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15 August, 2006

Wentworth Miller on Details

Details Wentworth Miller
Prison Break fan? Wentworth Miller (plays Michael Scofield) is on this month's Details magazine.

Prison Break will be back in February 2007 on Channel Seven (Australia).

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
You can now download it from iTunes Music Store. US$ 1.99 per episode or US$39.99 for entire session.

Posted by Antony on 15 August 2006 2:22 PM | Prison Break

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from iTunes Store:
It would be such an honor to meet a man who seems to be so humble when rewarded with a simple aplause for his admiration as an actor. Went is probably sexy times a million in person, and I bet he is probably very chill and intelligent enough to hold conversation, unlike most men. He is a graduate ladies!
Posted by Elena on 24 August 2006 2:34 AM.
Ohh..did I forget to mention-Went if you ever read this, I would love for you to hand-cuff me any day of the sex pot.
Posted by Elena on 24 August 2006 2:38 AM.
Went is brilliant, handsome, and unique. If l was to ever meet him, l bet l would faint.
Posted by Elizabeth on 18 September 2006 1:10 PM.
well, I've just heard his interview which he gave when he was in Australia and I think that he is really down to earth,simple guy...the fame didn't change him like other actors.I like it! Just playing simple. He seems very smart,dosen't like the big hocus pocuks fame...I like that very much. Too bad I woun't ever get a chance of meeting him just to get a autograph(I love his show PB),becouse I live in this darn little country called Slovenia,not much known country,nobady knows where it is...

Posted by Jasminka on 14 February 2007 9:21 PM.
ola quisiera tu msn estas tremeno jaj me encanta a seria megustaria conocerte se que no quedaras con migo pero por si acaso xao
Posted by alicia on 18 February 2007 8:33 PM.
hij mag me van top tot teen masseren, dan lekker uit de kleren, we brengen mekaar tot hogere sferen...hmmzz
Posted by Miriam Jane on 18 February 2007 10:08 PM.
Wentworth Miller Is Stunnin xx
Posted by Angela on 15 March 2007 5:15 AM.
oh wat is hij ongelofelijk lekker
Posted by Demi on 18 March 2007 5:31 AM.
If I meet him I would faint because he is so sexy.I rate his parents for creating him whateva he wears he'll look peng xx If u read this wentworth kimberley loves u 4 eva and eva and if u need a a girlfriend its me
Posted by kimberley on 26 March 2007 11:54 PM.
ohhh god Went is so handsome, and only by his looks u can tell that he is so down to earth apart he's intelligent. i really would like to meet him. bye
Posted by gabriela on 30 March 2007 12:20 PM.
Posted by kiki on 12 April 2007 1:28 PM.
Eeyya i think wentworth miller is soooooo fit xx
Posted by lauren on 14 April 2007 1:53 AM.
wag1 i think wentworth miller is to sexy but we all no hes got a women in his life because a man like him not dating i dont think so bi xxxxxxxx
Posted by sarah on 18 April 2007 12:55 AM.
ohh my god went is suxh a hotie alwais he is hot eveywhere n when every u can hav me am free wheneva
Posted by xx gawles herexxx watin 4 went on 20 April 2007 6:21 PM.
simply hands down!
Posted by supernova on 21 April 2007 2:36 PM.
wentworth miller is so hot!!!!

