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21 February, 2007

First Down, Prison Break

Prison Break cast

Last week on Prison Break, Michael's most valuable asset, all the documents to get them invisible, in a backpack is stolen from the car, and falls into Mahone's hands and the Governor told Sara that he would be the vice president. Lincoln is wounded, Michael has no choice but to visit his wife for some assistance. Michael with Lincoln's help manages to get the car exploded. Bellick recruits a resolute partner to aid in his quest to get the escapees behind bars.

pb_s2s4.jpgTonight on Prison Break (season 2 episode 4, First Down)

Bellick captures Michael and his team, but it's not the police reward he's after. Also, Abruzzi's need for revenge will force him to pay the ultimate price. Also, who is Nika setting up?

Prison Break start at 9.30 pm on Seven, followed by 24.

Previously on Prison Break (season 2 episode 3, Scan),

We open with Mahone and some other guys gazing upon a charred vehicle, lying in a ditch. A sheriff asks Mahone if he knows which one was in the car. And we go back in time. Twelve hours exactly.

Mahone's chatting with Federal Agent Chick (not to be confused with the Federal Agent Chick who questioned Doc). He says a man on the run is sure to make a mistake in the first seventy-two hours and will trust someone he shouldn't.

Cut to Lovely Brunette opening her door to Michael and a shot-in-the-leg Linc. Michael tells her to get various supplies for him (he's not just a structural engineer, but a paramedic as well!). Linc requests "booze." Heh. As Michael tends to his brother, LB says they shouldn't be there. The Feds have already been by. Michael says he had nowhere else to go. He asks LB for some clean clothes for Linc. She complies. Nice girl. Michael tells Linc he has to go back for the car. Linc tells him to forget it, but Michael persists. "In that car is everything we need to disappear."

So Michael heads out to retrieve his car, but Oops! no car. He notices some broken glass on the pavement and stops to think.

Mahone's getting a little present: Michael's backpack, complete with his How-to-Disappear Package. As he checks out Michael's fake passport he utters, "Looks like we have our first mistake."

After credits, we catch up with Bellick, who's shopping. He bullies the clerk and out steps SFG, now, presumably, employed as a convenience store security guard. They tussle. Afterwards they sit outside and commiserate. SFG calls Bellick a girl for biting him. Heh. Long story short: SFG offers to be Bellick's wing-man on his quest to capture the Escapees.

Michael arrives at a salvage yard, where he tells the worker, Chuck, that he's looking for his car. The scene is interspersed with shots of Mahone questioning the old guy who stole Michael's backpack. Old Guy describes the car somewhat and says that it was towed.

Catching up with Sucre. He gets on the phone with a friend who informs him that Maricruz and Hector are getting married in two days. Sucre tells Friend of Sucre to get Maricruz and have her wait for him. He'll be there tonight. Then Sucre wisely (sarcasm intended) steals a car in broad-frickin'-daylight!

So Chuck brings the car around. Michael's pissed about the missing backpack.

Doc's getting released from the hospital and hopefully she'll be stopping by a salon or, at least, a drugstore for a hot-oil treatment. But no can do, 'cuz cops show up to arrest her. And guess who else is lurking? Why, it's Kellerman, who shall hereby be known as Owen, 'cuz I've run out of adjectives for him and, well, it's funny-Owen, hee.

So Michael's still at the salvage yard. Chuck gets a call from Mahone, who gives Chuck the sitch. Chuck's eyes bug out, but Michael doesn't catch on. Chuck manages to tell Mahone that the suspect is standing right in front of him. Mahone orders Chuck to keep Michael there, but Michael grabs the keys and skedaddles. Mahone's mighty pissed.

And on to C-Note. He's trying to explain to his pretty, pretty wife, Kacie. Yes, he did get the shaft, but he should've been honest with her. Anyhoo, he asks for a chance to explain. Mahone and FAC listen in as C tells Kacie that in one week he'll be waiting for her in the Rainbow Room, where they took that picture by the window. Mahone tells FAC to chat up Kacie, woman to woman.

Back to Michael, who's changing the plates on the car. Linc hobbles over (sporting clothes which look remarkably similar to the ones he was wearing when he was shot) and gets in. Michael thanks LB and then he and Linc head out. Westward, ho!

Fox River. Bellick manages to get in so he can interrogate/threaten HIC.

Posse Central. Mahone gets the news that Sucre stole a car in Ohio.

And here comes GJH, visiting his daughter. He posted her bail. "You took your time," she snots. Woah! Settle down, missy! Frankly, I'm surprised that he even showed up at all. Anyhoodle, he tells her she has to start going to a daily meeting, plead not guilty and Oh yeah! sell out the Pope to the DOC. According to GJH, someone's going down for what happened at Fox River and it's in both their best interests if that someone isn't Doc. She refuses to shift the blame and says, "I did it, Dad. I left the door open. Me, and no one else." "That's not true!" GJH refuses to listen and just tells her to do as she's told. Before he departs, he informs her that in one week he'll be appointed to the Vice-Presidency. Guess he'll be VPJH from here on out. There's going to be a ceremony to which Doc will be invited. But, "You will not attend." Cold.

