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11 April, 2007

Bolshoi Booze, Prison Break On the Run

Prison Break

It was Easter holiday, not regular TV programmes during these two weeks. No Desperate Housewives on Monday. No Bones. Last week on Prison Break, Michael and Sara reunite finally. Then Sara decided to leave Michael. She was caught by Kellerman. Bellick managed to get the locker key from T-Bag. LJ and Lincoln meets his father, but there's someone behind his father.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 11, Bolshoi Booze iTunes)

To reunite with Michael, Lincoln must leave LJ behind. Elsewhere, Michael's plan to obtain a getaway plane falls apart. T-Bag escapes the police but pays a devastating price while Kellerman tortures Sara to get what he wants.

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

T-Bag, Bellick, Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 10, Rendezvous, iTunes),

Apparently forcing people to listen to 80's pop tunes is the new form of torture. Though T-Bag is obviously in pain, he still refuses to talk.

Posse Central. Lang and R-HM#2 X out Linc's pic and wonder where their insane leader has gotten to. And that's all we'll be seeing of PC this week.

Owen and SAM chat/engage in a pissing contest. SAM orders Owen to get Linc away from the local cops in AZ.

Speaking of AZ...Linc and L.J. are sitting in the back of a squad car when a big black van barrels into them and forces them off the road. Linc kicks open his door and he and son take off, followed by a couple of guys and a blonde chick. The guys grab the Burrows men, but Linc manages to head-butt BC. She tells him to NOT do that again and that they're with Silver Fox (Papa Burrows).

Owen gets a hold of Deputy Demented Mahone and tells him to get to AZ, that they have Linc, not so much anymore, but Owen doesn't know that yet. Mahone refuses, saying he's thisclose to Scofield. Owen says they gotta take care of Linc now, but Mahone is too obsessed. The camera pulls back to show he's overlooking Gila.

Credits. Anyone else anticipating the Tenacious D movie?

Colorado. Linc and L.J. arrive at some sort of compound where BC assures them, "You're safe here." Linc's not so easy to trust and she says he doesn't have a choice. Silver Fox will be arriving shortly and he's expecting to see both his sons. Linc says he won't reveal Michael's whereabouts.

Mahone's busy flashing (dirty!) Michael's pic at local hotels.

Doc's at the Sundown Hotel where she receives a fax: One hour. 16781 Butterfield Road.

Nebraska. Sucre's got car trouble and he's also shirtless. Woo! Wouldn't this show be even more awesome if the guys were always shirtless? Not Bellick though. Um, Sucre heads out on foot and makes it to a pay phone. He gets a hold of Teresa who informs him that she and Maricruz are leaving for Mexico to go on MC's non-honeymoon. Heh. He gives her the pay phone's number and begs her to tell Maricruz to call him.

Doc drives down a dead-end road. Another car pulls up and here's Michael. "Hello Sara."

Mahone enters the Sundown Hotel where the clerk confirms that Doc checked in last night, but she was alone. He brings up the fax and Mahone checks the machine's memory.

Doc isn't too thrilled to hear Michael's big plan is to go on the run with the "two most wanted men in America." Yeah, but they're hot! Plus, she's still pissed about being used and about inadvertently letting T-Bag out. "I was doing what I needed to do. My brother was gonna die..." She cuts him off, "Now my father's dead!" Michael's visibly shaken by this news and apologizes over and over. He ends with, "I didn't expect you to forgive me, but I don't want you to be alone in this." Doc is somewhat moved, but they're interrupted when Michael spots Mahone's car. They hustle to Michael's car and Doc points out that this is a dead-end road. So the boys play a little game called Chicken and Michael and Doc end up crashing. They run into an old warehouse/factory type building.

Bellick gets T-Bag to his feet and he tries to make a break for it. In the ensuing tussle, the key is knocked loose, but T-Bag manages to swallow it. I could make a joke about T-Bag's propensity to swallow things, but I'll refrain. So...Bellick places a strainer in the toilet and (hee!) duct-tapes (hee!) T-Bag (hee!) to (hee!) said (hee!) toilet. I am laughing so hard at the moment, I'm hyperventilating. The two brainiacs then feed T-Bag some yummy natural laxatives.

Sucre's pay phone starts to ring just as a couple of cops pull into the gas station. Sucre has no choice but to hide and let the phone ring.

Run! Doc and Michael Run! Michael takes the time to explain the situation, "He's not gonna call for back-up. He wants his privacy." "Why?" "He's not trying to catch me, he's trying to kill me." Now that they've got that cleared up, the two of them skedaddle into the next commercial break.

Colorado Compound. Linc's filling L.J. in on some Burrows family history. BC pops up and exposits that she once worked for the Company, but now she works against them like Silver Fox. She adds that SF is anxious to see them, especially Michael since he hasn't seen him since he (Michael) was ten years old. This sets warning bells off in Linc's head so when BC and Random Lackey leave to meet SF, Linc grabs his son. He says Michael never met SF, so this must be a set-up. They're quickly cornered, by none other than Silver Fox!

