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13 December, 2005

Sydney beach riots

Cronulla riotsFebruary last year (2004), I reported the Sydney riots in Redfern. This time, it was not the Aboriginals, but the white youth against Middle Eastern people in Sydney's Cronulla Beach last weekend. "Lebs and wogs" to were targeted to be exact. (Lebs and wogs are racial slurs for people of Lebanese and Middle Eastern origin.)

The cause? Two life guards were in Cronulla Beach were bashed. And it was reported to be bashed by Middle Eastern appearance people. News reports were focused on "racial" attacks and the damage on the Australia image.

Related news reports:
Beach erupts into violence (, 11 Dec 2005):

ANGRY crowds have singled out and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at Sydney's Cronulla beach as racial tension erupted into violence.

And an ambulance called to the scene to treat five people injured in today's violence has been attacked by a mob who shattered its windows.
Meanwhile, police have been pelted with beer bottles, and their patrol cars stomped on, as the outnumbered officers struggled to maintain control.

Witnesses saw officers using capsicum spray in a bid to quell those perpetrating the violence.

Similar report, Racial violence erupts in Sydney (BBC News 11 Dec 2005).

And guess what Muslims say about this... "un-Australian". But they were laughing at pictures of American soldiers being tortured. And they can launch whatever attack they feel like? How hypocrisy.
Islamic group says riots are un-Australian( 12 Dec 2005):

THE Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (FAIR) has condemned race fuelled violence in Sydney as un-Australian.

Kuranda Seyit, director of the Islamic community group, said today he was disgusted by attacks on people of Middle Eastern appearance by crowds of drunken yobs in Cronulla, in Sydney's south, yesterday.
A series of apparent revenge attacks - including two stabbings - happened in Maroubra and Brighton-le-Sands overnight.

The crowds at Cronulla were mobilised by text messages circulated throughout the community calling for revenge on "lebs and wogs" following an attack on two lifeguards last week.

"The Cronulla police must send a loud and clear message to others who are potentially considering vigilante action against fellow Australians," Mr Seyit said.

"Australia is pluralist society, with many faiths and traditions all ravelled into one."

Screenshot of Photo gallery from
Cronulla riots

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picture of Cronulla beach (AntGallery701)

For more comments on this issue, please read what other people have said in in this entry.

Posted by Antony on 13 December 2005 12:34 PM | newstalk

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i cannot believe that we australians can discriminate against middle eastern people, what has australia come to we australians come from convict fleets, criminals sent here becuase england didn't want them i laugh at those idiots on cronulla beach yelling out our national anthem dont they realise we are rejects, those other people chose to live here i dont think we did. they should shut up before shame consumes our country
Posted by ash on 13 December 2005 5:32 PM.
What they did was utterly wrong and is to be condemned, however, one must also find out the reasons for the uproar over the weekend. Why are the lebanese/middle eastern communities act like they did before and after the racial riot over the weekend? Why is it hard for them to integrate into mainstream Australian society? Why is it hard for mainstream Australia to accept and welcome Islamic culture? 冰凍三尺非一日之寒啊!!
Posted by 小黃 on 13 December 2005 8:14 PM.
Aussies need to stand up and fight for Australia it's about time we took it back 'go home wogs'
Posted by jacko on 13 December 2005 10:30 PM.
"Aussies need to stand up and fight for Australia" what is your definition of an aussie? if your definition of an aussie is blond hair, blue eyes and white skin then your views will only further alienate those who aren't but also call themselves Australian. "go home wogs" go home? what happens if they were born here? maybe half of the players in the Australian soccer team that took Australia to the soccer World Cup should really reconsider whether they should still play for Australia, since people like jacko think they are wogs and should go home, wherever that home is I wonder, since they are Australians.
Posted by 小黃 on 13 December 2005 11:49 PM.
did any of you's watch on the news.. one aussie bloke.. said " my GREAT GRANDFATHER fight for this place" your GREAT Grandfather must of been a CONVICT.. because AUSTRALIA was owned BY ABORIGINAL.. JOHN HOWARD.. is a loser, THIS SHOWS US HOW RACIST AUSSIES are.. i live in a community full of lebanese, i know some are bad and some are good.. but the real fact is .. i feel that the 5000 AUSTRALIAN that went and bashed innocent middle eastern people should STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES AND STOP HIDING.. They put this on themselves.. they should stand up for their own fights.. 50% of Australia is made up of different backgrounds.. if it wasnt for oversea people coming to australia.. australia... would be nothing.. if they're gonna constantly be racist.. GO BACK TO ENGLAND...
Posted by Some Dude on 14 December 2005 12:12 AM.
1 i'm aboriginal heritage not english
2 the fact is the immigrants are constantly offending due to poor education and poor ethical attitudes towards anyone of a different race
3 they hunt in packs because they are coward like
4 quality of life to them means another unemployed day at a suburbian shopping mall
5 Answer me this , why did they leave their own country and it's fantastic religious lifestyle ----i'll tell you why because of the very thing thats happening here now thats what they contributed to the australian way of life
'go home wog'and if your born here learn the language
Posted by jacko on 14 December 2005 6:53 AM.
Thats not new, the white stupid racist have been fucking around the planet for more than 2005 years, they say "this is my country", but they know thats not true, they are violent, stupids, shit.
Posted by astur on 14 December 2005 7:11 AM.
Jacko, 1. If you are aboriginal I think you should be more concerned about preservering your own culture and changing the negative perception of white Australians towards Aboriginals. 2. The immigrants I know are either doctors, solicitors, or successful business owners. However, there are always bad people within every ethnic community. If all immigrants are bad, then is it fair to say that all Aborigines are pissed-drunk and petrol sniffers?? 3. They hunt in packs? which one? aren't both sides hunting in packs? 4. "Quality of life means another unemployed day at suburbian shopping mall". I won't even bother to argue against that statement if you really think all are like that. 5. This statement I agree with you, if they come here they should follow the laws and rules of Australia and should not bring the hatred that exists in their old country. I still disagree with the "go home wog" attitude, however, learning the English language is important and a must in order to fit into the mainstream Australian society.
Posted by Asian-Australian on 14 December 2005 9:38 AM.
thats right like that doctor from the bundaberg hospital , what an asset he turned out to be ,gee i wonder if i can get an appointment with him .
He's an Aussie he'll save me ! mate all bullshitting aside when i walk down the road thru lets say china town and i am believe it or not a very friendly bloke not one asian walks past and every winks and says g'day mate they choose to stay with their own people and that leads me like probably many other Aussies to think well bugger it why should i keep trying , let them stay in their own racist groups AM I RIGHT?
Posted by jacko on 14 December 2005 10:10 PM.
Good on ya, Aussies! Netherlands.
Australia... Where next? The clash of cultures is on, and shows no sign of stopping. Why do we import the enemy? It's utterly foolish. I applaud the Australians for defending themselves. I only hope that we here in America will someday stand up the way our brothers in Australia are doing. To those devious, anti-White racist types who like to remind people of what happened to the Aboriginals there (or the Indians here), I say this: If it happened to them, it can happen to us. Did we do some wrong things during our expansion into the New World? Yes, we did. Should we now allow guilt to cause us to lay down and allow the same things to happen to us? HELL NO!!!
Posted by . on 14 December 2005 11:23 PM.
well....then why I also see aboriginal Australians hanging around with their own race or group on the that racism too? Jacko, I just don't believe we should be generalising people or any particular communities. There are bad ass asians too that deserve to be kicked out of Australia too. Anyway, the majority of those asians hanging in chinatown are probably international students who will go back to where they come from after they graduate anyway, its good to for Australia since they spend heaps of cash boosting the economy in Australia, I'm all for making money as long as they enjoy their time here and leave eventually. As for that american, if you really think and act like that you will be fighting a losing battle, your intolerance towards islam, the chinese, blacks and the japanese ain't just gonna help in the future, especially when the world is becoming interdependent. Don't know about you but your country invading Iraq for oil ain't really helping. Oh sorry, its actually in the name of democracy...not oil...but then again why not attack North Korea since Kim is a communist dictator too!!
Posted by Australian-Asian on 15 December 2005 12:25 AM.
you immigrants are the "racists" not us lets get it right . i work/play sport with every colour of the rainbow you pricks are the visitors act accordingly and make an effort to mix socially and as far as religon goes i'm not religious because i think it's caused more wars,deaths and suffering than any other one thing in this world so take allah and shove it up ya arse there is no hereafter you goose now go home wog!!!!!!!!!
Posted by jacko on 15 December 2005 2:09 PM. (image link edited by Antony)
Posted by jacko on 15 December 2005 2:15 PM.
Jacko said:

you immigrants are the "racists" not us lets get it right .
That, I agree.

Posted by Antony Shen on 15 December 2005 2:24 PM.
thanks Antony
Posted by jacko on 15 December 2005 3:35 PM.
After reading through all this, what can I say? I grew up in Cronulla, and one of my great-grandfathers was a Dharawal man -- Cronulla is Dharawal country. That said, unless we have rocks in our heads and want to have a country we will all hate to live in, we all have to fight harder against racism and prejudice and for tolerance and the concept that every mother's son and daughter involved in this whole mess is actually Australian. Fuck tribalism of all kinds! Crims and complete dickheads of any variety, and there have been such on all sides here, just piss off out of it, will you? And the rest of us take several cold showers. This episode has as much to do with Islam as Hell's Angels have to do with Christianity. Turn away from all extremism and seek reconciliation as a matter of urgency. See what Woglife have had to say: see
Posted by Neil on 15 December 2005 3:48 PM.
Jacko , i grew up in Fitzroy in the 70s and i can tell you right now that there is no worse racist people than the Aboriginals. All one has to do is read your posts to figure that one out.
Im an Australian / Wog with heaps and heaps of true blue aussie mates who would tear your head off if you said that to my face. Have another sniff out of your glue bag and go to sleep in the park , i will die before i let a turd like you kick me out my birthplace.
Posted by Who Cares on 16 December 2005 12:40 AM.
Charming guy!
Posted by Neil on 16 December 2005 8:29 AM.
Who cares said,
... there is no worse racist people than the Aboriginals.

No worse racist people than then Aboriginals?
Their land has been taken off by the white, they have been discriminated. They have been the target of holocaust.
Posted by Antony Shen on 16 December 2005 11:26 AM.
his name sums it up for me 'who cares' now fuck off home who cares you blow in wog bastard

Posted by jacko on 16 December 2005 3:42 PM.
"you immigrants are the "racists" not us lets get it right" so am I a racist now because my girlfriend is of an brunette anglo background? so my cousin is 'racist' even though she married a angalo aussie? "i work/play sport with every colour of the rainbow" so all of them should 'get lost' to where they belong? okay, what you are trying to say is that you are racist because 'we' are racist first yeah? can't believe you are generalizing things, but if that's the way you are i can't help it.
Posted by Australian-Asian on 16 December 2005 6:42 PM.
it seems that the 2nd generation is getting resentful at having to share their country. You live in a bubble and it's time it burst.
Posted by don bradley on 16 December 2005 10:45 PM.
Whatsup you bastards! I'm a 25yr old Leb living in Canada and it's great. I love this place and I am a proud Canadian. Also married a hot canadian girl...about as blond and blue eyed as you can get lol. I pay a tone of taxes and HATE it but when someone in my family get's sick, I know the health care system will be there for them. I also know that tones of people take advantage of welfare and govmnt help but there are just as many people out there that need it. I had no idea there was even a big Leb community living in Aussie. I guess it must be the weather that attracts them. Was going to visit for a surf trip but not anymore. Some people might celebrate but if you were smart, you would realize that tones of people are going to cancel trips to your country which is going to hurt your economy. Anyways, you need to learn a few things from Canada.

Posted by on 17 December 2005 5:55 AM.
Everyone go to
Posted by Neil on 17 December 2005 9:44 AM.
If you want to hear different view, you might want to check out
Posted by Antony Shen on 20 December 2005 3:40 PM.
To 17, I am your neighbor from the South, I from Israel. I now live in Australia and have Australian PR. The Lebanese are a bunch of assholes, I am proud to have put a few bullets in the asses of your cousins, Lebs as well as all Arabs are the lowest of the low. I also have a beautiful blonde Australian girlfriend. Lebs are very racist people, I saw two harass an Indian fellow last summer.
Posted by Uziel Kauffmann on 21 December 2005 1:40 AM.
Now the Yous Lnow how we feel, IM Aboriginal, I welcome the middle eastern people, If the Anglo- Saxons have a problem go baclk to the UK
Posted by Charl on 28 December 2005 1:40 AM.
Being a wog myself I admit yes lebs can get a bit much when they all get together but seriously Aussies are laughable! Australia has no culture, no flair, no attitude and no substance. Its like a big hole. I wish I could go home but I can't. Aussies only accept Aussies they have clicks and groups are arrogant and oh so ignorant! Most of them have never been outside Australia and yet "its the best country in the world!" You show an Aussie the atlas and they can only name 5% of the countries in the world and there the ones that are on the news. I think Aussies are very pathetic, while your screaming about Aussie pride everyone is laugjing at you.
Posted by on 18 January 2006 10:51 AM.
Posted by Rick on 19 January 2006 6:58 PM.
Do you know the same problem of clashes which took place in France in December ? I say that because I'm french and in our country media don't speak about Australia. But the last day, media talked about Cronulla Beach riot. And in my studies, I have to give a talk on the different communauties in Australia. and the relationship !
So, I don't know very well your country but I would want to know your problems. In france, we have a problem of discrimination in front of the employment(and studies) , and about the unjust difference of living conditions (the environnement). According to what I read, your problem is relating to the intolerence and the fear due to September 11th, fear of Arab culture ?
Is it a mistake ? I'm waiting for your answers !
Posted by kalel [TypeKey Profile Page] on 24 January 2006 8:12 AM.
Hello Kalel, The discrimination is not that serious in Australia. People have equal rights regardless of colour, but in reality... non-whites are always feel harder to find good jobs. What else? A huge number of people can not accept Muslim culture. Also a huge number of Middle Eastern appearance people that Australian very much, for a simple reason, Australia is too close to America.
Posted by Antony [TypeKey Profile Page] on 27 January 2006 2:08 AM.
Thanks for your answer ! A last question, Trust you in your government ? Do you think that they can find a real solution ?
Posted by Kalel on 31 January 2006 8:34 AM.
OMMFG... guys, i have to do a speech for skool, and can i just say, THANKS... you TWATS have really helped me prove that australia is full of red neck, trailer trash BIGGOTS! im Half Indian, half Anglo, and i have seen SO much racism towards my indian family, while never receiving coz im WHITE. its crap, you 'Nigger' and 'Leb' haters can FUCK OFF TO America, and join your KKK budies, worse comes to worse, you can FUCKING HANG YOURESELVES. my town is the greatest example of anti-racism, i have NEVER seen any in redcliffe. you fucks piss me off, and make Oz a shit hole. U MAKE ME A SAD PANDA, NOW FUCK OFF
Posted by P.J. on 6 February 2006 10:38 AM.
PS. i know heaps of Lebanese, Torres, Aboriginal, Japanese and Mandarin people, and congrats, after reading this SHIT, they aggree with me. man, even the Rebel gang arent as redneck as ppl like you JACKO and RICK. just coz u and ur type get more pleasure from a NOOSE than a PUSSY, doesnt mean we all do. some dude has it right, were convicts, rejects, who the hell are we to be racist? i mean, seriously, if u dont like MULTI CULTURAL australia, take a FUCKIN BULLET TO THE HEAD, MUTHAFUCKERS. bet u hate gays and lesbians too? ur a bunch of narrow minded, shallow fucks. and while u sit there, about to SQUEEZE the trigger and end your GUTTER HERPE life, remember WE ARE ALL DESCENDED FROM ONE SINGLE RACE, you fuck snips, ONE! die and rot, coz u fucks will NEVER be remembered by ANYONE
Posted by Fry on 6 February 2006 11:02 AM.
At the end of the day , multi-culturalism doesn't work , it will never work. Immigrants come to this country because it's too easy and such a great crountry. But why do they come to this country????....And this is FACT - Because there's are fucked. So they come here for a fresh start and eventually they always slip into there normal way and are slowly fucking up this country. How many western family's do you see moving to places in the middle east , asia , africa??.......none...and hahah the one's that do move over there generally the Dad's are tradies , and are over there fixing up the place. That is something that cant be denied.
Both of my grandfathers fought for this country , my great grandfather fought in gallipoly , and my Pop fought off the Japanese invasion in WW2. And I am currnetly serving in the army along with my 2 bro's and sister , and I would glady die for my country.
If we were to fend off invasion from a middle eastern country would the current Muslims be on the front line fighting for this country against there own people? or would they sitt back and watch??? well what do u recon?
Posted by Aussie on 6 February 2006 5:58 PM.
i say lets DEPORT LEBS!!!!
get 'em outa here, they are the biggest boofheads alive, they cause trouble and we dont need to Lebananese scumbags in Australia.
Posted by on 15 February 2006 2:56 PM.
me and three relitives who all live in the entrance were attacked by a group of lebs becouse we were white it was in the main street the entrance is no longer a aussie place its a joke!!
Posted by on 19 February 2006 4:06 PM.
"me and three relitives who all live in the entrance were attacked by a group of lebs becouse we were white it was in the main street the entrance is no longer a aussie place its a joke!!" well you deserved it suckting!!!:D:D:D:D
Posted by on 23 February 2006 4:53 PM.
Rick, I'm assuming the 'R' in your name is prnounced as a 'D'... I'm also assuming that your above comment was nothing more than tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, or you have a mighty deal of explaining to do...
Posted by Lysandra on 3 March 2006 6:51 PM.
What the hell contstitues as 'Aussie'? I'm a naturalised Australian of Portuguese and Indian heritage, and I cringe everytime I hear the words 'Aussie pride'. Patriotism, it seems, is just another word for red-neck. Another word that continually pops up everywhere I turn is 'ethnic'. I take more offence to being called an 'ethnic' than I do to being called a 'wog'. What makes a person of Anglo-Celtic or Anglo-Saxon heritage any less of an 'ethnic' than someone of say, Greek heritage, or Malaysian heritage? Anglo-Saxons are no more native to this continent than people of Mediterranean descent, or Oriental decsent. The fact of the matter is, Anglo-Saxons/Celtics illegally invaded Australia (and denied any formal occupation of the land by native people, mind you!), whilst the 'Wogs' and 'Asians' legally migrated, willing to assimilate and to start a better life from scratch. 'YOU' came here in chains. 'WE' came here as free people. Does it really make sense that we 'KiKc aLl ThE LeBz aNd DuMb WoGz oUtTtTtTTtTT!!!11~!111!!!!!!2!!'?
Posted by Lysandra on 3 March 2006 7:05 PM.
Posted by Rick on 6 March 2006 8:02 PM.
dont gimme the shit where 'white people stole abos land' you fucking stole their land and had more of a choice in doing so than convicts did. The abouriginals where here first obviously, you canrt blame white ppl for stealing land but you can simple move here and disagree with it ? a bit hypocritical. i respect other people. we carnt change the ppl allready living in australia of all racesm but why bring more ? better off without.
Posted by on 10 March 2006 5:03 AM.
You fucking, stinking ,irish convicts, are all gonna get a fuckin cap in ya lilly white asses. All wogs unite and exterminate these anglo-celtic cowards. Fucken wipe them of da face of da earth muther fuckers. Fuck their bitches . Bust there fuckin holes,muther fucking, child molesting aussie cunts, we will always fucken hate you rich white cunts and after we finish with you we will use you as fertilizer, got the fuckin message you white, bacon smelling, aussie pieces of shit.
Posted by hazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on 16 March 2006 6:47 PM.
Posted by jo on 20 March 2006 5:46 PM.
Hazzzzzzzz your a prime example of the kind of people who created the problem that that caused australiansto riot against you. Australians living today didnt steal the aboriginals land so quite it with that shit. But its people like you who are the scum of society and people like you that shouldve been bashed in cronulla, at least the ones who got bashed embraced australian culture and headed to the beach for fish and chips. If wanna live here, fine practice your own religion, thats ok, we dont mind. but if you wanna act like its beirut or some other shithole ethnic country then go home, if u cant stand australia then fuck off wether you were born here or not. otherwise your gonna gonna keep creating problems and get bashed and looked down on by us, and we'll do the same to all the middle eastern communities coz the ones like you act like pigs. Your uncivilised and beneath the hard working majority in this country. Love Australia or fuck off to ur shithole country. yes shithole!! thats why u moved here isnt it?
Posted by FuelForWar on 21 March 2006 7:44 AM.
i recon the whole racism stuff is bullshit. this isnt about the immigrants like lebs or wogs its about the diffrent appearance of people. if peope have such big problems with immigrants why did only lebs nd wogs get smashed what about aisians europeans nd americans? tehre are a lot of them here aswell nd why didnt they get their part?
what wouldve happebned if sum1 else bashed the lifeguars like americans? id bet a million no1 wouldve given a shit! this is about the cultural diffrences and the acceptance of each other.
i still think if ppl move to australia they sould try to itigrate themself as much as possible. u cant come to another country and take their benefits but still refuse to thank for it. im not saying thgat they shoyld give up their religion or culture just dont discriminate urself and keep old customs up just to built ur own little subgroup! if u cant live with accepting the chnges you have to make to fit in u shouldnt move in the firtst place!
Posted by on 26 March 2006 3:57 PM.
What makes a person Australian? Respect for western liberal democracy and way of life, individualism, honesty and decency. That means individual rights like free speech and freedom of religion, you dumb islamic cunts. That means equal rights for women. That means respect for the law. That means people standing behind what they are and being accountable for what they do. As distinct from your retarded arab social honour code where the image you project is more important than what you really are. How come every time we hear of arab violence it's about a group of camel fuckers gang bashing a lone white. If the white guy gets stabbed it's in his back. Says a lot about the true 'honour' of sand monkeys. Why don't we have this problem with Asian Australians or Indian Australians? Because they're smary and work hard. Unlike you dumb arab cunts. There is a reason there is a saying 'lazy as an arab'.
Posted by Jeff on 26 March 2006 10:03 PM.
Lebs & wogs are sick ule! dont talk shit bout us leb and wogs coz we are like a tsunami we destroy everything in our path!!we are the sickest of the sick! we have our own group now. ETHNICS UNITED. Greeks , italians n arabs unite and we will destroy these DOGGERS!!!
Posted by AhKmEd on 27 March 2006 2:35 PM.
you doggers came here in chains and we came here on a normal boat so now tell me who the fuk should go home ule brefsss
Posted by gino on 27 March 2006 2:40 PM.
rick is a cunt
Posted by habib on 28 March 2006 10:55 AM.
We have the same problem whit muslims ass hole in Sweden to. They should stay in there own country. Ola Svensson. Sweden.
Posted by Ola Svensson on 31 March 2006 4:41 AM.
craig brroks is a freako
Posted by on 6 April 2006 1:38 PM.
I'm an "Ozzy" of mixed race with friends from everywhere.. I mean everywhere.. different countries in Africa, India, Greece, Italy and Lebanon. Some born here.. some born overseas. Of course there are cultural differences, some are funny and some are a pain in the ass but it's all good in the end and we all respect each other. Here's the thing: Muslim Lebs are a problem.. every other race group knows this.. even crims hate them. They have no style, no class, no respect for anyone or anything. They are pigs. They'll bash an African or Indian or a wog (Lebs aren't wogs.. just ask a wog!) just as easily as they'll bash an "Ozzy" if they can.
Ozzies aren't racist.. we don't have a problem with Asians or Indians or Africans, etc.. Just Muslim Lebs. So does France, the Netherlands and a few other places in Europe. Think about it.
BTW - On Ozzies being convicts.. grow a brain: Only NSW used convicts and that was only for about 40 years to supliment the workforce. There were far more skilled people shipped out to startup this country then anything.. I guess that makes us all genetically above average if anything.
On the Aboriginal displacement - Unfortunately this happened everywhere in the world that was settled by Europeans or Americans, and if anything it was the English, not the Ozzies that did this!
So in summary: Muslim Lebs.. your life's road will be filled with pain and suffering of your own doing. A few thousand of you idiots aren't going to do too much damage but you will cause your families to suffer more than anything.
Grow up and learn the culture or move back to that civil war torn and terrorist ridden shit hole called Lebanon.
Posted by not worried on 9 April 2006 7:06 AM.
Man i hate arabs slimy backstabbing ungrateful pricks. They dont belong here like we dont belong in there countries. Your religion is not tolerated behind closed doors of every Catholic home in Australia. And by the way on the Aboriginal thing the convicts who were sent here (namely irish and scottish)had no fucking choice but to be here, they did not do any wrong to aborigines it was the english establishment who killed the murrays and therefore the bastard country of England should be apologising, not me or my family. Yes we were convicts but the majority of crimes committed were stealing of food and the like. Poor poeople with no hope. FUCK ENGLAND and sorry will never leave the lips of my mouth.]
And by the way my friends are real Greeks born and bred and you have nothing in common with them or italians they are respectable your pig religion is not. GO HOME YOU GOAT FUCKING SLIME
Posted by over em all on 10 April 2006 5:00 AM.
man the general theme of this blog entry is, gay white person trying to be a do-gooder by saying racism sucks man and the leb scum laughing at you and saying we Australians should be exterminated. Give me a fucking break do you arabs think you could really fuck with us? You guys are a minority and if history proves correct white people know how to exterminate ethinic groups alot better than you so stop trying to act like a white person you silly little arab monkey. And to the dickhead that asks what makes you an ethnic group? Well, the fact that you are a minority helps and oh yeah we need to remind you that your not wanted here because you seem to think that you came here as free people, ummm i think thats a croc of shit because last time i checked most of your monkey nations are under theocracy and therefore your freedom is non existant. YOu fucking arabs just try and get away with your shit in your own countries oh thats right YOU COULDNT thats why your parents most likely came here. And Yep i love bacon its awesome with eggs and sausages you should try it A-rab good ole white mans dish. Aussies are not criminals either these so called criminals laid the foundation for this great country and they would be rolling over in their graves if they knew you pieces of shit came here. GO BACK TO ENGLAND???????? MY FAMILY didnt come from england you cocksucker they were forced here from their homes in ireland. I dislike england but i hate Arabs more fancy them telling us to go back to England. Dickheads we made this country you have just turned up. You think you have some claim to the success of this country?? fuck off pig fucker. Aborigines deserve more respect from white Australia and they are getting it.
Lastly to the indian person, i dont mind indians and all but for fucks sake every time i get in a lift you people think you hae to jam as many peope in as you can and it is so fucking annoying next youll be trying to sit on top of the trains in sydney chill out and wait for the next lift.
Posted by WHITEUNITE on 10 April 2006 5:32 AM.
Posted by OZYH8A on 13 April 2006 10:21 PM.
JACKO U SICK CUNT!plus who eva sed about soccer.. AUSTRALIAS HATE THAT SHIT SPORT! and ozyh8a .. haha u kno all the hot chicks ere r aussies thats y u fags rape em y werent u at cronulla u fuckin pin dick derik!u have to use weapons AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE WHITEUNITE giv it to them december 11 2005/ lets hav another riot !!!!!!! deccember 11 2006!!
Posted by aussie on 20 April 2006 12:29 PM.
Posted by on 22 April 2006 12:31 AM.
i was not ashamed of being australian until i read this, you people are sick and i hope you get the knife you're asking for, I have no idea what made you think it was appropriate to mass in such an unmanly nature, you're worse then wild dogs and should be put down the same.
Posted by Darty on 23 April 2006 11:39 PM.
Posted by OZYH8A on 24 April 2006 11:11 PM.
I am a BEAUTIFUL Aboriginal WOMAN from Brisbane, married up to a Serb Muslim with one child. I have the upmost respect first to my people, myself and family and to my Muslim brothers and sisters.
Up here in Brisbane,Muslim/Lebanese/Serbians/Croatian respect Aboriginal people. WHY? Simple....They respect us because they know what it's like to be treated like shit and they respect and understand the treatment and history of Aboriginal people and this country. Welcome my brothers and sisters. Aboriginal-Muslim stand united. Now that's scary. No need to be pretend fighting with these "insecures" on the web. The day-to-day struggle that WE experience is the real shit. White Australians are protected species, they will never know what it's like, so let them go and feel like the VICTIM for a minute.

