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1 March, 2006

riots in Prison Break tonight

Last week on Prison Break, Michael almost got transferred to another jail, but he stalls it and tests the first part of his escape plan, while Veronica and Nick study the video that convicted Lincoln, but someone else wants it too.

Tonight on Prison Break (Episode 6: Riots, Drills and the Devil - Part 1):
Michael's ploy to buy some work time by prompting a cellblock lockdown leads to a full-scale riot. Meanwhile, Nick convinces Veronica that he really does want to help her, while Kellerman hires an inmate to kill Lincoln.

Prison Break

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Prison Break, story so far:

Michael Scofield robs a bank so he can be sent to the same jail as his death-row inmate brother Lincoln Burrows who was convicted of (and likely framed of) the murder of the vice-president's brother. Once he is inside we learn he has hatched an elaborate plan to break his brother out and prove his innocence (with the help of the entire prison's structural blueprints tattooed onto his body).

With the help of his cell-mate Sucre, Michael begins to align himself with a disparate group of prisoners and wardens, including former mob boss John Abruzzi, Charles Westmoreland, a man some believe to be the infamous skyjacker D.B. Cooper and Warden Henry Pope. On the outside he has only one ally, his defense attorney and longtime friend, Veronica Donovan, who is Lincoln's former girlfriend. She starts to uncover a far-reaching frame-up while two US Secret Service agents, Hale and Kellerman, are trying hard to thwart the efforts of anyone who might free Lincoln.

Michael tries to get a drug that will help him test positive for diabetes so that he can spend more time in the infirmary with prison doctor Sara Tancredi as part of his escape plan. He also offers mob boss Abuzzi information on the whereabouts of the informant whose testimony put the gangster behind bars, in return for assistance in disappearing when they all escape from the prison. However Abuzzi loses patience and his thugs grab Michael and force him to give up the location of the informant. He refuses, and they cut off his toes.

When Sucre starts to panic about his long-term girlfriend on the outside, he tells Michael that he wants nothing to do with the escape plan and moves to another cell. This is a blow to Michael's preparations as his new cell-mate is fresh from the psych-ward with a neurological condition which means he can't sleep. However when Michael bashes his own face, the psychotic is removed and Sucre is re-instated.

Meanwhile Agents Hale and Kellerman, who are under the instructions of a mysterious housewife in Idaho, start following Veronica and later execute a woman she interviews who has information on the real truth behind the murder of the Vice-President's son. They receive instructions to get Michael away from his brother before he gets in their way. They arrange for him to be transferred to a new prisonÖ immediately.
(Source: Seven Network)

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Posted by Antony on 1 March 2006 9:20 AM | Prison Break

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Posted by Mark on 1 March 2006 2:22 PM.
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Posted by Bob on 3 November 2006 2:31 AM.
Abuzzi loses patience and his thugs grab Michael and force him to give up the location of the informant. He refuses, and they cut off his toes.

Posted by Arthur mcbeth on 11 September 2007 5:20 PM.
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