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20 January, 2007

coffee and milk

PuraWell, believe or not, I have three different brands of milk in my fridge, all for myself. Not three different types (as in full, lite or skim), but three different brands (Pura, Dairy Framers, and Woolworths brand one.)

Delonghi EN90Why do I need three types of milk? Actually, I just need Pura milk for my Nespresso machine. Some of you may know that I had an espresso machine. Late last year, I upgrade the espresso to a Nespresso machine - Delonghi EN90 which comes with an Aeroccino. Aeroccino is the best device in home coffee making.

AeroccinoFor all of us who has an espresso machine, frothing milk can be one of the very challenging thing. Lucky that I've mastered frothing perfect milk with my previous machine. However, the cleaning is sometimes quite troublesome. You will need to wipe the frothing nose right after use. But it was that Aeroccino is just so easy, gets the job done perfectly, and easy to clean. Aeroccino not just froth perfectly, it also very easy to clean, it's just a jag. You clean it when you clean the cups.

grumpy_nespresso.jpgThere's a small thing with Aeroccino. Pura milk is recommended. Otherwise go for Coles branded milk. Australia's most popular milk - Dairy Farmers - does the worst job with Aeroccino, and the creamy taste is simply far to strong. The problem is... Pura milk is not as popular as Dairy Farmers, available at Woolworths Safeway (supermarket) but not in most supermarkets or convenience stores.

Nespresso is another revolutionary coffee thing. You buy coffee capsules 59 cents (AUD) each. No cleaning, just emptying the used tray. That's all. I love my Nespresso coffee machine.

Here's a photo of my Nespresso capsules tasting (presentation) box with my Grumpy.

And the reason I have three brands of milk? There's no Woolworths near my place, so I bought Dairy Farmers first, then I got the other two. Pura milk the choice.

Posted by Antony on 20 January 2007 5:56 PM | coffee and food, photos
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from iTunes Store:
Hi, I got a new Aeroccino last week and am not happy with it at all... I've had a nespresso machine for about 4 years now, and decided to bite the bullet and get a new LeCube Nespresso machine with the cool Aeroccino... The LeCube is great, but the aeroccino just makes the milk hot... and flat... There is no foam or froth, and it makes me sad to see photos of other peoples coffees from the aeroccino on Flickr with loads of dense foam on their coffees... Check out this photo:- When I use the whisk attachment, all I get is hot milk with BIG bubbles... like I have blown air through a straw into a big glass of milk... I called Nespresso today, and they are happy to take it back and look into it... but I am going to give a few different milks a try... I currently have "Crema" Milk, Coles Lite Milk and Pura Milk, and they are all terrible... Next I will be trying some UHT Skim Milk... Wish Me Luck!!!
Posted by David on 27 March 2007 5:04 PM.
Hello David,
Have you tried using the flat white/latte kit and pour milk to the line indicated? I've tried a number of milk, and as Nespresso recommended, I also found that Pura is the best milk for frothing by the Aeroccino. Make sure the milk is cool, and fresh. Sometime even there are still 2 or 3 days before expiring date, the milk has gone bad. (You need to find a good supermarket, I suspect some supermarkets don't have the right temperature for storing milk.
Also, you need to make sure you rinse the Aeroccino each time after use, if you need a second cup, you must rinse it, otherwise the milk will get burnt, and you won't froth it.
In average, I can get good froth in about 8-9 times out of 10. (I like the latte/flat white style, rather than the cappuccino). And I found Aecoccino is a whole lot easier than proper frothing streaming device, as I don't need to wipe the frothing kit immediately. The trick is making sure the milk is good. Somehow I noticed the latte/flat white makes better froth than cappuccino kit, but that could be just me.
To make froth like the one in the picture, I'd suggest using a proper frothing kit (streaming device). If you want to do that with Aeroccino, you will need to use spoon and perhaps, two lots of frothing.
Nespresso LeCube looks great to me.
Posted by on 27 March 2007 8:54 PM.
I wish my encounter with the whole nespresso experience was as glowing as those above. I have to admit the Aeroccino does seem to do a good job for single cups of coffee. However for multiple coffees nothing beats the silk foam that can be achieved on a regular steam frother. My problem relates to the actual coffee taste. I purchased a delonghi EN90 (which is the cheapest nespresso system) so i could try it out. Although i love making coffee the old fashioned way, sometimes its good to just pop in a pod and have a coffee in under a min.
All the reviews i've read go on about the great coffee taste... but i just don't get it. I find the coffee lifeless (one dimensional). There is no depth to the flavour. A few comments i got from some people was it tasted like sweet milk. (WHERE'S THE COFFEE).
Could it be my pods were stale??? They are the ones that came in the box... or is the EN90 entry level unit just a bad/weak machine for extracting the coffee goodness.
I'd love to hear from anyone else with a similar machine. Is it just me???

Posted by Chris on 26 April 2007 1:56 PM.
Hello Chris, I do agree that Aeroccino not suitable for making multiple coffees or hot chocolate. Rinsing is required between each milk frothing. Otherwise, I really like this system, fast and very little cleaning required. I have the EN90 model as well. Did you use regular water for coffee, and did you get exactly (or around) 30 ml for each shot? Don't try to get too much coffee out of a single shot, it will only weaken the coffee.
There are different blends in Nespresso capsules, you might want to try the strong ones.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 26 April 2007 3:23 PM.
Hi,....I am talking from Brazil....please HOW can I get the milk HOT? I just get FOAM ....but NOT HOT!! If anyone could help....thanks in advance! Celso

Posted by celso chini on 6 February 2009 3:58 AM.
The temperature of frothed milk by Aeroccino is sort of fixed, it should be warmish at least. If you want a really hot milk, you should use other steam based frothing kid, and froth the milk a bit longer.
Posted by Anton Shen on 6 February 2009 11:12 AM.
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