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20 January, 2006

Ron Williams buys offensive domains and threatens Antony again

Many SillyDog701 Message Centre members know who Mr Ronnie Williams II (Ron Williams) is. He was the one who used the tone “Just so you know...” to me, and also the one threatened to have SillyDog701 server confiscated by the FBI.

Yesterday, Ron Williams couldn't miss out the latest iTunes MiniStore case to bash Apple. In fact, he posted the thing too late, he called iTunes a SpyTunes after Apple has addressed the situation. A SillyDog701 moderator pointed out Ron Williams' post to me, I removed it. Ronnie complained to me through iChat, and posted another thread title “Apple bashing VS Microsoft Bashing”, which again, showing his grudges against me.

I, then, of course removed his “Apple bashing VS Microsoft Bashing”. He then informed me that he registered three new domains (and he has at least 25 domains) to record all my lies. My lies? His grudges rather.

The three domains he registered are:
domain names Ron Williams registered

I then asked if he bought holycowsucks counterparts?

He threatened me back,

you see, i have legal trademark over the holycow network names, so you taking there names and naming "sucks" at the end might just end up a legal suit

and since ronsnexus is part of the holycownetwork using that might get another legal suit...

At least 3 SillyDog701 moderators suggested Ron Williams' should be banned from SillyDog701, I am more than willing to take the action.

update: (20 Jan 2006 10:20am)
I made a public post in SillyDog701 forums, SillyDog701 defamed by Ron Williams. I think it's necessary to tell the public exactly what happened.

update: (21 Jan 2006 01:20am)
Ron Williams was not happy about my post on iBoxer, he replied with something rather interesting,

The first reply was by TK19 and to me, he seemed to be unhappy with the post there as he made a statement that was not possitive "what the f***" clearly, everyone can figure what the f-word is. Then Andrew T. said they belonged in his "most ludicrous inventions file". So when I said "And if this were e-mail, It would be deleted.......", antony asked "What are you suggesting?", I said "Maybe the same be done to this topic?". See here for that conversation. To me, that item and the way that it was presented (on a person) is ignorant. Aren't underwear to be worn under clothes, notice the UNDER.

iBoxerWhat's wrong with the picture of iBoxer? Everybody I showed to laughed, except Ron Williams of course. It's an interesting idea, and I put that up partially for fun. It's an interesting Advertisement in my honest opinion. It has nothing to do with sex, it's not women' lingerie.

Mr. Ronnie Williams is now officially banned from SillyDog701 Message Centre. Thanks to all the support from SillyDog701 members and especially, moderators. reference.

Ron Williams wrote following:

Apple bashing VS Microsoft Bashing

What's the difference? Antony has a problem with apple bashing. Anyone's posts (including mine) are deleted or moved to underground for mentioning anything derogetory about apple, things that might look bad regarding apple, etc.

Antony has mentioned many times the security features of Mac OS and the downfalls of Windows, however he (or another admin who uses Antony's old account and Antony still denies after his moderator says it's "bleedingly obvious"). It's really going to far regarding censorship. Honestly, if I mention that iTunes has been branded SpyTunes by many people due to it having possible spyware, there's no problem with the truth. Honestly Antony, can you not face the facts! Oh and because of my post regarding SpyTunes, I was cautioned, for no reason other than to censor me and make me not write the TRUTH about one of apple's software. And yes, I am sure I'm going to get banned eventually for messing up the idealistic views of Antony regarding software. However, when Microsoft has vulnerabilities, it's considered a security risk, and it's made an announcement (See here), however Apple risks (reffered above as spytunes) are deleted.

So here's the question, what's the difference between MS bashing and Apple bashing?

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Posted by Antony on 20 January 2006 9:47 AM | website related

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That guy is having some mental disorder. He is insane.
Posted by Lingerie model on 7 April 2006 5:06 PM.
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