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4 April, 2007

Rendezvous, Prison Break On the Run

Prison Break, Michael

To defeat your enemy, you got to know your enemy. Sgt Mahone recovers Michael's hard drive, and Michael is trying to figure something out on Sgt Mahone as well. Last week on Prison Break, Michael pays a visit to Mahone's ex-wife and pieces together his dark secret. C-Note unites with his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Bellick ambushes T-Bag, and he'll stop at nothing to learn where the money is. Elsewhere, Lincoln and LJ were caught by the police at a railway station.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 10, Rendezvous iTunes)

Michael and Sara reunite, but their time together is cut short as Mahone finally catches up to them. Elsewhere, on the road with LJ, Lincoln meets his father. Bellick, meanwhile, finally gets T-Bag to give up his secret the hard way.

Prison Break, C-Note and his wife

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

T-Bag, Bellick, Prison Break

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 9, Unearthed iTunes),

We open up on Michael, who's at some sort of public gardens. Pretty flowers. He checks his tattoo as well as a map of the gardens. He zeroes in on the Apache Desert Ghost, a big-ass plant of some sort. I'm not a botanist. He spies a photographer and another dude and totally makes them as Feds. He bolts and they give chase. It's all very tense expect for the part where it's not. You know he's not gonna get caught.

L.J. and Linc: exposition, exposition, blah blah. Sweet scene though.

Michael's chillin' at a diner when Sgt. So Not Sane Mahone comes on the tv and addresses questions about Newbie's death. Michael reels a little from that news and completely freaks when a reporter asks about the retrieved hard drive.

Posse Central. Agent Lang (formerly known as Federal Agent Chick) and another agent are discussing the 3200 ampoules of nitro they found under that big-ass plant. It's medical grade stuff, the kind heart patients carry around (tell me about it, nearly everyone in my family over the age of fifty has that stuff), but it can become unstable in certain environments and totally blow shit up. Mahone bursts in and he is P-I-S-S-E-D! He yells at everyone about plugging the leak then storms into his office.

Utah. Michael, totally rockin' the stubble, Googles Mahone. He learns Mahone's got an ex. Then he goes shopping.

Posse Central. Mahone hands off the letter combinations from Owen to another agent and orders Lang to set up a sting with C-Note's wife.

Chicago. C-Note meets up with some friends who report that the Feds have been watching Kacie. C figures they would and calls in a favor. He wants these guys to help him get to Kacie and Dede.

Lang heads over to Kacie's and says they know about the Rainbow Room phone call. They figure it's not the Rainbow Room in Manhatten since Kacie is still in Chicago. She's a complete hardass as she says she could arrest Kacie right now and call in social services for Dede. "Don't worry. I hear the families in the foster system are top notch." Nice. "You are asking me to choose between my daughter and my husband." "Exactly." Cold.

Bellick's on the trail. He calls Fox River (oh, I miss Fox River!) and finds out T-Bag called or wrote (it's not clear) a specific address fifty-two times.

Arizona. L.J.'s making a food run and checks out a couple chicks on his way to the car. The waitress runs out, saying L.J. forgot his change and she makes Linc. So they drive off and then bicker about ditching the car. L.J. tries to come up with suggestions about what they should do for transpo, but his ideas are pretty lame. Linc pretty much says so and is all, "Dude, you may have been on the run before, but you got caught. Did I not teach you anything?" L.J. puts on his teen-angst face and bitches at his dad. Linc apologizes.

Colorado. Callie Thorne (I'll resist the urge to call her Sheila) opens her door to a clean-shaven, besuited (yum!) and bespectacled Michael who introduces himself as Agent Merrick. He says Mahone's up for a promotion which requires a higher security clearance, so he's doing a background check. Callie's reluctant, but Michael smoothly lies and tugs at her compassion with a little story of how his ex was a Fed and the Bureau took a toll on their marriage. Callie invites him in for coffee.

Doc's holed up in a motel where she figures out that the rendezvous with Michael will be at the Sundown Hotel. She calls information and gets the locations of all the Sundown Hotels in the US. She guesses that it's the one in Gila, New Mexico since it's closest to the border.

Kansas. T-Bag, sporting some fancy new duds, stashes his loot, buys some flowers and pockets a scissors. Should I mention that he does so in an oh-so-creepy manner, or is that a given whenever Robert Knepper is on screen?

C-Note and the guys are having a little disagreement. One of them wants to go armed, since the Feds will be packing, but C doesn't want his family caught in the crossfire. Argue, argue, blah blah. They agree to C's terms.

