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19 August, 2005

there are some who hate iPods

Read this site from The iPod Observer, well, somebody really hates iPod, or perhaps he can't afford one.

Well, I did not know 6th August was Anti-iPod Day. It's quite interesting to read what people in the other group think.

Screenshot of Anti-iPod website:

Posted by Antony on 19 August 2005 5:54 PM | iPod/iPhone/iPad

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from iTunes Store:
I don't own an iPod or similar competing device, and don't desire to either. ;-)
Posted by Andrew Turnbull on 21 August 2005 7:39 AM.
i've had an ipod now for 5 years and was emersed in the convenience and slick design(etc),my drummer has a mini disk player(45hrs of playback time compared to 11hrs on ipod) and one night(4-5 years l8tr) i decided to listen to it wow wow wow i think a generation of youth including me has been completely ripped of by a new sleek design and concept, i'm sorry to say this but the sound quality of an ipod is absalutely atrocious.There is no clarity what so ever, and the price considering it's aimed at generation x is extortion! trust me listen to your ipod then listen to a mini disk or diskman afterall it's all about the music!!
Posted by glass on 4 September 2005 7:30 PM.
I hate iPods too.
Posted by on 14 November 2005 3:53 PM.
iPods are the stupidest.
Posted by pistache on 29 January 2006 1:54 AM.
My kind of peopel!
Posted by Max on 7 April 2006 6:04 AM.
Yes finally some people that i can stand with agains the podder. woooo im so happy i dispise ipods.
Posted by judman13 on 26 May 2006 12:33 PM.
IPods are OK, I own a mini myself. The UI isn't that well designed. And you can't even replace the battery. It looks sleek, but I think once the apple hype dies down (it will eventually) and other manufacturers' players (which are often cheaper and offer more features) catch on, the iPod craze will cool off But when it comes time to buy another mp3 player, it wi
Posted by DBenham on 22 June 2006 2:20 PM.
ipods suck all they do is come out with like the same thing in different colors and people go nuts and they suck all my friends got them and they break. i have a friend who has gone through 6 of them!!! that tells you what there made out of.
Posted by anti ipod on 23 October 2006 12:23 PM.
I bought my girlfriend an Ipod for Christmas and she bought me a Scandisk MP3 player. I said I ‘DO NOT’ want an Ipod but wanted something I could listen to on the train to and from work. She really wanted the Ipod! Sooo I opened up my gift and so did she… I went to the computer plugged in the Scandisk in to transfer some songs and in around an hour I was good to go. She did the something and it’s now THREE days later my Girlfriend can even get the damn Ipod to work! HA HA HA! She called then and she had to get rid of all the downloads that she did from Apple. So may within the next month or so it would start working!
Posted by Phil on 29 December 2006 4:33 AM.
i hate ipods becus u cant delete or add songs off them.i had one for christmas and it wos second hand off ebay and da songs came on ther and i hate them all and i cant delete them off ther or add my songs.IT'S NOT FAAAAAIIIIIIRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by ipod hater on 10 January 2007 6:09 AM.
Posted by BILLY on 10 January 2007 6:12 AM.
I absolutely LOATHE ipods. Don't get me wrong, I have an MP3 player and I prefer Creative. I HATE itunes. It's so commercial that the whole program feels like you are looking into the spam folder of your email. It's a resource hog and it is intrusive to your privacy. I used to like the idea of owning a Mac until I had a bad experience with itunes. Now I have migrated to linux. When I go to listen to my own personal music I will be damned before I get bombarded with advertisements and pics little punk ass sell out nu-rock musicians. Dude, I just wanna hear my music.
Posted by Shaemus on 13 January 2007 10:03 AM.
Ipods are for little girls, GAY little girls real men bang on sticks to make their own music, if you own an Ipod you wave your right to call yourself a man.
Well actually I own a Creative Zen but there're so cool bangin on sticks would be a waste of time, I just hate the whole Ipod craze, and they actually really do suck, akward as hell
Posted by Rob the racist on 8 February 2007 2:59 AM.
i dislike ipods a ton
Posted by on 23 March 2007 1:35 AM.
I hate Ipods. I bought the 30GB Ipod Videp last year and in the first few months there were already problems. First it froze, like every two months. then i hat to reset my ipod cos apparently it was "corrupted" and now it just wont turn on. As if it isnt bad enough, my guarantee expired two months ago so i cant exchange for a new one. i cant repair it here in Malaysia either. They told me to send it over to the states, but warned me that they may not be able to do anything. Its ridiculous. Ive had for less than a year.
Itunes suxx ass too. You can only add songs from ur own computer, u cant go on ur friends computer and add some of their songs. Arghhhhh To anyone who is thinking of buying it: DONT. There are so many complaints and apple isnt doing anything about it.
Posted by Lesley on 19 May 2007 8:22 PM.
I hate the gimmicky rubbish that is the Ipod. I've owned a Samsung YH-J70SB for almost two years and it's much better. I don't need 80gb of space so the 20gb on mine is fine. I don't need itunes so downloading just about anything I want from just about anywhere or any source I want suits me! I can even hook up to a CD player and record direct from that and it's converted to MP3, beat that Apple!
I'm not saying my multimedia player (What I call it as it does video and photo as well) is perfect. I have niggles definitely. To get to songs I have to go through MENU - DOWN 2 - NAVIGATION - FILE SEARCH - MUSIC - THEN SELECT ARTIST FROM THERE. It sometimes crashes during this process and you find yourself back at the start and sometimes skipped to the next song. All that said, It's battery is good, It has REAL BUTTONS and no CRAP WHEEL!, It has played any type of file I've ever thrown at it and it's performance (admittedly through new Sennheisser earphones) is good.
Posted by Ian_B_1985 on 30 May 2007 7:04 AM.
I hate Ipods so much. They freeze and sometimes even broken maybe. I hate them so much because they don't even know how to play AVI video files while PSP and creative zen models knows. I have a IPod video5.5G 30 Gb, but I don't like the fact that the screen is so small. (2.5inch is small still, and it's not widescreen) Well, Someday I'll get a PSP! yipee for me!
Posted by Andrew Qin on 15 November 2007 9:15 AM.
I will agree, ipods are retarded. They are the most overrated technological device on the planet. Stupid Internet-Generation teenagers like them, and they have no intellect in terms of problem solving & genreal knowledge.
Posted by Living Colour 217 on 19 November 2007 1:08 PM.
I have owned a 30gb video ipod for a year and this piece of !@#$ has never worked right!I have installed every update for the ipod and itunes and all it did was delete my damned music or convert it permanently into that apple gibberish which requires their software to play and it has NEVER BEEN ABLE TO PLAY VIDEO OR STORE DATA! This was my first high end "MP3" player(God I wish it used MP3s) and it cost $300! Low battery life from a fancy video screen for a device that can't even synch to download a video bought from itunes! If this piece of crap didn't cost me $300 and basically convert all of my music into an otherwise useless format I'd bury in Steve's forehead by lashing it to an axe handle and whacking his ripoff con-artist ass repeatedly with it. If you don't own one of these things yet,PLEASE DON'T BUY ONE! They are marketed to he lowest common denominator and have ZERO performance or utility beyond the cute packaging an the little wheel an you'd be happier having to look at and press weird buttons on somthing that ACTUALLY WORKED,I promise.
Posted by Froman on 24 February 2008 11:37 AM.
thx froman, i wont get one then ;b
Posted by Cypher on 14 July 2008 10:17 PM.
they're right you know!
Posted by a on 21 December 2008 9:15 AM.
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