White "aussie" chicks are by far the least hottest. Don't make me laugh little boy. Have a look around, open your eyes, and learn to develope more taste besides the taste of shit that you have in your mouth, cos' the days of the "white skinned, blue-eyed, blonde haired plastics" is over, the most beautiful women in this country are the traditional women from NT and SA, you know the woman you white aussies call BOONG, COON, BIG NOSE, yet at the same your ancestors raped us, and to this very day have always secretly admire us. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, the whiter they are, they have no use. Don't be so ridiculous. If your going to argue something, you want to back it up. And make sense, cos your talking some foreign kinda bullshit - ENGLISH!!
Posted by on 30 April 2006 6:32 PM.
Aboriginal- muslim unite????? Yuu are talking about the unification of two very different cultures. The arabs dont respect your culture nor do they respect any culture for that matter that is why they believe they are here, to cloak the globe in the darkness of islam.
You seem to have a chip on your shoulder aboriginal lady. Muslims dont know what it is like to be treated like shit you idiot!!!. YOU need to remove the blinkers and read about some of the truths of islam's history. As a whole they are a supremacist culture. Wholesale slaughter and oppression of ethnic groups within their countries are trademark and have been for centuries although not really any more due to Western dominance and humanity. They are the cause of a large portion of world conflict and war crimes. They dont respect you or your aboriginal culture. We can go very far into history if you want to pull that card lady. Muslims back in the day were responsible for the slaughter and enslavement of millions (remember you started the history card). I find you to be a very misinformed and uneducated "BEAUTIFUL" aboriginal woman. It seems to me that you want to be opressed and you think because your ancestors sufferred a little that it is your right to carry a chip on your shoulder, WAKE UP. You are not opressed, you are afforded the same freedoms which white Australia is. If this is not true then tell me this,
Why is it every ethnic group in Australia (with exception to aboriginals and mid easters) have excelled and topped their fields in a range of areas such as medicine, arts, sport, technology to name a few. There is absolutely no answer for this that can involve racism. i agree with whiteunite for the most part i just wanted to add. P.S if there is no need to be "pretend fighting" with these insecures on the web then why are you posting.
P.S.S I do not admire the look of aboriginal women nor did any of my ancestors rape your ancestors i think you will find that that was very few and far between perhaps just as much as that which occurred between aboriginal men and women or between white women and white men.
Posted by wtf you tard on 6 May 2006 8:17 AM.

Posted by angelina on 28 May 2006 12:31 PM.

Posted by angelina on 28 May 2006 12:33 PM.
um just to let u dumb ozzies know there r catholic lebo's that areinvolved in this 2. Do u UNEDUCATED RETARTS EVEN KNOW WHO ALLAH IS. FCK god honestly made u guyz the dumb race.. he is the muslim god, the catholic god is jesus... we idolise jesus a kind and holy man who was not racist. If u havea problem with the leb muslims than u have a problem wit us 2 cause we all untie n stick 2gether... so b4 u jump down us catholic lebs throats think about the folloiwng:
a) who is allah and who is jesus
b) y am i so racist
and finally c) i betta run b4 they come afta me
rick we now who u r soo i suggest u start running
Posted by monica on 28 May 2006 12:38 PM.
YES I AGREE WITH MONICA i am a leb girl and i believe in jesus just like the guy that said fck allah... however U my UNHOLY FRIEND SHOULD B SENT TO HELL U HAVE NO RIGHT TO DSICRIMINATE AGAINST MUSLIMS... OR CATHOLIC LEBANESE. u shoulD PRACTISE WAT U PREACH SUKA
Posted by on 28 May 2006 12:46 PM.
I hate to tell you but Aussies are not 'Anglo". Do you call American's anglo or for the UK. We're Aussies born and bred. Lebs and wogs and Aussies all came from the same place orinigally, so don't tell me we are just anglo or british. We're Australians.
That riots never would have happened if those bastatrd hadn't gone around raping our women cause they can't get any by legal means. Touch our fucking women again, you cunt, I'll rape every fucking Leb bitch I see.
Oh yeah Wog, Lebs Unite get rid of the aussies. As soon as we're gone, they'll start raping YOUR women, wogs. Wake up! Leb men just can't keep their dicks to themselves.
Posted by Eddie on 1 June 2006 7:03 PM.
Australia's problem is the same as France's : or America's or Britain's or Thailand's or Philippine's or Spain's or Russia's or Bali's or Israel's or anywhere else in the world that the Koran is imported to. well, you get the message. Invading muslims with a core religious education that endorses rape, violence, and a systematic attack against anyone that is different than them The rapes in Australia commited by Lebanese and other muslims against the western women are not anything new. Muslims have been doing this around the world and they continue to do it today. The slave trade in Europe - MAINLY RUN BY MUSLIMS AND EXPORTING WOMEN TO THE MIDDLE EAST. Where inthe world are there countries with the fewest human rights? Easy, in communist ones like China and in Arab ones like in the Middle East. I am not saying all Arabs are bad, but unfortunately, the good ones are not doing much to stop the bad ones which is just as bad as being a bad muslim yourself. As time goes by, the entire world will be less and less forgiving of muslim's atrocities against not only the so-called white man, but against the hindu, or even BUDDHIST MONK in Thailand. The problem is not a racial one, it is a mental one. Muslims are clearly mentally retarded and prone to violence. They prove this every day in Iraq as well as the rest of the Middle East. Think about this for one moment, muslims are so VIOLENT AND BRUTAL, THEY HAVE NO PROBLEMS KILLING EACH OTHER BY THE HUNDREDS AS THEY PRAY IN THEIR MOSQUES. This is the culture the world will have to deal with. The sooner the world gets together and either eliminates these bacterial infections, the better. There is no way to reason with them as they try and justify their violent behavior every day. Rape, mass rape, genocide, beheadings, murder, bombings, and every inhuman act you can think of. Then when they are attacked, all of a sudden it is "un-Australian" or "racist" or "anti-Islam". Sure, tell that one to someone that actually cares. Perhaps your Islamic imman who preaches hate to you muslims every day.
Posted by Sebastian on 13 June 2006 4:50 AM.
We did come here in bolts and chains but this country is the product of the blood sweat and tears of those "convicts". Have some respect. I reject multiculturalism when it consists of extreme political correctness and the loss of my proud heritage which built this country and the values we have formed and that being replaced by a watered down version just to satisfy a bunch of nobody ethnic whingers. Do as the greeks and italians did and embrace and assimilate or fuck off back to your "awesome" country. Ha what a joke (why are you here if your country and religion is so good i certainly dont want or like your people nor do i have to. MY PEOPLE PROVIDE THE FREEDOM TO SPEAK AND EXPRESS OPINIONS SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. Also, to the bitch who wrote this, rick how dare yoU, U ARE A RUDE AND SELFISH COWARD AND I CAN BET MY LIFE ON IT THAT IF ONE OF MY COUCINS CAM E TO YOUR DDOOR YOU WOULD RUN TO UR FAT OZZIE MOTHER. YOU OZZIES HAVE THE NERVE TO TELL US OT GO HOM: UMMM HELLO AT LEAST WE CAME HERE ON AREOPLANES... AND NOT IN BOLTS AND CHAINS
GUD LUCK N GOD BLESS IF U BELIEVE IN ONE U COLD ASS" I would tell you where i live if your so hot, but your really awesome arab education system obviously hasn't taught you how to read or write past 1st grade level. You greasy disgusting arab slimeball.

Posted by WTF on 15 June 2006 7:04 AM.
"If u havea problem with the leb muslims than u have a problem wit us 2 cause we all untie" Im not surprised you cunt. See you dont even know what unite is (you cant even spell it eastern wog) UNTIE??? Ha Ha.
Posted by on 15 June 2006 7:19 AM.
Coon Bitch "We" didnt rape "you". Dont try and cash in on something that has never affected you. Nothing bad has ever been done to you especially in the way of rape. Shut up and go sniff petrol. If we weren't freeing Iraq then you might not be able to sniff petrol because oil prices would increase and you niggers wouldnt be able to afford the petrol to sniff. CUNT
Posted by WHITE Unite on 17 June 2006 10:47 PM.
I am half American-half Greek, and I am considering coming to live out in Australia? Do Aussies hate Greeks and Americans? I would just love to say I love Oz and Aussie people, I think they are great. However two years ago when I came to Sydney I heard a group of people calling me a fucking Yank when I was talking to a friend on my mobile (I still have an American accent coming from Seattle) I am now living in London, I am hated by literally everyone Italians, Indians, Arabs, Muslims, Turks. It is like the Greeks and the Americans are the two most hated races in the world. I am white as are most Americans/Greeks, but I just want to ask U Aussies where do I stand if I was to come to Oz. Australia is my second fave country in the world after the USA, but I want to ask how Aussies feel towards immigrants, would I be a victim of Xenophobia?
Do the Aussies hate other European immigrants such as the Dutch, Russian, Greeks, Italians, Poles ect? I heard all about the Crunella riots from the British media and it probably gives Australia a bad name, but to me it is still a great country to live, all year round sunshine, beautiful girls ect. Please let me know your thought.
By the way how many of U guys listen to Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, Slayer? Any of U Aussies into heavy metal?
I hope most of U guys do cause Chavs suck, metal heads rule. Hope none of U guys listen to that RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop shit.
Any way I look forward to hearing Ur comments Chris

Posted by Proud American on 10 July 2006 6:20 AM.
If U are still wondering about me I was born in Seattle my Father is Greek and my mother is American. I know most of U guys do not like Muslims, and to be fair with U their religion sucks. Ok I admit I am an athieus and a heretic, Christianity suks as well, all religions suck, how many of U on here are Christians? In my view Australia is an athieus country, not a Christian one, I hope I am right. It is certainly not a Muslim country and never will be, U guys should not worry about them. U Aussies probably hate those Lebs after the riot. What would have happened if those attackers who attacked the lifeguards were American? Would there have been a backlash against the American community? In my I reckon Europeans, Americans can intergrate with Australian culture because we all have a lot of things in common ie drinking, headbanging, moshing. However Muslims have a totally different culture to us and therefore non-muslims can not intergrate with them, becasue to Muslims, me and other non-muslims are regarded as infidels. I am sure many Greeks, Duth, Italians and Poles must have supported U during the riot. Many of them hate Arabs/Muslims. All of these people have something in common with U Aussies, they are Christian(althogh they should not be) they enjoy Soccer, drinking beer ect. Lebs/Arabs look very different to Greeks, Italians, Bulgarians believe me. Hope no Greeks or Italians got hurt in the riot, incase they could have been mistaken for a Leb. Many Americans have Greek or Italian ancestery. In the States both Greek and Italians are regarded white. Do U Aussies regard Greeks/Italians white? Rock on Aussies, Europe, Australia and the USA all United.
How do U Aussies feel towards Chinese and Indian people? I have many Chinese friends and I think they are real good people. I just want to conclude to that prick who thinks that Greeks and Italians will unite with Lebs BULLSHIT, I know full well the Greeks/Italians will side with the Aussies, Greeks/Italians hate Arabs/Muslims, so dude the Lebs are on their own for this one. Lebs will NEVER take over Oz. Australia will never be an Islamic country, so dream on. Greeks/Italians are white so they will side with the white Aussies, and both are also non-muslim, so that automatically makes them an enemy to the Lebs. Why the FUCK would any Greek/Italian want Oz to become a Muslim country, Turkey (a muslim country) took away nearly half of Cyprus away from the Greeks, with the help of their "Muslim allies". The difference is Italians and Greeks accept the Aussie way of life, something U Lebs don't do, if U have a problem with Aussies or Australia then STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OZ, EUROPE AND THE USA, AND GO BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST YOU FUCKING PRICK
Posted by Chris on 10 July 2006 7:27 AM.
I feel for you Aussies.The problem with fucking Muslims is world wide.I like in Canada and I tell you,I can't stand the fucking greasy cunts.They are such a burden to government services it's fucking rediculous.They will take advatage of everything imaginable.They immigrate to this country,are given money,free schooling the best health care but yet bitch at what a shitty country it is cause the taxes are high.Well I ask the question.Why the fuck are you here?They earn there living here,spend as little money as possible to live, and then send the money back home because their countries can't figure out how to start a viable economy.They come to countries like ours because they know the way we live is far better than what they have.But yet they have the nerve to bash it and cause shit.As far as I'm concerned they (Arabs) can all fucking die.We can't contain them though.It's too late.They have already sewn their tainted seeds in every country in the world.
Posted by James on 14 July 2006 6:03 AM.
I hope Israel bombs the fuck out of Lebanon,Syria and Iran and wipe them of the face of the planet.Just one more place we can vacation to after it's done!Hezbollah thinks they're tough..just wait until Israel unleashes on them.They don't give a fuck about human rights like the Americans do.
Posted by Jmaes on 14 July 2006 6:13 AM.
There has been a lot of Christianity vs Islam fight talk. Christianity and Islam both suck dick, I hope most of you Aussies on this forum are heretics or atheists. Christianty is bad for Australia, eveyone in the country should be atheists. I am sure everyone who turned up at the riot was not a christian, cause they are smart enough to realise Christianity sucks. I think only us atheists have the guts to stand up to Islam. Christianity is wrong for the Australia, Europe and the USA. SMASH ALL RELIGIONS
Posted by Corey on 17 July 2006 1:38 AM.
Islam is spreading through Europe, like a cancer, and if we do not control this cancer it could spread to Australia. Islam is spreading its disease all round Europe. Britain, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Germany are all fast becoming Islamic countries, and we must do something now to stop the rot. Do not ever vote for these fucking left wing scum. Europe and Oz we both have to make a stand before it is too late. There are far too many mosques in Europe. If they get their way they will adapt their laws in Europe (could soon be Eurabia). Aussies make a stand for your rights before its too late, campain against the growth of Islam, otherwise you will face the same problem as what we are facing in the UK, and the rest of Europe. U have all our support.
Do not let the media get you down.
Support Denmark for the cartoon drawing.
To all the Muslim shit on this website your prophet Mohammed was a peado, camel fucking cunt, you can give me death threats all you want I don't give a fuck, your religion sucks and I am not afraid of you
Posted by Mike on 17 July 2006 2:54 AM.
To all over them and white unite how dare U insult us English, we made Australia. If u have the guts to say "fuck England" come to Norwich, East Angila and say those words and we will all knock you out you prick. My girlfriend is Australian and she tells me how much she hates the Irish. White unite how can you hate Muslims when you Irish are Muslims. You have something in common with them, you are terrorists, so fuck off you IRA scum. Us English are stronger, more intelligent and better looking than you you Irish will ever be.
Posted by Ehglish lion on 17 July 2006 7:29 PM.
By the way Paddy, go back to Ireland and read your shitty koran, and worship tour dickhead prophet. The Aussies prefer us English to you Irish. The English are the real Anglos in Australia are the English, not the fucking Irish.
Posted by Ehglish lion on 17 July 2006 7:43 PM.
Posted by Muslim hater on 18 July 2006 1:33 AM.
To all of you on this forum who do not listen to heavy metal go fuck yourselves, you are a disgrace to Australia, all true blue Aussies listen to metal. Not RnB, Hip Hop or Pop. TOWNIES=SHIT TOWNIES=SHIT TOWNIES=SHIT. If there are any townies on this forum, do yourselves and all of us a favour and kill yourselves
Posted by Towny hater on 18 July 2006 5:12 AM.
Hey Hazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you camel fucking cunt do not come back onto this forum, you ugly filthy towel head. Go back to your stinking shitty third world country, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria or where ever the fuck you came from.
Posted by Haz is gay on 18 July 2006 5:25 AM.
Haz you are a peadophile, just like your dickhead prophet Mohammed, so do us all a favour and go to Iran and blow yourself up there so you can kill yourself and your scummy Muslim brothers.
Posted by on 18 July 2006 5:52 AM.
Monica you dirty raghead shut the fuck up, you Mudslime bith, you are not worth, the shit the comes out of your mouth. You are the scum of the earth being a muslim and a woman. Get it through your thick skull women are second class citizens on this earth. Accept the fact that men are the greater gender, and that women are nothing but two-faced, stuck up whores.
All women are stupid and have an IQ of about 10.
Monica, your religion treats women like doormats, but because you are a woman you have a low IQ. Add the fact that you are a Muslim means your IQ must be zero.
You would have to be stupid and uneducated to be a Muslim, but then again those that worship your religion are as thick as two planks. I hope you get raped one day you stupid Leb bitch, it will probably be an Arab man, then you will not be such a proud Leb anymore, you fucking slut.
Posted by Woman hater on 18 July 2006 6:56 AM.
Habib, fuck off you gay bastard, your a fucking dickhead, you share something in common with your dumb prophet, you are both peadophiles. Habib stop raping 13 year old boys and girls, guys like you need shooting.
Posted by Habib is a wanker on 18 July 2006 7:27 AM.
Habib I hope you fucking die, along with your Muslim brothers
Posted by on 18 July 2006 7:30 AM.
I hope you Aussies, boot fuck some greasy mother fucking Lebs for us in Canada.As soon as a conflict happens in their homeland they blame "our" governments for not doing something about it.Well here's the thing....WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!WE are sick as fuck about hearing the bullshit happening in Middle East.As far as I'm concerned,you can all kill each other off.
The recent fighting in Lebanon appearently killed 8 "Canadians".The first thing the family does is blame the Canadian government that they were not quick enough to evacuate them.This is where I have a problem. 1.They were not Canadian.Citizenship or not.As far as I'm concered they were just visitors.So fuck em. 2.They were in the conflict zone and had many days to move further north ,close to the Syrian border away from the bombing.So fuck em. 3.These so called "Canadians" fucking fund Hezbollah,the fucking cause of all this shit. As far as I'm concerned they can go fuck themselves.You were never Canadians and your families here are not Canadian either.SO FUCK OFF!!!!
I hope the Israeli's keep bombing the mother fuckers,cause payback for the bullshit you bring to other countries is going to be a real BITCh.
Posted by James on 18 July 2006 11:40 AM.
I fucking love you real Aussies.Canada loves the Aussies.Just to let you know.
Posted by James on 18 July 2006 11:42 AM.
James I have to agree with you, these Lebs are twats, all they do is mug people, start fights with people.
I am half English half Greek, living in London, these Muslim fuckers are nothing but trouble, stand in their gangs picking on lone guys/girls. Islam is a shit religion. Muslims are cunts, they try and inflict their religion on eveyone. They tend to beat up non muslims. Last week a group of ten Muslims tried to steal my phone, I punched one of them, but then two of them pulled out a knife so I had to run. I love Australia and Australian people, and I support what you guys did in December, it goes to show those muslims they can not get away with everything. At least some of your citizens decided to stand up to them. NO SURRENDER TO ISLAM
I support you Aussies all the way.

