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28 March, 2007

Prison Break: Unearthed

Prison Break Origami

Last week on Prison Break,

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 9, Unearthed iTunes)

Michael pays a visit to Mahone's ex-wife and pieces together his dark secret. Meanwhile, Bellick ambushes T-Bag, and he'll stop at nothing to learn where the money is. Elsewhere, Lincoln and LJ appear to come to the end of the line.

Prison Break start at 9.40 pm on Seven, followed by 24. has an article for tonight's Prison Break.

Both compelling and captivating, this is one of the best series to break out of the box.

Another intriguing instalment from this addictive series follows the escapees as they go their separate ways in a bid for not only freedom but to reconcile with loved ones.

Media leaks prove costly in the authorities' hunt for Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) as he again is at his evasive best. Michael's ingenious plan is to discover the cracks in the armour of Agent Mahone (William Fichtner), the man who's desperately trying to track him down. There's a turning point in the hunt when Michael calls Mahone and seemingly checkmates his adversary.

In another twist, Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) declares he wants the remaining escapees dead. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) is caught up in this deadly web as her long-awaited reunion with Michael comes closer than ever - yet Sara is not the only one who's managed to decode Michael's origami birds.

In other developments, T-Bag's (Robert Knepper) pursuit of his ex sees him confronted by the ransom-seeking ex-prison guard Bellick (Wade Williams).

The reoccurring question remains: how much longer can the escapees stay on the run? As their notoriety amongst the public grows, the task of escaping becomes increasingly difficult.

As usual this episode contains plenty of tense moments for the criminals, but it appears that the luck of some escapees may have finally run out. Or has it? With a third season on its way, it's safe to assume that there are more twists to come.

Prison Break - Unearthed airs on the Seven Network: Wednesday, March 28, 9.40pm.

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 8, Dead Fall iTunes),

Previously on Prison Break: Mahone was bat-shit crazy, Abruzzi died, Newbie died, GJH died and Sucre screwed everyone over. I sure hope Robert Knepper is a Tigers fan, dude looked cold last night.

We're exactly where we left off, with Sucre holding a gun on the others. He orders them to hand over the backpack full of money. Guy must be ripped if he's able to carry five million on his back without so much as a grunt. He departs with an "Adios, amigos." C-Note and Michael storm into the house where Michael puts a knife under HHH's hand so she can work herself free. C-Note asks what now and Michael responds, "I let that psycopath T-Bag loose once, I'm not gonna do it again." "Make a nice little present for the police when they get here," C-Note puts in. When they go back to the garage, however, T-Bag's gone. C-Note offers Michael a "Good luck" and leaves. Michael grabs CC's radio and sets out as well.

We catch up with Doc and that agent hiding out in her bedroom. He enters the living room where Doc correctly guesses that GJH didn't kill himself and this agent before her has been sent to kill her. She chucks things at him and cuts her arm with some glass in order to make it appear as though a struggle transpired. She refuses to let them make it look like an OD. The agent pulls a gun and says they can just make her disappear, make it look like she went on the run to avoid jail time. He backs her into the kitchen where she grabs a can of bug spray and gives him a faceful. Then she bashes him on the head with the can, crawls out the window and hauls ass down the fire escape.

Speaking of hauling ass, (and, my, what a pretty ass...) Michael's doing so through the woods. He comes upon Sucre. "Adios, amigos, huh?" "What, too much?" is Sucre's response. They smile and chat about how they're going to split the money but when Sucre opens the bag, gasp! it's filled with magazines. Transition to a crafty T-Bag, happily driving down the road in his newly purchased truck.

Credits. I know it's been awhile since I commented on them. Yes, Dominic Purcell still has top billing.

Arizona. A still unbuttoned Linc spies L.J. chatting with some dude who's giving him a list of employment opportunities and whatnot in the area. After L.J. walks away, the dude calls Owen and reports that the kid's on foot.

