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January, 2007

Welcome to 2007
Will & Grace: The Mourning Son
Holly Valance talks about Melbourne
bye bye Mac
iPhone is out
Will & Grace, double episode
response over "obsolete/vintage"
Muslims have more right to stay in Australia than Anglo-Saxons
back to old fashioned, dial-up
Home and Away returns tonight!
bye bye Honeybear
Macworld San Francisco 2007 Podcast
I am back online!
coffee and milk
ADSL 2 is back!
hello Brother
Prison Break, starts 31st Jan
four hours of 24 next week!
al-Hilaly insists that he said nothing wrong
fun with Photo Booth
Desperate Housewives returns tomorrow night
Vista tonight!
a week of exciting TV shows
Prison Break - Manhunt
R.I.P. Tom

February, 2007

the very last Will & Grace
Leopard Tech Talk, I will be there
Academy Store Ram Raid Renovation Sale
The Week It Was
Desperate Housewives tonight 8.30pm
EyeTV Diversity
Prison Break - Otis
reunited after 11 years, thanks to microchips
Microsoft respects your privacy, even if you are a burglar
Hello Windows 95
Barack Obama made the news in Australia
It Takes Two on Wisteria Lane
Prison Break - Scan
The Soldier in the Grave, Bones
Xena turns Wife
The Week It Was
A Weekend in the Country, Housewives
First Down, Prison Break
The Woman in Limbo, Bones
Leopard Tech Talk and Dick Cheney
road closed just for Dick Cheney, wimpy NSW government
Firefox's unethical forcing users to update dirty tactic
Go home, Dick Cheney. You caused too much trouble here.
Like It Was, Housewives
Rupert Everett is Chief of Parade for Mardi Gras 2007
Map 1223, Prison Break

March, 2007

The Titan on the Tracks, Bones season 2 starts tonight
featured on Apple Download page
The Week It Was
Mardi Gras Parade 2007
Desperate Housewives: Nice She Ain't
finally, I got a floppy drive.
Sub-Division, Prison Break
Bones: Mother and Child in the Bay
R.I.P., Mr Humphries
The Week It Was, 11th March 2007
Sweetheart, I Have to Confess, Housewives
hello Epson.
Prison Break: Buried
Bones: The Boy In the Shroud
new Leopard species discovered
Wang Xiaoning arrested, wife sues Yahoo!
The Week It Was, 18th March 2007
Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates 75th birthday
Bang, Desperate Hosuewives
Prison Break: Dead Fall
Bones: The Blonde in the Game
Sunrise concert: Keith Urban
Daylight Saving Ends
NSW state election today
Tomorrow on Sunrise and I was there.
The Week It Was, 25th March 2007
Children and Art, Housewives
Anthony Callea is out and proud
Prison Break: Unearthed
movie length Bones tonight
Epson vs Brother, take 2

April, 2007

The Week It Was, 1st April 2007
Beautiful Girls - Desperate Housewives
no DRM in iTunes music
Rendezvous, Prison Break On the Run
Sophie Delezio turns 6
Freezing Good Friday
The Week It Was, 8th April 2007
Bolshoi Booze, Prison Break On the Run
Happy Friday the 13th
The Week It Was, 15th April 2007
The Miracle Song- Desperate Housewives
Disconnect, Prison Break On the Run
on the move
The Week It Was, 22nd April 2007
No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds - Desperate Housewives
The Killing Box, Prison Break On the Run
ANZAC marching
on the move, part 2
new toy - Brother P-touch 1280
photos from Easter Show
The Week It Was, 29th April 2007
Not While I'm Around, Desperate Housewives

May, 2007

Epson AcuLaser C1100
John Doe, Prison Break On The Run
Aeroccino is back
telephone socket reloacting - on the move, part 3
talk about advertising, Linkworth
Come Play Wiz Me, Desperate Housewives
the fly who art in water
The Message, Prison Break On The Run
The Week It Was, 13th May 2007
I Remember That, Desperate Housewives
Chicago, Prison Break On The Run
why I need a labelling tool
complicated story - on the move, part 4
The Week It Was, 13th May 2007
The Little Things You Do Together, Housewives
Trash and Treasure
no Prison Break tonight
Pirates of La Glorieuse
Star Wars turns 30
My Husband, the Pig, Desperate Housewives
Bad Blood, Prison Break On The Run
the end to the complicated story - on the move, part 5

June, 2007

iTunes Plus and free music
The Week It Was, 3rd June 2007
Dress Big, Desperate Housewives
new phone, hello Uniden
Wash, Prison Break On The Run
inkjet vs laser
The Week It Was, 10 June 2007
Liaisons, Desperate Housewives
Got refused by muslim taxi drivers? Sunrise has the answer.
State of Origin run 2 tonight
Russian Salad
It Was Dam Good. The Week It Was, 17 June 2007
God, That's Good - Desperate Housewives
the Princes fight back tonight
Sweet Caroline, Prison Break On The Run
802.11n and gigabit ethernet!
802.11n part 2
Shooting in Melbourne The Week It Was, 24 June 2007
Gossip at Wisteria Lane
Garlic mashed potatoes
Panama, Prison Break On The Run
Sydney Opera House is now a World Heritage
Australia's population: 21 million

