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22 February, 2006

English, Fitz or Percy?

Previously on Prison Break, Michael mixed the chemical called “Cute Poison”. Cute Poison refers to the label on a bottle Michael has tattooed on his arm. The letters are a mnemonic for copper sulfate (Cu O S to mean CuSO4) and phosphoric acid (P O to mean H3PO4). Copper sulfate is commonly used as an herbicide. Phosphoric acid is a component of fertilizer.

Prison Break

Tonight's story (episode 5 English, Fitz or Percy):
Kellerman and Hale push Michael's transfer but he stalls it and tests the first part of his escape plan, while Veronica and Nick study the video that convicted Lincoln, but someone else wants it too.

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Previously on Prison Break:

Cute Poison
We start with a wicked nightmare. Apparently Linc's feeling a tad apprehensive about his upcoming execution-imagine that.

Michael's making progress with the digging; he's got the sink partially pulled away from the wall. He has to put it back quickly, 'cuz his cellie is returning. Michael asks Haywire if he's ever thought of breaking out. Haywire's answer is negative and he wonders why Michael asked. Michael just says a guy was talking about it out in the yard. "Tell Officer Bellick. He'll make life easy for you." And with that one sentence, Michael knows he can never bring Haywire in. Haywire gets all interested in Michael's tattoos, but Michael insists they mean nothing. Haywire wants to see the whole thing, surprisingly Michael refuses.

As Michael heads to the yard he tries to talk to Sucre, but Sucre shoots him down. So he decides to check out his right forearm where the words "CUTE POISON" are written. Cut to a flashback of Michael researching chemical elements. Back to the yard, Michael's approached by Abruzzi who wants an update. Michael points out his new cellie and Abruzzi reminds him of their deal; namely what'll happen to Michael if he backs out.

While helping the Pope with the mini Taj, Michael asks for a new cellmate. Pope apologizes, but says Bellick is in charge of GenPop.

Linc takes a meeting with Veronica who informs him she wants to be his attorney. She brings him up to speed on Leticia and also that the Secret Service has been poking around. Linc points her in the direction of Project Justice, a group that handles death penalty cases.

Michael's leaving the showers wearing nothing but a towel around his waist (woo!). Haywire is also pretty excited to see a nearly-naked Michael (and his tattoos), which creeps Michael out.

The Pope talks to Bellick and asks him to take another look at Scofield and Haywire (we learn he killed his parents).

Sucre gets a visit from non-friend Hector, who informs him that Sucre and Maricruz are no longer together. Sucre doesn't take the news too well.

Michael's searching through a warehouse for one of the aforementioned chemicals. He manages to hide his contraband before Bellick finds him. Bellick's all, "This is a restricted area." And he's not interested in Michael's PI excuses. He is interested in Michael's foot. He even asks how it is, while stomping on said foot. Michael grunts in pain and crumbles to the ground. Seems Bellick's not too pleased with Michael going around him to the Pope and warns him not to do it again.

Michael then tries to get Haywire agree to a transfer, but Haywire's too busy sharing a childhood memory: one where he "crapped himself in junior high." As Haywire's spinning his yarn, Michael steals his toothpaste, empties the tube and pockets it. Since Haywire shared a secret he feels Michael should reciprocate. Michael insists the tattoos mean nothing.

Sucre finally gets in touch with Maricruz and she tells him (in many words) it's over. She can't wait for him.

Veronica's getting shot down at Project Justice while Kellerman's going through her home. He finds a photo of her, Linc and Michael.

Haywire notices his toothpaste is missing and Michael plays innocent.

Later, Michael is snoozing (he appears to be a heavy sleeper, which isn't quite a good thing in prison) while Haywire is busy ripping Michael's pj's. Michael wakes (finally!) and gets all menacing with Haywire. Haywire backs off and wonders, aloud, why anyone would tattoo a maze all over himself. Where could it possibly lead? Michael's expression seems to say, "Man, getting my toes chopped off is nothing compared to this creepy guy!"

Michael hunts down Abruzzi and asks for some chemicals from Abruzzi's contacts in chemical lock-up. I guess he doesn't want to risk another foot stomping.

Outside Veronica tracks down Linc's arresting officer. He says he got a tip, went to Linc's apartment and found Linc washing a bloody pair of pants in the bathroom. The pants were covered in Steadman's blood.
Nick Savrinn, an attorney with Project Justice, finds Veronica and offers his help. We get more backstory: Linc's appeals were exhausted in three years versus the usual ten, Steadman was pushing alternative energy so he had plenty of enemies, including: oil companies, the Saudis and the government.

