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1 October, 2006

Don's HardwareHacks 2000

HH2kSome of you might have heard of a website called “HardwareHacks 2000” with its flagship product, “Donzilla”. It's a website by Don Luchini. Don is a great member of SillyDog701, later he became a moderator. (Screenshot of HardwareHack 2000's About Us page is shown on the right.)

an early logo of SillyDog701SillyDog701 was started by the kindness of Max Kington who provided me free subdomain and server space in mid 1999. I didn't know Max very well, it was only a brief conversation about Dynamic HTML. He liked my Dynamic HTML which I designed back in 1997. I used Kington's service until early 2001 when I purchased domain and paid for my own web hosting.
(An old SillyDog701 logo was shown above.)

Over the years, SillyDog701 is getting popular (which I have to thank everybody's support), as well as continuing expanding. From just domain to a number of backup domains (somehow I need to get other domains to avoid cybersquatting thing) and I've been changed the hosting companies a few times. Not that I like changing, but from time to time, I need to adjust the need of SillyDog701 web site. And finally, I got the dedicated server for SillyDog701.

As I mentioned earlier, Don Luchini is a great member of SillyDog701, and I realised that since I have more server resources than I actually ever used by SillyDog701, it would be a great opportunity to help others to get started up just like I was helped by Max Kington. Don Luchini's HardwareHacks 2000 (HH2k) was not the only site I helped, but I will keep this entry focused. At the time, I felt that providing him server resource could help his web site. In my opinion, a subdomain could be better than free space by Tripod, Angelfire etc. (see also: Happy Thanksgiving (2005))

I just noticed the About Us article in Don's HardwareHacks 2000. It mentioned what happened in the past, and SillyDog701 was mentioned.

About Us page of HH2k
(screenshot of HH2k's About Us page, with selection highlighted)

HardwareHacks 2000 used to be on From the domain name, it's clearly that its a subdomain of, which is owned by me. Because I was hosting a few other domains in, the space and bandwidth in was running a bit short, I decided to that I shall move Don's HardwareHacks 2000 to Since I was able to provide him more space and bandwidth in, I did. I also believe is a better domain than, since Don's Donzilla is more Mozilla related than SillyDog701.

It was fine, until I read the following...
About Us page of HH2k
(screenshot of HH2k's About Us page, with selection highlighted)

You might recall Ronnie Williams II, he was the guy wrongly accused me without any backup, threatened me for ridiculous things, he later bought insulting domain names targeting me.

HardwareHacks 2000's domain name? Oh yeah, Don wanted to get a domain name for his website, he had two in his mind. But he told his decision to Ronnie Williams II, and Ronnie Williams bought the domain name Don wanted to use, and let Don use it, however, he's holding the whole control of it. In plain words, Ron Williams II uses HardwareHacks 2000's preferred domain name to threaten/blackmail Don Luchini. In comparison, I did buy a backup domain for Don. When I say “buy”, I meant I bought him one, I paid for it, and I gave him full access to it. Don has full control of it, it was not under my name or my control at all. (HardwareHacks 2000's domain name still carries Ronnie Williams II's name as the owner in WHOIS.)

What's wrong with that paragraph? Allow me to highlight the area I was not happy.
About Us page of HH2k

So Ronnie Williams holds control of Don Luchini's domain received a nice “thanks”, and as for mention of SillyDog701, it feels like it was me begging Don Luchini to use my server resource. Further, from my record, the service provided by SillyDog701 is far more reliable than Ronnie Williams' service, there has been some down times, but never been as long as the downtime when he was with Ronnie Williams II.

I made an enquiry to Don about what the wordings to Ronnie Williams II was way much better. He replied “what's the difference?” Geez, he can't see the difference. To make things easier, I later apologised to Mr Luchini for wasting his time.

I did, in the original condition state that he does not need to mention or even to thank me for the server space. I was merely surprised that he decided to use “much better wordings” regarding Ronnie Williams II. Well a condition is a condition, and it was set up by me.

I still feel good that I can do something to return to community, and I will continue to provide my help to those who need. Don has just released Donzilla 1.0.2.

Posted by Antony on 1 October 2006 2:05 PM | website related

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