July, 2007

Flooding, The Week It Was, 1 July 2007
Into the Woods, Desperate Housewives
Beckham is coming to Sydney
Kitty Hawk in Sydney
bombing, The Week It Was, 8th July 2007
What Would We Do Without You? Desperate Housewives
Kitty Hawk leaves today
Prison Break season final
free recycling from Apple
Bastille Day at La Perouse
The Week It Was 15 July 2007
Housewives Season Final
RAM day
Harry Potter in 3D
one more sleep for Harry Potter
The Week It Was, 22nd July 2007
Criminal Minds returns tonight
Harry Potter Mania
Veal Parmigiana and Trivelle Pasta with Spinach
Ratatouille (Rat-a-too-ee)
The Week It Was, 29th July 2007
2 hours of Criminal Minds again
Americans' suing culture

August, 2007

My wireless network was hacked.
two's better than one, part 5: three is even better!
All food taste nice once you put them on square plates
Epson Inkjet and PrintOn DVD/CDs
The Week It Was, 5th August 2007
cleaned up, much better
PC vs Mac, the chapter of cables
Universal to sell DRM-free music
The Week It Was, 12th August 2007
The Aftermath, Criminal Minds
new Pepsi glass bottle
Elvis left the building 30 years ago
‘Look at moiye’ Kath & Kim starts tomorrow on 7
The Week It Was, 19th August 2007
The Boogeyman, Criminal Minds
Chinese drivers are the worst drivers on the face of the earth: John Laws
my iMac is now protected
The Week It Was, 26th August 2007
Paul Potts on Sunrise this morning
domain renewal scam

September, 2007

installing Movable Type 4
The Week It Was, 2 September 2007
North Mammon, Criminal Minds
no iMac (G3) but nice Gelato
APEC, Sydney locked down just for one person.
Movable 4 moving back to 3
17-inch iMac G4
Ciao! Luciano. The Week It Was, 9 September 2007
Empty Planet, Criminal Minds
Movable Type/Typepad are now iPhone friendly
Prison Break back in two weeks?
The 17-inch has arrived
You can't have negative reviews, or you'll be sued.
presenting iMac G4 (17") and new desk
The Week It Was, 16 September 2007
The Last Word, Criminal Minds
teechers can't spel?
Freedom of speech in US?
going nuts with cashew nuts
seven year marriage
The Week It Was, 23 September 2007
Lessons Learned, Criminal Minds
free Prison Break download (season 3)
Orientación, Prison Break is back
Mary Poppins in Maryborough
abusing police power for personal revenge, disgraceful
Sam's got his iPod touch
The Week It Was, 30 September 2007

October, 2007

Sex, Birth, Death - Criminal Minds
simply too rich?
Fire and Water, Prison Break fast tracked from US
goodbye Canon, hello Sony (Sony Cyber-shot DSC H9)
two's better than one, part 6: drawers
Casey Donovan live
the stocks
Profiler, Profiled - Criminal Minds
Harry in the headline again
Call Waiting, Prison Break
don't disguise photos with swirly pattern
disgraceful teaching discipline?
The Week It Was 14 Oct 2007
No Way Out, Criminal Minds
my new toy: paper shredder
Good Fences, Prison Break
save the poo, save the planet
Nobel prize winner: black is genetically inferior
latest celebrity outing, Dumbledore is gay
have you decided who should be the next PM?
The Week It Was 21 Oct 2007
disgraceful censorship on live debate
The Big Game, Criminal Minds
my Leopard is secured
Interference on Prison Break
only one more sleep to go
Leopard has arrived!
daylight saving starts tomorrow
The Week It Was 28 Oct 2007
Revelations, Criminal Minds
my little Leopard review
Windows users never impressed with anything Apple does
Fear and Loathing, Criminal Minds

November, 2007

new Apple Keyboard
iPhone coming to Oz with (possibly) Telstra
10 rolls of toilet per day per soldiers!?
Do as he says, not as he does.
swearing Oz Health Minister, the week it was, 4 Nov 2007
Jack the Ripper (Jones, Criminal Minds)
Distress, Criminal Minds, new time
Photo Finish, Prison Break
my Time Machine is switched on
my Mac has accurate colour
no urinal games, says Belgium police
Efficient won Melbourne Cup, the week it was, 11 Nov 2007
Ashes and Dusk (Criminal Minds)
There are 7 hints that Albus Dumbledore was gay
Vamonos, Prison Break
Honour Among Thieves (Criminal Minds)
disgraceful Chaser chased.
Logitech Z-4i joins my Mac
6 days left to election, The Week It Was, 18 Nov 2007
Open Season (Criminal Minds)
60 years
Bang and Burn, Prison Break season final
Legacy, (Criminal Minds)
Sydney lights up for Christmas
disgraceful trigger-happy cop
a new Prime Minister is born
Australia decides today
Kevin Rudd is the new PM, The Week It Was, 25 Nov 2007
the Howard years
Criminal Minds season final, 2 hours
it was all Bingo's fault
habour bridge at night
Michael is out, not really. Prison Break

December, 2007

The Week It Was, 2 December 2007
Plain Sight, Criminal Minds again
there are times when two Internet connections are useful
Bones is back tonight
High School Musical 2 free on iTunes
AirPort Extreme Base Station
The Week It Was, 9 December 2007
Broken Mirror, Criminal Minds
an Australian Muslim school taught religious education 43% of the time
soft box light tent
The Woman in the Sand, Bones
Dan Baker is out, Callea breaks up
George W Bush is not going to be happy
my first decorated cake
L.D.S.K. - Criminal Minds
my hard earned FlyBuys award
bloody cheap water spray bottle
Aliens in a Spaceship
two more sleeps until Christmas
Christmas tree
Merry Christmas
my first homemade milkshake
The Headless Witch in the Woods
the joy of window shopping
finally I paid off the camera

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