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19 February, 2007

A Weekend in the Country, Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Desperate Housewives, one new hot guy moved into Wisteria Lane, Edie's nephew Austin McCann (played by Josh Henderson). Julie saw him but was not that impressed with his strutting around shirtless. Then Bree got married with Orson. During the wedding reception, Xiao Mei's water broke, they rushed to hospital. The new baby was black! Orson said "Tu me manques (I miss you), Monique" to the dead body police found at end.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 3 episode 3, A Weekend in the Country)

The housewives each have a weekend away planned, but things don't go the way they hope. Bree cuts her honeymoon short when she sees Andrew's shocking interview on television, and Lynette gets called back to her family, forcing Gaby to entertain herself on their spa holiday. Also, Susan feels insecure about whether she's with the right man on her romantic weekend away.

H.264 There is the Desperate Housewives promo for tonight.

Desperate Housewives airs at 8.30 tonight on Channel Seven.

Previously on Desperate Housewives (Season 3 episode 2, It Takes Two), the recap:

On Susan's first date with Ian, his in-laws show up at the same restaurant. So as not to alarm them, he introduces Susan as "Dr. Mayer." She fakes an emergency phone call to make her escape when they start peppering her with medical questions.

She tells Ian they should just be friends and he says he thinks of her as more than a friend, so she replies she can't see him anymore.

Just two weeks after their engagement party, Bree and Orson are getting married! Her friends try to tell her it's too fast, but can't bring themselves to ruin her joy.

Gabrielle and Carlos can't come to terms in their divorce talks and the lawyer advises them that since they're going to be sharing custody of a baby soon, they'd better find a way to get along. Carlos makes a grand gesture, giving Gabrielle his mother's pearl necklace. She makes nice and invites him to Bree's wedding reception, which will be held at their house.

Edie's nephew Austin moves in with her. His loud music draws Julie away from her studying, but she's less than impressed with his strutting around shirtless.

Hours before the wedding, Susan sees Orson angrily taking a knife to the cans and "Just Married" sign someone stuck on the back of his car. She pays a visit to Carol, the woman who accused Orson of murdering his first wife, Alma. Carol tells Susan that Orson was the prime suspect, but that they never found a body or any trace of Alma in the house since every surface had been thoroughly cleaned with bleach.

Susan tells Gabrielle and Lynette, who confront Bree right before the ceremony. Just as she'd reassured Orson privately, Bree says she absolutely trusts her future husband and that if they don't drop the matter, she'll never forgive them. So the wedding is on --except that before the vows are exchanged, Bree pulls Orson aside and asks him, "Did you kill your wife?" He admits he didn't tell her about the investigation, but explains the rest away by saying that when he's upset, he cleans. She believes him and the wedding continues.

At the reception, Susan is surprised to see Ian, who's finagled an invitation just to see her. She's even more surprised when he toasts Bree and Orson, whom he doesn't even know, by saying how much he admires their giving love a chance for the second time. Much to the newlyweds' confusion, Susan counters with a toast that advises caution. Ian offers a rebuttal saying that when you find someone who makes you feel alive, you can't let them go. By the smile on Susan's face, it looks like she's convinced.

Lynette loves Nora's scary new trucker new boyfriend, because he keeps Nora out of her and Tom's hair. But when they break up, she's desperate to hook Nora up with someone new. At the wedding reception, she places her at a table full of single men, most of them Tom's friends, but Nora declares them all boring.

Because Gabrielle is being nice to him and fussing over his tie, Carlos thinks she wants to get back together. To prove he's wrong, she immediately starts flirting with the nearest waiter. Hearing Carlos say he's looking for single women, Lynette steers him toward Nora, and the two are soon dirty dancing. When Gabrielle sees them, she and Carlos start to fight, and soon Mama's pearls are scattered all over the dance floor. As they scramble for each pearl, Xiao Mei appears to say it's time, and then her water breaks.

The delivery goes smoothly, until the baby arrives and it's African-American! The fertility doctor admits there was a mix-up in the lab, but there's no baby to swap since their embryo didn't take. Without a baby in the picture anymore, Carlos says he's relieved their divorce will be less messy, at least.

A policeman pulls Bree and Orson from their reception, saying that they've found a body that might be Alma and they need Orson to identify it, right now. Orson says it's not his wife, and then Carol appears to prove him wrong. Only she has to admit she doesn't recognize the body either. She gives Bree a fresh warning, but Bree simply tells her to leave them alone.

But she doesn't hear Orson say "Tu me manques (I miss you), Monique," to the body.

(source: ABC)

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Posted by Antony on 19 February 2007 8:59 AM | Desperate Housewives, videos

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