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28 March, 2006

the real cost of an Xbox 360

The new Xbox 360 is out in Australia, and it's advertised for AU$ 499 (only). But will you settle for that? At AU$ 499, you only have the core system, no games.

There are the accessories - practically compulsory - that include the headset ($49.95), the universal remote ($49.95), the memory unit ($49.95), the faceplates ($29.95), the play and charge kit ($39.95) and the wireless network adaptor ($169.95). Total: $1038.70.

And the games? They range from $100 to $120 each.

I am not getting an Xbox 360.

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Posted by Antony on 28 March 2006 8:30 AM | newstalk

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I'm surprised that the core system is $499 in AU -- around here, $499 is the price of the premium system. And if I'm not mistaken, the AU$ is worth more than the US$. Furthermore, the premium system comes with all of that stuff, and the games definitely aren't $100. Overall, the premium system is a better deal, since with the core you need to pay for the box and then all the other accessories and games, which amount to well over the extra $100 you pay on the premium system. Personally, if I were to get an Xbox, it'd be the original one. They're cheaper, for one thing, and if you buy an Xecuter or similar chip, you can run an operating system on these things. I know that Windows CE .NET and Linux have both been booted on the original Xbox, since it uses a standard x86 processor anyway (the 360, on the other hand, uses PowerPC chips... let's wait until we see Mac OS X running on these =D).
Posted by Don Luchini on 28 March 2006 9:05 AM.
Don, AU$ is worse less than US$, 1 AUD is about 0.73 USD, so, AU$ 499 is about US$ 352. And I have an original Xbox, no mods.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 28 March 2006 9:09 AM.
If it were up to me to purchace an XBox 360, I'd wait at least a few years until Sony brings put the PS3 and Nintendo reveals the Revolution. By that point, the next-gen consoles will have been out for a while, letting the prices drop, plus there will be more games available. But some of the add-ons listed are, IMHO, not needed. For example, I'd not buy the faceplates, the microphone, or the universal remote. And if you never plan to use XBox Live, you'd not need the USB WiFi adapter. The core system, IIRC, does not include wireless controllers, so you'd not need the play and charge kit, either. On top of that, you'd never find me using a wireless controller, or any battery-powered peripheral, because I don't like the idea of always worrying about the battery.
Posted by Billy Miller on 28 March 2006 1:56 PM.
Just updated my monitor to 24 incher, and am still waiting for my XBOX36 to arrive.
Posted by Simon W. on 31 March 2006 6:07 PM.
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