Get ready for Owen's one and only scene. He gets a notice that Doc used the dead woman's ID to get a ticket to New Mexico. And she rented a car. Owen reports this to Mahone, who's getting an update of his own: the Linc sighting in AZ. Mahone tells his guy to work on combos that contain the letters "NM."

Back to Michael and Callie. Lots of exposition, but Callie does bring up Mahone's obsession with gardening. An obsession that cropped up almost overnight. She says he tore up the back yard, ordered her to stay out and used tons of fertilizer and lye to plant a flower bed. You can practically hear the gears in Michael's head turning. When Callie leaves the room for a moment, Michael pockets her cell phone.

Kacie's with the Feds, getting ready to betray her hubby. She makes her way through an amusement park where one of C's guys mumbles instructions at her. She says they'll take Dede, but the guy says that's taken care of. So Kacie Runs! right into the commercial break.

After commercials, Kacie makes it to the jeep and they get away. She talks with C-Note, who's outside the school. Another guy is inside, trying to get Dede out, but he thinks they're stalling.

And we're back in Colorado. Michael brings up Shales. Callie says Mahone didn't change until after Shales's trail went cold. That's when Mahone wanted her and their son outta the house. She remembers the date: June 15. Cue a flash of a newspaper stating that Shales went missing in mid-June. "I think I have everything I need." Michael starts to leave, but Callie's confused. He didn't ask about education or anything. She grows suspicious, but doesn't put up a fuss when he splits.

The Feds show up outside the school so C-Note just waltzes into the school, down the hall, into his daughter's classroom, picks her up and hauls ass. Heh.

T-Bag gets to Single Mom's house and is actually surprised to see the For Sale sign. Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming. Anyone? I didn't think so. So he sits in the dining room and pouts.

Un-buttoned Linc and his offspring are now on foot. Linc brings up the chicks L.J. checked out. "I was just making sure they weren't staring at us." "With what? Their asses?" Heh. Father and son share a nice story about son losing his virginity. At the tender age of 13. To a chick four years his senior. Who was paid by L.J.'s mom to give him French lessons. Linc's impressed (would he be if he had a daughter?). An unnecessary, but fairly amusing scene.

T-Bag recalls all those tender (read: ooky) memories of Single Mom and her kids. He stomps around some when Whack! down he goes courtesy of a For Sale sign wielding Bellick. Heh again.

Mahone's working on the code and breaks the combo down: EL/GILA/NM/63. The 63 is for June 3rd, tomorrow. He gets a call from Callie's phone, but it's not his ex-wife calling.

Commercials. Jesus another freakin' political ad. I hate election years! Who knew the Democratic process would bring out the worst in people? I've adopted a new voting strategy this year: I'm going to vote for the candidate whose ads annoy me the least.

After commercials, Michael lays his cards on the table. He knows all about Shales. The lye decomposes the body, but the soil will still contain the DNA. "I can imagine how it feels. The pressure. The constant fear." He offers Mahone a deal: back off, let him and his family disappear and he'll keep Mahone's secret. Mahone is really sweating this, but just says, "I'll see you soon, Michael." Quick flash to Mahone circling Gila on a map. "Oh and Michael, it just might be sooner than you think."

T-Bag comes to and the verbal sparring begins!

Bellick: "So this is where Theodore practiced Pervert Knows Best."

T-Bag: "Bradley, I couldn't possibly expect a grown man who still lives with his mama to understand the machinations of love."

Bellick brings up the 52 letters T-Bag wrote to Single Mom, all returned to Fox River (oh, how I miss thee), marked Return To Sender. Bellick and W-MSF say the guards all had a good laugh reading those letters. Then he gets down to business. He takes T-Bag's scissors and threatens to cut the wrist stitches, one by one, until T-Bag gives up the money's whereabouts. "All right, you wanna know where the money is? I did spend a whole bunch of it last night on your mama." Completely unoriginal, yet, well delivered. So Bellick cuts and my stomach pitches.

C-Note, Kacie and Dede share a tender reunion.

L.J. and Linc make it to a train station.

Mahone digs up his yard and lo and behold, there's a skeleton beneath the birdbath. Kudos to those of you who guessed that way back when.

Linc's made at the train station so he and L.J. take off. Wow, Linc runs amazingly well for a guy who was shot in the thigh mere days ago. L.J. barrels into an oncoming car, causing Linc to stop. The two are apprehended (stupid kids ruin everything for their escaped con parents!) and Linc loses his shit as he tells L.J. "I'm sorry" over and over.


LJ and Lincoln, Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
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You can download tonight's episode Rendezvous (season 2 episode 10) legally from iTunes Store.

Posted by Antony on 4 April 2007 9:36 AM | Prison Break

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