Posted by axelle on 22 April 2007 3:07 AM.
Wentworth Miller is very beautiful
Posted by kasia on 23 April 2007 6:36 PM.
Wentworth Miller is very handsome. Hi is magnifient actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by kasia on 24 April 2007 4:41 PM.
miller yo hot jst kip doing yo thig n u got ma vote.
Posted by lyn on 25 April 2007 5:04 AM.
oooo he is sexaliciouse! i'd luv 2 take him 2 my bed! hehe
Posted by jojo on 25 April 2007 10:04 AM.
wot cn i say i luv u baby x x x x
Posted by azzy on 25 April 2007 10:00 PM.
wentworth Idol, yur so wafo ever! im jane i lo9ve yahh!
Posted by Jane on 10 May 2007 2:21 AM.
Wentworth Miller jest bardzo Ladny i przystojny!!!! Jest Swietnym aktorem.
Posted by KASIA on 20 May 2007 12:48 AM.
Wentworth Miller jest bardzo Ladny i przystojny!!!! Jest Swietnym aktorem.
Posted by KASIA on 20 May 2007 12:51 AM.
hello wentworth miller i know i might sound like another crazy fan of yours but i love your show so much that im literally addicted to it.i think your a great actor and dominic purcell is gorgeous. i love you wentworth so much and someday i would love to meet you,you are my idol.if i had a choice to pick between 19 million dollars and just a chance to meet you just once i would choose you.i love you so much that i cant explain.....goodluck xoxoxox
Posted by samira dandachli on 1 June 2007 4:03 PM.
wentworth miller is my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by kasia on 6 June 2007 2:24 AM.
Bardzo bardzo potrzebyje duzo zdiec Wentwortha Millera!!!!!! Wiec jak ktos moglby mi je przyslac na ten e-mail - to bylabym bardzo wdzieczna!!!!!!!! :)
Posted by kasia on 11 June 2007 3:00 AM.
Hi Wentworth. i know you get a lot of letters of your fans about you and the show but i am absolutly addicted to Prison Break. I cried when the first seris ended and of course the second one two. i thiink you are an amazing and an extremly talented actor and would love to meet you one day, it is my dream.I can't wait until the next seris of Prison Break and good luck in the future!!! xxx
Posted by nicole on 13 June 2007 6:59 AM.
i would love to meet wentworth miller because i find i can relate to him so much.meeting wentworth would be so great in many ways for me ,i have no friends and am always doing things alone so if i had the chance to have a chance and meet him it would be like winning the lottery and set for life if we became good friends
Posted by andrew on 23 June 2007 9:46 AM.
Wenty, tink you shud change your name to went worth the look miller coz damn, you are WORTH THE LOOK!!!!!!
Posted by Aziza on 27 June 2007 2:41 AM.
u r sooooooooooo hot went i love prison break can't wait to watch the next season good luck
Posted by laila on 30 June 2007 12:36 PM.
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
wentworth miller I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
Posted by vall on 3 July 2007 4:41 AM.
Posted by girl from croatia on 3 July 2007 4:45 AM.
Hey Wentworth, if you do get to read my message; I am your one and only fan all the way from South Africa! I love your acting, in Prison Break and Ghost Whisperer!
Posted by Bianca on 13 July 2007 5:19 AM.
Wentworth Miller jest taki przystojny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W niebieskim bardzo mu do twarzy!!!!!!!!!! :)
Posted by Kasia on 18 July 2007 11:08 PM.
wentworth miller ¡eres lo mas hermoso del mundo, nunca había admirado a nadie hasta que vi tu serie, espero que seas un gran ser humano. y que nunca pierdas la humildad. I Love you.
Posted by daniela on 19 July 2007 12:04 AM.
wentworth miller ¡eres lo mas hermoso del mundo, nunca había admirado a nadie hasta que vi tu serie, espero que seas un gran ser humano. y que nunca pierdas la humildad. I Love you.
Posted by daniela on 19 July 2007 12:07 AM.
Wentworth miller I cant stop dreaming of you. miller you rock. jst keep doing your thing and you have my vote!!!
Posted by MISS.MILLER on 23 July 2007 10:03 PM.
I think it will get a bit annoying to watch you being so smart and calm all the time, change the act once in a while, go mad soon so the gilries can pee in their panties. I noticed you in Human Stain, there is something about you and I am glad you got your "icing on the cake"(your big break). Keep up the good work!
Posted by shagwell on 24 July 2007 8:27 AM.
hi,Miller i am from greece and i have to tell u that here we all love u!It never happened to me i felt in love with u for the first time u have sth special..u r the best actor e v e r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by katie on 13 August 2007 7:46 AM.
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ll find u one day i promise!!i think about u all the time u burn hearts Miller..Greece addore u!!!!!!!!!...!!!!...!!!!!!!!!