Posted by Nick on 18 July 2006 5:55 PM.
I would love an Aussie girl to shit all over me ha ha ha ha sic (515)
Posted by Slipknot on 18 July 2006 7:28 PM.
Even gays are better than Muslims. Muslims are the lowest of the low
Posted by on 18 July 2006 7:45 PM.
Some of those girls who turned up at the riot were hot (I am only talking about the blonde ones). Brunette girls are ugly
Posted by on 18 July 2006 9:00 PM.
Beautiful Aboriginee, don't make me laugh, you can not use beautiful and aborigine in the same sentence. You would never see an Aboriginee in the FHM magazines, I wonder why. Face it slag all the best looking girls are blond, fair skinned. Brunette girls with fair skin are ugly. The only girls I would go out with are the blond girls. The non blonds are not worth looking at.
Posted by on 18 July 2006 9:14 PM.
To that idiot aboriginee, if all the Anglos left Oz for the UK, then Australia would be a muslim country, the Lebs would take over. You say you would welcome them, but if they adopted their sharia law, then they would oppress you a lot more, than us anglos. They would force you to wear that burkra shit thing on your head, if you refused to wear they would torture you. You may think anglos were bad for taking oz, but you would regret the day the muslims came to Australia. Then you would not welcome middle-easten people to Australia.
As for the other wight immigrants from europe, the dutch, greeks, italians, poles, serbs, russians, they would be forced to live under the islamic law, and then they would end up leaving. Then Oz would be a third world country. Surely you would not want that would you? Remember it was the English, Greeks, Italians, Russians, Poles and Dutch that have done something for Australia. The lebs and aboriginees have done nothing for Australia.
Its always us wights that do something in our lives, non-wights tend to live in poverty and commit crime. Don't believe me come to the UK and see for yourself.
Enough said
Posted by on 19 July 2006 1:04 AM.
By the way yes it was the WHITE immigrants who made Australia a great country. The Lebs are just fucking up Australia, so miss aboriginee I have put you in your place, you know I am right, and you have no arguments. Australia was nothing before the Brits came.
RULE BRITANIA (spelling corrected by Antony)
Posted by on 19 July 2006 1:12 AM.
The world would be a better place if Muslims and women just vanished off the face the planet. I hope all the slags on this website go the same way as the Lebs in Lebonan, six feet under.
Posted by Women are bitches on 19 July 2006 3:08 AM.
Thanks Antony, my spelling can be a bit shitty at times as I am dyslexic, thank you for correcting me. I sometimes spell even simple words wrong
Posted by on 19 July 2006 3:11 AM.
What the fuck is wrong with these idiotic muslims, they want to inflict their religion on everyone, they are a threat to democracy, they are already trying to adopt the sharia law here in the UK, what the fuck I do not want to live under no Islamic laws. Everyone would have no choice but to become muslim, fuck that I will never be muslim. Everyone in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA, lets unite together and destroy this fucking evil satanic religion, before it destroys us. NO SURRENDER.
Posted by on 19 July 2006 4:54 AM.
Don't worry ,the time will come.The world is getting sick and fucking tired,as I am,of the muslim world and their spread of hate.Every fucking day the first story on the news is either suicide bombings,a pissed off muslim,or one of our coalition troops getting killed.The time will come when the western nation will unite and ultimately destroy these fucks.I just hope it's in my lifetime.
Posted by James on 19 July 2006 10:52 AM.
James I could not agree with you more. Islam is a threat to world peace and must be destroyed now. I hope one day Bush decides to declare a war on Islam.
James, you are a very clever person, and I am glad you see what is islam is really like. This dopey PM of ours Blair thinks Islam is a peace loving religion, what a dickhead Blair is. James I feel you should be the Prime Minister of the UK, you would run our country much better than Blair. I feel you would make a great prime minister.
What nationality are you mate?
Those twatty muslims want the UK to be an Islamic state. Fuck that I do not want to see attractive girls walking around with towels over their heads. Britain has to stand up to Muslims before its too late.
Whats is like where you live. I hope its better where you are than where I am now. If Britain did become an islamic sate I will emmigrate to Australia, the USA or Canada. Any way its great that you share my views James, I look forward to hearing more of your comments, and I hope there are more people like you out there that will come onto this forum.
Posted by Nick on 22 July 2006 1:10 AM.
FUCK ISLAM, Islam is the cancer of the world. We must not let it spread.
Posted by on 22 July 2006 1:13 AM.
Ban Islam in Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA.
Muslims out of the west, deport all muslims back to the middle east to ensure peace in the western world.
Muslims are not needed in the US, Oz or Europe.
Lets hope that the Middle East gets wiped out.
Muslims are mass murderders, and are scum of the earth.
Posted by on 22 July 2006 1:20 AM.
Fucking left wing media "racist aussies attack those of arab origin", what about those leb twats who rape 13 year old girls ect ect? Good on you Aussies stand up for yourselves and your community.
Posted by on 22 July 2006 1:39 AM.
The meadia is full of double standards. I wonder if the lefties criticised the muslims for burning the Danish flag, after the cartoon controvasy obviously not. The media is full of shit. To all those decent people on this forum ignore the media its full of shit.
Posted by on 22 July 2006 1:45 AM.
James, I agree with you when you muslims are the problem. In London and other major cities muslims are commiting crime, they are the reason for high crime.
Muslims are lazy cunts, they depend on state benefits.
They are a problem in society, all they do is glorify terrorism. I don't think I can even remember the last time I heard a muslim condemn 9/11, 7/7 or the Madrid bombings. All these attacks were committed by dickheads who think Islam is great, when you, me and other non-muslims know their religion sucks dick.
I gather from your comments that you probably have no muslim friends, I have no muslim friends, so I could not blame you, it is pointless trying to make friends with them. Their culture is different and their beliefs are different to mine, I myself am an atheist.
Canada is a great country, when I went to Vancouva two years ago I did not spot a single muslim, it was great.
I hear from the media that there is quite a big muslim population in cities such as Montreal and Toronto, with a few mosques, is it the sad truth?
Multicultralism does not work anywhere in the world, it has been a disaster. Parts of London now look like third world shit holes. I hope it is not half as bad in Canada. For me Canada is a great country, and it would be better if there no muslims.
It is great to be sharing my views with you James, you seem like a real decent guy to me.
Talk to you again asap pal
Posted by Nick on 22 July 2006 7:35 AM.
I was born here in Canada.Calgary Alberta actually.My parents immigrated from Poland(which by the way is part of the coalition in Afganistan).And thank God they did.My Uncle recently visited us from Gdansk,and was telling me how wide spread the muslims are in his country.Mosques are popping up at an astronomical rate.They move into communities,gobble them up,and don't integrate into Polands society.They basically build self contained cities within a city.It's absolutely amazing.We have that problem here too in Calgary.Calgary is like 3rd or 4th largest city in square kilometers in the world.I live in the Sw part of the city.It is well known that the N.E part of the city is basically a muslim population.So you can imagine how many there.Calgary has a population of 1 million.The same thing happens here.Mosques are everywhere and are basically a city within a city.They keep to themselves and have Arab MLA's and alderman(government reps)who bitch that they are segregated.I don't fucking get it?
I work with a guy who recently move from the Netherlands.I asked him what was his reason for moving was.Get this.He moved because he didn't feel safe in his country anymore.Why?Arabs took over his city.There was multiple mob beatings caused by Arabs on native Dutch.He said it got so bad that he didn't want his teenage daughter to walk to school.How's that.When he told me that, my fucking blood boiled.I told him "Welcome to Canada and I hope that doesn't happen to you here".How would that make you feel Nick?
Posted by James on 22 July 2006 9:01 AM.
I'm watching CNN right now and I see that Israel is launching a full on ground war against Hezbollah.I'm so happy right now I can barely contain myself.I hope they wipe them out and take out Hamas next.That would make my life.Give it to them boys.No mercy.
Posted by on 22 July 2006 9:07 AM.
James I must say good for Israel, I hope they destroy all of Lebonan. You stated you were Polish, in the UK, there are plenty of Polish immigrants here, and to take my hat off to them they work damn hard, if I were the PM of the UK I would choose Polish immigrants over the Arabs any day. The Poles are hard working good people, and they intergrate well the British culture, unlike those useless hooked nosed Arabs. One of my best mates in my university is Polish, real cool dude. Most students in my uni are fucking muslim. Poles came to England to work hard, they cause no trouble, in my areas where there are a lot of Poles, there is low crime. The good thing about Polish people is that 1) they are not muslim 2) they are friendly 3) have imported to the UK some nice girls 4) they are not terrorists.
I would not regard myself as a racist, but I really just can not stand arabs/muslims, they are the most arrogant cunts on this planet. In my lifetime I have made American, Aussie, Italian, Dutch, English, Sweedish, Russian friends.
Muslims have become a huge problem in Holland and Sweeden, in Holland Dutch girls are often harrassed by bastard muslim immigrants. In Sweeden crime has gone up 400% in the last five years as a result of muslim immigration. The most common crimes in both these countries included car break-ins, rape and gang warfare. Thses muslims have no respect for any of their host countries, these muslims make my blood boil. I feel sorry for your Dutch friend for what is going on in Holland even though I have never been there.
James check out this website
It gives you reasons why muslim immigration is bad.
In Norway for example they make up 2% of the population yet use up 44% of the welfare benifits.
In Malmo,Sweeden 90% of muslims are unemployed.
In muslim areas there are no-go zones e.g. Malmo, Paris, even parts of Amsterdam.
No wonder the Aussies rioted, you must have heard the media, "racist Aussies beat up Arabs" portraying Australia as a racist country, yet what about the fucking Lebs raping girls as young as 13. James I hope U ignore the shitty media, it is always the muslims causing trouble, just look at the way they behaved after the Danish cartoons. Muslims are such dickheads.
Posted by Nick on 23 July 2006 5:23 AM.
James, have you ever been to Seattle? I went there two years ago and the place was literally free of muslims.
Mosques in Poland? I would never have thought that muslims would go to Poland. I have an idea James, Poland and Russia should unite so Poland can rid its land of muslim filth.
Australia is one of the most islamaphobic countries in the world, can't blame them for hating muslims, them trying to turn Oz into an Islamic state. I hope Howard sends all the Leb bastards back to Beiruit so they can be bombed. I must say I love Australia. I went to Sydney last christmas just after the riots, and fucking hell I saw so many mudslimes, I thought to myslef what the fuck is going on?
Here is me list of my fave countries in the world:
8)New Zealand/Poland
9)South Africa

Posted by Nick on 23 July 2006 7:18 AM.
I'm looking at and i love it.I'm like you.I don't believe I'm racist either but man it's hard not to be these days.Anyway I'm going to take a look at it and I'll let you know.
Posted by Jmaes on 23 July 2006 9:09 AM.
Nick,that website that you told me to go to is exactly what I've been saying this forum.My post about my friend from and what he had to endure in his "OWN" country is what has been written in that website.I've never even heard of it before.I can't believe how spot on it is.I've got goose bumps just thinking about what he has told me.I just wish that everyone in the Western World will have a look at this website,because I'm definately going to pass it on to people I know.
You were telling me to not believe the media.Nick,I have my own views and have always believed in them.I've always tried to tell people the truth over the years,but they always dismissed it as something else.These same people have come back to me saying"You were right".I'm going to try to give you a link to a Calgary Sun columnist named Rick Bell and his articles about the Canadian government evacuating these so called Canadians who haven't lived here for decades.On my hard earned taxes of course.I'll let you know.Give me your email address so I can send it to you.
Posted by on 23 July 2006 9:35 AM.
James, unfortunately I do not have an e-mail address. When I last used my e-mail address a number of my messages were not sent, and I also did not recieve a number of messages. Two weeks ago my e-mail address stopped working, I can not understand why. I do not like using the e-mail system very much, as a result of what happened a few weeks ago. Could you please pass me the link on the forum? Is is a web site?
Posted by Nick on 23 July 2006 6:02 PM.
I think that site tells the entire story of the problem with muslim immigration. Man Holland have it really bad. I have told my freind Ross about this web site so hopefully he will post a few comments, you should tell your Dutch friend about this site.
Posted by Nick on 23 July 2006 6:09 PM.
Hi James, my friend Nick told me about this site, those fucking muslim dicks always trying to impose their religion on everyone. I hope Isreal destroys Lebonan
Posted by Ross on 23 July 2006 6:18 PM.
James, I have read all the comments on this forum, and fucking hell some of these posts have been the biggest load of shit I have ever read. All these dickhead Lebs talking about how great their culture is, if there culuture is so great why don't they just go back to Lebonan, maybe with any luck they will get caught up in the bombings. I hope that slag Monica went back to Lebonan, with any luck that whore might have been killed out there, she has not been back on this forum in ages.
Posted by Ross on 23 July 2006 7:28 PM.
Australia for the atheists only. No christians, muslims,, sihks, hindus, Jews ect.
Posted by Heretic on 23 July 2006 8:46 PM.
Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi oi, I just want to say well done to all you Aussies who stood up to those mudslime cunts, teach those cocksuckers a lesson they will never forget. You are all true Aussies. Britain loves you, and you have all our support. Everyone in Britain supports you.
Posted by Nick on 24 July 2006 2:50 AM.
James let me sum up Islam in a nut shell for you
Molestation of women
I found this anti-muslim slogan on the BNP website, man that really does simply sum up Islam.
The thing I hate most about islam is their intollerance they want eveyone to bend over backwards for their bollocks religion, yet they have so much disrespect for non-muslims. Did you know that in places like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Iran it is illegal not to be a muslim. If you reject islam in those countries you can be put to death. It is illegal to practice Christianity, Budhism, Hiduism, Sihkism ect. I hope Bush decides to attack Iran, wipe these cunts of the face of the planet. The cocksucking Iranians are bulding nuclear weapons to try and wipe out Europe, USA ect. That Iranian leader is a dick. I hope he dies. Come on Bush you know what to do, wipe out Iran and Islam so we can have peace in this world.
Posted by Nick on 24 July 2006 5:03 AM.
Posted by Leb hater on 24 July 2006 5:05 AM.
Islam the religion of peace? BULLSHIT. Here is a list of attacks the muslims have commited over the last few years.
09/11 attacks on New York
03/03 Madrid train bombings
Bali bombings
The murder of school children in Moscow, Russia by the scummy chechnian rebels
07/07 London bombings
Mumbai train bombings
How many more attcks? Who will be next?
Those that follow Islam are cold blooded murders. The real truth about Islam is for their followers to murder the non-believers.
Posted by Nick on 25 July 2006 7:35 AM.
Islam out of Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States of America.
Posted by Nick on 25 July 2006 7:38 AM.
Nick, You might want to check out this cartoon I posted in
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 25 July 2006 12:29 PM.
Nice one Antony, good cartoon, man that should be published world wide, it would piss off the muslims, just like that Danish cartoon.
Anthony, where are you from? Do you live in Australia?
Are you an Aussie?
I am half English half Greek and I am from London.
Anthony post a few messages for James from Canada, he is a real cool dude. He agrees that Islam sucks
Posted by Nick on 25 July 2006 5:55 PM.
Akhmed fuck off you Leb prick, us Greeks would never side with you muslim scum, do not try and suck up to Greeks and Italians cause you know either Greeks or Italians would knock the puck out of you pussy Lebs. I pledge my support to the Aussies. Akhmed you want a fight come to the UK and I will knock the fuck out of you u pussy muslim bitch, I have done kick-boxing, karate and kung-fu, and if you want to bring your pussy leb gang, bring them. I'll bring my American, Greek,Italian, English, Russian and Aussie mates, and we will knock the fuck out of you. We all hate mudslimes. BRING IT ON
Posted by Nick on 25 July 2006 6:04 PM.
Akmed I would rather eat shit than make friends with a muslim, I hope Isreal bombs the fuck out of Lebonan.
I was so happy to see the tsunami, loads of scummy muslims die. The Pakistan earthquake, Indonesia earthquake, SHAME. All those dead muslims. I hope more muslim countries. Not to mention Iran and Turkey. Face it Akmed you "Allah" does not give a shit about you. "Allah" does not exist. As for that peado Mohammed he was only good at fucking pigs and having sex with nine year old girls. Mohammed was a peadophile. Your prophet sucks dick.
Muslims are dickheads, look at your towel head women, they are so ugly, I mean I would rather kiss a fucking toilet seat than even look at your vile women.
So Akmed fuck off you towel head, and do not post on here again, you pig fucker.
Posted by Nick on 25 July 2006 6:22 PM.
Hey Monica, just because you are a Leb Christian does not mean people on this forum like you, we hate all Lebs including the Christians, so nobody gives a fuck if the leb christians go with the leb muslims. At the end of the day if you had half a brain cell you would know that Lebonan is a muslim country. And christians who live out there are stupid, get it through your thick skull Christians are not wanted in Lebonan. Muslims in Lebonan treat christians like shit, but then you stick up for the leb muslims, just goes to show you are as thick as two planks. If you love Leb so much go and live there, now would be a great time to go live out there, you fucking bitch. I am an atheist and proud of it got a problem with that?
The muslims are getting what they deserve.
Posted by Ross on 25 July 2006 7:34 PM.
Drownes since the dawn of time, compelled within your you sheltered lives not once has anyone ever seen such a rise of pure hypocracy, I'll instigate I'll free your minds I'll show you what I've known all this time
You know its true God hates his place, you know its true he hates his race, homicide, suicide, hate heals you try some, strive for peace with acts of war the beauty of death we all adore, I have no faith distracting me I know why your prayers will never be answered
Posted by Slayer on 25 July 2006 8:41 PM.
Hey Aussie hater, I want to mess with you and your leb friends, cause I know I will bust you in half. You think you and your leb friends are hard? Come to the Wembly arena in the UK, Slayer are playing in November, so please come down, bring your gang cause you are gonna get fucked up you pussy, you would not dare mess with Slayer fans. But then again you are a pussy, all talk no action, you would be too scared to get in a proper mosh pit. Nobody fucks with Slayer fans, and being a huge Slayer fan myself I would fucking eat your flesh and drink your blood.
You are a fucking pussy and you know it. Lebs are pussys, they can only fight with gangs and knives, you guys have not got the bottle to fight an Aussie one on one. Lebs are only capable of beating up elderly people and young children. See your Leb friends got smashed in Crounella, running away like little girls. The only things you lebs fought with was with parked cars and shop windows. You could only smash up cars with cricket bats, cause thats all you faggots are capable of doing, you guys could not fight to save your lives. Just look at what is happening in your third world country, you guys are getting destroyed.
Muslims are pussys, that is why they resort to terrorism, but now its your turn to suffer at the hands of Isreal.
Posted by Pantera on 25 July 2006 8:57 PM.
I hope more earthquakes hit the muslim countries, muslims are filth and need to be wiped off the face face of the earth. All non muslims unite Australia, Europe, Russia, China, the USA, lets all destroy their shiity faith. Muslims out of western countries.
Posted by Muslim hater on 25 July 2006 9:10 PM.
Nick, Sorry to disappoint you, I am a Chinese and now lives in Sydney. In recent Lebanon bombing event, there were Australian-Lebanese blaming Australia Government that they were being treated as second rated citizen as government did not provide transportation in the first day.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 25 July 2006 11:12 PM.
Anthony don't worry I like Chinese people, they are real cool people, I have a couple of Chinese friends in my uni. Chinese people are not the problem, muslims are, Chinese people do not try and inflict their religion on everyone. I mean its not like the Aussies attacked Chinese people on 11th December. Chinese people have contributed to the Australian economy, they don't commit crime unlike those Lebs. Chinese people are good people amd I have never had a problem with a Chinese person. I would rather live in a community of Chinese people any day, over a community of Lebs. I am glad you have made a few posts, you a real decent guy. Talk you again mate.
In all my life of meeting Chinese people I have never met a "bad apple" amongst the Chinese.
If I was the PM of the UK I would choose Chinese immigrants over muslims cause Chinese people are decent and hard working. I wish China all the best in the future and I wish them all the success in the world cause they deserve it.
Posted by Nick on 26 July 2006 1:22 AM.
ROTTED BODY LANDLISE- a line of dead rotted bodies in a pool of bloode
A SKULL FULL OF MAGGOTS- thats what Lebs tend to have in their skulls
THEY DESERVE TO DIE- Lebs of course

Posted by Cannible Corpse on 26 July 2006 7:18 AM.
Hey boys,sorry I been away working for the last couple of days.If you guys read this do me a favour and go to (You Google it if you have to.Then type "Lebanon" and you will find a forum that you guys will like.Trust me.You have to read some of the shit.My handle is MMilitia2006 so I'm sure you will read some of my posts.Let me know if you guys join and what you're handle is cause we'll some fun!I'm getting everyone I know to join and go to this furum.It is hopping with both sides of the arguement.I fucking love it.Lots of greasy fucking Leb scum fucks on the furum.Let me know.Talk to you later!

(direct link added by Antony)
Posted by James on 26 July 2006 10:57 AM.
By the way my profile is locked cause I'm getting flooded with death threats.I don't mind them but my email is getting flooded so just to let you know.LOL.Later
Posted by on 26 July 2006 10:59 AM.
Look up "Fucking down with muslim", "Islam is about Hate", and "The seeds of Hatred" (part 1, part 2) on (Youtube,com). This will open your eyes a little more.

