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12 March, 2006

"I Wish I Could Forget You"

Previously on Desperate Housewives, Susan's longtime book agent and dear friend, Lonny Moon, got into financial trouble. Lynette was forced to go out to bars night after night with her boss, Nina, for 5 nights in a row. She ended that with a challenge... competing with Nina. Bree read a note Rex wrote just before he died, the entire re-burying plan were all changed. Gaby hired a hot-shot lawyer to defend Carlos.

Tomorrow night on Desperate Housewives, (season 2 episode 6, I Wish I Could Forget You)

As Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, Gabrielle valiantly tries to free him, while Mike and Susan face a crisis in their relationship and Paul Young returns.


Last week on Desperate Housewives, (season 2 episode 5, They Asked Me Why I Believe in You):

Bree threatens to sue the city and the police until they release Rex's body so he can be properly reburied and they agree. But then the detective who's been trying to get her to confess to poisoning Rex shows her the note that he wrote before he died, the one that says, "I understand and I forgive you."

She's horrified to realize that he went to his grave thinking she murdered him. She's already invited her closest friends to a small service at his reburial because she was too grief-stricken at the first funeral, and when they show up, she marches them over to a new plot. "I don't want to spend eternity lying next to someone who thinks I'm a murderer," she huffs.

Lynette tries to destress her boss, Nina, with a series of thoughtful gifts, but nothing works until she takes her out for a drink. Nina confesses it's been ages since she dated and that she's shy when it comes to meeting men. So Lynette finds a man for her! The next morning Nina's all smiles -- and wearing the same clothes she had on the night before.

But now Lynette is on permanent drink buddy duty with Nina, or her job is in jeopardy. After five nights of this, she finally realizes the only way to get out of it is to become the competition. She bares some skin, throws back some shots and -- gasp -- dances on top of the bar. Nina's been thoroughly upstaged and Lynette knows she's off the hook now.

Susan goes to meet with her book agent, Lonnie, but is appalled when he reveals that he's been dismissed from his firm for "moving money around." She wants to stay loyal to him and the new agency he's starting, since he's an old friend, but Mike advises her not to trust him -- adding that he has a "one strike, you're out" policy about people lying to him. She's already feeling guilty that she didn't Mike him she paid for Zach to leave town, but now she's afraid of what he'll do if he finds out. She tells Julie, who realizes she did it to protect her, but doesn't know what to advise her.

Susan decides to stick with Lonnie, despite his problems, but when she realizes there actually isn't a new agency, she tells him she can't trust him anymore. She says he'll always be "her Lonnie," though and he interprets that as an opportunity to kiss her. "No," she yells. "I didn't mean it like that," and she runs out.

Gabby wants to keep her new hotshot lawyer, David Bradley on the case, because she's convinced he's the only one who can get Carlos off. But Carlos is too jealous of his model good looks -- and how Gabby's smiling at him -- to agree. So she tells David to tell him he's not interested in her, which they both know is a lie. Instead, he tells Carlos he does want to sleep with Gabby - but that the only way that's not going to happen is if he stays on as their lawyer since he could be disbarred for sleeping with a client's wife. Now Gabby wants him gone but Carlos insists he stay.

Betty sees on the news that they've arrested someone in Chicago for the recent murder of a Melanie Foster. She starts to write a note to the police saying they've arrested the wrong man, but Matthew stops her from sending it. She tells him that Caleb -- the man in the basement -- is not a killer. He was confused and didn't know what he was doing. Caleb is about to make a break for it, until he overhears Matthew say they won't care that he's "slow," they'll just execute him. So Caleb meekly goes back into the basement.

(source: ABC)

Posted by Antony on 12 March 2006 12:59 PM | Desperate Housewives

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