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25 April, 2007

The Killing Box, Prison Break On the Run

Last week on Prison Break, Sara breaks free from her tormentor while Aldo makes his peace with Michael, paying the ultimate price. Later, Michael and Lincoln decide to stop running and take a final stand against their pursuers.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 13, The Killing Box iTunes)

Bellick returns to Fox River but not the way he planned. Elsewhere, Michael and Lincoln are en route to join him, but Mahone and Kellerman will do everything in their power to make certain the brothers are dead on arrival. Meanwhile, T-Bag pays a surprise visit to Mrs Hollander.

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 12, Disconnect, iTunes),

We catch up right where we left off with Michael freaking out over his childhood memory concerning his stint in foster care after his mom's death and Linc's visit to juvie.

Doc's still under water when there's a knock at the door. It's the motel manager who informs Owen that there've been complaints about the volume on his tv. As Owen smarms, Doc wiggles her way to the drain plug and pulls it out with her teeth. She's awesome. Totally my BFF.

Back to a stressed out and extremely hot Michael. Sucre's so cute as he gets all protective of his former cellie. It seems Michael's foster father enjoyed beating ten-year-olds senseless. A young and mighty bruised Michael is locked in a dark room when the door opens and Gasp! there's Silver Fox (well, not so much silver). SF tells the boy that "he" will never hurt him again. As they leave Michael spots his foster father lying on the ground, beaten to death. The boy freaks and takes off. Michael still can't get over the trauma of seeing what a man can do with his bare hands.

Owen hears the drain and heads into the bathroom, gun drawn. Tub's empty and Doc pops out from behind the door, wielding the piping hot iron. She presses it into Owen's chest, causing him to collapse in agony. Awesome! Go Doc! She grabs her stuff, knocks out the window screen and leaps, landing on a car and the alarm sounds. Owen manages to drag his sorry ass over to the window, but Doc's gone. She did leave a good amount of blood behind, though.

Detective Deranged Mahone finds the shack in the desert complete with bloodstains, fake nitro vials and footprints.

Michael's bitching out SF for the whole abandonment thing. He was stuck in that foster home for six months and I can't say that I blame him for being pissed. He's all hotly defiant and refuses to listen to SF who claims, "We can fix this. I came back so that we could fix this." "This can never be fixed," Michael shoots back. He glares some. And is hot some more. Sigh. So SF brings up the recording and Linc pipes up, "You're not gonna believe who he thinks has it."

Owen's calling ER's, trying to find Doc. SAM calls and Owen Lies! that Doc's dead. SAM's all, "Great! Just take a pic of the body with your phone and send it to me." Speaking of which, are they ever going to do anything with that pic of Owen holding a gun outside L.J.'s house? The kid e-mailed it to himself and they made a big deal about showing him do it, but they haven't mentioned it again.

North Dakota. C-Note and the family are camping out in a big-ass motor home. C lovingly tells the missus, "This moment, right here, right now, it's all worth it." Aw.

Kansas. Bellick's stuck talking to Lady Cop. She lays it out for him, "I don't really care what you were doing out here. I don't care if you boys were out here, whoopin' it up without your wives or goin' Brokeback." "Uh, hell no!" Hee! Wade Williams gets awesome reaction shots. Anyway, she just wants to know with whom they may have crossed paths. So Bellick gives her an edited version of their bounty hunting exploits.

Desert. Michael says he saw Doc yesterday, but if she has anything, she doesn't know it. He adds that he doesn't know where she is now, but he can call her. Sucre interrupts to say they gotta meet the plane in two hours. Mahone shows up and starts shooting. SF grabs Sucre's gun to cover the others as they haul ass toward the car. They make it, as does SF, but Uh-oh! he's got a gunshot wound in his stomach. After commercials, Michael tells Sucre to get them to a hospital.

North Dakota. Dede's tummy hurts, but they don't have her medication. Kacie has an extra prescription for emergencies and C-Note says they'll have to go to a pharmacy.

Back to Kansas. Lady Cop brings up Bellick's head injury and the fact that the other cops don't believe he never saw who hit him smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Well, it is a big forehead. So Bellick amends his story, saying that he and W-MSF disagreed about how to handle the T-Bag hunt and W-MSF popped him. He then tears up (fake!) and chews the scenery in addition to his donut as he says he'll do whatever he can to help find the person who killed his friend.

Pharmacy in North Dakota. C-Note waits outside while Kacie gets the medication. The pharmacist sees a picture of the family Franklin in the paper and makes up an excuse to go into the back. Tension!

Linc loudly points out a sign for a hospital and Sucre's all, "Dude, I see it!" How he can see anything with Linc's manly chest glistening in the seat right next to him, I have no idea, but anyhoo. SF tells his boys to find Doc. "She can end this." That's a lot of pressure to put on a grieving, banged-up, tortured woman.

