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12 February, 2007

It Takes Two on Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, The long awaiting season three of Desperate Housewives is finally back tonight at 8.30 pm on Channel Seven.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 3 episode 2, It Takes Two)

It's the big day for Bree and Orson, but Bree begins to have second thoughts about getting married. Meanwhile, Tom and Lynette decide to hook Nora up with someone at the wedding, and Gaby receives two big surprises. Also, Susan and Ian have their first official date as their respective lovers remain in comas.

There is one Desperate Housewives promo for tonight.

Who buried the body in the bunker?

Previously on Desperate Housewives (Season 3 episode 1, Listen to the Rain on the Roof), the recap:

Six months after Mike was run over, he's still in the hospital in a coma. Susan visits him every day and remains hopeful that he'll wake up soon, despite his showing no improvement. She gets to know another regular visitor, Ian, whose wife Jane has been in a coma for three years. Soon he and Susan are sharing coffee and then one day he asks her if she'll go to dinner with him. She's so surprised, she spills her coffee all over Jane, and then covers the spill up with a blanket. She later tells a comatose Mike that she won't go if he'll just wake up, but he doesn't.

Tom is doing everything he can to include his love child, Kayla, in Scavo family activities, including the Christmas portrait. But her mother Nora decides she needs to be in the picture too, which is not okay with Lynette. No Nora, no Kayla, Nora decides, so the Scavos give in.

For Parker's birthday party, Lynette invites Kayla, but lies to Nora that they're just having "a quiet afternoon at home." Tom is worried what Nora will do when she finds out the truth and then has to reassure Lynette that he's more scared of her than he is of Nora. Nora calls to check on Kayla and correctly guesses that there's a party going on, but Lynette tells her, no, they're taking the kids out for ice cream. Knowing Kayla's on her way over, they bundle the whole party -- kids, clown, balloons, donkey and all -- to Gabby's backyard.

Nora shows up to an empty house and apologizes for thinking Lynette was lying -- until a kid with a party hat emerges from the bathroom and asks where everybody went. Tom is ready to cave again and let Nora into the party until Lynette tells him she always puts Tom first and she needs to know he'll do the same for her. So he tells Nora she can take Kayla home if she's not happy, but Kayla begs to stay and now it's Nora's turn to cave in.

Edie is trying to sell Paul Young's house, but Mrs. McCluskey keeps telling prospective buyers about the severed fingers found in the garage.

Carlos is living in an apartment and Gabrielle is busy drawing up divorce papers and reluctantly waiting hand and foot on a very pregnant Xiao Mei. Fed up by Xiao Mei's demands, Gabrielle tells her that after she has the baby, she's going to have her deported back to China and working in a rice paddy. Xiao Mei runs away and Gabrielle goes to Carlos to help him find her. She finally turns up, hiding in the Youngs' empty house when Edie opens a closet while showing the house.

In flashback, we find out that an Alma Hodge finally got tired of waiting on her exacting, perfectionist husband -- Orson -- and tried to sneak away when he was at work one day. But he comes back early and finds her bags packed. The next day, a nosy neighbor, Carol, finds Orson mopping the kitchen floor and he tells her that Alma left him, but her parrot keeps saying, "Orson, no!" Next we see, the empty birdcage is put out with the trash.

After six months of dating, Orson surprises Bree with a ring. She's hesitant, saying she hasn't been very lucky since Rex's death, but finally says yes. She tells her friends, who are surprised at her haste, but even more shocked to hear that she and Orson haven't had sex yet.

Orson tries to convince Bree not to wait until the wedding, but she is firm in her convictions. That is, until his obsessive wineglass cleaning gets her hot and bothered. They hit the sheets and Orson attempts to go down on her, but she tells him she doesn't do that, saying "I'm a Republican." He talks her into it and then she suddenly says she has to leave. Bree rushes to see her doctor, telling her she fears she may have had a small stroke -- the doctor determines that she really just had her first orgasm.

At Bree and Orson's engagement party, an uninvited guest shows up: his old neighbor Carol. In front of everyone, she warns Bree that Orson killed his first wife, and that if Bree marries him, she'll be next.

(source: ABC)

Desperate HousewivesMissed an episode?
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Posted by Antony on 12 February 2007 8:39 AM | Desperate Housewives

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