(direct links added by Antony)
Posted by james on 26 July 2006 11:42 AM.
James, I could not agree with you more, muslims are full of hate, all they want to do is kill non-believers of there crappy medieval religion. I have been on its a good website, I saw coverage of the demonstation of muslims in London after the Danish cartoon, what bastards the muslims are, saying things like "7/7 is on its way" "Europe you will pay"
for fucks sake it was only a cartoon. I also saw the thing with the Lebs, they talk so much shit it made my blood boil. But the best thing was to see the towel heads getting beat up by the Aussies, man I have watched the crounella riot over and over again. Go on Aussies defend your country against unwanted scum.
Posted by Ross on 26 July 2006 6:01 PM.
James, I just read on the British People's Party website that the muslims want the sharia law adopted in Europe. It states that places such as Holland and Norway could be muslim dominated areas in 20 years, if current immigration patterns increase.
In Britain it is just as bad places such as Luton, Oldham and Bradford are literally no-go zones for non-muslims. We must not let it happen, something needs to be done before its too late.
It is getting quite bad.
Posted by Nick on 26 July 2006 7:39 PM.
Hi James whats up, I am the half American half Greek guy, living in London, I have been on holiday in Seattle and I got back back yesterday. Just want to let you know us Americans love you Canadians, and we stand by you, we prefer you guys as neighbours to those Mexicans, illegally invading our country. I have read your posts this morning and I must say your points have been intersting. I know this is the first time I have spoken to U, but on my first impressions of you I would say you ROCK MAN, yeah you seen like a decent guy.
I just want to say Hi to my pal Nick, on this forum, thank you for introducing this forum to me. I'll call you later in the day Nick.
James its been great talking to you, can't wait to hear from you again.
Posted by Chris on 26 July 2006 8:56 PM.
Man I hope some of the trash on this forum gets deleted, hopefully monica, akhmed, haz, habib. Man what those people talk so much shit. Their posts belong in the toilet, not on this forum, what a bunch of cunts these people are, fucking muslims do not belong on this forum, this forum should have been called the anti-muslim forum. Man these people should have their posts flushed down the toilet, even the sound of shit dropping in a toilet sounds better than what these people are saying. Man they have a nerve posting on this website, theses people should fucking hang themselves. Man it pisses me off just seeing their names on the screen, let alone their comments.
Posted by Nick on 26 July 2006 10:37 PM.
If you 555 then Islam is 666, if your 555 then islam is 666, if your 555 then islam is 666, whats it like to be Islamaphobic?
Well I know what its like to be Islamaphobic, fucking great. Proud to be a metal head and a muslim hater.
Posted by Slipknot on 27 July 2006 5:07 AM.
A civil war in Europe and Australia is seemingly on its way, but the muslims have only themselves to blame, so if it does happen, it is the fault. of the muslims.
Posted by on 27 July 2006 5:14 AM.
My first cousin lives in brisbane and she just sent me a joke.She's my Mom's Brother's daughter.I thought you guys might like this. A young Aussie lad moved to London and went to Harrod's looking for a job.The manager asked "Do you have any sales experience?"
The young man answered"Yea I was a salesman back home".
The manager liked the Aussie so he gave him the job.
His first day on the job was busy and challenging but he got through it.After the store was locked up for the nght the manager came down and asked"Ok, so how many sales did you make today?"
The Aussie said"One".The manager groaned and continued"Just one?Our sales people average 20 to 30 sales a day.How much was the sales for?"
"101,237.64PNDS" The manager choked and exclaimed "101,237.64PNDS?What the hell did you sell him?"
"Well,first I sold him a small hook,then a medium hook then I sold him a new fishing rod.Then I asked him where he was fishing.He said down at the coast,so I told him he would need a new boat,so we went down to the boat department and I sold him that twin engine Cat Power.Then he said that he didn't think that his honda civic would pull it,so I took him to car sales and I sold him the Suzuki 4*4.
The manager,incredulous,said"You mean to tell me....A guy came in here to buy a fish hook and you sold him a boat and 4*4?". "NO,no,no...he came in here to buy a box of tampons for his lady friend and I said....
Well,since your weekend's fucked,you might as well go fishing.
Posted by on 27 July 2006 10:49 AM.
That was posted by me by the way.i forgot to put my name down.Hope you like it.I thought it was fucking hillarious.
Posted by James on 27 July 2006 10:51 AM.
Good one James, that was a funny joke, I especially liked the bit where the guy went to buy a box of tampons, thats the sort of thing that muslims would do.
Posted by Nick on 27 July 2006 5:52 PM.
Fuck off Catholics. If there are any catholics on this forum then you should fuck off, you do not belong in Australia.
Posted by Catholic hater on 27 July 2006 7:34 PM.
James, Russia has a population of 125m, 26m Russian citizens are muslim, making up 10% of their population. Russia has the same problem as the rest of Europe. I read last night that by 2050, Russia could be an Islamic country. THE LARGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD FUCK THAT. There are 8,000 mosques in Russia alone. To our Russian allies do not let this happen, rid your land of this filth, destroy the chechnians.
Russians are warriars, they never give up and fight to the death. I read some good news from Russia that a mosque in Moscow was burnt down. Good good one down, a few thousand more to go. Racist attacks are now becoming more common in Russia, muslims get attacked. The civil war has only just begun, RUSSIANS FIGHTING BACK, mudslimes beware, Russia is going to win this battle. NO SURRENDER RUSSIA.
The government may decide to surrender Russia to the muds, but the people will not.
Come on Russia, you are my 4th best country in the world, do not let this happen. If the muds take Russia, they will basically take the world, but I am confident this will not happen, cause if the muds mess with the Russians, they are gonna get fucked. Muslims surrender now, Russia is waking up, and Russia will destroy you.
NO SURRENDER. Fight to keep Russia non-muslim
Posted by Ross on 27 July 2006 11:01 PM.
Victory for Russia
Posted by Ross on 27 July 2006 11:03 PM.
James, muslims are pussys, they have to resort to terrorism, cause they can't fight to save their lives. I mean look how may wars the Arabs have won. NONE.
Look at the way they held SCHOOL CHILDREN hostage in Moscow, these pricks are riding their luck the rest of us, inluding u and me are starting to wake up, and the west is gonna destroy Islam.
Hail victory for the West. The West is the best.
Bin Laden is a little girl, hiding in the mountains, some fighter he is. Bin Laden you are gonna die, your time will come you retard.
Posted by Ross on 27 July 2006 11:11 PM.
To all the Aussies, when you run out of toilet paper, buy some Lebonese flags, wipe your arses with Leb flags, cause they belong in the toilet, it is a good way of saving toilet paper. LEB FLAGS BELONG IN THE TOILET.
Posted by on 28 July 2006 12:24 AM.
Another good suggestion is to put the Leb flags on top of your BBQ's and watch the son of bitch burn.
Posted by on 28 July 2006 12:27 AM.
American Pride World Wide
Posted by USA on 28 July 2006 1:21 AM.
I hope that an earthquake hits more muslim countries, muslims deserve to die.
Posted by Muslim hater on 28 July 2006 9:22 PM.
Any fit Aussie girls on this forum?
Posted by Aussie lover on 29 July 2006 7:14 AM.
Look at the Lebs, begging Europe, the USA and Russia to end the fighting, just goes to show you how thick the people in the middle-east are, they can not even sort out their own problems, so they have to beg the "western world" for help. Why should we help the fuckers? Let the bastards die for fuck sake, Isreal is doing us all a favour FUCK LEBONAN, they belong in the gutter. We should not help the Lebs, cause they are terrorits, the world leaders should see through these Arabs. If we did help them, we would get nothing in return from them, the only thing they would end up doing is blowing us all up. To all the muds out there, nobody gives a flying fuck about your bullshit religion, stop spreading your filth muslims, you have created your own problems, in the past, and now your past is coming back to haunt you, believe me muslims this is only the start, we are all waking up, and we will be fighting back, so be prepared to be destroyed.
I am sick of your double standards, you always insult non-muslims, but when a non-muslim insluts you guys U cry like 6 year old girls. Be prepared for the day that Islam gets eliminated, cause believe me that day will come.
Posted by Ross on 30 July 2006 7:18 AM.
Muslims get the fuck out of Russia cause you are going to be destroyed, you want a war bring on, you best surrender NOW, to the US, Europe, Russia, Oz, UNITED WE ALL STAND, muslims-FUCK OFF.
Posted by Ross on 30 July 2006 7:24 AM.
Ha ha none of you women have responded to my comments, cause you know what I said was true, all you women are whores, I am proud to be a woman hater, and a muslim hater. Men are the superior gender, we don't need you women in this world, you women are good for NOTHING. Us men are better than u women in every way. So to every fucking woman in this world GO KILL YOURSELVES, us men do not want you, nor do we need you, so FUCK OFF. WOMEN AND MUSLIMS DIE AND GO TO HELL.

Posted by Woman hater on 31 July 2006 12:45 AM.
U women on this forum probably think I am a nutter, look I am not on drugs, I just simply hate women and muslims. Thats why I am on this forum. I know full well that I am not the only guy out there who hates women, there are plenty of guys out there who hate women, all us guys are asking you women to commit suicide cause you would be doing us guys a favour, you are inferior to us guys and you know it.
Posted by Woman hater on 31 July 2006 1:03 AM.
Muslims out of our countries, we do not want you, nor do we need you, FUCK OFF MUSLIMS
Posted by Muslim hater on 31 July 2006 8:56 PM.
Aussie hater- whats the matter, you afraid of me- so you should be, yeah bring your twatty Leb gang down to the Wembly arena in Novemnber, when Slayer are playing, if you decide to bring your gang let me know, I'll let my mates know too, you want a gang fight, bring it on you pussy, cause if you bring your gang down to Wembly arena on that day, you will not be leaving the area alive. My pals and I would kick the shit out of your friends, so for your safety KEEP AWAY.
You have been warned.
Posted by Pantera on 2 August 2006 12:41 AM.
Hey James, good job man. I am an Indian and want to show people what these Islam really is. Its rituals are of convenience. Let me mention some of the few points to all.
Islam is built on five pillars. 1 Namaaz; praying 5 times daily, with out knowing the meaning of what the words they are uttering Allaha Hu Akbar…… a convenient way to satisfy there daily sins being forgiven. Committing the same next day. There Prophet Muhammad recited to keep his people mentioning his name Ashwad-Ah Muhammad a-Rasool-ul-ah. 5 times a day.
2 Ramadan; Filling their belly all the night with rich food and fasting until next day evening it is imitated the Yom Kippur of Jews. Modified conveniently.
3 Huj: when Islam expanded and people increased. It was impossible to keep in touch and reviving their belief (False). Instead of going places to meet he made all the people to so called Huj a holy visit to a land of Mecca. So he can be in contact with his subject a convenient way again.

Posted by raj on 6 August 2006 10:05 PM.
The fucking Lebanese over in Lebanon are not "Australian" 25000 fucking dual passport holders who have never lived in Australia permanently. They are all fairweather Australians. This is the basic mindset of these slimy cunts, A leb: I will get an Australian passport then move myself back to Lebanon. Oh shit the bombing has started, I AM AUSTRALIAN GET ME OUT OF HERE. Don't treat me as a second rate Australian GET ME OUTTA HERE. Aussie: But sir you haven't lived in Australia for 10 years. Leb: Fucking racist white Aussie I'm ringing the lefty media to rat on yur racist comment. Lebs are not Australian and never will be in the eyes of Australians (whether of Greek, Italian, Irish, English or fucking Indian decent) Arabs will never be welcome. You are the niggers of the 21st century and it will not change. Its sad but true. Some people just don't fit.
Posted by John on 8 August 2006 7:03 PM.
Lysandra, If you can' express patriotism for this country then fuck off. If you cringe at Aussie pride then you aren't Australian, FUCK OFF. If you are such a lefty little bitch that you can't separate racism from patriotism then you do not deserve to reap the rewards of living in one of the wealthiest countries on earth. Dn't bring you koom bye yah fucking shit here.
Posted by Steven on 8 August 2006 7:07 PM.
Catholics make up the second largest proportion of this Country you fucking retard. We built this fucking country. Irish Catholics you retarded ape cunt. Do you even know what you are talking about?
Posted by Jimmy on 8 August 2006 7:10 PM.
There is a difference between racism and patriotism yes. There is a difference though, between saying something proud about your own race than saying shit about others.
I'm not an arab or an anglo i'm just another random australian chinese in melb and i reckon all of this racist anti-islam bullshit should seriously just stop. Come on guys...
Don't know where you guys are from, but here in Melb i don't see any conspicuous leb muslims causing trouble and i don't know if the shit i hear about is still going on in Sydney with them. SOMEONE tell me what's going on in the rest of australia!
I'm only a first generation australian born and you might find it unusual but i do care about this country and yeah i admitt, being a christian and all, i was shocked to find out comming back from a holiday overseas that celebrating christmas as a public holiday would offend muslims. The worst thing that can happen is to take away this country's traditions and culture. But building up hatred and being aggressive is seriously not going to help the situation.
Another thing, you see more asians here in melbs than lebs! Although i'm guessing more than 50% of them are actually international students - not aussie asians, I gotta admitt seeing international students around does get annoying . But the way you guys generalize based on ethnic background is the same manner of thinking that will cause friction between the ethnic communities here! This is why i think all this racial bullshit must stop. Point is, this isn't about race. It's about culture. The people you guys hate are not actually all leb ethnic's the ones that won't assimulate.

Posted by teapot on 10 August 2006 12:56 PM.
You see, teapot, you ARE Australian. Your parents obviously moved here because they wanted to live in a society which matched their value system. If Australia fits the values and beliefs you stand for, then anybody is welcome. Muslims do not value Australia and for what it stands for. They hate any non-muslim yet live in OUR country, call us racist and take advantage of a growing movement toward radical political correctness on the part of left leaning politicians. The sooner that Asians and other ethnic groups realise a movement to the political right is in order, the quicker the muslim question can be dealt with (non-violently of course). Until then, anyone on the right who renounces the behaviour of muslims within this country is a "racist" and "unAustralian". Taking advantage of, and using against, real Australians, the advantages provided by previous generations of Aussies is despicable. The Islamic community needs to take a long hard look at itself and ask whether they really belong here. After all, Australia is not going to change for them.
Posted by Steven on 10 August 2006 9:15 PM.
And by the way, You are right teapot. I think we owe it to the Diggers who have died, the convicts and the free settlers who have made this country what it is, to celebrate our traditions without worrying that some whinging, whining group of non-conformist muslim will be offended. Fucking disgraceful.
Posted by Steven on 10 August 2006 9:20 PM.
Hey English Lion. did you not know that Irish are the second biggest Ethnic group in Australia?, and they basically built Australia from the ground up?. And to the person who stated that Catholicism is not wanted in Australia, well 29% of Australians are Catholic so you make no sense. Fucking self serving egotistical comments like those from "English Lion" are so fuckin unfounded and stupid. Whilst my family has Irish and Scottish heritage we do not consider ourselves either. I consider myself Australian and stand by any nation or people who's views align with those we adopted and gained from our British counterparts. The whole "Muslim" hate thing is flawed to a certain extent. Yes for the most part they are cunts in Australia however i am sure there are moderates amongst them who love Australia. We just need to weed out most of the cunt ones. After all Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all branches of the Abrahamic religion. Its just that Jews and Christains are, for the most part, compatible nowadays.
Posted by Ben on 10 August 2006 9:43 PM.
Ben, guess who is the first ENGLISH, now FUCK OFFF YOU PRICK, The English made Australia, not the Irish. Catholics suck dick, your crappy Islamic religion sucks, by the way I am not Irish or Scottish in any way I am 100% English, and my entire family is English, I have traced them back to many generations. By the way Ben, most Aussies are atheist, NOT CATHOLIC.
Look at the members of the PYL, they are all ATHEIST.
If there religious Aussies, they would be Protestant, not Catholic, lets face it the English are better than the Irish, the Aussies know that too.
Posted by English lion on 10 August 2006 10:29 PM.
You retard. The second (2nd) biggest RELGIGION in Australia is Catholicism i.e 2 being AFTER 1. Atheism is not a religion you idiot. Catholicism is not Islamic you moron. And, also, you say, "the English are better than the Irish, the Aussies know it too". I am Australian you fucktard. Australians have an affinity with both countries. One third of all early Australians (i.e when the country was being built) were transported Irish. You are self admittedly English, yet you try and tell me things about my own country. The English found the country, the Scots and Irish built it for them. This is not me trying to defame the English input into Australia it is merely trying to set the record straight (it wasn't all England). You have resorted to name calling and insulting my religion in the name of making yourself feel superior. You are a very unintelligent little person. READ WHAT IS FRONT OF YOU BEFORE YOU CRITICISE THE COMMENTS OF OTHERS.
Posted by Ben on 10 August 2006 11:48 PM.
I know what you mean steven. To be honest i wasn't born here though, i was born in France and came here after 2 years in 1990. Been here long enough to proudly consider myself Australian and contribute to our society though. I know what you mean.. because since i was young even my mum had been telling me that the muslims were the most vicious and aggressive people in France. All during my childhood I thought she was just being discriminative since we were christian, because after all... when we were young all whole world to us was just our neighbourhood, and in Melbourne i never saw many muslims causing trouble. Hearing of the incidents in Sydney about the gang rapes and racial attacks, which i never even knew existed, really did make my blood boil. It wasn't until i researched about this issue ...that i realized what my mother was talking about..and how big the muslim community in France was. The thing is, i dont think generalizing the muslim PEOPLE (not religion) isn't going to help the situation. Something should actually be done to confront this issue in Australia...
Like introducing the teaching of Australian history and values into every school, a Leb-aussie diplomat(to prevent anyone being called racist)that has adopted the culture here and understands what we're talking about and will speak on behalf of the rest of Australia..
Just promote something that will not cause any racial tension between our community..
Posted by teapot on 11 August 2006 6:13 PM.
Ben you muslim prick Catholics are muslim, you are just in denial, most of Europe is Protestant, including England. I am an atheist, and fucking proud, religion sucks dick, if you don't believe me then buy God hates us all by Slayer and then you will realise religion sucks, there is no God no Jesus no Satan no Mohammed, when you gonna get that through your thick skull you muslim piece of shit. There are more atheists in Australia than Catholics, because most Aussies are decent, unlike U, most Aussies are atheist like me so you have no right to even live in Australia, religion is a pack of lies.
Fuck the Irish Scottish Germans and Spanish, they are a disgrace to Europe, and in my eyes, Scottish Irish German and Spanish people are muslim filth.
Posted by English lion on 11 August 2006 9:42 PM.
slayer? you take religous dvice from a corporate controlled band? Fuck you are in trouble. I have no right to Live in Australia? Who the fuck are you, you piece of shit. Generations of my family have fought for my country you inbred scumbag. And actually alot of them fought in servitude, and out of loyalty, to England. This is my country and will be until the day i die. If you ever tried to tell another Australian that a fellow Australian did not have the right to live here, then you would have the shit kicked out of you.
Do you know what being a Muslim is you idiot? Catholicism is not Muslim you fucking wanker, it is Christianity. I will no longer converse with a person who takes guidance from a Heavy metal band for his views on Religion. I guarantee you that your parents, grandparents and all those before you were Christian and would be repulsed by the comments you have made. I suspect you are a young child, if not, good luck you are going to need it in your life because you will have nothing.
Posted by Ben on 11 August 2006 11:54 PM.
And also, you think most Australians are atheist just because they don't signify their religion on their census form? Most people i know don't signify their religion because they don't feel it is relevant to give the government that information, however they do believe in a god. I can assure you 99% of Australians believe in one god or another. You are a unintelligent goth fuckwit and the type of person i fucking belt the shit out of.
Posted by Ben on 12 August 2006 12:01 AM.
That's true. catholicism is a christianity. what kind of idiot would assume it's muslim? And although most anglo-aussies are probably atheist, alot of them or at least their parents would have celebrated a christian event...but mainly because of tradition and customs...rather than actually believing in the religion itself. But who cares anyways. We're not against christian people here!

Posted by teapot on 12 August 2006 1:18 AM.
This comment has been edited by Antony on 28th August 2006.

Originally Muhammad posted Lost Verses of the Koran Surah 115 to Surah 125
a koran parody

Surah 115-124 can be found in this page.
Posted by muhammad on 12 August 2006 5:09 PM.
Ben I am not a goth you catholic prick, there is no God, no Jesus, no Satan. If you want to belt me one fine bring it on I'll kick the shit out of you you filthy chav
Posted by English lion on 12 August 2006 8:26 PM.
All those who turned up at the riot were atheist cause you catholic pussys ain't got the guts to stand up to those fucking muslim wankers.
Posted by English lion on 12 August 2006 8:29 PM.
Ben to be a true Aussie you have to love the USA, listen to metal music, be a heretic and an atheist. I know what Islam is you dick, its a terrorist shitty religion, but Christianity is not much better. I feel sorry for you cause you are insecure, you were brainwashed into becoming a Christian, there is no heaven/hell its all a myth, trust me Ben one day you will see the light and become an athiest, cause we are the only decent people around on this earth.
Posted by English lion on 12 August 2006 9:18 PM.
Ben you said 99% of Aussies are Christian, don't think so when I came to Sydney last Christmas I met loads of atheists and they were metal heads too. I reckon maybe 20% of Aussies claim to be Christian, only 9% regularly go to Church, which is what you probably do not do. I have a couple of Aussie mates here in the UK, they are decent unlike you. My mates are both huge Pantera fans, and yes they are atheist too. I am not a fucking devil worshipper, cause "satan" does not exist, I called you a muslim to piss you off and I am glad I did, of course I know catholic is part of Christianity. My parents are not ashamed of me, my grandparents fought 2 world wars against those fucking Germans, and guess what all my family are atheist, so I am not in trouble, but you will be if you ever cross my path, cause I am a proper heretic, so do not bitch about your shitty religion like a twelve year old girl.
Ben get out of Oz or be put out. All muslims, catholics and non-atheists stay out of Australia, do us all a favour and leave Australia, and go live in Germany, where there are loads of fucking Turks, since you love the muslims so much, if you ever became PM of Oz, then the country would become an Islamic one, but hey guess what Oz will never be an Islamic country, so tell that to your fucking Leb friends.
Posted by English lion on 12 August 2006 9:34 PM.
Jimmy fuck off you Catholic prick, your rligion sucks dick and you know it, you behave just like the fucking muslims, they know their religion sucks but ain't got the balls to say it, thats why they carry out terrorist attacks, Christianity sucks as well face it.
Atheist people are the best I agree 100% with the English lion guy, Ben you are a Catholic prick too, lets join forces to destroy religion once and for all.
Posted by 515 on 12 August 2006 9:53 PM.
I don't have any lebanese friends. I am right wing. But I suspect you have no idea what that entails. Mate, you would have come to Australia, and met fucking scum like yourself. You are obviously unintelligent enough to think that an uneducated bunch of death metal freaks are a representative cross section of Australian society. Your atheism is not a product of your own thinking. You, my dunce friend, are simply following a vile form of pop culture, developed by corporate entities who market the "music" and own "the bands" you listen to, and laugh all the way to the bank. Its a fucking gimmick you retard.
I have never stated that I like or dislike Muslims. I have no hate for them, however I would rather they vacate MY country.
You treat your heresy like it is a religion in itself. Denigrating and judging all others who have religous beliefs, whilst being an atheist, is so fucking Ironic you twit. And I will restate a fact, I misquoted beforem but, The biggest single religous group in Australia IS CATHOLIC, 30%. Atheism accounts for less than 10%. Go figure, fuckwit. Lastly, I guarantee that if you crossed me, it is you that would on the wrong side of a fuckin good floggin. You wimpy little death metal girl.
It is also soooo fucking funny that you think /death metal heads are some sort of religion in themselves. You and you SMALL little group of atheists are a joke. You are outcasts of society. WORSE than Muslims.
Posted by Ben on 13 August 2006 2:01 AM.
Ben, how can you not hate muslims, they are terrorits, rapists and wife beaters. For fuck sake you are not right wing mate, the PYL are right wing mate, I reckon your real name is Mohammed. Ben you are fucking gay Slayer are thrash metal, not death, you dick sucking chav. Pantera are heavy metal, but yet you do not know these bands because you listen to commercial shit like Busted, Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue ect. My group is large mate, shame you do not have any friends. Islam is a threat to us all, wake up, you don't want Oz to be a muslim country, thy
ey breed like hell. Believe me Ben I am right wing, and I want muslims out of England more than you want muslims out of Oz. If you want to still fight me please come to the UK, so I can knock the shit out of you, fucking retard.
Teapot what a gay name, no wonder France is becoming a muslim shithole country.
Posted by English lion on 14 August 2006 6:38 AM.
Ben tell me what is so great about your religion? I mean Jesus never walked on water, never performed miracles, nor did he rise from the dead. There is no God no Satan no heaven and hell, its all a myth, just watch the Da Vinci code and you will see my point.
You just sound like a sad fuck, yet you call me an outcast, when I came to Oz with my American mate, I made so many mates. Most Aussies are decent unlike you, so it don't surprise me one bit that you never turned up at the riot.