On the road with the brothers. Linc remarks on how quiet it is and reminisces about how Fox River was always bustling. "Kinda got used to it," he muses. "You're right," Michael agrees, "we should go back." The boys share a chuckle and it's good to see Michael lighten up a bit, if only for a moment. Linc brings up Michael's tattoo. "Breaking out was just the beginning," Michael narrates. "Now it gets a little more interesting." "Mmmhmm, 'cuz me being strapped to the electric chair wasn't interesting enough." Heh-I like out-of-jail Linc. The stubble, the shirt opened down to the navel, the sense of humor which came out of nowhere (of course being on Death Row doesn't exactly present opportunities for lightheartedness). ANYWAY, Michael brings up Mahone and says he's figuring out what the tat means. He asks Linc if he's "ready for this." Linc's answer is affirmative. So Michael makes a call to a pre-paid voicemail account, which, of course, the Feds pick up. As long as Michael's phone is on, they can track it.

And back to Sucre. He gets pulled over 'cuz the tags on his stolen car have expired. The cop goes back to his motorcycle to radio in.

Fox River. SFG: "Did he sing?"
Bellick: "Like a fat, sweaty bird."

C-Note sneaks by his daughter's school and asks her to get a message to Mommy. He tells her to ask Mommy to turn on the porch light at seven o'clock if she's going to trust him.

Michael and Linc turn onto Route 38, tracked by Mahone the whole while. Mahone gets a call about Sucre and he urges the cop to take Sucre alive. "Dead men can't tell us where their friends are."

So we go back to Sucre, who's finally caught on that he's in trouble. He sneaks out of the car and takes off to hitch a ride on a passing train.

Michael slams on the brakes once he hits the bridge. He and Linc get to work on loosening the railings.

Mahone sees that the car has stopped and guesses that the brothers are waiting for someone.

The boys get the car set up for a little demolition and Michael retrieves some disgusting, bloody plastic packages from the trunk. Body parts anyone?

Mahone hits the siren.

The boys are STILL prepping the car. Michael switches on the radio. Just one thing remaining. We get a mini-flashback of Michael asking Linc, "How do you throw the hunter off the scent?" Linc turns on his Scofield Smart Gene: "Get rid of the prey." Back to the bridge. Michael says that once he hits scan and the radio gets to 103.7: Ka-Boom! He hits scan and they send the car over the side of the bridge. They proceed to haul ass. Linc runs pretty well for getting shot mere hours ago. Michael notices that the music isn't changing, the radio isn't scanning. So it's gotta be done manually. The boys hear the siren and catch sight of the FedMobile. They clamber down into the ditch and Michael offers to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who flips the switch. Heh. Linc's all, "It's my turn." Sure send the shot guy. So Linc heads over to the car, totally working that nice sheen of sweat on his exposed chest. Sigh. I don't know exactly what it is, but all last season: nothing. I felt nothing for all woe-is-me Dominic Purcell, but now...Okay, back to the show. so Linc maneuvers his way through the pieces of meat, or whatever the hell they are, and pushes the scan button. Mahone spies the big Ka-Boom! from his ride.

Sucre makes it to his friend's place where FOS informs him that Maricruz and Hector are getting married in Vegas. So Sucre grabs FOS's motorcycle keys and heads out. "I've been through hell, Papi. Now, I just gotta get to Vegas."

Doc's at a meeting, as is Owen. Uh-oh!

Back to the opening shot. The Feds figure that both brothers were in the car. Mahone is clearly losing it as he mumbles about some guy named Shales, a con who got away. He then pops a Pen Pill right in front of everyone.

The brothers climb some rocks on a nearby hill. Michael figures they'll be off the radar at least until they get the lab results from the hacked flesh in the car.

C-Note's house. Kacie looks in on a snoozing Dede and we see that the lights above the girl's bed form a rainbow on the opposite wall. Hmm... Kacie eyes a pic of her family, hanging by the window. She remembers C's words about the Rainbow Room. She flips on the porch light (which C-Note sees) but looks mighty conflicted as she sits down to talk with FAC.

LB pulls up and Michael, once again, thanks her. The boys get in, Linc's driving, and LB says she can just catch a bus at their next stop.

As the boys and their gal drive off, we get a shot of Bellick and Wing-Man SF watching from their car. Bellick: "I knew the little whore'd take us right to 'em."

Dun dun dun!


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Posted by Antony on 21 February 2007 8:57 AM | Prison Break

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