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21 March, 2007

Prison Break: Dead Fall

Prison Break, LJ

So there were six.
Last week on Prison Break, they released LJ; Lincoln is determined to reunite with LJ, who is suspicious of his good fortune in Arizona; Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag’s hunt for buried treasure finally pays off; Kellerman has a change of heart just as Sarah is targeted by The Company; Sarah finds her father (Governor) suicides; and Mahone forces Tweener to make a deadly choice. Tweener does not show Mahone the right house, instead he uses that chance to see Debra Jean Belle. Mahone shots Tweener dead on the way back.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 8, Dead Fall iTunes)

With the five million gone and the police closing in, Michael and Sucre's only chance of escape is across the river but the water conceals a deadly trap. Lincoln reunites with LJ, while Sara and Kellerman race to piece together the clues Michael left behind.

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 7, Buried iTunes),

We pick up right where we left off, with Chick Cop approaching HHH's house, and entering it, in fact. Turns out CC is HHH's daughter. Uh-oh! CC notices the broken glass and heads upstairs, gun drawn. HHH manages to give a stangled cry and CC bursts into the room. Michael tries to defuse the sit, but CC ain't havin' it. Sucre comes up behind CC, but she elbows him in the face. Hee, and good reflexes, CC! She has some problems when Linc grabs her and grits out, "Let's be civil." Heh.

DB Fed and Lt. Lunacy Mahone are chatting and DB Fed doubts that the Escapees are still around. Mahone bets that the guys are still in Tooele, looking for the money.

Chicago. Doc acts all suspicious around Owen and skedaddles.

Back to Tooele. CC and HHH are tied up while Michael has his own Deputy Downer moment, "This is going wrong in every possible way." Got that right, but has anything ever really gone right? It's life, Michael, shit happens. Anyhoo, he apologizes to the women and tells an ice-pack sporting Sucre (hee) to keep an eye on them.

And back to Chicago. Owen reports to SAM, saying Doc's suspicious of him all of a sudden. SAM's all, "duh, her dad talked to her and through the wonderful technology of phone-tapping, we heard GJH say he knows who you are, Owen." SAM says GJH didn't have time to share "what he found." He figures they're back to square one concerning Burrows so Owen brings up L.J.

GJH's office. Doc arrives and chats with GJH's lackey who informs her that GJH's V-P nomination was withdrawn, even though they had enough votes for a confirmation. "(Pres Patricia) pulled the plug on a sure thing in order to start over from scratch? How often does a thing like that happen in politics?" inqures Doc. "Never," is Mr. Lackey's helpful reply.

Digging. C-Note and T-Bag channel their inner four-year-olds as they snipe at one another. Linc ignores the children and wonders how to do up the buttons on his shirt. Also: what's taking Newbie so long?

Well, he's being interrogated, Linc, that tends to take time. DB Fed says Newbie ain't talking so Mahone tries his hand. He goes on and on about how Confession is good for the soul. When Newbie doesn't bite, Mahone decides to do some confessing of his own. He tells Newbie about Shales and how he always seemed to be just one step ahead. He says it was almost like a game, except for the unfortunate killings along the way. "Bodies kept stacking up and I started to feel that it was because of me." Mahone says he had a "complete break from reality" (I think the correct verb tense is "having"-present tense, dude), and shows Newbie his Pen Pills. He says he needs them to stay in the game. Newbie still doesn't spill so Mahone whips out some pics of a dead Mr. Vet, saying the body is T-Bag's handiwork. He warns Newbie that if T-Bag kills again, his victim's blood will be on his (Newbie's) hands. Newbie thinks.

Sunny AZ. L.J. heads to a meeting with a lawyer.

While Owen stalks Doc, he gets a call from another agent who says they're all set with L.J. and he's "as good as gone."

L.J. meets with an ADA who hands over release papers, the charges against L.J. are being dropped. Huh?

Doc arrives at the Governor's Mansion and finds GJH hanging in his study. She gets him down, knocking a key loose from his jacket in the process, hollers for help and begins CPR.

I'm sure there's a rule stating that at least one hostage on a TV show has to try and get into the hostage-takers head and mess with him/her. That's CC's job. She mumbles at Sucre til he takes off her gag. She says she needs her pills, he's all, "uh-uh," she says they're to help prevent miscarriage, so he relents.

As the others dig, T-Bag watches the news and a pic of him pops up. "That picture makes me look like a sociopath," he whines. Hee. Everyone remains silent. Exactly, boys, exactly. Linc brings up Newbie again, but the subject is dropped when the reporter shares the breaking news of L.J.'s imminent release. Cue a close-up of Linc thinking real hard and then a cut to Linc marching into the house, demanding HHH's car keys with Michael following behind. Michael begs his brother for more time and Linc hits the nail on the head when he tells Baby Brother, "You're afraid to fail! You're afraid this big plan of yours ain't gonna work out. You wanna get caught proving you can pull this thing off, be my guest. L.J.'s out there, I'm gonna get him." It should be noted that during Linc's little spiel, Michael maintains this childlike, wide-eyed expression, like a kid being admonished by his dad (or an older brother). Michael begs some more (and a legion of fans gets a little teary-eyed). "We have made it this far!" Linc sadly responds, "Then I guess this is where we part ways."