Michael and Sucre are, shall we say, displeased with the turn of events. Michael says they can't go back, but they do still have five thousand. They hear, via CC's radio, that they've been ID'd, the scent doggies have been dispatched and the roads have been blocked off.

Posse Central. Agent Agitated Mahone arrives and commences bitching about being called in to report to IA. He's even more unhappy to hear that the agent who'll be questioning him is named Sullens. Seems they have a history. Not that type of history, get your minds out of the gutter. That's my job.

A now freed Bellick and W-MSF make their way to the local watering hole. They're all "woe is me" about their blown chance at millions. Get over it, dudes. Bellick phones his mom (hee-that will never stop being funny) and claims he had car trouble. He wants MamaBellick to come pick them up. In Wyoming. From Illinois. Yeah. W-MSF turns Bellick's attention toward the news report coming outta Tooele. Bellick then asks his mom to wire him some money.

Doc gets on a payphone and calls her dad's friend, Bruce. She reiterates that GJH didn't commit suicide and brings up the Burrows case. She says she didn't want to use her cell in case they're tracking it. Smart. Bruce says he'll send someone to her and she gives her location.

Linc pawns HHH's golf clubs for eighty bucks.

Back to Michael and Sucre. Michael tells his former cellie to ditch the bike 'cuz they can't get it across the river. Sucre grudgingly complies. They start to cross but Sucre falls off this big-ass log and gets his foot caught under it. Michael tries, but the log won't budge. That's because it's a big-ass log.

Doc's in an alley, cleaning her arm when a woman passes her. Behind Doc we see the woman go to the payphone, a black van pull up (really, another black van? Can't the bad guys use a differently colored vehicle for once? How about deep burgundy or a lovely teal? No? Okay.) and the woman is shot a couple times. Her blood coolly splatters all over the phone booth.

After commercials, Doc's trying to help the poor woman, but no dice, she dies. Doc notices the woman's wallet on the ground.

Sucre's still stuck. Well, it is a big-ass log. They hear a loud horn and Michael tells Sucre that it's from the dam, and soon water will come gushing by and move the log, freeing Sucre in the process. Hopefully the log will be moved before Sucre drowns, but Michael doesn't mention this. "Are you sure?" poor Sucre asks. "Yes, I'm sure. I'm sure." It's a good thing Sucre can't see Michael's face, 'cuz Michael's "oh shit" expression? Brilliant.

Posse Central. Sullens is totally onto Mahone's bullshit story regarding Newbie. "The shooting of an unarmed kid at point-blank range is by the book?" Mahone's temporarily flustered. Or just crazy. Or both.

Doc's doing some crying.

Owen and SAM (who is really short, FYI-I'd never noticed, he's always been sitting) are trying to out-smarm each other. Owen's sure that L.J. will lead them to Linc and Doc will lead them to Michael. He also says that perhaps the numbers on the birds are not phone numbers. Then he cackles gleefully and shouts, "And you're super short, neener-neener!" Or not.

But Owen does check in with the guy who's tailing L.J. who reports that Linc has yet to show. Maybe he's just self-conscious about the whole forgot-how-to-work-buttons thing. Owen suggests they "draw him out."

L.J.'s just kicking back, on some bench outside a shop. Some scruffy guy comes up and asks him for spare change. L.J.'s all, "I'm all out. Seriously. I was just released from lock-up where I was awaiting trial for the double murder of my mom and stepdad. And my dad is the victim of this vast conspiracy and now he and my super genius uncle are on the run from the Feds and these conspiracy people, not to mention this shovel-headed ex-prison guard who still lives with his mom." Either Scruffy Guy dislikes long-winded explanations or he doesn't believe the kid (and really, that whole prison guard still living with mom is what probably pushed him over the edge) 'cuz he punches L.J. in the face. L.J. returns the punch.

Sigh. Sucre's guess where? Yup, he's still stuck. And he's whining, but, considering he's about to drown, I'll cut him some slack.

