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January, 2006

Happy New Year
hot temperature in Sydney
AntBlog701 adds TypeKey for authentication
Will & Grace live
new year celebration with QuickTime VR
Teri Hatcher's pay cheque and the rumour
how do you make someone desperate?
Brokeback Mountain banned
One More Kiss
Macworld San Francisco 2006 thing
America was discovered by Chinese
and the winners are...
new stuff from iTunes Music Store
Jesse Metcalfe coming to Australia
Ron Williams buys offensive domains and threatens Antony again
christians not happy with Golden Globes
this is Antony
Housewives coming in February
Disney Short Films available from iTMS
photos from MWSF 2006
how do you keep a cat happy?
Netscape CDs
Feb 6, Despearte Housewives Season 2

February, 2006

Prison Break premiere tonight
Brad Pitt wants a gay role?
don't wake up your neighbours
Windows users: don't occupy entire screen!
Desperate Housewives tonight!
Housewives highest rated show
Cell Test
Carlson Twins again
2006 Grammy Award
Barbie and Ken to reunion?
you could drive a person crazy
Cute Poison
iTunes 1 billion songs countdown
two lives shamefully saved
You’ll Never Get Away from Me
when I still had my iPod
English, Fitz or Percy?
Apple OS X Intel Poem, take 2
Jesse's in Sydney
big Monday night for Channel Seven
you can't buy eggs if you are under 18, cop says

March, 2006

riots in Prison Break tonight
I was featured in a UK magazine
AntTunes701 updates
housewives from Wisteria Lane and the first female US president
John Williams and Yo-Yo Ma iTunes exclusive + free Travelin' Thru
this Commonwealth Games will be very watchable
photos of MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4
riots in prison continued.
U2 tour postponed
"I Wish I Could Forget You"
first strike in the white house?
Queen Elizabeth II was in Sydney
no prison escaping tonight + shame on Channel Nine
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Colour & Light
first dance at the White House
back to da club
prison is back
lucky, Latham was not elected
Sprite Zero
housewives and the first lady were still hot
The Games is over; the sun won't set
do no harm by watching Commander in Chief
missed out Prison Break last wednesday?
the real cost of an Xbox 360
Harry Potter on Sunrise tomorrow
run for your life! - Prison Break
fight between State government and Federal government
Noah's Ark costs 1 million euro

April, 2006

daylight saving ends
That's Good, That's Bad?
first disaster in Commander in Chief
TV shows now available from AntTunes701
sleight of hand, Prison Break
Apple releases software to boot up Windows XP
it was bound to happen
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Stadium Arcadium”
get out of someone's car
The Andy Milonakis Show free from iTunes
all the juicy details, Housewives special
behind the walls, Prison Break special
Queen's greatest hits video clips
people do worship Apple
the Passion of the Christ
the Ten Commandments
the rest of the Commandments
the fashionable Pope blames Jews, rejects scientific discovery
And Then There Were Seven, Prison Break
Housewives' Ten Commandments?
Housewives coming home
First Scandal in White House
free TV shows from iTunes
Odd Man Out
Jesus did not walk through water?
two Carlson Twins wallpapers
one more kiss tomorrow night

May, 2006

Rubie Dubidoux and the Brown Bound Express
End of the Tunnel
brave little Sophie was hit again
We're Gonna Be All Right
The Mom Who Came to Dinner
Candles for Sophie
The Rat in the Prison
Microsoft “Saftey”?
Teri dumped?
Sub Enchanted Evening
The Da Vinci Code
There's Something About A War
Logitech V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse
free Prison Break from iTunes
By the Skin and the Teeth
sold my old Mac
goodbye Will, goodbye Grace, bye Jack, bye Karen
No Nukes Is Good Nukes
Silly People on Wisteria Lane
iPod commercial, a Chris Diaz rendition
Their Royal Highnesses
Photo Booth and iDisk
Cult of Mac Jr?
tomorrow night on Commander in Chief
Thank You So Much from Wisteria Lane
Women of Desperate Housewives
before they went into the prison

June, 2006

website down
cheapest dot Mac deal
Star Wars: clone wars, the short film
The Price You Pay (Commander In Chief)
There Is No Other Way (ep 2.16)
from Pico to nano; from Image::Magick to Crypt::DSA
Prison Break 2 hours special tonight.
‘Gay’ means ‘rubbish’
Kitten vs Front Row
cat sitting
Ties That Bind (Commander In Chief)
Could I Leave You? (ep 2.17)
Socceroos won; no rating
TV programme news update
Academy Store Bondi Junction
AirTune to multiple speakers
me inside a MacBook
MagSafe Power Adapter
Everyone Says Don't
Government House
Prison Break - Tonight
don't feed the birds
Superman Returns; and he's not gay
page 11
Parliament House, missing portrait and silhouette
naughty goat demoted
Don't Look at Me (DH)
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Go (Prison Break)
Superman comes to SillyDog701
where else can be a better place to watch news

