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15 February, 2006

Cute Poison

Previously on Prison Break, Michael reveals his escape plan to Sucre, Sucre chooses to be no part of it, and requests a cell transfer. Michael gets a new cellmate called Haywire.

Prison Break

Tonight's story (episode 4 Cute Poison):
Veronica keeps uncovering new information regarding Lincoln's case and decides she wants to work on the case full-time. When no one wants to help her on the case, Nick Savrinn (an attorney) offers his assistance and the two of them visit Lincoln.

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Last week on Prison Break:

Cell Test
Things pick up where the last episode ended. Thug #1 is having a good laugh at Michael's expense-or, rather, Michael's toes' expense. The torture is cut short by the arrival of a couple of guards who hustle Michael outta there. They leave the toes behind. At the infirmary Dr. Tancredi asks Bellick to investigate, but he covers for Abruzzi. It was an accident!

Out in the yard Michael's back on PI while Linc loudly voices his displeasure with Abruzzi. Michael brushes him off and tells him to forget it, forgiving-isn't he? Michael says they need Abruzzi-namely his connections to an airfield just miles from the prison. If they get Abruzzi on board, they'll have a midnight flight waiting for them when they bust out. Michael also points out that they need Sucre since he's Michael's cellmate and might notice when Michael starts breaking through walls.

T-Bag, still steamed about losing Prison Bitch, procures "the gutter", a knife used to inflict massive amounts of pain by gutting the victim and letting infection set in-sounds like fun.

L.J. (remember him?) meets with his probation officer who decides it'd be a good idea for him to spend some quality time with a "mentor" at Fox River. One guess as to who that's going to be.

During PI, Sucre sees Michael hide a cell phone. Michael tells him to forget what he saw. Scene!

Pope pays a visit to Linc and tells him to think about inviting people to his execution, but he does it in a respectful way.

Then Veronica pays Leticia a visit. Leticia, completely devoid of hostessing manners, waves a gun in Veronica's face. Veronica talks her down and asks her to help Linc. All she's gotta do is make a statement and sign it, then Veronica will help Leticia get out of town.
Leticia agrees.

Out in the yard, Linc watches Sucre pretend to use a cell phone amongst his friends. When he's brought inside, he calls Bellick over. Bellick is surprisingly nice to Linc, he's all, "Hey, Lincoln. What can I do for you?" No sarcasm or anything. Linc tells Bellick he knows an inmate has a cell phone and he'll give him the name if Bellick gives him more time outside and some cigarettes. Honey-fresh air will do you good, smoking can kill you. I understand continuing smoking when you think you're a goner anyway, but now that Michael's gonna break you out... Wouldn't it suck if Linc managed to get out but then got lung cancer? Oh-back to the scene. Bellick agrees and Linc gives him Sucre's name.

Everyone's visiting! Philly asks Abruzzi if he got Michael to talk. Abruzzi gives him a little white box and Philly's all, "A present? For me? John, you shouldn't have! What is it? Why, it's a couple of toes!" Abruzzi says Michael won't crack and Philly (who really, really doesn't want to become Abruzzi's neighbor) urges him to keep trying. To emphasize his point, a little boy and girl come running into the room calling, "Daddy!" Those are some darn cute kids. Cute Little Girl Abruzzi climbs into her father's lap and excitedly tells him the good news. Seems they're going to spend some time with Uncle Philly at his lake house. Abruzzi isn't nearly as excited about this as his kids are.

Bellick corners Sucre and gives him a choice: his conjugal visits with Maricruz or the cell phone. Scene!

Bellick brings Sucre back to PI, but doesn't look for the phone. After Bellick departs, Sucre demands usage of the phone. Michael hands it over and Sucre breaks it in two. Made of soap. Sucre, naturally, is upset about this, seeing as he lost his conjugals because he didn't talk. So, Sucre gave up sex with his fiancee so he could have unlimited anytime minutes with her? Huh. So, yeah, Sucre's plenty ticked and Michael tries to smooth things over. He tells him about the escape plan, but Sucre's having none of it. He's out in 16 months, he's getting married and he's sure Maricruz doesn't want to have a wedding in hiding. Sucre threatens to hurt Michael if he does anything in the cell that'll bite Sucre on the ass.

Now back to Veronica. Leticia tells her some government type paid off Linc's debt to Crab, but she doesn't know why (we do!). She leaves Veronica's office for a smoke while Veronica types the statement.

It's Kellerman's turn to pay a visit to someone and he chooses Veronica. He asks about the surveillance tape and Veronica doesn't understand why the Secret Service is interested. He says they know they have the right guy but if she finds any evidence that could clear Linc she should give them a call. I don't think she's that stupid. After he leaves Veronica tries to find Leticia, but she's nowhere to be found.

Michael's day continues to get worse: Sucre's requested a transfer to another cell.

While heading back to his cell, Michael is pushed into a room filled with Abruzzi, various Thugs and T-Bag. Not good. T-Bag goes on and on about how pretty Michael is when he's scared (which he is) then decides a good old-fashioned prison rape is called for, before the gutting. When T-Bag puts the gutter down Abruzzi elbows him in the face. Michael seems taken aback and a wee bit confused. As Abruzzi Thugs beat the crap out of T-Bag, Abruzzi leads Michael out of the room and says he wants to make amends (for the toes). Knocking around Michael's would-be rapist is his way of doing that. So Abruzzi gets on board: he'll get Michael a plane and Michael will get Abruzzi out before Fib testifies. If Michael fails, he's toast. Such a promising friendship!

Another visit! This time it's between mentor Linc and snot-nosed L.J. who's much more kind to his father this time. Long story short: Linc asks L.J. to be there before his execution and L.J. tearfully agrees.

Michael's working with his allen wrench, but Bellick brings him a new cellmate, fresh from the psych ward. Enter Haywire.

Linc and Michael chat about the new cellie and agree it would be unwise to bring Haywire in on the plan. So Michael decides to work when Haywire's asleep.

Cut to Hale and Kellerman on a nature walk--or maybe they've kidnapped Leticia, plan on killing her and disposing of the body. She manages to get away, they give chase, but Hale can't bring himself to kill her. No problem for Kellerman, he puts a bullet in her head. I so think Hale's a weak link for the bad guys and before long they're gonna realize it. I doubt Kellerman would hesitate to kill his partner.

Back at Fox River, Michael is engaged in a little late-night screwing (not like that). He looks up and finds Haywire watching him. "What's your problem?" Haywire: "I got a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my reticular activating system." What?? So Haywire explains: he doesn't sleep, at all. So not Michael's day.


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Posted by Antony on 15 February 2006 6:32 PM | Prison Break

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