Mahone calls in the license plate number on SF's car. Then he receives a call from a hospital.

Mahone enters a hospital room where a shot LM tells him he's got info on Scofield and he wants to cut a deal.

Wow, that was quick. Not only did the brothers dig a grave, they laid their father to rest, covered said grave with several lovely rocks and made a makeshift cross as a marker. Should I be concerned that the men in this family excel at accomplishing things quickly? Speed doesn't always impress. Let's not dwell on that.

Mahone tells LM he's got his deal, but LM wants to change it. He wants citizenship and he wants it in writing. "Start typing." Mahone doesn't like the sound of that, or perhaps he heard the guy say, "Channel your inner crazy," 'cuz he starts pulling out LM's tubes and he cuts off his morphine. That's gotta suck.

Lady Cop informs Bellick that no one's found T-Bag at Single Mom's house, but someone did report an intruder. She then shows him a receipt for his credit card, smeared with blood. And where did they find it, you ask? "When we found the receipt, Brad, it was in Geary's hand, his finger pointing to your name. With his last ounce of strength he told us you killed him." Uh-oh! So Bellick finally spills the truth, including the part about Westmoreland's money, but she doesn't believe him. Perhaps she'd be more inclined to believe him if he didn't end his spiel with, "I'm the victim here, not that son of a bitch." Uh, referring to the person you're accused of murdering as a "son of a bitch" isn't likely to win anyone over.

The North Dakota pharmacist is still stalling, but Kacie finally gets the medication. As she leaves a cop car pulls up. She drops the bag in the trash can behind her and says she doesn't know where her husband is when the cops ask. They take her away and all C-Note can do is watch. Sniff.

Owen and SAM chat and Owen admits that Doc got away. SAM is P-I-S-S-E-D! and it appears as if Owen's up shit creek without a paddle.

Doc's in a bathroom stall, stitching up her arm. And crying, but she's allowed.

As Mahone speeds along, he gives orders via his phone to have the plane intercepted. "If they gotta take the plane down, just do it." All righty then.

Cut to said plane landing. Sucre's ready to roll, but Michael says they're staying. Sucre thinks Michael's nuts and hugs him goodbye. Sucre and Linc shake hands. "Fly safe, Papi," Michael tells his former cellie. "Give 'em hell," Sucre returns. Aw. The brothers watch the plane take off. "Panama would've been good," Linc monotones (but his delivery here is pretty funny). Michael proceeds as if he didn't even hear Linc's joke. "Are you ready for this?" "Been waitin' years," Linc replies. "Good to hear it because (and this is where the FOX promo department went nuts) today is the day we stop running."

Commercials. Oh, Jack Bauer, how I've missed thee! But how did you escape from the Chinese? Do tell.

Mahone spots the plane and screams to no one in particular (or the voices in his head), "Where the hell are those jets?!"

Michael and Linc spot a jet and realize it's gunning for the plane. They have no time to worry about Sucre 'cuz Mahone? Is heading straight for them.

Bellicks tells Lady Cop everything they have is circumstantial so she better just let him go. She's all, "Not so fast, buddy boy!" She plays back his call to W-MSF where he threatened the (not)dearly departed and then she ARRESTS BELLICK! I'm still giddy.

Nighttime. Owen tries to call Pres Patricia from a pay phone. The chick, June, informs him, "This administration isn't familiar with an Agent Kellerman." Owen goes into his awesome bastard line delivery and threatens poor June that if she doesn't put him through pronto she will be sorry 'cuz the Pres will be pissed if June doesn't let Owen's call through. And we all know what happens when Pres Patricia is pissed and it's not a pretty sight. Silence, then June reiterates that she doesn't know him. That's cold. And I sorta feel sorry for June, doing the president's dirty work. Paul Adelstein's "Oh shit!" face here is pretty good. So he calls SAM and whines on and on about how he's done everything for his country and for Patricia and how he's been a good soldier and blah blah.

Cut to SAM, standing over a dude as said dude removes Owen from several photos, including one where he's standing right next to Patricia. "Make him a ghost," SAM orders.

Michael and Linc are still cruising when Michael gets a blip of a signal on his cell so he tells his brother to turn around so he can get closer to a radio tower. Linc complies. The call connects then Wham! Mahone smashes dead on into the passenger side. Cue the mini explosion! Linc and Michael stumble out of the car as Mahone exits his vehicle. And what the hell is going on with his hair? It practically screams, "Crazy Man!" But his gun is steady as can be as he points it at both men. Michael's cell miraculously was not injured. Doc picks up and her, "Michael? Michael?" takes us to the end credits.


Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
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Posted by Antony on 25 April 2007 8:05 AM | Prison Break

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