Abruzzi gives Michael the remaining chemicals he needs. He offers him a crude blade as well, but Michael's good with the chemicals.

Back in his cell, Michael's filling two tubes of toothpaste with the chemicals.

As Michael heads to the yard Haywire watches him and we get a close-up of Haywire's sketches. They look a little like blueprints.
Sucre goes up to Michael and says he wants back in, he offers to help Michael dig all the way to China. Michael chases away thoughts of egg rolls and fried rice and points out Haywire. He's all, "See him? That's my new cellie, things are going great for us. In fact, we're about to announce our engagement." Or maybe he just says Haywire's a problem. Sucre begs (in a manly sort of way) and Michael relents. Sucre throws his arms around his former cellmate and Michael actually smiles. He should do that more often. As sexy as I find his intense brooding, he's got a nice smile. Anyhoo, Sucre wants to know what Michael's gonna do. Michael just says that SOMEONE's gonna get hurt.

Patricia Wettig, still in Montana and still chopping vegetables (bell peppers this time-I think), wants to know how they missed Linc's brother. And we finally get an answer to the different last names: Linc and Michael's dad took off when their mom was still pregnant with Michael, so he took her maiden name. Patricia urges them to "move on the younger brother."

When Michael gets back to his cell he sees that Haywire's decorated his (Michael's) bunk with several sketches. Haywire really wants to know where the pathway leads. There's minimal shoving, then Michael bashes his own head against the cell door bars (seriously!). Haywire: "Are you nuts?" Michael does it again and then yells for a guard. Upon seeing Michael, the guards come into the cell, restrain Haywire and take him away. All the while he's hollering about the pathway that leads to Hell. Michael steps out of his cell and would probably smile if not for the gash above his left eye and the line of blood running down his face. Wow, he's really good at internalizing pain.

Sucre is pleased to be back in his old cell and Michael is pretty happy to see him too. Bellick brings down the happy couple by getting into Michael's face about going to the Pope again. (Did he? Did he request Sucre's transfer for him?) Anyway Sucre wants to get started, but Michael says he already has.

In the infirmary, Michael empties both tubes of chemicals down the floor drain. When they come in contact with each other they start reacting, all hissing and bubbling.

Nick and Veronica visit Linc and ask him about the pants. Linc says they were planted. Nick brings up the fact that Linc's prints were on the murder weapon. So Linc tells them about Bo, a guy who helped set up the hit Linc was suppossed to carry out. The night before Bo had Linc try out a few guns, Linc figures one of them was the murder weapon and that's how they got his prints. Nick calls Linc on his willingness to commit premeditated murder (finally!). Linc says it wasn't to clear the debt, but to protect his son. Bo (?) threated L.J. if Linc didn't do the job. Nick asks to see the surveillance tape.

It's bedtime at Fox River. Sucre and Michael pull the sink out of the wall and Michael asks Sucre to make some noise so he can kick through the wall. Sucre starts to sing. Michael is skeptical, but soon enough the other inmates join in. They don't sing the chorus, but they shout, yell, holler obscenities and bang things against the bars of their cells. They don't appreciate Sucre's attempts to sing them a lullaby. Sucre's really getting into it, he's no longer crooning, but wailing. Michael looks all intense as proceeds to kick all the way through the wall and not a moment too soon. Bellick's managed to shut everyone up. Michael checks out the hole and we see it leads to a huge hallway of pipes and various openings.

It's dinnertime at the Hale house. We see Agent Hale's got a couple of kids, plus a very pregnant wife. Oh, he's such a goner-any bad guy with a cute family is toast. Hale doesn't seem thrilled to see his partner. Kellerman is awfully smug as he shows Hale a transfer request for Michael Scofield. Hale gives his partner a smile, but when Kellerman leaves he goes back to looking all apprehensive.


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Posted by Antony on 22 February 2006 6:37 PM | Prison Break

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It looks like you're getting your Copper Sulfates mixed up. "Copper Sulfate" has the formula "Cu2SO4." That's because you'd be using Cu+1. If you have the formula "CuSO4," that would be "Copper(II) Sulfate." The reason for this is because the Copper has a charge of +2, thus cancelling out Sulfate's -2 charge.
Posted by Billy on 24 February 2006 2:24 PM.
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