Doc gets a call from Bruce and she quickly guesses that he set her up. She disconnects the call and removes the battery from her phone. As she takes a look at her phone she realizes the numbers on the pad correspond to letters.

Arizona hospital. L.J.'s getting stitched up while a couple of cops lead Scruffy Guy away. He's busy protesting, saying, "Some dude gave me fifty bucks to give a kid a beatdown." The assembled Feds hustle, but Linc and L.J. are gone. Score one for the Scofield Smart Gene!

Tooele. Obviously MamaBellick used the world's fastest wire-service 'cuz Bellick and W-MSF are already at HHH's front yard. Bellick flashes (dirty!) a badge and says it's a routine follow-up. He asks if the Escapees found what they were digging for. "It sure sounded like they did." HHH goes on to explain that the "Spanish one" appeared to have screwed the others over and he left with a pack. The "pretty one" (heh) and the "black fellow" left next. Then the "dirty Southerner snuck out the back," but not before slipping a 100 dollar bill into HHH's bra for "the damages." Classy. She mentions that T-Bag also had a pack. Woah! Is that a lightbulb above Bellick's head?

Both Owen and Doc are trying to decipher the code.

The water's rising. Oh, sorry. We're back with Sucre and Michael. Sucre tells Michael to go ahead and leave. "It's okay, Papi. Let me go." Does that ever work with Michael? Does he ever let anything/one go? Anyway, he finally notices a length of rope and rigs up a make-shift pulley system, using the bike as well. He drives the motorcycle into the river, cannonballing (if that's not already a verb, it should be) over Sucre's head. Sucre's now free and they bolt.

Owen and Doc figure out the word "rendezvous."

Michael's purchasing a used car while Sucre calls Petey to tell him about his bike. Petey's got even bigger news: "Maricruz said 'I don't.'" Sucre hurries to share the good news with Michael and says he has to go to her now. Michael understands and buys another car for Sucre.

Bellick and W-MSF are trying to figure out T-Bag's next move. I do believe that he's going to be looking up Single Mom.

Linc and L.J. catch up. It's sweet.

Doc's still working on the message, but realizes she left the last bird at her apartment. Cut to her apartment where Owen tells a couple guys to clean it up. He finds the bird.

Posse Central. Sullens gives us a bunch of exposition regarding Mahone's past. "How does a guy go from Infantry grunt with less than stellar marks to the Gulf One Special Ops to the Federal Bureau of Investigations leading the largest manhunt this country's ever seen? I have all these dots, there's just no way to connect them." "Looks like you need to work on your clearance level, Dick," Mahone spits. To be fair, Sullens first name is Richard. He barks back, "I will chain you to this desk until I get some answers I cannot fertilize my lawn with." Hee-best line of the episode! "I know what they tell you to do overseas, Alex, and let me be perfectly clear: we do not do it on American soil!" They're interrupted by a call for Sullens where he's all "Yes, sir!" He lets Mahone go.

So Mahone goes...outside, to a car and there's Owen! Did not see that coming. I thought Mahone was a regular, old Fed who just happened to be nuttier than a Snickers. Owen hands over the bird and says it's a code for a rendezvous location for Michael, but they can't break it. Mahone snits that Owen could've gotten him outta there sooner. "You know even we have to go through certain channels to make sure things appear on the up and up," Owen smarms. Mahone says he understands about Linc and Michael, but the others..."You've been hired to do a job," Owen cuts in. "The reasoning? Does not concern you. You don't ask any questions about us, maybe we'll continue to make sure no one asks questions about you. Are. We. Clear?" Silence. Then..."They all die," Mahone responds. But he doesn't look happy. Not that he ever looked happy, but, less not happy than usual.


Prison Break Missed an episode of Prison Break?
You can now download it from iTunes Store. US$ 1.99 per episode or US$39.99 for entire session.
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You can download tonight's episode Unearthed (season 2 episode 9) legally from iTunes Store.

Posted by Antony on 28 March 2007 8:04 AM | Prison Break

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