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14 March, 2007

Prison Break: Buried

Prison Break Origami

Last week on Prison Break, Michael and Lincoln go house-hunting in Utah to find Westmoreland’s hidden money; T-Bag shows his particular brand of Southern hospitality; Haywire finally re-surfaces; Sucre finds a familiar face on the road; Mahone’s interest in the legend of DB Cooper leads him closer to the escapees.

If you missed it out last week's Prison Break, you can download the episode here iTunes.

Tonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 7, Buried iTunes)

The escapees find the hidden treasure, but Sucre has other plans. Meanwhile, an anxious Lincoln risks everything to get to LJ, and Kellerman rethinks his loyalties after Sara lands on The Company's hit list. Also, Mahone puts Tweener to the ultimate test.

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

on the run

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 6, Sub-Division, iTunes),

Ooh, the viewer discretion guy sounds serious.

Hwy 150, south of Utah. Linc and Michael hear the news about Abruzzi. They discuss the money and Michael gets testy when Linc suggests they forget about it and just grab L.J. ('cuz that worked out so well last time) and take off. He reminds his younger brother that they aren't the only ones looking for Westmoreland's millions.

And cue a scene with C-Note, riding a train through Wyoming. And that's about it.

Motel in Colorado. The post-coital glow of Newbie and SDJ is disrupted by a cop at the door flashing a pic of Newbie. And...credits.

Back to SDJ. She asks what Newbie did and the cop responds that he's one of the Escapees. She Lies! that she hasn't seen him. After he leaves, Newbie immediately tries to explain, saying he just stole a baseball card. SDJ says she's going for a walk, she's leaving her keys and when she gets back her car will be gone. Newbie apologizes and he actually seems remorseful. "I wish it could be different."

The brothers make it to Tooele, Utah. Guess who else made it? Skeevy T-Bag, that's who.

Posse Central. Colonel Crackers Mahone gets an update on T-Bag's exploits in Nebraska, but he really doesn't care about the child-killing pedophile. He shouts that he wants info on Scofield! An agent pipes up that he's recovered more data from the hard drive.

Tooele. The brothers get bad news as they discover the Double K Ranch is no longer. "Looks like Westmoreland spent his last breath blowing smoke up your ass," Linc helpfully chimes in. Heh. Michael points out the municipal building and says that the tax assessor's office will be located there. They should have the property records. Linc warns, "Lots of cops in there, Michael." He's such a downer, isn't he? Michael lives for challenges. Seriously, if they ever get out of this, he'll probably spend the rest of his days just creating bad situations that he needs to get out of.

Chicago. Owen meets with Shady Agent Man and reports that Doc was contacted by Scofield and he's keeping tabs on her. SAM says, fine, he'll inform Pres Patricia. "I contact the President directly," snits Owen possessively. "I'll contact her," SAM smirks.

Doc opens a letter with no return address to find another origami bird. She unfolds this one to reveal a phone number. And no I'm not giving it to you guys, you'll just call fanatically, hoping for a super-secret message from Wentworth Miller and Co.

So, anyway, Doc heads to a meeting. Owen offers to make her a pie and she turns him down. So he plays the gay card by bringing up his "partner Daniel" (and I so love how he uses Hale's name as the phantom boyfriend's name). Doc changes her mind 'cuz she figures she's not going to get romantically tangled up with a gay dude.

Posse Cental. Mahone reads up on DB Cooper, courtesy of Michael's hard drive (dirty!). He starts with the shaky shaky and tries to pop a pen pill, but is interrupted by a sweater-vest sporting agent. Mahone's snippy manner sends S-VA away in tears and then he proceeds to obsess about Michael some more.

Tooele. T-Bag spots Newbie and makes a grab. Newbie freaks. There's pushing and fine acting all around. T-Bag insists that they need each other.

And Sucre's still on his way to Vegas. Do we still care?

So Michael and Linc head into the municipal building where a guard spots the tattoo on Michael's wrist. The brothers head to a file room and Michael finds some guy with the initials KK. The map to Mr. KK's property is on page 1213, but the page has been torn out. Linc points out that the file room guy is shooting them suspicious looks so they make haste.

After commercials Michael figures that someone beat them to the map. Cue Linc spotting T-Bag. They catch up with him, Linc tackling him from behind. Michael's all cool, casual. I love how he just stands back and lets big brother do the bashing. T-Bag whimpers that "the kid" has the map and has gone to get a shovel.

GJH is meeting with a couple of advisors. He gets a call from Doc, but doesn't answer 'cuz his advisors advise that he distance himself from his daughter since he still needs to be confirmed. We switch to Doc leaving a sincere apology on her dad's voicemail just before Owen arrives with dinner.