Michael urges Doc on, grabs a big pipe (dirty!), and makes some noise to draw Mahone away from the lovely lady. And thus begins the game of Cat and Mouse.

AZ. Owen's displeased to find that Linc's missing. He's even more ticked to hear that SAM's bringing in someone else to clean up the Burrows mess. Uh SAM, didn't anyone tell you about the last guy who was brought in over Owen? He's currently decomposing in a well somewhere. Tread carefully, is all I'm saying. Anyhoodle, SAM tells Owen to get back on the Doc angle and find out what her dad told her. So Owen pissily calls up the rental car info on Doc.

Cat and Mouse. Doc makes it outside where she awesomely sets to hotwiring Mahone's car. She is so my new BFF! Inside, Michael cuts his arm and discovers that he's trapped. He turns on one of the gas valves.

Kansas. Tee hee hee! Sorry, I can't help it. So, uh, T-Bag drops a load and Bellick orders W-MSF to dig out the key. Lovely. But he does come prepared, as we cut to a gloved W-MSF washing off the key. Before they depart, they tie up T-Bag and place a call to 911.

Cat and Mouse. Mahone makes it to a fenced-in area where Michael manages to lock in his adversary. Mahone's still armed of course, but Michael points out that propane is filling the room. One shot and: ka-boom! This next scene is so hot...sigh. Michael (hotly) asks Mahone if he still considers himself to be one of the good guys. He gets right in Mahone's face and advises him, "Stop. Because when you get close I will win, every time." Hot! Mahone points out that he'll catch up with Michael eventually, be it "today in Gila or tomorrow in Albuquerque or two months from now in Panama" (this grabs Michael's attention). Mahone says the only way Michael can stop him is to kill him and they both know Michael's not capable of doing that. "I will get you," Mahone promises, "I don't have a choice."--"'Cuz I'm batshit crazy!" He doesn't add. Michael just leaves.

Doc pulls up in her rental car (apparently she drove Mahone's hotwired car back to Butterfield Rd., abandoned it and hopped in her rental). Michael gets in.

Kansas. The Brain Trust locates T-Bag's millions and W-MSF whacks Bellick in his big ol' shovelhead not once, but twice. Awesome. "Next time," he hisses at the unconscious lump that is Bellick, "you pick through the crap." Heh.

Michael and Doc check into a motel.

Sucre leaves a heartfelt message for Maricruz and promises to meet her. He studies the paper Michael gave him which reads: BOLSHOI BOOZE.

Cut to a pissed-off Hector discovering that Maricruz went on their honeymoon without him. On his dime. That's gotta sting. Suck it, Hector!

Doc stitches up Michael's arm and compares his Escaping/Running with chasing a high, something she knows a lot about. She finishes and sends him into the bathroom to clean up.

Linc introduces L.J. to SF. Papa Burrows has one weird-ass first name. SF says they've found some evidence and he just needs some more time. Linc says he's suppossed to meet Michael at Bolshoi Booze and SF offers to go pick him up, saying they don't need to run anymore. The sound guys obviously disagree 'cuz the Conspiracy Theme from the Prison Break soundtrack kicks up as Random Lackey gets a call from...SAM! See, that was so not surprising. Thank you for that, sound guys! Anyway, RL informs SAM that he's got "the trifecta"-the three Burrows men and they're planning on meeting Scofield. SAM just tells him to take care of the three now.

What the hell? Michael exits the bathroom (in his boxers, people!) and oopsie!-the bandage is now on his right arm. He cut his left arm and Doc bandaged his left. I'm too distracted by a boxer-clad Wentworth Miller to really care and Michael's too busy realizing that Doc has split to think about the glaring mistake in continuity. He finds a note: This time I know better. I'm sorry. Michael's obviously hurt. C'mere, baby, I'll make it better.

Doc's crying as she prepares to drive off, but she appears to change her mind. She exits the vehicle and runs smack into Owen. That one I totally saw coming, without the aid of the Prison Break soundtrack.


LJ and Lincoln, Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of �Prison Break�?
You can now download it from iTunes Store. US$ 1.99 per episode or US$39.99 for entire session.
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You can download tonight's episode Bolshoi Booze (season 2 episode 11) legally from iTunes Store.

Posted by Antony on 11 April 2007 9:37 AM | Prison Break

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from iTunes Store:
Michael exits the bathroom (in his boxers, people!) and oopsie!-the bandage is now on his right arm. He cut his left arm and Doc bandaged his left. I'm too distracted by a boxer-clad Wentworth Miller to really care and Michael's too busy realizing that Doc has split to think about the glaring mistake in continuity. He finds a note: This time I know better. I'm sorry. Michael's obviously hurt. C'mere, baby, I'll make it better.
Posted by Wang on 30 August 2008 10:51 AM.
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