Posted by English lion on 14 August 2006 6:47 AM.
By the way Ben, I think you should stay home, if you want to fight me fine I'll destroy you in seconds, I have done kick boxing since the age of 12, done Karate for 4 years (blue belt) and Kung Fu for six years so you would stand no chace against me, cause I was kickboxing champion in my local area, so back off, cross me and I'll drink your blood and eat your flesh, you little toddler.
Posted by English Lion on 14 August 2006 6:54 AM.
LMAO hahahahhaha!!! english lion you really are a fucking joke do you have no fucking brains yeah teapot is a fucking gay name but it's still more creative than english lion wat the fuck! haha that real original aint it and i'm my nationality isn't even french fucking retard
oh by the way no matter how fucking dumb you think we are sorry but i think everybody would agree when me when i say there is no dumber shit that some 20 something year old fat shyt who surfs the net looking for ways to offend people n declaring 'thrash metal....who by the way thinks 'catholics are muslims' LMAO hahah and yeah i already met you and your 'friends' i've seen them in high school when they used to eat my knuckles sandwhiches so i can understand why you turned out all into death musics n shyt seriously you sounder dumber by the fucking minute do yourself a favour and shut your fucking mouth you drop kick mother fucking loser! lmao... nah come on say some shit to make me laugh come on !!
Posted by teapot on 14 August 2006 10:25 PM.
Fuck you teapot, I don't give a fuck if people agree with me or not, I am not trying to insult everyone on this forum you cunt, I hate muslims and have every right to do so, English lion is not a gay name, three lions on a shirt, does that give a clue? Come to the UK please so I can bust your face in you ugly piece of shit, by the way three lions is what England has on its football shirt, your the fucking loser, you do not have friends, so you come on here and talk shit, you are a fucking dick, apart from that gay faggot Ben, nobody else gives a fuck about what you have to say. I don't think everyone is dumb, I think Ben, you and your mudslime mates who post on this forum are dumb. What fucking nationality are you anyway?
Posted by English lion on 14 August 2006 10:41 PM.
Teapot, you call me dumb, yet I have a degree in Economics, you have nothing, you are some little bitch on state benefits, I have a secure job working in the city's stocks and shares, you sit at home all day taking class A drugs, no wonder your comments make no sense, go home and listen to your crappy Busted and Girls Aloud crap, cause at least I appreciate quality music unlike you, If you get on the wrong side of me I'll drink your blood and eat your flesh. You are so thick you do not even know who Pantera or Slayer are, cause they are not commercial enough for you, go home and mix with your Leb mates, you share a lot in common with those muds.
Posted by English lion on 14 August 2006 10:54 PM.
LMAO HHAHAHahahahhahahahaa!!!
oh mann...
how quick was your reply to my message huh! I'm actually replying back after i had a nice LONG shower But DUDE...wat the fuck do you do all day? do you really have a job?
But i seriously dont give a damn if you have a degree in economics, however i just think ANY degree ANYONE would have wouldnt be credible either if they thought catholics were muslims! who said i even cared what the english lion stood for?
by the way find some new insults you stupid moron you're using the same lines again!
...u know whats funny. why the fuck do you always think up new shit 15 minutes later...and then post another fucking comment?! makes me wonder how fast you think.....n much of a life you have and dont fucking make up another person or 'friend' to 'post' 20 minutes after and reinforce your side like you did before!
seriously. threaten to bust me if you want wats the fucking point u fuckin idiot?!?!. its the net you stupid mother fucking ho fuck face retard. turd, what the fuck do you think is going to happen?
seriously. make another post! lol haha so we all can see what a funny kunt u are! Anyways i think i'll walk away first, be the better man and let you finish last. continue! :)
Posted by teapot on 14 August 2006 11:12 PM.
Teapot for fuck sake u stupid wanker, first of all stop talking like you are black, using the word "ho", your the fucking retard, you are a fucking pussy, get a job, get a life you whore. If you have a problem with metal heads, come off this net, and say your shit to my face, better still come to the Slayer gig in November and insult Slayer, you would not bother, cause what you would find is that if you insulted Slayer, us Slayer fans would rip your skin off. If you got the balls, come to the Slayer gig in November, please come to the Wembly arena in London. Put up or shut up teapot. But then agian you would shit yourself if you crossed me or any of my other mates. By the way if you read some of the posts, you will find some other Slayer fans on here, these people are my bros who introduced me to this site.
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 12:30 AM.
Teapot I think you are the one who made up the name Ben, you know I do not control this forum, you know I am currently hanging out with my mates now on my day off work, what the hell you doing? Yeah I was working late last night, not that you have ever done a hard days work in your life you sad cunt, I reckon you do not even know Ben personally. Yet Ross Nick and Chris the American guy are all mates of mine, we hang out all the time, we watched the video footage of the Cronella riots and we all share the same interests. Teapot this is an anti-islamic forum, if you don't like it then FUCK OFF
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 1:05 AM.
English Lion a number of things you said made me laugh, i will point them out to you. 1. You apparently work in the securities industry, who for?, and why do you refer to your jobs as , "working the city's stocks and shares". You sound like a fool, like Bob the builder, "I work with hammers and nails" You retard. Shares and stocks are the same thing you idiot. Who do you work for, what department? Have you ever assisted in underwriting an IPO? Are you a research analyst? I think not. You are simply a liar. I think you have a degree in something more along the lines of home economics. 2. What's a chav? 3. "I'll destroy you in seconds, I have done kick boxing since the age of 12, done Karate for 4 years (blue belt) and Kung Fu for six years so you would stand no chace against me, cause I was kickboxing champion in my local area, so back off, cross me and I'll drink your blood and eat your flesh, you little toddler."
This is classic, It proves my point that you don't have an education past high school. Making up for your shortfalls on the internet by making up a fantaasy alter-ego. 3. You watch the Da vinci code to substantiate statements in regard to your anti-religous attitude. Did you actually understand what the movie was about? Also, do you know that it is entirely fiction? You are pathetic, but it gets better, read on. 4. You state that I am not Right Wing. Do you know what Right and Left are in politics, or in direction for that matter? Right Wing does not entail compulsory racist bigotry you idiot. It is much more intellectual than that, a little bit too much for you brain. If you were right wing you would know that it is popularised as the "religous right" you fucking moron. 5. "gay faggot". did you have to say it twice? 6. How can you hate what you obviously know nothing about? (i.e you think muslims = catholics). 7. The biggest joke of all is that you think slayer, pantera and the rest of those pathetic bands are intellectual and are some sort of social movement where all their fans are friends and stick together. I suggest, that you actually get off your ass, and actually go to University, and actually learn and not just read things on the internet and listen to the lyrics of pop bands. You are probably around 15 years old. If you aren't then your life is going to get alot tougher once your "mummy" and "daddy" kick you out of home. You shouldn't lie about what you do, don;t be ashamed. I have caught you out mate, I work in an investment bank as a junior quantitative analyst. If you want to argue don't lie about yourself to get more credibility, you only end up looking like mre of a fool.
Posted by Ben on 15 August 2006 1:15 AM.
By the way, the joy i get from my religion, and what other's get from their's, is something you, unfortunately, will never have the pleasure of experiencing. Your life sounds void of any meaning.
Posted by Ben on 15 August 2006 1:22 AM.
you fucking dickhead i dont even know who the fuck ben is!!! who ever said i knew he ben was?!? Only reason i commented back on ur piece of shit was cuz 'tried' to offend me by saying crap about France! I'm not even French! Do you have any fucking eyes go back and read what nationality i am! Then who-knows-fuck called me a 'leb'I have nothing against your friends chris nick ross just u little fucker just you so dont try and make it all seem i hate ur friends just because they're all you've got! and really?! anti-islamic forum?! well fancy that!! It's an islamic forum and i suppose you thought catholics and christians were muslims too and then you wanna join in and say shit too eh?!
I only started off giving my opinions logically agreeing with until some dickhead thought that debating meant he could make a personal attack! Dude your friends and I do have one thing in common and that is to make our country yes OZ OUR COUNTRY a better place. How the fuck did you enter this issue? so dont boast about the UK and tell people how ozzies should act cuz dude you're nothing...

Posted by teapot on 15 August 2006 1:25 AM.
For fuck sake teapot, you come up with the same shit over and over again. I did not think Christians are the same as Muslims, I just said Catholics were muslim to piss off your boyfriend Ben. Teapot, Ben I reckon it is the same person using two names, how can, both of you post within 10 mins of each other, teapot you are nothing, I know how great Oz is cause I have been to Perth and Sydney, but you have never probably ever visited the UK, so stop bitching about English people, it is past your bed time
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 1:37 AM.
Hey Ben why do you hate Greek and Italian people? After all they are white non-muslim, they do not resemble Arabs. Greeks and Italians are decent unlike the Lebs. Man you have some serious problems. What have Greeks/Italians ever done to you?
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 1:43 AM.
Teapot, muslims are causing problems in the UK, and I don't want to see the same thing happen to Australia. After all Aussies are "English" I mean they are the same people as us, Aussies look the same as English people, we have to stand united and support each other, after all Australia is my second fave country in the world after the USA. Yeah I even love Oz more than England. I was glad to see the Aussies kick the shit out of those Leb cunts, those Lebs deserved it.
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 4:47 AM.
Teapot, you stated you were Chinese, as whole I like Chinese people, so why the hell are you a Christian instead of a Buddhist? I have more respect for Buddhists than Christians. Chinese people are real good people, so I have shown you I am not that racist. Its muslim fuckers that are the current problem in this world. Man so I guess maybe you might be a half decent person, after all I have never met an idiot who was Chinese. So the fact you stated you were Chinese means I have some kind of respect for u. Sorry if I misjudged you. PEACE.
Posted by English lion on 15 August 2006 5:05 AM.
Ben, its time to show how clever you really are, I am going to give a problem to solve, this is something I did in Maths for Economics in the first year, I scored 75% in this module, cause I was good at maths. Given Q=K(to the power of 0.3) L(to the power of 0.7) where Q is output, K is capital and L is labour. a) show the production function exhibits positive marginal products.
b) Show that the marginal products are decreasing.
c) what happens to the marginal product of labour given a fall in capital useage. Well Ben, you might think I have a low IQ, think again, I can solve this problem can you? This will put you to the test, just goes to show you I am not a liar. I work for the FTSE 100, and to work in this sort of industry you need to be good at Maths.
Can you name me some of the FTSE 100 companies. I'll give you a list, British Airways, Man United FC, BT, Ferrovial. I deal with their shares every day, just proves my point cause you can not prove anything about me, you do not know me, nor do you know my name.
I have only worked in this industry for two months, well at least I have something to show for my degree.
I am a hard working bloke unlike you. I am looking forward to becoming an auditor for an airline company, I have the relevant experience, ie over the years getting part-time jobs working for small accountancy firms. What do you do all day? take drugs.
Yeah I am training to become an auditor, and yet I am only 19 years old. Who knows with any luck I could be an auditor for my fave airline Qantas, meaning I could settle in Australia.
You are probably 35 stuck in a 9-5 job. Tell me what degree do you have Ben? Did you go to Uni? If so which one, talk to you soon mate

Posted by Eglish lion on 15 August 2006 6:52 AM.
Whats up James, just got back from New York last night, fucking hell what chaos, man there are still delays/cancellations after that incident on Thursday, the fucking muslim dicks causing problems again, I wanted Isreal to continue bombing Lebonan, drat, bastard UN, should have left the Lebonan to get destroyed. English lion I know we are mates, but your recent comments have nothing to do with the Cronella riots. Ben and Teapot, the same applies to you, this forum has nothing to do with who has the highest IQ, it is a forum about last years riots. Ben tell me what did you think of the riots? I think the Aussies were justified to kick the shit out of the muds. Tell me Ben do you hate muslims? You and my mate "English lion" kind of went off the subject, let me know your views on the riot.
Posted by Ross on 15 August 2006 6:31 PM.
I don't hate Muslims. I don't understand their religion, so it's not for me to judge them. I do not want them in my country though. I am pro-deportation when it comes to dissidents. I also believe in the preservation of Australian heritage and culture as i believe most British and Americans do. If Muslims can't understand this then I would prefer they leave and migrate back to their countries where their values and beliefs reign supreme. As soon as we stoop to their level they have won.
Posted by Ben on 15 August 2006 8:50 PM.
Ben, I see your point, muslims do not belong in England, Australia, the USA or any other European country. I hate is most when they come here to the UK, and want to adapt their religion and their laws here, the UK is not a muslim country and never will be, like you I am right-wing, I want them out of the UK, before more of our people get blown up by their followers, their religion is a bit fucked up, they should learn to live with democracy, its a part of our lives. In the last UK election I voted the BNP.
Posted by Ross on 15 August 2006 10:00 PM.
When did I state i hated Greek and Italian people you idiot? I never stated that or implied it. I know many Greeks and Italiansmwho are friends of my family. English Lion, I finished Uni 5 years ago you idiot. Im not 35 and I do not know who teapot is. If you could read, I told you what i do. I am not going to repeat myself. As for your little question, I need not answer it. I've done my time at uni, i don't need to prove myself to the likes of you. And you work for the FTSE 100?, mate the FTSE is a share index owned by FTSE group (who sadly for you don't trade either but provide analyst and advisory services you idiot) who collect fees from companies who list on their exchange index. If you worked for the FTSE company you wouldn't be trading in shares or securities of any kind. If you are a trader of securities who list on the FTSE index (which you make out you are) you would be working for a brokerage house or investment bank or would likely work for a funds management scheme. Either that or you are a complete liar who has been caught out AGAIN!!!!
By the way. I do have friends I just like replying to your posts because they are amusing. Its totally off the topic of this forum but everyday i come home in anticipation of readig another lie. I am not the only person to have seen your posts and laugh. And get used to religion mate, If your going to go into finance then get used to religion buddy. The jews run the show.
Posted by Ben on 15 August 2006 10:30 PM.
By the way you didn't answer any of my questions in my previous post. Please, enlighten me.
Posted by Ben on 15 August 2006 10:33 PM.
english lion, the reason why im a christian is because when my family was sponsored by french people to go to France these people were christian and introduced it into my families lives. Although China is officially an atheist country (yes look it up it is officially atheist, buddhism is considered a part of their tradition rather than an actual religion) as soon as my parents went to France they abandoned their ethnic country's culture and adopted the new one in France. Then i adopted the australian culture as soon as we moved here - which is what immigrants are meant to do, assimulate! rather than change a country's culture. The day my parents landed in France and Australia, they said it felt like dying and then comming to heaven. It's my generations duty to help preserve the VALUES that my parents came for in this country. That is why i do get frustrated when muslims do immigrate and take away France or Australia's culture. i understand what you're talking about with the muslims like i said, because in my parents warned me about them in France when i was young, here we dont get any news about whats going on in France or the UK so i dunno what the tension between muslim/non-muslim community is like. I actually thought it was only Australia at first.
The only reason why i was attacking you because i thought it was stupid that you would catergorized those muslims with christianity although now i know you only wanted to piss ben off. also about France. I like UK people, australia is still under england and i seriously respect Anglos and french people the most!! They've have helped my family when they had nothing and because of them i'm living and breathing. Although i do discriminate against muslims sometimes(my whole relatives hate them), but HONESTLY the reason why i think building up hate for them is not going to work, is because there are as many chinese people in australia as the lebs. Although more than half of them are international students, the type of thinking you guys have will cause hate for asians aswell - not just the lebs. Soon it will be against the whole multiculturalism ..not just the muslim community.
Posted by teapot on 16 August 2006 12:34 AM.
Teapot, I am glad we can agree on something those muslims suck, they cause problems in the UK, France, Australia, Russia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweeden, Norway. To be fair to you Chinese people, you assimulate with the British/Aussie/American culture, which makes you guys way better people than those Arabs/Muslims. Chinese people are hard working, and have values, they do not commit crime, that is why I have a lot of respect for them.
Posted by English lion on 16 August 2006 1:27 AM.
Ben, I know the situation between you and my mate "English lion", I know some of his posts bare no sort of relevance to the Cronulla riots, My mate is not a liar, however, there is something about him, he would not want you to know. Last year my mate was on one the the trains that got blown up on 7/7, as a result, he spent two months in hopsital, lost a leg as a result of the blasts, and is now in a wheel-chiar. So for that reason he just wants to vent some anger. I want to apologise on his and my behalf, for some of his comments. he still suffers a lot of stress and sometimes he says things for no reason, but you hopefully will understand, my mate is not nasty or anything. Being on that train that day of the attacks has mentally damaged him, I have to accept some form of responsibility, I should not have introduced him to this site. Ever since 7/7 "English lion" has become anti-muslim. So from now on I have agreed to post for him on his and my behalf. I am not expecting you to be sympothetic, nor do I feel that you should apologise for your insults towards him, but as a mate to him you should understand that I will always look out for him and stand by him as a mate.
Posted by Ross on 16 August 2006 3:26 AM.
Ben, you should be grateful for what you have, my mate only lied to you for the sake of his pride, if he told you the real situation, it would have been degrading for him. I mean you have a secure job, my mate is a cabbage, this incident will live with him for the rest of his life, he has no job, he is dependent on others, what sort of life is that? I hope you are understanding of the situation, so mate do not make fun of him cause he can not help what has happened to him. From now on lets stick to the topic on the Cronulla riots.
Posted by Ross on 16 August 2006 4:38 AM.
Denigrating my religion and my Irish heritage does not sit well with me and I will go to great lengths to defend it. Revealing what happened to him would not be degrading to him, on the contrary, it would have quite the opposite effect. It would take courage to overcome something like that which people would admire.In any case i have no clue as to what you are saying is true so i take your story with a grain of salt. It may not seem like it but all the above comments were relevant. Your friends insipid and vapid remarks in regard to Catholicism, Islam and numerous other things brang to light the underlying problem brought out in Cronulla. People judging others when they have no clue about those they are judging. I AM a right wing proponent however i would never state that the Islamic religion is wrong as I know nothing about it and it would be offensive for me to do so considering how i know it would pain me to hear such diatribe about my religion. I would however like immigration laws to be tightened against Arabs as they are not compatible with Australian culture. We will never let Muslims change Australian values and culture. Something we would defend at any cost if threatened. However maintenance of Australian culture must NOT be at the expense of righteousness (i.e Cronulla).
Posted by Ben on 16 August 2006 2:23 PM.
Well Ben, at least I have finally ended this religious argument. However if you read earlier posts you will find anti-islamic comments. I believe everyone has a right to express themselves in a democratic way, which is why I supported Denmark for the publication of the Muhammed cartoon. However I am glad to see you want muslims out of Oz, cause I want the same thing for the UK. I feel the Aussies who rioted on that day were protecting their culture. The media had blown it out of proportion. I saw video clips of the riot. I myslelf have been to Australia, I feel Aussies are warm, welcoming and laid back, so the Aussies should not feel victimised as a result of the riot.
Posted by Ross on 16 August 2006 6:03 PM.
Ben, when are the general elections in Australia? Who will you be voting for? I hope the Aussies vote for the "Australia First" party, man I like the sound of their policies.
Posted by Ross on 16 August 2006 7:28 PM.
Fucking muslim dicks, trying to blow up planes, just shows everone they are cowardly, thats why they have to use terrorism. Destroy Islam now. The fuckers, your time is running out, we will never surrender to you. Prepare to be destroyed you cunts.
Posted by Muslim hater on 17 August 2006 5:00 AM.
Shit I meant to say cowards. I just want to say FUCK OFF AND DIE, to all the muslims/Arabs who have posted on this forum, you muslims are full of SHIT.
It don't surprise me one bit to see the world hate muslims. They are the most evil people on the planet.
To everyone who lives in a civillised country, I have a solution, do your part to clean up your countries, throw out every fucking muslim out of your country, rid your lands of this filth.
Muslims deserve to die, I hope one day they all get exterminated, it is what they deserve.
Posted by Muslim hater on 17 August 2006 5:11 AM.
"Ben to be a true Aussie you have to love the USA" The most unintelligent, pathetic, sycophantic comment I have ever read in my life. Fucking ridiculous. You say to be Australian you have to love the USA? You fucking cockhead. Australians are Australians and love their own country you fucking naff cunt!. Fucking fag.
Posted by James on 18 August 2006 4:24 AM.
Hey James whats up, glad to see you are back on this forum, I did not post on this forum recently, because Ben, Teapot and English lion, kind of went off the subject, believe it or not "English lion" happens to be my mate, but I told him, if he goes off the subject, do not bother posting on this forum, I sometimes wish I never introduced him to this site, even though he is my mate I told him he was talking shit. What was worse we had Ben and English lion talking about what degrees they have, I thought fucking hell what has this got to do with the riots. It puzzles me as to why on earth Ben did not hate muslims, he must be one tolerant guy, certainly more tolerant than me.
Fucking muslims are at it agaian, only last week threatning to blow up planes, these bastards are a threat to our national security, they should be deported. Well at least you do not have too many muds in Canada, only 600,000 out of a population of 32m.
In Britain nearly 2m muds, 1m muslims live in London. Thats 1/7 of London's population, just makes me wish I lived in Canada. Fuck the left wing scum.
Posted by Nick on 18 August 2006 6:34 PM.
James, multicultralism does not work anywhere, it has bought "rivers of blood" to the UK. Multicultralism should be blamed for the Sydney riots. The bastard muslims have again stated they want the Islamic law adopted in Britain, fuck them, all they ever do is complain about the "west". I don't get it they expect us to show respect for their shitty religion, yet they have no respect for our country, or our laws. I was upset when Isreal stopped bombing Lebonan, I wanted them to continue. The muslims are our enemy.
I read somewhere that 52% of Canadians have negative views on Muslims, can not blame them. I hope Oz does not go the same way as the UK. Tony Blair is a race traitor, and I hope he has a heart attack one day, he has fucked up my great country. A civil war in the UK is looming, I hope it happens.
One guy in Luton could face five years in prison for setting fire to a mosque, if a muslim commits a crime the most he gets is a warning. Blair just loves muslims. Another guy in Cumbria got 6 months for shouting "muslims go home", just goes to show the democracy we have in this country.
Posted by Nick on 18 August 2006 7:25 PM.
Good on you muslim hater, lets rid our land of this muslim filth, before it is too late.
Support freedom of speech. We back our Danish brothers 100%. Denmark you are not alone. How dare you muslim bastards burn the Danish flag, we have not forgotton, you will pay. You muslims want a war, you will get one.
DEATH TO MUSLIM SCUM- Well said muslim hater
Hail victory, bros
Posted by Ross on 18 August 2006 10:33 PM.
I was never trying to prove myself nor was it me who instigated the movement away from the topic, that was your friend, your fucking mate was making quite derogatory statements about me then harping on about his qualifications which i found to be a lie. He still persisted with the lie so I pointed out to him that I knew he was lying because of my field of work.
Anyway, "Muds" as you call them, don't really have that much of an impact in Australia to warrant concern outside of Sydney. There are virtually no Muslims outside of Sydney.
In any event, they are usually courteous respectful people. Unbelievably, you must kow that the lebanese causing trouble are not by majority, Muslim, but are Christian Lebanese. All the hate is misdirected in Australia by uninformed uneducated fucking rednecks who don't even live in Sydney therefore, have no idea about Lebanese or Muslims who look for the first excuse to blame every problem that occurs in AUSTRALIA on them, when, even myself being a rightist, everyone know's its bullshit. I don't know what it's like in England but over here they really pose no threat, therefore, most Aussies just let them go about there lives in peace.
Posted by Ben on 19 August 2006 12:14 PM.
Ben, I can understand where you are coming from, people in Perth for example have no idea what it is like to live with muslims, here in London there a large number of them, and they have stated that they want the Islamic laws adopted here in Britain. I am glad to hear you don't have a huge problem with them, because in England we do.
Ben don't hate my friend for what he told you, he can not help what has happened to him.
Posted by Ross on 19 August 2006 5:54 PM.
Ben, did you watch the soccer world cup? Man I felt Australia played with a lot of pride and spirit, every game they put on a good performance, well done Aussies. Are you in to soccer Ben?
Posted by Ross on 19 August 2006 6:17 PM.
Ben, would you consider Howard a left wing PM, or a right wing PM? Tony Blair our leader is blatantly left, soft on immigration, soft on crime ect. Howard seems to be to be more right than Blair, for starters we have too many illegal immigrants, but Blair refuses to send them home, why I will never understand. I hope Howard is running Australia the way it should be run. Blair is fucking up our country. He gave £8billion to Africa, what a complete left wing twat. Coming from a wealthy family, I support right-wing politicians, under communist labour, all my dad does is pay high taxes. I could not blame you for being right wing, by the sound of things you must be from a wealthy background too.
Vote democracy, good luck "Australia First", well I am glad we share some of the same views Ben.