Posted by katie on 13 August 2007 7:50 AM.
wentworth is handsome and at the same time it shows that he is really intelligent and down to earth. I really love his voice and the way he talks!!!!!!!!! I love went!!!!!!
Posted by michelle on 29 August 2007 5:48 PM.
jus want to sey i admire an actor who is passionate about what he does. All the best for the future you gorgeous babe mwa - dolores
Posted by on 24 October 2007 10:19 PM.
wentworht miller the things i would do to you are too xxx to type. prison break rocks so well thought up keeps u on the edge of ur seat every week we can see u play the part well u stunning man i love you- anna
Posted by on 24 October 2007 10:20 PM.
Posted by jessica on 26 October 2007 3:52 PM.
err ave ya seen the gurl hes goin out wiv shes a dirty little chinky es 2 gud 4 er
Posted by on 31 October 2007 10:14 PM.
wentworth i love you so much!and i am one of your fans of china!!!!!!!!youre so brilliant,unique,youre so sexy~~oh ~~i desire to meet you oneday~
Posted by 陈琳 on 17 November 2007 8:59 PM.
Posted by 陈琳 on 17 November 2007 9:02 PM.
is he really gay!
Posted by on 20 November 2007 10:03 PM.
You are so sexy I love you
Posted by kimberly on 12 December 2007 3:10 AM.
u sooo hot n fit
Posted by porscha on 20 December 2007 11:28 PM.
I don`t believe the rumor that Went is gay.He`s too beautiful and sexy to be gay!I mean com`on`s Went!!love u boy
Posted by gabriela on 2 January 2008 6:46 AM.
went you are soo sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by juli on 7 January 2008 12:36 AM.
hi everyone!!!I'm just an other girl from greece that is addicted in such a hot handsome and fadulous actor!!! wentworth of course!! He is a great actor dispite tha he doesn't express his feelings so much...!! anyway... what i believe is that there are no words to discribe you Wentworth Miller!!!! and please don't change....!!!
Posted by joanna!! on 30 January 2008 3:12 AM.
HI !I'm from Serbia....that's the litlle coutry in Europe(just to know;)and my name's Goga.I'm 14 years old. I like Wenty very much.He's a big and talented actor and he proved that in TV show PRISON BREAK.I've watched & I have all episodes of his show PB, and I like it very much! And for shure,he's so sweet!His eyes,his look is just TOO HOT!
Posted by Goga on 8 February 2008 8:01 AM.
Hi,I'm from Iran,I see Prison Break every day,very intresting,everyone if have Wentworth Miller's Email would you like to send me an Email. Thanks a lot
Posted by Nasim on 26 January 2009 4:43 PM.
I love you Wentworth Miller,you are a good man
Posted by Nasim on 26 January 2009 4:46 PM.
I don't know what the hell is wrong wit him.I used to like hismovie very much but now I only like to watch The Outcast 1&2(Iran-Iraq war).Also, he doesn't leave an email address for us to contact him.>;-#
Posted by AKA Steve Hawkins on 19 July 2009 8:06 AM.
you are the best man....the best...thank you for your pretty role in prison break...
I'm nasser from iran
Posted by nasser on 16 January 2010 8:48 AM.
it's not important how you play a role, it's important to be a goooooood person. are you realy a good person?????
Posted by ati on 17 October 2010 4:40 PM.
Hi went worth.My name is shamim.I see ur film prisonbreak.I see that just for you.You are very good actor.I cant speak english very well but i want you to know that i love you so much.You dont know how much.I think that no one love you like me.I want to see you but i cant.Please add Thank you.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.HAVE A NICE DAY.BYE. :)
Posted by Shamim Shemirani on 17 November 2010 3:31 AM.
wentworth miller ur the best u'll always rock.i cant wait to meet u. man ur hot.
Posted by zaty on 10 November 2011 3:05 PM.
wentworth miller ur the best u'll always rock.i cant wait to meet u. man ur hot.
Posted by zaty on 10 November 2011 3:07 PM.
Posted by Marekgah on 2 April 2017 6:12 PM.
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