought my machine for about $20. When I received the machine, there was a one time special card offering two Lungo (5 oz) and two Expresso (2 oz) cups and the associated black, plastic saucers for $20 instead of $29. It worth to have at least two Lungo cups. We only use them to make the expresso, then pour the coffee into bigger coffee mugs to have room to add the milk froth. Since I am not a coffee purist and I like to get the most for my money, I push the Lungo button to get a Lungo size cup, pour it in a coffee mug, then press the expresso button to get a smaller amount and also pour that in the coffee mug, so I can get more coffee for the price.After making all your expressos, Nespresso recommends running hot water through by pushing to button to flush out any expresso grounds, so it nice to have an extra cup to hold that water.- When you get the machine, they very nicely give you a one of each of the Nespresso expresso flavors (12 or 14). Before I got my machine, I had ordered additional flavors from the Nespresso website based on other Amazon reviewer favorites (thanks for your thoughts!), and they arrived before my machine did. Instead of .55 each, they cost about .64 each when shipped to Maryland. They normally have 2 business day shipping, so they arrived pretty fast.- I use a large round empty fish bowl to store my colorful Nespresso pods. It looks nice on the counter.- I made myself a spreadsheet, copying and pasting the information from the Nespresso website to show:Name: such as ApreggioType: Expresso or Lungo. I found I could use either expresso or lungo to make a lungo size cup, since I don't like my cappuccino too strong.Intensity: 1-10Description: From websitePod Color: This is subjective and helpful when you want to buy more or even find which pod you want more quickly. Looking for a teal or blue? Copper or gold?My and my husband's ratings (1-3 stars) with comments so I knew which ones to re-order.I added in the specialty flavors which are not listed in the Nespresso book.Here are our favorites that we re-ordered. Note that the colors are my subjective view of what the pods looked like to me:Apreggio Expresso; intensity 9; purple we probably have had 70 pods of this!Fortissio Lungo; intensity 7; tealIndriya from India Pure Origin; intensity 10; olive-grey (.62 instead of .55)Livanto Expresso; intensity 6; copperRistretto Expresso; intensity 10; blackVivalo Lungo; intensity 4; blue mild flavorCosi Expresso, intensity 3; cocoa nice, lightDecaffeinato Expresso; intensity 3; red best decaffeinated coffee for usSingatoba special club; intensity 8; bright blueVolluto expresso; intensity 4; bronze gold lightHoliday special: Variation Pain D' Espices (gingerbread) nice spice flavorHoliday special: Variation Creme de Marron (chestnut cream) creamy flavor with different levels of complexityDidn't like as much:Finezzo Lungo; intensity 3; bright gold not much flavor; could barely taste itDulsao do Brasil; intensity 5; dark gold dry tastingDecaffeinato Lungo; intensity 3; brick red bitter tasting; needs sweetnerDecaffeinato Intenso expresso;intensity 7; maroon strong, bitter; needs sweetnerCapriccio Expresso; intensity 5; greenRoma Expresso; intensity 8; dark grey thought it was okayRosabaya de Columbia pure origin; intensity 8; pink bitter; needs lots of sweetnerWe really like our C100 expresso machine. It is easier to use than a normal cappuccino maker with the mess of espresso grounds and the hassle of the steam nozzle. The coffee is very worth the price and inconvenience of having to buy at the Nespresso website or at a Nespresso boutique. I would have liked to get the higher-end Nespresso machine that integrates the milk frother in the same unit but at $800, it was too much. The $300 C100 with the Aeroccino milk frother is a good value for the money and well worth it.I hope this review was helpful to you and that you enjoy your espresso with Nespresso!
Posted by Siebcke on 4 August 2012 10:00 PM.
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