Posted by Ross on 19 August 2006 9:02 PM.
Monica is a whore. Islam sucks dick. Fuck the muslims, the Spainish, the Germans and the filthy Hispanics. White power world wide.
Posted by 742617000027 on 20 August 2006 7:12 AM.
James, I heard the biggest load of crap the other day from a muslim MP(there are quite a few of those in the UK), he stated, he wrote to Tony Blair stating "the best way to combat terrorism is to introduce the sharia law in Britain, muslims will intergrate more with the British culture".
WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. They are trying to take over our country, enough is enough, this filthy muslims do not want to intergrate, they want Britain to become a muslim state, they say it countless times. We English people are not going to surrender to them. Muslims are uneducated, look at the way they dress, they are a fucking joke. Countless muslims live on state benefits, they are lazy cunts who complain that everyone is against them, I am not surprised why so many people hate them, they are rapists, terrorists and wife beaters. All muslims are thick, they are just jealous of the western world, cause we are superior to them.
Round up all muslims and shoot the fucking lot.
We English will never give them the sword, we will not surrender our land to third world trash.

Posted by Nick on 20 August 2006 5:13 PM.
Ben, you have a right to express your opinions on what you think, but i agree and disagree with some of the points you said.
First of all, there are not as many leb-aussies outside sydney, in Melbourne there are very few in comparison to all the other ethnic communties like greek, italian, chinese vietnamese etc.
Second, the muslims in Australia are not as revolutionary compared to the ones in the UK and France and neither are they as troublesome and sensitive about their religion. Not the younger generation anyways...the younger ones use their religion to reinforce their thuggish attitude...rather than a political motive of increasing their religious rights and powers everywhere.
However, i dont think the majority of lebanese that are causing trouble in Sydney were christian. The christian ones who the people at cronulla were not protesting about do not have this attitude. I am not being bias, this is honestly what i think is that the ones that actually were causing trouble had little respect for non-muslim, women and 'aussies'shooting up in front of churches during christmas. After all, that type attitude are obviously accentuating from their religious ideologies..and the christian religion does not teach this. How did you find out these trouble makers were the christian and not muslims? People do not blame everything that goes wrong in Australia because of them. We are even lucky that we dont have as many muslim activists in our country as the UK, and no offence to peaceful muslims, but i really worry for the UK.
My opinion in this is that the younger generation of the muslims in this country are less sensitive to and radical-minded as their parents before them. Most of the younger ones were brought up in this country and were taught with the same outlook on life as we do even if you might not realize it. It takes time for migrants to properly intergrate and let go of their traditional and cultural roots.
In Europe though they are a BIG problem and to understand the gauge of the problem you have to research it or actually live there yourself.
Why do you think they have started out so badly in Europe? My guess is that in Australia, the different ethnic backgrounds here are already diverse (after all Australia is the country of migrants from many other countries) and the arab communities here tend to follow and conform with the more intimidating and bigger comunnities. The arabs in sydney assimulated badly though, possibly because they are the dominant community there besides their counterpart anglo 'aussies'. This is why in Sydney there are more tension between those 2 groups.
Point is though, that if you
THE POINT IS, that if you try and mass intergrate a large group of migrants all at once the results will be nothing but haphazardous. They will form their own community, will not be afraid to start a rebellion. Look at the UK for example. If they are strict to their culture and religion as the muslims are, they will not embrace the new culture as willingly.
The nature of settlement policy seems to be irrelevant. The issue can be mistakenly viewed as - 'natives vs ethnics'- rather than the policy - 'assimulation vs multiculturalism' - that is important. And numbers are of the essence.
In regards to what nick said 'multiculturalism does not work anywhere' ...there are both pros and cons of multiculturalism.
The reason why to some extent i do not like multiculturalism - is that it segregates the ethnic communites and reinforces cultural identities and barriers in society, reducing the process and flow of intergreation. It is analagous to class division with results more destructive...and as you can see the muslim culture is by far the worst! To me any social structure that divides the society is just immoral.
Back to my initial solution. In many ways the real settlement/assimulation policy is carried out by the schools. Schoolyards are the most conservative and authoritarian settlement authorities that one could possibly imagine. If ethnic children are intimidated by the more cooler western-intergrated ideology that the rest of the children have, then the future of the country looks bright. This policy must be introduced into schools without the stupid fucking older generation muslims interfering. If not, then the French disaster beckons. Introducing the sharia law in the UK will definitely not improve things, that is the biggest joke i've ever heard. I hope for more a positive outlook of the future for the UK.
Posted by teapot on 20 August 2006 10:09 PM.
Teapot, everything Nick said was true, things in the UK are getting from bad to worse, becasue of our race traitor PM, Blair (hang the cunt). The muslims have on countless occasions tried to introduce the sharia law IN OUR COUNTRY! Already the first muslim bank was opened in Birmingham. They tried to ban the word "Christmas" incase it offended the muslims. During the time of the world cup people were even banned from flying the English flag. What will they do next ban the sale of pork? I went to Sydney two years ago for two weeks, I only saw around 6 muslims, in the time I stayed there. Sydney is not half as multicultral as London. Sydney is a much greater city than London. To all you Aussies, the next time you come to London, prepare for the shock of your lives, parts of London look like fucking Mecca. Teapot, Australia is far from being a muslim country, you Aussies have the better deal. We have nearly 2m muslims, yet Australia only has 300,000. I am contemplating emigrating to Australia or the USA, cause here it is getting bad. In my opinion muslims should be deported from the UK, Europe and Australia, cause otherwise the situation will only get worse. Multicultralism has caused a "river of blood" in the UK. I hope for a better future for my country, and for the rest of Europe, but for as long as there is multicultralism, our problems will not go away. Buddhists, Hindus, Sihks should be able to stay cause they intergrate, but muslims are the "outcasts" of British society. They are the only group in the UK, that do not intergratte, and therefore cause a problem to our national security.
Posted by Ross on 21 August 2006 6:43 AM.
Shit I spelt intergrate wrong. Muslims only have themselves to blame for feeling "alienated", they are the ones who choose not to intergrate. Why should we change our ways of life to suit them?
Posted by Ross on 21 August 2006 6:46 AM.
By the way i know 'australia first' has a policy of putting a halt to immigration altogether, but i really dont like the sound of their other policies. I mean come on seriously.. abolishing multiculturalism altogether? I only mentioned the bad side of multiculturalism before. When i think about it, the good parts of multiculturalism is that not everybody will be the same (i know what i said before, but this is a good and bad thing) and it will be less boring. I like knowing about greek culture, italian and indian culture and i find it interesting knowing more about them through meeting more people. multiculturalism is not as destructive when you exclude the muslims, because intergration will occur whether you like it or not, due to the pressures from mainstream society (like i said before we must MAKE it a policy in schools for it to be viewed as 'the norm' and Tony Blair must preserve this). I like a multi-racial society and i know you said the UK is far more multicultural than sydney, when i think of the UK for some reason the only cultures i think of are the muslim and western culture. Please try and not see multiculturalism as a WHOLE is a bad thing, because in Australia they do live peacefully together ..with some extent some muslims ruining the whole picture.The muslim culture causes friction with every other culture. In Thailand for example i was there on a holiday when the muslims and buddhists were fighting. I dont think we should point the finger at multiculturalism as a whole.
The people that are in the australia first party side with Pauline Hanson's view, and Pauline Hanson is a redneck and just racist against non-whites - she does not give a flying fuck about assimulation.
Although if their political group does have power, the only real difference they would likely make is preventing immigration, and whats the use of that when intergration is a natural process anyways? The mainstream western culture will ensure this.
If that party does come into power, society will have the same mentality as George Orwell's '1984' and anything that may seem a threat to their organization(country) will be regarded as a threat (or un-australian)
I think the UK has something like it the British national party or something? The one in the UK may be mores subtle about racism and more experienced and political minded... very unlike the 'Australian first' party though.