Back to C-Note. He borrows a woman's laptop to check out info on the Double K Ranch. The steward (or whatever they're called) comes over and says C-Note doesn't have a valid ticket. C-Note cops to sneaking aboard, but the guy just says he can explain to the authorities who are waiting for him at the next stop. A couple of security guards pop up, they are to wait with C-Note until he leaves the train. C-Note smiles, then bolts. He then JUMPS OUT OF THE TRAIN and into the water far, far below. I hope he can swim.

Posse Central. They get the update on C-Note which causes Federal Agent Chick to inquire, "What is a black man from Chicago doing in Idaho?" Maybe he had a craving for potatoes. Mahone agrees, saying everyone seems to be heading west when they should be heading south of the border.

And we head west so we can see Linc and Michael lock T-Bag in the trunk. Hee hee hee! Michael's little smirk is awesome.

So Newbie's attempting to buy a shovel and buy "attempting" I mean: being beaten brainless by the cashier who recognizes him. So Mr. Cashier Man drags Newbie to the back of the store and ties him up. Michael enters and spies the evidence of a struggle, well, not so much a struggle, as an ambush. Mr. CM comes out, saying they're closing early. He recognizes Michael as well, Michael hears Newbie groan and pops Mr. CM in the face (hot!). He's so awesome when he gets his hands dirty. Anyhoo, they tussle, then big brother shows up with his gun (dirty!).

Sucre barges into the chapel and Teresa, Maricruz's sister, tells him he should go. He pleads and she agrees to bring Maricruz to him.

Doc's apartment. Owen's trying to get info from Doc, but she's not in a chatty mood. Knock, knock. GJH is at the door, along with a couple Secret Service agents (I'm assuming). Owen smoothly Lies! about who he is and Doc and her dad step into the other room. She gives him a heartfelt apology, saying she had no idea she was letting those men out, she thought she was saving a life. She says Linc is innocent, and everyone who tries to help him is dying one by one. She knows that he (GJH) didn't look at the files she gave him on Linc, but that's okay because this is about her making amends. GJH, surprisingly, isn't a dick and hugs her when she confesses that she's scared. Meanwhile, Owen is snooping through her mail and finds the origami bird. He runs a trace on the number and discovers that it's been out of service for seventeen years. Hmmm...

AAAIEEE! It's Hector, who's come to gloat. Sucre can't do much, since he hears sirens in the distance. He socks Hector and skedaddles.

Posse Cental. Mahone's a bit dizzy (and pissy) and heads outside to meet with his dealer who, apparently, was an informant on the Shales case. Informant/Dealer asks why Mahone doesn't just go to a doctor to get something to calm his nerves. Mahone snits that "doctors take notes" (I'd hope so) and that the Shales case is kaput. "You can't get 'em all." No, but I guess you can just replace an old obsession with a brand-spankin' new (and mighty hot) one.

Linc and Michael ask Newbie for the map and he responds, "He told you I had it?" Uh-oh!

And here's T-Bag, still in the trunk (which I am so enjoying). He studies the map, then deciding he needs more fiber in his diet, chows down.

So the brothers haul him outta the trunk and Michael realizes what he did with the map. "When you strip search a lifer, you should always check his coin purse." Ew! Eww! Ewww! The visual! Ahh! Um, okay, uh, so T-Bag "proposes" a partnership and Newbie pipes up, "So, then, yo we split it four ways, right?" Ah, Newbie, so naive. Michael just walks away while Linc escorts the dull one into the trunk. Heh.

C-Note made it to Utah and Sucre's almost there.

Posse Central. Updates on Sucre. Blah blah. Mahone brings up DB Cooper and goes over all that stuff Michael flashbacked about in season 1. He concludes that Charles Westmoreland was, in fact, DB Cooper and that he hid the money before he was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. "This is fact, you figured all this out?" queries an agent. "No, Scofield did." At least he's giving credit where credit's due.

The brothers and T-Bag head out on foot, leaving Newbie in the trunk. Heh.

Chicago. Before GJH heads to Washington, Gray-Haired Advisor warns him that the "Burrows thing" has been getting a lot of headlines. Especially since his lawyer, Nick, was found dead, his kid was arrested and his lead counsel, Moronica, has gone missing. "Well, is she missing, or is she dead?" G-HA suggests, "It's probably best you don't ask a lot of questions." GJH agrees (but he doesn't look too happy about it) and we get a peek of the files he was holding: files titled "Burrows, Lincoln."

Mahone's getting ready for his flight to Utah.

T-Bag says the silo should be "dead ahead" just over the hill. Michael and Linc are all, "Yeah, not so much. Seeing as they turned the ranch into a freaking housing development!" Can't anything go right?!

I just realized that Bellick was nowhere to be found in this episode. Do you suppose he and W-MSF are still bound in that shack, singing show tunes to pass the time? (source)

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
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Prison Break: C-Note and Sucre

You can download tonight's episode Subdivision (season 2 episode 6) legally from iTunes Store.

Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 14 March 2007 8:08 AM | Prison Break

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