Newbie stares at the crime scene photos of Mr. Vet and chews his nails.

Mahone gets an update on Haywire's escapades in Wisconsin, so...

We head to Wisconsin where Haywire steals a bunch of stuff from a store. That's it. Really.

Michael's tearing up as he and Linc say their goodbyes. He reminds Linc that they're to meet up at "bolshoi booze" on Thursday at six o'clock. As Linc drives away you can totally see the devestation on Michael's face. He's so trying not to cry. He gave up everything to get his brother out, to help him start over and Linc's just walking away (at least that's the way Michael sees it). Kudos to Wentworth Miller.

A cop talks to Doc and says that there's no sign of foul play. She says GJH was not suicidal and asks for a moment. She spots the key on the floor and pockets it.

Looks like Newbie's caving in. Mahone promises a transfer to Club Fed and no additional time served for the Escape. Newbie's only 18, FYI. He says there's a woman in the house and T-Bag will have no qualms about killing her. Newbie warns that she'll become a hostage if the cops come a-knockin'. He says someone they trust needs to be on that porch. "I'll take you to them."

Haywire's still in Wisconsin. Yup, that's it.

CC continues to play bound-and-gagged psychologist and figures out that Sucre has a woman he broke out to see. There's some back-and-forth until he spills that he's going to be a father. They're interrupted when he overhears on CC's radio that Newbie's in custody. He hauls ass to the garage where...

T-Bag and C-Note are wrestling. Really! Oh, how I wish they would've shown more of this. Hee! Sucre pops in with his Newbie news just as C-Note excitedly tells everyone he's found the money.

Mahone fits Newbie with a wire.

Haywire decides to build a raft so he can sail to Holland via Lake Michigan. Yawn.

T-Bag informs the others that he's heading to Thailand to get a black market hand. I'm sure the fact that he could also easily get some black market child prostitution action in no way affected his decision. C-Note points out that the hand will most likely not be white. "Johnny KKK over here is gonna have an Asian hand," C chortles. T-Bag is distressed by the thought. The guys shush him when they hear a car pull up.

Cue Newbie approaching a house and...commercials.

After commercials, Newbie rings the bell and SDJ answers. Are you guys really surprised? Newbie had to do something right before...Anyway, Newbie tells SDJ his real name, apologizes once again and promises to write from prison. As he's hauled away he gives her a sweet (yes, I'll admit it, a sweet) smile, which she returns.

That car pulling up outside HHH's house belongs to a guy who's there to take HHH to the club. Michael gets rid of him.

Mahone pulls over the FedMobile, gets out and tells Newbie to do the same so they can stretch their legs.

SAM calls Owen to say he's not happy that L.J.'s still breathing. Owen points out that Linc's probably gonna come looking for his son. "It's called a trap, you moron," Owen snots. Or not. He does bring up GJH and wants to know what the hell was up with that. "Last time I checked, you left no shortage of bodies in your wake," SAM gleefully points out. Oh, snap! "Anyone who knows anything has got to be dealt with. If someone is a liability, they go. (GJH) was becoming a liability. (Insert dramatic pause here). So is his daughter." Ooh, it's like SAM is the new Kellerman! And the original is not happy.

Doc comes home to find another origami bird (courtesy of Michael) in her mail. Boy, she looks awful. A parent's death will do that. She also finds (not courtesy of Michael) drug paraphernalia laid out on her coffee table. A shadow moves in the bedroom. Do you really think they're gonna kill her off?

CC is still working on Sucre. She says it's only a matter of time until the cops catch up with him. But if he turns himself in he might be able to watch his child grow up. CC even offers to testify at his sentencing hearing. Nice gal, that CC. Michael hollers from the garage that it's time to go. Sucre joins the others, gun in hand, and informs them, "No one's going anywhere."

Back to Newbie's and Mahone's nature walk. Mahone feels guilty for lying earlier. Seems Shales didn't get away after all. Nope, Mahone walked right up to him and put a bullet in his brain then hid the body to get rid of the evidence. Newbie's all, "uh, dude? I really don't need to hear this. No, hey look at that pretty bird. Let's look at the birdy and not dwell on the fact that you just confessed to premeditated murder." Needless to say, that doesn't work (and neither does what Newbie really said) and Mahone plugs the kid full of holes. Aw, poor Newbie, even you didn't deserve that. Maniac Mahone places another gun in Newbie's hands then wigs out some more so he has to pop a Pen Pill. Cuckoo!

Due to baseball playoffs (Go Twins!) we have to wait for our next episode. Oh the tension! Will Doc survive? Will Linc get to L.J. in time? Will Mahone lose it even more? Is there more for Mahone to lose? But most importantly, will we care one wit about Haywire's mad rafting trip?(source)

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
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Prison Break: Tweener

You can download tonight's episode Dead Fall (season 2 episode 8) legally from iTunes Store.

Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 21 March 2007 8:51 AM | Prison Break

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