Posted by teapot on 21 August 2006 1:22 PM.
Howards right wing. Our labor party is scary (leftists), elections coming up next year, if they get in, I am leavig Australia. I refuse to live in a welfare state run by people who have no sense of identity or affection for their own heritage.
Posted by Ben on 21 August 2006 6:04 PM.
Although I must say Howard is not a far right by any means, he could be considered centre right.
Posted by Ben on 21 August 2006 6:07 PM.
Because I know a maronite Catholic Lebanese person who told me that Its not about religion with them, its simply lebanese sticking together. Religion didn't even come in to it with them. They were muslims and Christians.
Posted by ben on 21 August 2006 6:14 PM.
You Like most of the other ethnic groups everywhere, ethnics stick together not because they were anti-white or anti other ethnicities, they do this because they feel more comfortable with each other and have more things in common with each other. By the way ...leaving the country just because it'll be run with lefties?
I know this is a stupid question, but noone has explained to me this and i've never openly spoken about politics to my friends or family plus i'm only 17 so explain to me what all this left wing and right wing about? I dont know which side i'd be in.
Posted by on 21 August 2006 8:13 PM.
fark. that was me by the way.
leave out the 'you' at the start
Posted by teapot on 21 August 2006 8:16 PM.
To that 17 year old, support the right wing parties in Australia such as "Australia First". Left wing scum want "equality for everone", they basically do not want people to be rich, they are kind of like communists. NEVER VOTE LABOUR. Left wing scum also restrict freedom of speech, in the UK, there is no democracy, cause Tony Blair is a left wing cunt. Left wing politicians fail to limit immigration, in the UK, there are too many asylum seekers. I could go on.
Mate reveal your name, are you a man or a woman?
In relation to your other point not all "ethnic minorities" are anti-Aussie. I mean if you ask the average Italian, Greek, Polish ect they would probably tell you they prefer Aussies to Lebs. The Lebs start on anyone who is not Lebonese/Arab, you will hear cases of them attacking Chinese, Greeks, Italians, Polish.
You suggested that ethnic minorites are not white. Mate to be white in Australia, does not neccessarily mean you have to be an Aussie. Italians, Greeks, Poles, Russians, Dutch ect are white. Lebs are not the same as Greeks/Italians, understand that, they have different facial features, Lebs have darker skin than Greeks/Italians. Trust me I know I have 3 Greek friends and 1 Italian mate.
Would you regard an American in Australia a non-white, on the basis he is an ethinic minority, and not a Aussie? Think about what you are saying mate, cause some things you said made no sense.
What you will find is that it is the Lebs causing most of the problems, even other "minority" groups hate them, so do not blame Greeks/Italians, Dutch, Serbs, Croations ect, they all assimulate with the Aussie way of life the Lebs don't
Posted by Ross on 22 August 2006 12:56 AM.
Teapot, I hope you do not think I am xenophobic, it is just I hate it when the government tries to promote Islam as a "religion of peace" I am not agaist any group of people except for muslims. I personally love Chinese people and Chinese culture, and one day I would love to visit Beijing. Chinese people are amongst some of the nicest people I have ever met, they assimulate with the British culture, something the muslims do not do. Chinese people do not cause no trouble here in the UK, this is why us English have nothing agaianst Chinese people. Personally they are my fave "ethnic minority" group in the UK. I hate it most when immigrants come over here and fail to speak English, that really pisses me off, that is why I boycott Kurdish run businesses/take-aways, cause these people speak little English. I am not totally against immigration, but I feel that it is the responsibility of ALL IMMIGRANTS to learn English, if they refuse to learn our language then they should FUCK OFF.
Posted by Ross on 22 August 2006 4:50 AM.
James, I have solution, DO YOUR PART TO CLEAN UP SOCIETY KILL A MUSLIM. Make this world a better place. James watch the video footage of the riots, good to see the muslim filth get a good bashing. HAIL AUSSIES. NO SURRENDER. DEFEND AUSTRALIA
Posted by Nick on 22 August 2006 7:43 PM.
Ben and Teapot check out this site It is a great web site illustrating the problems with muslim immigration, trust me this site is top class. It also points out the problems that muslims are causing, round the world. It uncovers the real evilness of this sickening religion, it is an enemy to us all.
Posted by Ross on 24 August 2006 4:37 AM.
Teapot, the BNP are not as racist as people make them out to be. They may be far right wing, but they just want what is best for our country, their policies range from banning Islam in Britain to protecting British jobs, they want to limit immigration, encourage free speech (democracy), protect us from terrorists by deporting any potential terrorists. All these policies will make Britain a better place to live, that is why I will vote for them come the next election, they probably will not win, but I will still vote for them. The other parties don't give a fuck about our country.
The BNP want to preserve the British culture, is that racist? No it is called patriotism.
They probably are not HALF as racist as "Australia First", I think however stopping immigration is going a bit too far, how would I be able to migrate to Oz if they ban immigration? Do they intend to prevent even English people from migrating to Oz?
Posted by Ross on 24 August 2006 4:49 AM.
Hey Ross. I'm glad you see a good side in some Chinese communities. I have no idea if there are many in Britain, but the majority of chinese people everywhere would most likely be international students anyways, in Australia they outnumber even the aussie asians.
You wont hear them talking English much, after a few years they're all going to be returning back to China anyways so i guess thats why they're prefer to talk their ethnic language and i dont expect them to assimulate if they wont stay long in this country. They do make Australia more lively though even if sometimes they're not speaking english.
I'm sure BNP and Australia first wouldn't be completely filled with racists, just patriots ..who like most people love their country. lol no they dont intend to prevent English comming to Australia, our immigration policy aren't as strict as you think. My uncle came from France 3 years ago to live here. The disadvantage though will be as you said, more potential terrorists. I don't know how the goverment manages to handle this. Come to Australia if you want we need more people. You want to move from the UK just because of the muslims? i can't believe how much of a menace they are there. I remember seeing on youtube a clip showing a protest in London i think with all these muslims saying 'we are all hezbollah'
That's a bit too extreme.
The worst i've seen in Melbourne that pissed me off was them burning the Israelian flag, cuz i mean they can protest if they want they have a right to, but i mean burning the flag ..just seems a bit harsh, esp since there are Israelians here too. It'd be good if they could at least just acknowledge which country they're living in now, and that they shouldn't be involved in what their home country does, because they are not a part of them anymore. I'd hate to have a situation where i'm being pushed out of my own country.
Posted by teapot on 24 August 2006 7:20 PM.
Teapot, there are loads of Chinese people in the UK, most of them were born here too. I am not sure the exact number, I have a couple of Chines mates in my university. The Chinese people "fit in" with the British culture, they respect our values, our ways of life, our laws ect. The muslims-well they don't seen to give a shit about Britain. They have no respect for this country, I can imagine it is the same in Australia. The Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Poles, Croatians intergrate with the Aussies, whereas the muslims don't. I found that to be the situation when I came to Sydney two years ago. I met a few Aussies, Greeks, Italians, they all had one thing in common, they hated the Lebonese community. Stavros, told me how he was attacked by a gang of Lebs for no reason, he regarded himself as a Greek-Aussie, it was good meeting him whilst in Sydney. I am glad he called himself an Aussie, after all he was born there. Aussies, Greeks, Italians and Chinese are all respectable peole. Sydney probably got a bad image after the riots, but me I find Aussies to be really friendly people.
With what you said earlier, I totally agree with you, muslims always complain about the west, European culture ect. You should have seen the demonstration earlier in the year against the Mohammed cartoons, the muslims were burning the Danish flag, which really upset me cause Danes are really good people. That was not regarded a "racist" protest, yet if if was an anti-muslim protest it would have been regarded as a racist protest. DOUBLE STANDARDS.
Did you see the things they wrote "Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way", "Death to Denmark", the fucking bastards, the police made no arrests. It seems you are classed as a racist if you say you love England, this is happening all cause Blair is a race traitor (DEATH TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY), if my grandparents were alive they would be sick to see what this country has come to. Australia still has hope, but England is a country in ruins. It is up to us English to fight for our country, we need to act now before it is too late. Don't be surprised if you see a great influx of English immigrants in the near future.
My fave countries in the world are:
1) USA
2) Australia
3) England/Canada
4) New Zealand/Russia
5) Finland
6) Denmark
7) Norway/Sweeden
8) South Africa
9) China
10) Holland
Posted by Ross on 25 August 2006 1:02 AM.
Akhmed, you say Greeks and Italians will unite with the Lebs, YEAH RIGHT, get your facts straight, both hate muslims, muslims are sub-human filth, Greeks and Italians are respectable people, something you Lebs need to look up in the dictionary, nice try, face it nobody is on your side, you Lebs are on your own, plus Greeks and Italians do not even closely resemble a camel shagging mudslime. YOUR RELIGION SUCKS. Stop trying to suck up to the Greeks/Italians cause you know they too would kick your arses. FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU FILTHY SAND-NIGGER. Akhmed you are a black bastard, and you know it. Greeks/Italians, Aussies and other whites shall unite. White power world wide.
Akhmed go back to your sand desert you Arab monkey.
Posted by Muslim hater on 25 August 2006 5:06 AM.
Come on Aussies lets rid our land of TRASH ONCE AND FOR ALL. Lets get rid of the Lebs, Greeks and Italians, they are all filthy niggers, fucking muslim bastards, oh yeah don't forget the Pakis, Indians and Jews, they do not belong here. Chinese people are decent, they can stay cause they are white, and are decent people. Lets unite with the English, Poles, Chinese and Russians to rid our land of Lebs, Italians, Greeks, Pakis, Jews, Indians and other non-whites. FUCK THE MUSLIM SCUM. MUSLIMS DESERVE TO DIE. (spelling corrected by Antony.)
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 26 August 2006 7:22 AM.
SHIT I spelt English wrong. Aussies, English, Chinese, Poles and Russians, FUCK YEAH MAN what a sick alliance this will make.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 26 August 2006 7:26 AM.
Every single one of you on here try and espouse the virtues of democracy. Do any of you understand that you contradict yourselves when you discuss wholesale deportation and murder of civillians in Australia for being Muslim? You see, your so far right wing you don't even know it (making you even more stupid than the real far rightists). This very fact negates your apparent love of the democratic process to an informed reader of moderate right leaning ideals . There are approximately 290,000 Muslims in Australia. They are hardly a threat in the eyes of the far right wing. You people keep thinking of the Muslim problem in a global context and seem to think that this relates back to Australia and the minute problems we have had with them. It simply doesn't. The far-right-wing fascists in Australia are far more concerned with Chinese immigration and the growing power of India and China in an economic sense. They don't see Islam in Australia as a legitimate "major" threat that needs to be dealt with in the manner you speak of. It is shameful to know that children (or those of the mind) seem to know nothing of the political standpoints and breed hate in the name of those who don't, in reality, agree with you. Do not continue to preach such vicious, facist hate in the name of the moderate right. The country was built in the ability to practice and preach the religion of your choice, any violent anomoly with in that religous group does not represent the rest, just as you do not represent the view of educated, informed Australians.
Posted by Ben on 26 August 2006 1:43 PM.
'Aussie 4 life' you are a disgrace. The Italians and Greeks are, ironically for your pathetic arse, the cradle of White civilisation as we know it. You are a pathetic moron. If you are British then you are technically of French or German ancient origin Anglo-saxon, Frisian or Jute) thus connecting you to the Romans which in turn makes you, yep, you guessed it, connected in some way to the Italians(and the ancient greeks if we go back even further). Also, if we trace that back even further, you can be connected to the Africans, so you are also, a "nigger" in some way . But hey, don't take my word as Gospel, you could be connected to the Aryans (persians or what we call today IRANIANS) making you, in a past life, a "MUSLIM SCUM" Go figure you stupid fucking idiot.
Posted by Ben on 26 August 2006 1:55 PM.
Ben I an Aussie through and through, but my grandfather was norwegian, making me 100% aryan, I am not fucking Iranian, nor a fucking nigger. You have just proved that greeks and italians are niggers, do not look white to me. By the way I have blonde hair blue eyes, you probably have brown hair brown eyes, you mongrel. SHOOT THOSE THAT DO NOT HAVE BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYES. Real aryans are the blonde haired blue eyes.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 26 August 2006 2:26 PM.
Blonde Hair and Blue eyes is not definitively "Aryan" If you knew anything you would know that this is largely attributable to the ancient ancestors of the Iranians. The modern interpretation of Aryanism (don't confuse it with Arianism) came about in the early 19th century in Europe. It is a modern European belief and stems from the belief in the Indo-European Aryans (i.e Persians or more recently the people of the Russian Steppe or Germanic tribes). Despite this, the true Aryans are of Persian heritage ( anciently speaking, the name is of Iranian/Persian root, check your etymology if you don't believe me) so in fact at some stage you would have been "A MUSLIM SCUM" rather than an Ancient Roman or Ancient Greek. Stop thinking of Aryan in the context of the mutations and warped definitions the Nazis gave it and realise that the very people you hate and incite violence toward are in some way related to your "blue eyed blond haired" race of people, in fact, if anything they are the purer version of YOU!. READ AND LEARN.
Posted by Ben on 26 August 2006 3:21 PM.
By the way the origin of man has been traced to Africa (science matey, your an atheist you should know this), so yes you are a "nigger" just like everyone else. You are an atheist you should believe in evolution and all this shit and more likely than anyone else not to be a neo-nazi. After-all aren;t all you people on here "Atheists" because relgion causes all the problems, hah look at what you have wrote and realise how hypocritical you all are.
Posted by Ben on 26 August 2006 3:23 PM.
Everyone is a nigger? Ben what the flying fuck are you talking about? Do white people look like blacks you fool? NO A BIG DIFFERENCE. Stop coming on here and having a go at everyone who is an atheist, not everyone on this forum is a hypocrite, you stated your a Christian? So why do you blieve in evolution then? Don't you believe that "God" made us all different? Are you not sick and tired of hearing about greeks/italians raping OUR AUSSIE WOMEN, commiting crime, where is your patriotism mate? It is always the non-whites causing the trouble. The lebs/greeks/italians all fucking love each other, they stuck together on the day of the riot. Can you tell the difference between a greek and a leb, I can't cause by appearance they both look black, not white. By the way nobody gives a FUCK about the 19th century, and by the way modern day Iranians are either dark brown or black.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 27 August 2006 5:58 AM.
So Ben tell me if greeks/italians are white, why on earth do they constantly get called wog? wog=negative sterotype of a black person, why is it on the cencus they are out in a toatally different category the options are white anglo (Aussie), Chinese, Asian (e.g. Indian, Pakistan), Black. Where do the greeks/italians get put "white other"? DON'T THINK SO. I have a category for them ALIENS.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 27 August 2006 7:22 AM.
"greeks/italians are white, why on earth do they constantly get called wog? wog=negative sterotype of a black person" Wog is a term given like, "nigger", "cracker". You are a fucking pathetic, unintelligent moron. The listing on the census is for listing Heritage. You don't even know what you are talking about you idiot.
Posted by Ben on 27 August 2006 8:58 PM.
Greeks and Italians are NOT WHITE, you admitted it yourself Ben, look at their appearance, they are BLACK, if I have Italian ancestry, then why on earth do I and other Aussies not look Italian?
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 27 August 2006 9:12 PM.
Ben, stop sticking up for the greeks/italians, they are Muslim bastards, In my eyes Greeks and Italians are not white.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 27 August 2006 9:16 PM.
Have any of you seen photos of the Cronulla riot. I have seen video footage and photos of the riot. Good on you Aussies, 5,000 turned up, most of them were "Anglo-Aussies", however other white groups turned up, greeks, italians, serbs ect to support the Aussies. It was good to see all these communities sticking together to KICK THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF THE LEBS. I saw one Indian person getting assualted, I felt sorry for him cause he was not middle-eastern, but the crowd thought he was Arab cause he was dark skinned. It is always the Arabs causing trouble, where ever they are in the world. Indian people are half decent, Indians hate muslims as much as us whites, and who could blame them. Every non-muslim group is sick and tired of all these fucking muslims, causing everone grief.
Posted by Nick on 28 August 2006 12:50 AM.
What's wrong with Italians and Greeks? It depend on how you define the races, and the definition of "white". A quick definition (but not politically correct) is European=Caucasian=White.
Italians and Greeks are not muslims, to best of my knowledge.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 28 August 2006 3:25 AM.
Antony, everything is wrong with greeks and italians, ignore Ben, he does not know what he is talking about, Greeks and Italians are BLACK. Anyway I hate greeks and italians cause they do not assimulate with our culture, they rape our women, commit crime, and most importantly are both Muslim. Ben you have no arguments cause most Aussies hate greeks, italians, lebs, pakis. Just ask the average Aussie how many greek or italian mates he has. I reckon 85% of our population have negative views on greeks and italians, cause both are fucking uncivillized. FUCK OFF WOGS.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 7:13 AM.
Italians and Greeks aren't Muslims you fucking idiot.
Posted by Ben on 28 August 2006 6:47 PM.
Its you that should be ignored you fucking spastic. You admitted yourself that your father is Norwegian. So if you want to be xenophobic lets continue with that theme and I will tell you to take your worthless Nordic arse out of Australia. Greeks and Italians, if you knew anything, are as Australian as anyone. It is people like you who have no idea of anything they rant about. GIVE ME ONE INSTANCE OF AN ITALIAN OR GREEK COMMITTING PACK RAPE OR RAPE FOR THAT MATTER. You fucking can'tt becase you don't even know about what you speak
Posted by Ben on 28 August 2006 6:56 PM.
I was proving that despite the fact that you call yourself an atheist, you don;t even know anything about facts pertaining to Atheist belief. I don't believe in evolution "aussie" nor did I ever ofer up that I did. Read before you make stupid comments.
Posted by Ben on 28 August 2006 7:11 PM.
Ben, since when was I xenophobic you PRICK? How dare you tell me to get my nordic arse out of Oz, we are whiter than white.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 7:33 PM.
Ben you prick who resembles an Aussie more a nordic or a greek/italian? The real Aussies are blonde, blue eyed. Why would any Aussie want me out of Australia, greeks and italians fail to intergrate, just like the lebs, thats why they kiss each others arses. My grandfather was norwegian you prick.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 7:39 PM.
Ben, did you not read, a girl by Cronulla beach told about how she was raped by a greek boy. Did you see the amount of greeks that started smashing up cars, stabbing people ect. Can you tell the difference between a greek and a leb, I can't. Greece and Italy are part of the middle east, and a part of the arabic culture, as is Cyprus.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 7:48 PM.
Greeks, Italians are not as Australian as anyone. Aussies and English look the same, but greeks and italians do NOT really look like Aussies to me. After all Aussies have English ancestory, the English colonized Australia. A norwegian can get away with saying he is Australian, you probably have some nordic ancestory. Norwegians, English, Aussies, Sweedes, Danes, Finnish are all part of the same race, we all look the same. Even the Americans look the same as us Aussies, trust me Ben I know what I am talking about. Nordics, English, we are all 100% aryan, greeks and italians are not aryan. After all the English originated from nordic people, NOT THE FUCKING ROMANS/ANCIENT GREEKS.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 8:49 PM.
Ben, if you are so xenophobic, then why don't you tell your greek/italian mates to GET THE FUCK OUT OF AUSTRALIA.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 9:13 PM.
Ben, you do realise NOT ALL Europeans are "Christian" Albanians, Kosovans, Spainish, Italians and Greeks are all muslim filth, nor are they white. NOT ALL Europeans are white, I mean I can't tell the difference between a paki/arab to a spainish bastard. Ben your the one who needs to do the research. By the way when did I state I was an atheist, I am a Buddhist mate, YES A BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYED BUDDHIST, hope you are confused you cocksucker, I am NOT a christian on the basis that I am an Aussie, I am not Chinese, I simply chose to follow Buddhism, got a problem with that you catholic bastard? Jesus was a CUNT, accept it Ben. There is only one "God", and that is the Buddha
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 28 August 2006 11:24 PM.
Ross, if you're still here please tell your friend i am sorry about what happened to him during the london train bombings. By the way, i thought italians were roman catholics, greeks were greek orthadox...
Also buddhism is ok if you're trying to find peace and relaxation, it doesn't conflict with any other religion. buddha was an actual real person though, not a god.
i can't tell the difference between indian ppl and arabic people.
Posted by teapot on 29 August 2006 12:17 AM.
Thanks teapot for your understanding, he feels a great sense of frustration and I am diong my best to try and be there for him as a mate, all he wanted was to live a normal life, he did 2 years at uni studying Economics, but now he can't work, his parents look after him, he also suffered brain damage after the attack, he feels anti-irish because of the IRA bombings in the 80's and 90's. I have a lot of respect for Buddhists, I myself am an atheist, it is a much more "peaceful" religion than Islam, at least Buddhists do not try to impose their religion on everyone like the muslims do. Peace to the Buddha.
I read somewhere that an Indian got bashed on the day of the riot cause they thought he was an arab. There is a slight difference between indians and arabs, I can often tell the difference, they have different facial features, however both indians and arabs are both dark skinned.
Posted by Ross on 29 August 2006 1:09 AM.
Wow,your a buddhist but you obviously know nothing of the buddhist religion. Based on respect for all religions and peoples freedom to choose, the equality of all man and oneness and peace with the world and within yourself.Buddhism is non-theistic you idiot. There is no "god" in Biddha, Buddha is any person who has overcome greed, materiality, IGNORANCE, VIOLENCE and ANGER. You my friend would have to be the first ever fascist, redneck, KKK buddhist:D you really make me laugh. By the way, myself being a Catholic I do take offence to remarks about my lord and saviour, however I am not going to be brought to your level by denigrating Buddhism as you do not represent practising knowledgable followers of Buddhism. Also, Italians,Greeks and Spanish are not Muslims mate they are largely Christian, the spanish and Italians are largely Roman Catholic and the Greeks are Orthodox.
You your comments lack any intelligence and your comments about Jesus are shameful. The "real aussies" you idiot are Irish and English, The Irish by majority not being blonde haired or blue eyed and in some instances are able to be mistaken for being Italians or Spaniards. And I assure you these people have been here longer than any Nordic immigrant. Also, how can 85% of Australians have negative views of Greeks and Italians when Pure White Irish and English Australians no longer make up more than 50%. The italians and greeks you speak of share our values, beliefs and the majority of Australians religous views.
Being Australian is not about being "whiter than white". Don't ever think that the right wing accepts people like you just because you are white. You are too uneducated supercilious and vapid in your views. Greece and Italy are In Europe you retard.
Notone of you people on here have expressed a valid view. ALL comments are inferior in their logic and have no intellectual merit. There are some on here even saying that Irish are muslims, Greeks are muslims, Italians are muslims fuck every one is a muslim except for them. Heres a tip all you fairweather right wingers, did you know that there are BLOND HAIRED BLUE EYED MUSLIMS IN EASTERN EUROPE? you fucking idiots.
Posted by Ben on 30 August 2006 12:31 AM.
My family came here in 1812 and I won't have some blow in Nordic fucking lunatic bring his fascist European bullshit with him. We came here to get away from you fucking wankers. The least you could do is fuck off and leave the real 'aussies 4 life' alone. We were living in peace for fucking years until mainland Europeans brang their crap over here. FUCK OFF.
Posted by Tate on 30 August 2006 12:41 AM.
FUCK OFF Tate, you fucking aborigane what ever the Fuck you are, it was the British that made Australia, you aboriganes did nothing for Australia, so face the fact you gay cunt, if you want a meeting with my mates from the Patriotic Youth League please let me know, Do us all a favour and die. Most Europeans are civillised and have some culture, deep down I bet you wish you were European. NOW FUCK OFF YOU PRICK.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 30 August 2006 1:09 AM.
Ben, I think you are the one who is uneducated, how can you not tell the difference between a greek to an irish person? Can you tell the difference between an arab and a greek/italian, I bet you can't. I stated I was a buddhist cause I prefer buddhism to christianity, I don't really practice it though, so in your eyes I am probably an atheist. Greeks and Italians have been raping our women for years you cock, WAKE UP, they hate our culture and don't assimulate. Most Aussies prefer nordic people to greeks/italians cause they are more civillised. Around 70% of Aussies have English/Irish background not 50%, stop making things up. You made me laugh when you said an Irish person could be mistaken for an italian, try telling that to an irish person and he will knock the fuck out of you. An irish can be mistaken for an english person, but not an italian, read up on your facts mate, I think you don't know what you are talking about mate.
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 30 August 2006 1:22 AM.
Aussie 4 life I have had enough of your stupidity and will now ignore you. You have no idea what you are tsalking about. Ever heard of Black Irish fuckface? They can be mistaken for Italians or Spaniards. Ha ha ha ha also fuckwit, both my grandparents and my father are Irish you fuckin idiot so I think im in a position to know. I assure you it is easy to tell the difference between a greek and an arab or an italian and an arab. In some cases you cannot tell Italians and Greeks apart from Whites. Ill give you an example, Jason Stevens (NRL player) Jason Akermanis (AFL player) Braith Anasta (NRL) Andrew Bartlett (politician). Stop making up things to support your argument. Mate you are a fuckwit. You don't even know the difference between Mediterraneans and Arabs. You have gone back on saying you are a buddhist because you know you have been caught out. You are wrong on so many levels. And mate, it is you, who isa making things up. How can you prefer one religion to another when you have no clue about either of them to start with. YOu are just a dumb kid who is pissed off at a couple of muslims and lumps everyone into their category. Grow up and go to school and LEARN before you pass judgement. Also, you idiot, I think Tate said that his family came here in 1812, so, how in the hell do you deduce aboriginality? He's stating that you are a blow in. If his family came here in 1812 then how could he be black? More like British ou idiot.
Posted by Ben on 30 August 2006 2:00 PM.
Aussie 4 life, you said "Greeks and Italians are BLACK."
Do you simply call everybody who's not white black?
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 30 August 2006 2:13 PM.
Fuck off Ben you fuckwit you are a cunt, you still don't put greeks/italians in the "white" category see you are contradicting yourself, Italians and English don't look the same so please ignore my coments cause I have won this argument.
Anthony you are a decent person, Chinese people are more decent than greeks/italians, I think Chinese people are white but greeks/italians no, I admit they are black. Do you regard greeks/italians white?
Posted by Aussie 4 life on 30 August 2006 6:09 PM.
Aussie 4 life,
When I grew up, the words "white", "European", "Caucasian" and "Pakeha" are interchangeable. Later, I realised Mediterraneans are generally darker (skin colour), Pakeha should only be used for pale skinned. So in a sense, Greeks/Italians are not white.
But, I don't call Greeks/Italians black.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 30 August 2006 6:28 PM.
Aussie 4 life, how can you say greeks/italians are not white, I have greek/italian mates and they are all white. Some greeks living in Greece/ some italians living in Italy have slightly darker skin, but that is because of the sun. Listen to what Ben is saying, greeks/italians are white, he knows what he is talking about, it is easy to tell the difference between a greek and an arab, firstly, arabs have darker skin. Many italians/greeks can be easily mistaken for English, DON'T ALWAYS JUDGE SOMEONE BY THEIR LOOKS, most greeks/italians are fair skinned, after all they are categorised as "White European", someone with "light" skin is geneally white, you should not call a greek person arab, bacause it would make you look stupid, and you could also get your head kicked in. Anthony, Ben please support my arguments. I mean not all English people look the same, not all greeks look the same. I have seen Greeks/Italians who are "whiter than white", so mate do not generalise. Did you know nearly 10% of Americans have Italian ancestry, and yes they are WHITE. Anthony I see your argument in some sense, but in general terms you should call the average greek/italian white, after all most greeks/italians are white, only a very handful of greeks/italians are dark skinned, hope you agree with me.
Posted by Ross on 30 August 2006 7:22 PM.
In your little world "aussie" you are right. You're a fucking joke. Not one thing you have said is correct in ANY way. Its easy for pathetic people, such as yourself, to think they have won arguments by believing in their own drivel and ignoring the FACTS presented to them. You really have a lot to learn buddy.
Posted by Ben on 30 August 2006 8:17 PM.
Also "aussie" one of the fundamental things you are forgetting is that the Italians invented fascism (something which you have all the symptoms of) and Hitler (a "WHITE" person as you would think) followed Mussolini's view and was closely alllied to him on the basis of race and politics. So, that in itself throws your pathetic argument about Greeks and Italians out the fuckin window anyhow.
Posted by Ben on 30 August 2006 8:20 PM.
Ben, thank you for supporting my argument after all greeks and italians are WHITE, Aussie for life is a sad twat who has no idea what he is on about, there are loads of greek/italian neo-nazis, so Aussie 4 life how do you expain that?
Posted by Ross on 30 August 2006 9:08 PM.
He can't hes an uneducated fairweather neo-nazi twat who's political and racial knowledge is limited to afternoon discussions at the local pub. If you are going to be a neo-nazi than your facts must be straight. If your facts aren't straight than you are just another stupid fuckwit racist cunt who garners no respect from any corner.
Posted by Ben on 30 August 2006 10:09 PM.
Ben, I agree 100% with you, neo-nazis are all round Europe, yes Aussie 4 life including the WHITE nations of greece and italy, North America and Australia. Neo-nazis target their hatred towards asians, blacks, jews and arabs, the greeks and italians do not fall into that category, therefore neo-nazis would not target greeks/italians, I am sure if you posted your comments on combat 18's website they would simply laugh at you, have no not heard of Blood and Honour? They are a neo-nazi organisation based in the UK, USA, Greece, Italy, France, Sweeden, Germany, Norway ect. Mate get your facts right mate before you call greeks/italians non-white, you would need to get your eyes tested if you think greeks/italians are not white.
You are right Ben, that guy was talking shit, I know more about neo-nazis than he does
Posted by Ross on 30 August 2006 10:42 PM.
Correct Ross. You are the first to have a clear understanding of what you are talking about. After all, correct me if Im wrong but Prince Phillip is a greek himself. Sort of further precludes aussie 4 life from those who really know what neo nazism means.
Posted by Ben on 31 August 2006 12:43 AM.
Cheers Ben, it is true Prince Phillip is partly Greek. Aussie 4 life has not done his research, the Romans came to England hundreds of years ago so many English people have either greek/italian ancestry. Many people seem to think English are blonde haired, blue eyed. There are many English with black hair brown eyes. Many Italians went to the USA in the late 1800's, so in places like Chicago, San Francisco and New York he would that there are loads of Italian-Americans. I wonder what his version of an American person is. After all the English were the first Europeans to go to the USA, followed by the Dutch, Italians ect. There are as many Americans with Italian ancestry as there are Americans with English ancestry. Americans are not a "pure" race. An Italian American is just as American as an English American. If he said his comments in the USA, he probably would have been killed. Did he know Los Angeles was founded by the Spainish? Los Angeles is a Spainish name. So many Americans born in LA are likely to have Spainish ancestry. You do not have to be "anglo or nordic" to be white. There are three types of white people:
Alpine ie English
Mediterraneans ie greeks, italians, bulgarians, serbs
He probably thinks southern europeans are not white, I wonder if he thinks a Hungarian is white? How on earth can he not tell the difference between an arab and a greek? There is a massive difference between the two ie skin colour, facial features. He obviously has not met a lot of people in his life.
Posted by Ross on 31 August 2006 1:46 AM.
Ben, I wonder what Aussie 4 life would think of an Aussie with a sun tan. Does he not realise that in hot places such as Australia you are very likely to get a sun tan. It is odvious that people with a sun tan are not naturally dark. I bet you he gets a sun tan when he sits in the sun, but he don't want to admit it
Posted by Ross on 31 August 2006 4:34 AM.
Aussie 4 life I have been to Greece before, and yes I came back with a sun tan, but I bet if you were to see me then you probably would have thought I was an arab or an asian, you really are narrow minded, but you know I am white, so you may like me for that reason.
Posted by Ross on 31 August 2006 4:36 AM.
Ross, my all my comments above have stated exactly what you said. I have very close and dear Portugese, Greek and Italian friends who would either laugh at people like "aussie" or be liable to kick his teeth in. Australia owes much to the Greeks, Italians, Poles etc who's blood sweat and tears were critical in building australias infrastructure such as the Snowy Scheme. 'aussie 4 life' seems to think that the only White people are those that Speak English or Deutsche. Very ill informed young man. Perhaps he is going to learn the hard way how wroong he is.
Posted by Ben on 31 August 2006 5:40 PM.
Guys prepare yourselves for Declan, he might come on here and express his dislike of English people, be ready for him if he does,
Ben I agree with you the Italians, Greeks and Poles have helped make Australia a great country, they should be commended for the blood, sweat and tears in building Australia's infrastucture. Aussie 4 life you best watch what you say in the future cause you are likely to get bashed. You should learn from now, and do some research in the mean time.
Posted by Ross on 4 September 2006 5:51 AM.
God bless Steve Irwin.And yes I'm back.I thought about this website as soon as I heard about his death.I fucking loved the guy.My old man did too.And he's not too fond of a lot of people.But fuck did he love watching him on The Discovery Channel Canada.Godspeed Chris!
Posted by James on 6 September 2006 1:05 PM.
I mean Steve.Fuck I've had a lot of beer.
Posted by on 6 September 2006 1:07 PM.
Hey James whats up, glad to see you back. I myself want to pay my respects to Steve Irwin, a great man who will be greatly missed, a true blue Aussie, man he should have been PM of Australia. Steve's life was worth more than every muslim put together times 100. It makes me sad to see a great man like him pass away.
Have you heard the recent news James? Howard has told muslims if you don't respect Australian culture, then leave. Three cheers for Howard, he sounds more right-wing than our twat-head PM Blair, Blair would never say something like that. Howard has got balls, the muslims will probably complain, but then again who cares about them. He also told them to learn English. Good on you Howard, the fucking muslims think they own the place. James he should go one step further and deport them all, and more importantly ban Islam in Australia. The fucking muslim cunts want to adopt their laws in the UK, FUCK THEM AND THEIR LAWS AND THEIR STUPID RELIGION. And then they have the nerve to tell the USA and Europe to covert to Islam, like any of us would want to do that. Why would any idiot want to covert to Islam? I am sick of these pricks trying to impose their religion on everyone.
Posted by Nick on 6 September 2006 6:32 PM.
Shit I meant convert, I have been drinking a lot of beer, I need to watch my spelling, man I am so drunk.
Posted by Nick on 6 September 2006 7:39 PM.
I believe that Howard should make possesing a firearm legal, man the stories I read about Lebs carrying guns, FUCKING HELL, from the stuff I have read it seems Sydney is fast becoming like LA. These leb bastards need shooting, I don't get it they legalise guns in the US, so why not in the UK or Australia? Every citizen has a right to protect himself. Those leb bastards would not have got away with their shit in the USA. Guys you should campaign to Howard to legalise gun ownership, that way every Aussie will feel safe.
Posted by Nick on 8 September 2006 5:07 AM.
Guys, I hope you agree with me here, LA and Sydney are two great cities (I have been to both), but there are a lot of shit heads living in those cities, LA would be a better place without those filthy Hispanics, those fucking mongrels, and Sydney would be better without Lebs.
Posted by Nick on 8 September 2006 5:50 PM.
You get some real pricks posting on this forum, I hope that idiot Ben just gives up, he is making himself very unpopular, as for that Declan prick, well what happened to him? I think he realised a lot of people hated him so he stopped posting, HE LOST, well at least he did not dispute that, he accepted defeat. Ben it is funny how you don't call Declan a prick, yet you call "Aussie 4 life" and me a prick. Is there anyone on this forum who actually supports you? It don't seem like it.
I have more support than you can imagine Ben, and I certainly have more friends than you.
Posted by Islam=shit on 10 September 2006 8:47 PM.
Islam is EVIL, remeber guys
All Muslims are the enemy
Islam is the devil's religion
Posted by Ulster on 11 September 2006 7:27 AM.
I would like to pay my respects to all those Americans who lost their lives on 09/11, I love you America, the muslims are mass murders, to all the victims of 09/11 you will never be forgotton, I hope you Aussies will pay your respects, together AS ONE, UNITED AGAINST ISLAM.
Posted by Ulster on 11 September 2006 7:33 AM.
To all the victims of 09/11- Rest In Peace (RIP), lets hope that events such as these will never occur again. USA ROCKS.
Posted by Ross on 11 September 2006 4:55 PM.
Yes "islam = shit" you may have more virtual friends than me however that doesn;t make your views correct. Who the fuck is Declan? and where is there any post from a person called Declan you idiot. Still, you are such a wrong person. I still cant believe you think Italians and Greeks are muslim. Im an idiot because I possess a valid, smart opinion shared by most, whereas, you possess idiotic, vapid rantings with no scent of fact or knowledge.
Posted by Ben on 12 September 2006 12:01 AM.
Well Ben at least you confess to being an idiot, who the Fuck on this forum actually agress with you? Ok maybe Teapot, but he has not returned in ages, so you are kind of on your own, oh yeah then there is that Ross guy, but then again he must be a fool to agree with anything you have to say. You are making a lot of enemies on this forum Ben, so why don't you give up, many people on this forum are anti-muslim, NOT pro-muslim, well you are pro-muslim, thats why I have more friends than you, and I am sure more Aussies here in Australia would agree with my views over your views, if you have any greek/italian friends get them onto this forum, I would love to insult them.
If you think I know nothing about greece, then you are wrong, I know they hate the turks (christians) cause they took part of Cyprus away, in fact they would rather hate Christians over muslims, since the fact that turks are Christian.
But then again the greeks are scared of the turks
Posted by Islam=shit on 12 September 2006 12:50 AM.
Whoever said I was pro-muslim? Im anti-muslim but moreso anti-idiot!. You say Turks are Christians? Are you stupid? It is a muslim country (secular I might add), sorry to disappoint you, 99% of Turks are Muslims. The Greeks are Christians, son. No educated Australian would agree with your views because other educated Australians would laugh at your inexperienced, immature comments. You have a lot of growing up to do little guy. And please, stop going on about "friends" you're on the internet you idiot, stop compensating for your insecurities on a web based forum. You are so stupid you don't even know where your allegiances stand nor do you have any grasp of Politics or Religion other than what you may read in a daily rag such as The Sun or News of the World etc, as if you did actually read or ever had a valuable education you would know that what you say is neither true nor the sign of a person with a future in this world.
Posted by Ben on 12 September 2006 6:28 AM.
You don't even know what you hate! you aren't even smart enough to be labelled a mindless bigot. Even a bigot knows what he hates. Why don't you go on a holiday to Turkey for a couple of weeks and start up a right wing movement preaching genocide/destruction of Muslims/Islam and see how long you live. Id give you 10 minutes before you are drawn and quartered in the street by the 99% Muslim majority. You would have more luck in Greece, in fact, you would probably be made a demigod to the 99% majority Christians. You fucking reprobate, your stupidity and know it all behaviour will one day be the death of you in the real world, that i promise you.
Posted by Ben on 12 September 2006 6:53 AM.
Ben, first of all the greeks/italians did not help to build on Australia, it was the British and the Americans, well there are more Americans here in Australia than greeks/italians put together. Secondly I turned up at the riot did you? I don't think so cause if you did you would have noticed that the greeks and italians sided with the lebs, NOT US. Man get it through your thick head that the greeks hate us Aussies more than the turks. By the way Ben do you know about the situation in Cyprus. If we Aussies rioted against the turks I bet you the greeks would side with them. Deep dowm the greeks love the turks, just look at the situation here in Sydney, I see greeks and turks hanging around with each other.
Bullshit Greece ain't 99% Christian there are loads of arav/paki immigrants, there are 1m muslims in greece, population of 11m, Ben I have been doing my research, it is time for you to do some.
Posted by Islam=shit on 12 September 2006 7:33 AM.
Americans?????? helped build Australia?????? Fuck you are such a frustrating tool. What are you talking about????? Also, Stating that there are "heaps of arav/paki immigrants" in Greece? Sort of like the huge amounts present in England eh? You fucking moron. But i suppose you are just going to retort with something along the lines of, "Greeks will stick up for the Lebs"(as stupid and childish as it is) Greeks and Italians didn't "side" with the lebs you fuckface, how do you know that?, was their a press release which stated that "We, the italian and Greeks support the Lebanese who bashed the lifeguards" ???? NO fuckface. The Greeks and Italians were vital to Australias prosperity in the mid 20th century. Greeks and Turkish have a deep seated hatred of each other going back thousands of years, a hatred which can be easily moved into bloodlust for each other. Not only that the Greek and Italian population of Australia are fiercely patriotic toward Australia and most (including Anglo's because afterall Italians and Greeks are WHITE and Christian!!) would likely kick your fucking teeth in at your comments. But you would never voice your uneducated opinions in a real world situation because, you, could never tell who or what looks and constitutes an italian or Greek. You are perhaps the most misinformed idiot i have ever come across. What fucking research have you been doing? Reading fucking stupid forums such as this one? Also, you fucking degenerate miscreant, Americans are not a race of people, like Australians they are a multitude of peoples who have come together to form a coherent and non-secular society based upon the principles of freedom for all and democratic values. You can't look at a person without them speaking and say, that's an American can you??. IDIOT!. And no, sorry, there are not more Americans in Australia than Greeks or Italians you fucktard, another stupid assertion made by you as if they are an ethnic group that is statistically significant. There isn't any "American" box on the census form is their dickhead? NO. ou continue to crap on about shit like you know what you are talking about. If you live in Sydney i would be very happy to introduce myself to you and perhaps a bunch Greek,Italian and Anglo-Celtic friends who would no doubt love to clue you in on a couple of facts relating to the country you unfortunately inhabit. Your comments are full of what ifs that just would never fucking happen. I don't think you understand, you are unintelligent and have some seriously warped views. I implore you to go to one of the indymedia sites and try and state what you are saying here. You will be embarrased at your lack of intelligence and will be promptly torn to shreds. Not only that i must end this by saying that you are possibly the stupidest person I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of conversing with. In my life, I have never conversed with a more, pathetic, moronic, imbecilic person who hypothesises warped little scenarios in his head then spews them as gospel in my life. You either have learning difficulties and didnt finish school therefore have no factual knowledge or you are a tard. Im picking the latter. I am no longer going to post in reply to you, you are beyond help. I only hope that you educate yourself before you are dealt a heavy and possibly fatal blow due to your stupidity. No more, please. You are only beginning to frustrate me.
Posted by Ben on 12 September 2006 8:59 AM.
Ben, please tell me why greeks/italians would hate arabs? Prove it. Well I am glad I am frustrating you, but let me ask you why would any Anglo-Aussie want to kick my head in? If the greeks/italians were that patriotic they would have helped us at the riot, they did not, so they ain't Aussies, I think us Anglos would rather beat the shit out of you for defending the greeks/italians.
Posted by Islam=shit on 12 September 2006 6:13 PM.
Hey Ben, did you know there are over 300,000 Americans living here in Australia? I know there is no "American box" on the census, I know what an ethnic minority is, An American is not an Aussie, therefore he would be regarded as an ethnic minority, you need to go to the USA to understand the American culture, us Aussies we of the same race as the Americans. The English, Americans, Canadians and Aussies we are all virtually the same race. FACT.
Posted by Islam=shit on 12 September 2006 6:23 PM.
What are you talking about? How in the fuck are you able to say that no Greeks and Italians participated in the riot? How do you know? YOU DON'T!! YOur making silly little statements to justify your oathtic stance. Americans, didn't have anything to do with the building of Australia. Do you know anything about British settlement, fuckhead? Or do you know anything about the demographics of the USA? WHat do you mean "us Anglo's"? you idiot. NO FACTS have been presented by you. You are a fucking moron. You are frustrating me because you are so stupid, not because you make any sense.
Posted by Ben on 13 September 2006 10:08 AM.
Ben, I know that the greeks/italians did not participate in the riot, I have read countless articles on the riot, no mention of greeks/italians participating, yeah some patriots they are, they don't give a SHIT about Australia, they want to change our way of life. Ben you say you are anti-muslim, yet nowhere have I seen you state that you want muslims out of Australia. Ben I know the British colonized Australia hundreds of years ago, but don't forget Australia has a very strong connection with the USA, so stop making anti-american remarks, the WHITE NATIONS have to stick together, ie Australia, Canada, the USA, and Europe (with the exception of Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany) these lot SUCK, Aussie 4 life is correct, I hate Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain, I call them ISLAMIC BASTARDS.
By the way Ben, I am moron? You are the one who thinks Arabs are white. They bloody look like Pakis
Posted by Islam=shit on 13 September 2006 10:36 PM.
Ben, you keep saying us Aussie are uneducated, who the fuck do you think you are, it is like you think you are the most intelligent person in Australia, you son are a RACE TRAITOR.
Posted by Islam=shit on 13 September 2006 10:39 PM.
hey man. Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain are mostly catholics. I dont think they were involved in the crounlla riot either. But i think they get along with Anglo-aussies more than with arabs, and their culture isn't as different to the australian culture unlike the muslim culture. America does not have a specific race. It's like Australia. The people who did build this country were mainly from Britain though. But you'd have to call them american or australian now. Also, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain are white aswell aren't they?