July, 2006

two's better than one, part 4
The More You Know, The Juicier It Gets
it wasn't meant to happen (DH)
sometimes you don't want to read news
7 kids to 7 mums in 7 years
bird poop
I sold my iPod again
save yourself $70.1 off webhosting
I Know Things Now (episode 21)
steam was faster than today's electric train
Flight - Prison Break Season Final
Pirates of the Caribbean
Australia's favourite DVDs
Pirates Remixed
Sophie's story.
No One Is Alone in Wisteria Lane
Movable Type 3.3, now completely free
Oprah is not, Savage Garden is out
Premier threatens kids to give up seats
Remember - Part 1
Hyde Park fig trees to go
Visa, now accepted everywhere, including Monopoly
Lance Bass is out
Housewives Season 3 will be stronger
Prison Break will have more actions
Remember - Part 2, Housewives Season 2 Finale

August, 2006

a dog, a cat and some food
Vista voice recognition demo
Sundial in Centennial Park
’Twas the night before WWDC
Criminal Minds premieres tonight
Criminal Minds: Won't Get Fooled Again
Judgement Day (Domesday)
remarkably similar
Levi's Jeans joins iPod-wear
Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition
Bob Dylan - Modern Times
Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition, part 2
Criminal Minds: Plain Sight
Wentworth Miller on Details
Prince Harry on The Sun again
Elgato EyeTV for DTT
Broken Mirror not Mountain.
free TV shows - Passions
simplier daylight saving in Australia
UK cows have an accent
Prison Break available online for free
bye bye Pluto; Xena did not make into the list
Criminal Minds: L.D.S.K.
future teacher put a toddler in dryer
Bob Dylan - The Collection

September, 2006

Kontera ads on AntBlog701
Centennial Park
Criminal Minds: The Fox
iTeeth, brushing can be fun
Steve Irwin and media coverage
aurora borealis
a glass glass
Irwin and Brocky
less is more, the Coke chapter
911 no Criminal Minds
new iPods, iTunes 7, and upcoming iTV
what happened to Naomi Robson?
the real story behind Naomi Robson's mission
Housewives: Time to Come Clean
Criminal Minds: Natural Born Killer
old news is good news for Seven, bad news for Nine
the story behind Naomi Robson's mission, part 2
Digg everywhere
before iMac, iPod... what did people predict about Apple
before Sunrise
funny commercial: ANZ Credit Card Protection
Movable Type 3.33 released
some Web 2.0 effects

October, 2006

Don's HardwareHacks 2000
The Popular Kids
reverse Fetching problem?
Boxer drops boxers for bout
Cha-Ching 0.2, a fun way to manage your money
Priscilla the musical
Muslim cabbies refuse to carry blind passengers
Blood Hungry, Criminal Minds
Optus animal
extremely heavy load
Happy Friday the 13th
hottest days in Sydney
What Fresh Hell, Criminal Minds 9.40
Cronulla Monopoly
The Woman in the Garden
Robbie Williams: Kiss Me - free
Dr. George O'Malley is gay
new iMac and EyeTV 2.3.2
AppleTalk AU hacked?
Poison, Criminal Minds
getting ready for the new Mac
Sunrise, I was there!
Bones: The Man on the Fairway
Where Are They Now audience
muslim and women; Churchill's speech
Grey's season final; Riding the Lightning in Criminal Minds
comment spammers shalt be hanged

November, 2006

Unfinished Business, Criminal Minds
Kochie is a Mac user!
two Bones tonight
I ordered Netscape CD in 2002
my new iMac has arrived
Commander in Chief is back
U2 and Green Day: The Saints Are Coming
Criminal Minds at new time
Julie Mayer on Sunrise
Wind Beneath My Wing
Criminal Minds, twice a week.
The Skull in the Desert, Bones
Vista RC1 under Boot Camp on iMac
Somebody's Watching, Criminal Minds
The Elephant in the Room
Machismo, Criminal Minds
The Man With the Bone
Michael Jackson is back
Charm and Harm, Criminal Minds
Happy Birthday, Madam President
Thorpedo quits
Criminal Minds season final
The Man in the Morgue, Bones
it was 7C the week before
unfinished business finishes Commander in Chief tonight
Naomi Robson announces leaving Today Tonight
Final Bones tonight

December, 2006

good bye Naomi
Black Friday in Apple Store
shoot the kids, hang the family and frame the wife
iPod owners are not criminals.
Will & Grace is back
latest Carlson Twins wallpaper
two Lithium batteries last 5 weeks
don't steal PlayStation 3, or you will be shot dead
Inkwell and Antony's handwriting in action
NSW Young Australian arrested
Buy Buy Baby, Will and Grace
ImageWell 3, easier and faster than Photoshop
last minutes gift idea?
Sophie Delezio gets a new home
Will & Grace: A Little Christmas Queer
Wentworth is coming to town, Australia
Sunrise Christmas
coldest Christmas
Will & Grace: Blanket Apology
similarities between Wallace and Hussein
New Years Eve 06
The year it was.

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