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19 March, 2007

Bang, Desperate Hosuewives

Channel Seven says two housewives will die tonight. Here is the promo.

Desperate Hosuewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, Susan professes her love for Ian while Gaby and Carlos tried to rekindle their love, and Bree was confronted with Orson's past. Nora and Lynette declared war after Nora tried to seduce Tom (but failed). Detective Ridley visits Mike at the hospital to ask him about Monique, and finds Mike's amnesia "convenient." He showed Mike a photo of her but Mike drew a blank - until Edie dressed up for him in a naughty nurse's outfit and he got a flash of Monique in a doorway, in lingerie. When Gabrielle realised Carlos lied to her about his new job, she pushed Carlos out of the window. Lucky the hedges saved his life.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 3 episode 7, Bang iTunes)

Everyone's lives on Wisteria Lane are forever changed when a hostage situation occurs at a local supermarket. Gabrielle and Carlos finish dividing their assets, while Susan is prepares to go to Paris with Ian.

Desperate Housewives airs at 8.30 tonight on Channel Seven. More screen captures of the show...

Nora, Desperate Hosuewives

Previously on Desperate Housewives (Season 3 episode 6, Sweetheart, I Have to Confess iTunes), the recap:

Carlos tells his lawyer to give Gabrielle everything she wants in the divorce settlement, but Gabrielle suspects he is up to something. Her suspicions are confirmed when she finds a lucrative new job contract he's locked away. Her lawyer tells her that once the divorce is final, she won't have access to any of Carlos's funds.

Ian invites Susan to a shindig at his house. But she says it's best if they don't see each other. Susan surprises Mike at the hospital, but she's the one who's surprised when she finds him making out with a half-naked Edie!

Lynette is less than impressed when Tom shows her the rundown site for his pizzeria. She's furious he signed a lease without asking her. He reminds her that she promised to support his dream. She retorts that she thought he'd come up with a dream with supporting. She storms out and he decides to spend the night at the restaurant.

Lynette hits the margaritas hard and invites a depressed Susan to join her. They're quickly joined by Gabrielle, who confesses she still loves Carlos. Lynette admits she's been a bitch to Tom and Susan regrets sending Ian away.

So when a cab shows up for a neighbor, a very drunk Susan grabs it and heads to Ian's to tell him how she really feels. But she didn't realize it's the night of his party. She proceeds to throw up noisily in the bathroom. She wakes up back at her house the next morning and Ian is there, having brought her home and slept on the couch. She can't remember a thing, so he tells her what she said -- that she misses him and wants to give it another chance, asking if that was "Susan or the booze." She admits she really does feel that way.

Kayla overhears Lynette tell her boys where Daddy is and why he's not coming home tonight. Kayla calls Nora, who goes to the pizzeria with dinner and plies Tom with wine and compliments. After he's tipsy, she kisses him. When he asks her what the hell she's doing, she can't believe he's rejecting her. Especially since Lynette thinks he's a "loser." He says he'd rather be with a woman who keeps him from making a foolish decision, and goes home to Lynette.

Before he can apologize, Lynette says she's sorry and insists he should open the pizzeria and they'll find a way to make it work. Then he tells her about Nora. Lynette kicks in Nora's door and is about to tear her apart when Kayla comes in. Thwarted, Lynette says she "needs to give Nora a hug," before she leaves. Out of earshot of Kayla, she tells Nora that she can never see Tom again and that when she drops Kayla off, she will do so a block away from the house. And if she doesn't, "I'll do to your spine what I just did to your door." Nora nods her agreement.

Detective Ridley visits Mike at the hospital to ask him about Monique, and finds Mike's amnesia "convenient." He shows Mike a photo of her but Mike draws a blank -- until Edie dresses up for him in a naughty nurse's outfit and he gets a flash of Monique in a doorway, in lingerie. "I think I knew her," he tells Edie.

Bree is surprised when Carolyn Bigsby shows up at her doorstep. But it's not to make more accusations against Orson. Caroline's husband Harvey is forcing her to apologize. Bree graciously accepts her apology, but tells Orson she wants nothing to do with them.

Bree is puzzled when she's snubbed for the second time in a week at the country club. Her tennis partner explains it's because Carolyn is good friends with just about everyone there and they all are convinced Orson is a murderer. Bree has no choice but to invite the Bigsbys to dinner at the country club so everyone can see there's nothing to the rumors. The women go to powder their noses and Carolyn shows Bree a photo of Alma, looking horribly battered, and of the police report that went along with the incident. Bree can't believe Orson beat his first wife, but Carolyn insists photos never lie.

Meanwhile, Harvey confesses to Orson that he'd been having an affair with a French stewardess named Monique. He shows her photo to Orson -- she had long red hair, just like Alma. Orson places an anonymous call to Detective Ridley, tipping him off about Harvey's affair with Monique.

Gabrielle summons Carlos to her bedroom to help her with the stuck zipper -- which she glued shut -- on her dress. She strips down to her bra and panties and they fall into bed. The next morning she tells him maybe they should rethink the divorce and stay together.

He tells her how long he's waited to hear her say that, but then starts laughing. The whole job offer was a scam to get her to sleep with him. He says he can't stand to see her get off scott-free in the divorce, so turning her down now is his revenge. She's so mad, she pushes him out the window -- of the second floor! The hedges break his fall but as he limps back into the house he says, "Oh, it's on!"

Desperate HousewivesMissed an episode?
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Posted by Antony on 19 March 2007 9:40 AM | Desperate Housewives, videos

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