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10 September, 2006

less is more, the Coke chapter

new Coke packageCoca-Cola has new designs of the Cokes, all three major flavours.
The new design is thinner, taller, and is said to be targeted at women on their 20s who want to buy smaller cans when they are on the go.

Size does matter, and the new can is designed as a premium product... it costs more.

The regular Coke (375 ml) is usually priced at A$1.50. The new Coke can (300 ml) costs A$2.

News: The real thing? Coke's designer can proves less ... is more (The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 September 2006)

New Coke can:
new Coke package

News: The real thing? Coke's designer can proves less ... is more (The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 September 2006)

Posted by Antony on 10 September 2006 4:28 PM | newstalk
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loved the new can of the coke !! (L)
Posted by Devorah on 15 April 2007 2:48 PM.
Posted by on 20 April 2007 11:44 AM.
I love the design!! I will pay that much more and even more for the fancy can. and so will Ben.
Posted by Shauhn on 22 April 2007 1:27 PM.
Posted by on 19 June 2007 12:05 AM.
es una mierda
Posted by on 26 June 2007 8:40 AM.
mui bueno
Posted by cocólatra on 30 June 2007 1:27 AM.
nossa esse cara q falo q é uma merda esse sim é uma
seu cuzao do caralho vai toma pepsi seu boiola de merda
Posted by GTR on 30 June 2007 1:30 AM.
todos los que escribieron ke es una mierda ustedes son las mierdas porke esta bn cool the nwe can.. ok!.F*** U
Posted by ... on 9 July 2007 11:28 AM.
restyling of the can... same product, less coke, more expensive. I don't know how can explain this, specially since this kind of can (redbull/burn type) have the aluminum more thin than it's old brothers, the 330 ml cans and is more cheaper to make. Less cost, less product, more cash to the brand? the consumer is now more stupid and the marketing guys a genius. Greets. JC Bauer - Spanish Industrial Designer.
Posted by on 9 July 2007 10:24 PM.
this is cool!! i like the new can design. it does make it look like more coke i think. and i think this should be targeted to teens. i think they would think its cool!!
Posted by emily on 21 July 2007 2:01 AM.
I love coke.
And the design of this can is awesome! Its very true to the coke brand and it grabs your attension, excellent! Haha!
(I'm also an Art&Design student)
It's completely consumerist, but who cares! Everything nowdays is! But also, it's less wasteful, i bet theres plenty of people who don't drink whole cans and just throw the rest away! This makes it Eco friendly! HAHA! What a load of rubbish that is!
Posted by Adam on 19 October 2007 6:57 AM.
adam, you are an absolute idiot. agreed, everything in life now is consumerist, but you jumping onto that train just doesn't help. i guess thats the point nowadays, to overwhelm anyone who thinks its bad go; oh well, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. cool cans of coke my ass...
Posted by on 6 November 2007 11:41 AM.
wow, nice cans
Posted by bv on 12 November 2007 6:59 AM.
dude this is sweet...but seriously? 2$??? i mean its like im sure 50% less
Posted by nick small on 4 January 2008 3:04 AM.
u all are fuckin bitches its just a can it doesnt matter if u like that just suck my balle
Posted by on 11 January 2008 8:34 AM.
yo mama !
Posted by rob on 23 January 2008 1:06 AM.
If people are going to spend more money, to get less coke, in a can that could have been designed by a 3 year old, it shows how truly idiotic they are.

Posted by on 31 May 2008 11:02 AM.
And i rest my case, with the idiots in the quotes above saying about how great it is. (Someone's gotta be stupid enough to buy them)
There is nothing good artistically about those cans. They are boring, they do not grab my attention or make me want to purchase them.
Posted by (Same person as above) on 31 May 2008 11:06 AM.
Ah, just what I was missing.. my new iCoke..
Posted by on 9 August 2008 7:19 AM.
I want those cans!
Posted by Dann on 1 March 2009 8:05 AM.
I want those cans!
Posted by Danny on 1 March 2009 8:06 AM.
wtf? those things suck some serious elephant nipples and anyone who falls for this scam can go suck the nipps as well
Posted by monkey nuts on 19 March 2009 11:53 AM.
these cans suck bad. you're paying more moey for less coke. are you friggen high?! this is what's wrong with America today.
Posted by on 20 March 2009 8:33 AM.
Personally I think these cans would be a great option for clubs or other high-end places and even nicer bars. It just gives it a sophisticated look.
Posted by John on 7 May 2010 9:55 PM.
Personally I think these cans would be a great option for clubs or other high-end places and even nicer bars. It just gives it a sophisticated look.
Posted by John on 7 May 2010 9:56 PM.
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