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20 September, 2006

the story behind Naomi Robson's mission, part 2

Today Tonight vs ACA
Few days ago, I mentioned Naomi Robson and the real story about Naomi's mission. On Monday, ABC's Mediawatch had some report on this Channel 7 vs Channel 9 on Wawa story, Why 7 Ate 9 OR Wawa's TV Dinner.

Media Watch pointed out a few things I missed out earlier. Channel 9's A Current Affair (ACA) made an attack on rival's Naomi Robson, claiming that she was arrested.

But first – TV presenter Naomi Robson is in hot water in Indonesia. She was arrested in the troubled province of West Papua after being caught with an illegal visa.
- A Current Affair, Channel 9, 14th September, 2006

Today Tonight on the same evening mentioned following: Channel 7 crew were detained, not arrested, and suggested Channel 9 tip-off the authority.
Today Tonight's address on Naomi Robson's Wawa recuse aired on 14th Sept, 2006.

ACA's Ben Fordham denies he shouted at Channel 7's crews in the airport. According to Peter Meakin (director of News & Public Affairs, Seven), Fordham called out, “You don't want to be a child-kidnapper, Naomi.” (source)

Ben Fordham said following on ACA (14th Sept 2006):

Let’s not beat about the bush. I can tell you that newspaper journalists have informed me in the last hour that Channel 7 people have being saying that “off the record” it was me who tipped off Indonesian authorities.
That never happened and if you believe that, you believe in Alice In Wonderland. It just did not happen.

Raffaele and Robson
The following day, Today Tonight has an interview with Paul Raffaele and Naomi Robson from Singapore. TT suggested that rival network, Channel 9, did anything possible they could to stop Channel 7's trip. (see previous blog entry)

Today Tonight's second address on Naomi Robson's Wawa recuse case aired on 15th Sept, 2006.

In an email from Paul Raffaele to Neil Mooney (Channel 7):

...Channel 9 wants me to do a documentary on the Korowai, including the rescue of Wawa. [Ben] tells me the fear [is] that TT would report that 60 Minutes had left Wawa to his tragic fate, after using him, and that Naomi had gone in and rescued him. He says they know that would stain 60 Minutes’ reputation. He then says Hurley wants to meet me, and that I'm to, 'name your price.'

Both Channel 9's David Hurley and Ben Fordham denied.

On Sunday, Channel 7 celebrated TV Turns 50, and Channel 9's 60 Minutes decided to re-air the original story with a new ending.

But Wawa’s family and friends are determined to protect him. He’s been brought here to safety to this village a long way from the Kakua killers and our guide Kornelius has taken him under his wing.

Ben Fordham: How old do the villagers wait until they would kill this boy?

Kornelius Kambaren: It could be like starting from 15 years old 16 years old.

Ben Fordham: So at least he’s safe for now.

And the original version (aired in May), 60 Minutes told us the Kakua killers could come and get Wawa at any time.

Paul Raffaele: Oh, they've got their eye on him and that kid, any time in the next 10 years, he's got to be really careful, because they could get him and then they will kill him and they'll eat him.

Ben Fordham: This is a pretty tough place. What are the chances that he'll survive?

Paul Raffaele: I would say pretty small.

Monday night (18th Sept 2006), Today Tonight made a final address on this Wawa controversy.
Today Tonight's final address on Naomi Robson and the Wawa recuse case, presented by Naomi Robson herself, aired on 18th Sept, 2006.
Channel 7 admitted they were using the wrong visa, the same visa 60 Minutes crew used. (Also available in YouTube.)

So who's lying? TT and ACA hadn't had good relationship to best of my knowledge. But from what I read, it's very clear that if Channel Seven did successfully save Wawa, this story would stain 60 Minutes' reputation because of the way they dumped Wawa.

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Posted by Antony on 20 September 2006 2:54 PM | newstalk, videos

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