Posted by teapot on 14 September 2006 12:43 AM.
"Islam=shit", don't you know anything about the arabic culture, please do some research, arabs do NOT come from Europe, they come from either North Africa or the Middle-East. Greece and Italy are both in EUROPE.
Arabs originate from countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Lebonan ect. In response to your previous stupid comments Greeks and Italians are both WHITE EUROPEAN, and yes they are NOT MUSLIMS.
You also have to do your research on the USA. There are 16m Italian-Americans in the USA, have you heard of "Little Italy" in Manhattan, New York? Mate I can assure that if you were born in New York, it is likely that you would have had some Italian connection. The Italians helped build America, and they have been in the US for countless generations, so yes they are regarded American. Astoria, Queens, New York has a large Greek population. Americans are made up of WHITE EUROPEAN IMMMIGRANTS, from countries like Holland, Ireland, England and Italy. Son trust me I know what I am saying I have family living in New York. I have been to the US on many occasions, I have been to Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Seattle, and of course New York. LA was found by the Spainish, a lot of the areas in LA have Spainish names Passadena, Santa Monica, El Salgardo ect. Mate if you said your shit in the US you would be shot, Italians make up around 5-6% of the population of the US. There are approx 5m Greeks in the US, I may not be exact, but it is just an estimate, Chicago, New York and Washington have the largest number of Greeks. Dude it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between an English and a Greek, or an Italian and an Irish person. ALL EURPOEANS are part of the aryan race, that is why it is hard to tell the difference between two European races. Americans do not have a "specific" look, there are some blacks in the US who regard themselves "American". Did you know the Spainish have light/fair skin? It is easier to tell the difference between a Spainish and a Mexican than a Spainish to an English person. The average Mexican (Hispanic) is dark skinned, they were colonized by Spain, but Mexicans have Indian blood in them, dude you really need to do some research. Spainish, Italians and Greeks have NO CONNECTION with the arabs, arabs are generally very dark, some people even call them "sand niggers". I agree with you in the sense that you want muslims out of Australia, I want muslims out of the UK. But greeks and italians are hard working people, they have made a great contribution to Australia, the UK and the USA.
Dude in this society you are either dark skinned or light skinned, it is as simple as that. LIGHT SKINNED=WHITE, DARK SKINNED=NON WHITE.
I personally regard Chinese white. How do you know that greeks/italians did not show up at the riot? The lebs pick on greeks, italians, aussies, chinese ect. Ben is right what he is saying greeks/italians HATE arabs/muslims, all my greek/italian mates hate the arabs. After 09/11 and 07/07 the greeks/italians despised the muslims even more, dude they are on OUR SIDE. The lebs pick on the greeks/italians on the basis that they are Christian.
Teapot, good to see you back on the forum, I hope everything is going well for you.
"Islam=shit" I know I don't live in Oz, but I do read up on a lot of things, the lebs don't only target Aussies, they specifically target Christians, their objective is to "bash Christians", that includes greeks/italians. Mate don't judge someone by their looks, for your safety don't call a greek an arab, he would kick your head in. Even the average Anglo-Aussie would bash you for your comments.
Son Cyprus was once a British colony, it remained a British colony until 1960. The Turks took northern Cyprus in 1974. So if you were to go Cyprus (I have been there too) you will find people there with blonde hair blue eyes. Mate their are many people here in the UK as well who are half greek half English, or half English and some other foreign race, have you heard of mixed marriages? Dude you seriously have a lot to learn

Posted by Ross on 14 September 2006 5:19 AM.
"Islam=shit" the differnce between greeks and arabs is about as clear as night and day, ie there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Telling the difference between a greek and an arab is as easy as telling the difference between an English and an Indian. Greek people resemble English people a lot more than arab people, just ask any educated person.
Ben I hope to see you back on this forum soon.
"Islam=shit" the way you make things sound, it is as if you consider greeks/italians as asians.
All white people have the same skull shape, FACT.
Posted by Ross on 14 September 2006 5:38 AM.
Lysandra Fuck off and die you left wing whore, you fucking left wing bitch, we Aussies hate traitors like you. As for you Ross mate piss off, don't bother commenting on this forum, you just sound like that prick Ben, by the way what has happened to Ben? Well at least Ben, you have finally come to your senses and GIVEN UP, everyone on this forum knows that greeks and italians are MUSLIMS.
John, how can you call an Indian person an Aussie? Mate what is wrong with you, they do NOT even closely resemble and Aussie, however at least I can agree with you on most things, you sound like a half decent guy, so if you come onto this forum I would be more than happy to talk to you.
Posted by Islam=shit on 17 September 2006 7:20 AM.
Have you read the newspapers recently Islam=shit ? An Islamic extremist group was targeting the pope(italian by the way) for stating that Islam is an evil religion. Although he tried to be as diplomatic as possible it did infuriate some muslim leaders and now for saying that 'islam is evil' they hope to prove him killing him.
Hope you understand now.

Posted by teapot on 18 September 2006 7:15 PM.
"Islam=shit", it don't surprise me that Ben has given up on you, your comments are pathetic, so if respond I am just going to ignore you, then hopefully you will give up.
Teapot I read the articals about the muslim extremists threatning the Pope, Islam the religion of peace? I DON'T THINK SO. Many muslim cunts started burning down churches, In Palestine An Anglican Church and a Greek Orthodox church were both set a light. I myslef am not religious, but I would love to congragulate the pope for exposing the truth about Islam, good on you pope, everything he said is true ISLAM IS EVIL.
Posted by Ross on 18 September 2006 7:42 PM.
Lysandra you are a prime example of a race traitor, you should hang your head in shame, you are NOT an Aussie, you show no patriotism at all, you jump to the defence of the muslims, even though they rape Aussie girls, I hope you get raped by a Leb, that will teach you not to defend the fucking lebs.
You are a complete BITCH, you are a lost cause, so maybe you may want to convert to Islam, Australia don't want you girl. Are you part of Redwatch? I don't think you will be returning to this forum any time soon, my advice to you is don't cause you will probably be "offended" by some of our comments, but then again you will probably sart crying like a 5 year old, if you were to read our comments about you. FUCK OFF you two timing WHORE.
Posted by Nick on 18 September 2006 10:37 PM.
To Haz, Akhmed and the other muslim pricks on this earth, your Religion is full of shit, yes I am slandering your shitty religion, so what you going to do about it? NOTHING. Your dickhead prophet raped 9 year old girls, yeah some "Phrophet" Mohammed was. You muslims are so thick worshipping some camel fucker, you muslims are weak, you go around thinking your tough yet you run away at the first sight of trouble, I mean look at Bin Laden, he hides in his cave like a scared 10 year old girl. You cry like kids when the Pope exposes the truth about your evil religion, have you muslims got anything better to do than threaten an old man? You lebs got bashed at Cronulla, but this is just the start of things to come. If you muslims want a war, you will get one, so my advice to muslims is simply GIVE UP, you will never beat us, we are a lot more powerful than you will ever be, your number's up and your time is running out, prepare to be slaughtered, DEATH TO EVERY MUSLIM NATION.
To all my Aussie bros I have a message for you, "AUSTRALIA WANTS YOU, TO KILL A MUSLIM".
Man I love it when I see muslims being killed. I am glad there are people on this forum who support my views. UNITED AGAINST ISLAM.
Posted by England on 19 September 2006 4:45 AM.
"I know that the greeks/italians did not participate in the riot, I have read countless articles on the riot, no mention of greeks/italians participating". So the media is supposed to go through and tick off every ethnic group that participated in a riot which achieved NOTHING except to make us all look like hypocrites. You are a twit. I will not be posting in here anymore in reply to stupid comments by stupid people such as yourself "Islam=shit".
Posted by Ben on 20 September 2006 3:23 AM.
Ben, what do you know? You said "I will not be posting in here anymore to your stupid comments", yet what do you do? You reply to my "stupid comments", you fucking hypocrite, seems like you have run out of things to say, well then if the greeks/italians did not participate, that just goes to show how "patriotic" they really are, you can never be "neutral" in situations like this, Ben just wait till the civil war begins, those muslim cocks are going to get whats coming to themm you think the greeks and italians would help us? NOT A CHANCE. They don't give a SHIT about Australia, I am just telling you how it is. Ben you are a disgrace to to the country, calling us Aussies hypocrites, you have run out of things to say, your life is NOT worth living, so my advice to you is buy a firearm and shoot yourself in the head with it, do our country a favour, you are no patriot mate, you are free to come onto this forum and challenge my views, but trust me Ben I will have the last laugh, that I can guarantee.
Posted by Islam=shit on 20 September 2006 7:09 AM.
Yeah Ben what do you think about muslims threatning Catholics, after the Pope's speech? Since you stated that you were a Catholic, careful Ben you might get beheaded from the Islamic bastards, but then again if they were going to kill you, I don't think anyone is going to miss you mate, but hey don't say I did not warn you Ben, if your "Church" gets burnt down, you will know a muslim did it. Maybe you ought to stop defending the muslims, the only thing worse than a Catholic is a muslim.
Well if I don't hear from you again Ben, then I know that you have been killed by a muslim. You Catholics do have something in common with the muslims, you are terrorists as well, remember the IRA situation Ben? Funny how you fail to mention that situation Ben, English lion had a point you Catholics behave like the muslims, you Catholics are a disgrace to "Christianity", anyway Ben since I know you love the muslims that much it will not be long before you convert to Islam, but mate I will not be interested in converting to Islam, so don't bother wasting your time trying to convert me to Islam IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.
Posted by Islam=shit on 20 September 2006 7:27 AM.
Steve Irwin-RIP, to a great man that will never be forgotton, you will always be in our hearts, a great man who deserves all the respect in the world, a true legend and a true blue Aussie.
Posted by Ross on 20 September 2006 7:25 PM.
and i give you...the fruits of a public education people!!! "Islam=shit" having yet another argument with himself. Once again oyu are wrong, i'm not even going to explain why you won't be able to get your head around it.
Posted by Ben on 20 September 2006 11:00 PM.
Ben you prick I am not arguing with myslef, you just can't accept the fact that nobody on here agrees with you, and please learn how to spell "oyu are wrong?" Instead of "you are wrong" and yet you boast that you are this really intelligent guy, yet even a 3 year old could spell YOU.
To everyone on this forum Ben has just converted to Islam, he states he is a catholoc yet he attends his local mosque. Ben you can not prove you are a Catholic, you fucking liar, you are a muslim but you are too afraid to confess. I bet you have never even been to Church in your life, you mate are a complete bullshitter.
Posted by Islam=shit on 21 September 2006 1:13 AM.
Dirty disgusting muslims, they all need fucking shooting, muslims are cunts
Posted by Islam=shit on 23 September 2006 8:48 PM.
Newsflash guys- I have just read a report that Bin Laden could now be dead, French officials in Paris have said, I hope that prick is DEAD, burn Bin Laden's body and flush his ashes down the toilet, I hope that report is correct, I have been waiting ages for that arsehole to die.
If he is dead I hope all muslims and women go the same way, DEATH TO MUSLIMS DEATH TO WOMEN, FUCK THEM ALL. White male supremacy world wide.
As white men we must unite together to wipe out muslims and women, it is our duty, they are both the prime enemy of the white man.
Posted by Misogynist on 24 September 2006 12:39 AM.
ALL women are ugly, they all look like dog-shit, I would rather kiss a pig's arse than kiss a women.
To all you people on this forum, you might be offended by my views on women, but at least we can all agree that all muslims suck dick. I hate women and I am proud, it also gives me great pleasure to be a muslim hater, eveytime a muslim gets killed or even attacked I feel justice has been done, it feels as good as winning the lottery.
Posted by Misogynist on 24 September 2006 4:16 AM.
Angelina are you thick or something, you think muslims are better looking than Aussies, you are a dumb whore, muslims look like fucking monkeys, in fact muslim women are so ugly they have to cover their faces, keep taking your ectasy tablets you bitch, with any luck you might end up taking an overdose and die. Your life must really suck I mean you are a muslim and a woman, you can not get lower than that, if you want an argument bring it on bitch, I'll make you cry, you fucking muslim whore, make yourself useful and commit suicide your life is not worth living. FUCK YOUR PATHETIC ISLAMIC RELIGION.
Posted by Misogynist on 24 September 2006 4:31 AM.
Hammer smashed face
A skull full of maggots
They deserve to die
Raped by the beast
Bent backwards
Posted by Cannible Corpse on 25 September 2006 4:50 AM.
No place for these shitcolored baboon-nigger muzzslime mongrels among humans. Burn their mosques to the ground and deport or kill the motherfuckers.
Posted by muhammed fuks pigs on 25 September 2006 7:35 AM.
Thats what I am talking about, kill all muslims, fucking waste of space on this planet, if it ain't white it ain't right.
Muslims are filthy rapists and mass murderers.
Posted by Islam=shit on 25 September 2006 5:58 PM.
I would rather be a homo than a spic
Posted by Aryan on 1 October 2006 6:22 PM.
So misogynist I take it you are into violent "prison style" homosexual sex then? You idiot.
Posted by Ben on 3 October 2006 2:39 AM.
Ben I did not state I was a homosexual you idiot, you do not have to be gay to be a misogynist, you dick head, yes I hate women, muslims, jews, blacks, spics.
Give up Ben, get into an argument with me and you will never win.
Posted by Misogynist on 3 October 2006 5:51 PM.
You hate women, therefore, the logical conclusion to draw from this would be that you prefer the company of MEN. Call this a logical fallacy if you wish, but last time I checked there were no other sexes in our species in which we commit copulation. P.s Put any argument you wish, but remember, no person with a moderate level of dignity or education would subscribe to your blatantly chauvenistic, archaic views towards women. Be a racist fool, by all means, but don't make a fool of yourself by hating women. Look at what you have written, "I hate women, muslims, jews, blacks, spics", yet you fail to mention you dislike homosexuals, which one would think would be first on the list subjected to your hate. hmmm a latent homoerotic fantasy permeates your writing. p.s.s you're a moron.
Posted by Ben on 6 October 2006 1:00 PM.
Also, it is blatantly obvious that 80% of the people posting hate recently are all the same person trying to validate their argument by pretending to have support from many. I would love to write to the administrator and find the I.P of a few of the "characters" on this posting. I think, nay, I KNOW they are all of the same origin.
Posted by Ben on 6 October 2006 1:04 PM.
Also, it is blatantly obvious that 80% of the people posting hate recently are all the same person trying to validate their argument by pretending to have support from many. I would love to write to the administrator and find the I.P of a few of the "characters" on this posting. I think, nay, I KNOW they are all of the same origin.
I've noticed the same. However, it's possible different people posting from the same subnet or under the same network.
Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 6 October 2006 1:15 PM.
Ben, your back, with your stupid comments agaain, I guess you are going to call me a misogynist, cause I disagree with just about everything I say, you are probably going to say I know this guy, well guess what Ben I don't know who this guy is, he may not even be an Aussie. Ben you are the fool, that "misogynist" guy might be racist but at least he is open about it, unlike you. How do you know all these people are of the same origin, they could all know each other as far as you are concerned, my guess is that some of these people know each other. I don't support the misogynist guy in terms of his views on women, but I agree with his views on muslims, jews and hispanics, they are trash. If you are wondering why I hate spics, I'll tell you, I went to LA, and I saw a number of spics, the spics commit most of the crime in LA. and for that matter the USA. The spics are drug dealers ect, and they are non-white filth that need to be removed from the USA.
Ben tell me something are you gay? I mean do you have a girlfriend? Have you ever had one? But hey I reckon you have never had a girlfriend in your life, don't try and lie Ben, thats all you ever do.
Ben and Misogynist fuck off you are both a waste of space on this forum.
Posted by Islam=shit on 7 October 2006 12:51 AM.
Ben, tell me something are you part of some pro-communist group or something? You always seem to be defending the muslims anyway.
Posted by Islam=shit on 7 October 2006 12:53 AM.
"I disagree with everything you say", not "I say".
Yes Ben you are full of shit, pity nobody on this forum agrees with anything you have to say, nobody cares about you, even your own parents don't give a shit about you.
Posted by Islam=shit on 7 October 2006 1:01 AM.
See Ben, Anthony is quite an intelligent guy, he aknowledges that it could be different people posting on the same network, cause you are quite thick, that did not even cross your mind.

Posted by Islam=shit on 7 October 2006 1:39 AM.
"Misogynist" tell me if you hate women, does that mean you hate your mother? Dude there is no reason for you to hate women, I can understand that you might have had problems with women in the past, but that should not give you a reason to hate women. You are kind of going off the subject, this forum is about the crunulla riots, so you are kind of going off the subject. Stick to your anti-muslim views, I am sure many people on here would agree with your anti-muslim views.
Man Pippa Black and Jessica Tovey are so fit, so "misogynist" if you don't find either of these girls attractive, then there is something clearly wrong with you. Yes if you are wondering I do watch Neighbours and Home and Away, thats how I know of these characters.
Australia has some beautiful girls, I wish I had an Australian girlfriend. In my opinion Australia has more sexy girls than England, and thats the truth.
Posted by Ross on 7 October 2006 4:45 AM.
Sorry guys, this thread is getting too long to follow, and takes quite a while do load the whole page. I have to close the comment on this entry. There are 339 comments on this entry!

I would like to ask you to continue the discussion in a new entry, Muslim cabbies refuse to carry blind passengers, at

Sorry for the inconvenience. No comments in this entry will be deleted, and will always available for reference.

Please change the bookmark to .

Posted by Antony Shen [TypeKey Profile Page] on 8 October 2006 4:58 PM.
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