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9 August, 2005

not so wonderful Desperate day

Last night's season finale Desperate Housewives was a really good show. Twenty-three episodes of plus two special episodes of Desperate Housewives, it was one of the best TV series I've seen, and in fact it is the only TV series that keeps me so desperate on every Monday. Even Google knows that I am so desperate. (Desperate Antony) The only “must watch” TV program I can't miss. (Okay, I missed the show once when I was in Melbourne with Adrian.)

It was a great ending... it keeps us desperate on the next season.

Desperate Housewives

From ABC Desperate Housewives recap: Season Finale: One Wonderful Day

Season Finale: One Wonderful Day

When Gabrielle, Susan, and Lynette show up at the hospital, Bree confides that she feels guilty because she and Rex were having a fight when he had his heart attack and that now he needs a pacemaker.

Before his operation, Rex apologizes for being a bad husband. She tells him he's going to be just fine and that "the best is yet to come."

Rex's doctor says his potassium levels are abnormally high and asks him who prepares his meals. When Rex says it's Bree, the doctor points out their recent marital problems and reminds him of the time Bree fed him onions, nearly killing him. Rex insists that was an accident and orders the doctor out. But he writes a note to Bree saying he's forgiven her.

Bree is home when she gets a call from the doctor -- Rex has just died! She can't believe it -- his operation wasn't even scheduled until tomorrow! She numbly sits in her empty dining room, looking at the chair where Rex would normally sit. She goes into typical Bree coping mode by polishing the silver but then she dissolves into heartbroken sobs.

Gabrielle testifies on Carlos's behalf, but she makes him promise to do more than his share of caring for the baby.

She testifies that she lied about having an affair to make him jealous and that he's a "angry, jealous, Neanderthal" but that he's no gay basher. Just as the judge is determining that Carlos's attacks can't be considered hate crimes, John comes in and tells Carlos, "You beat up the wrong guy."

Seeing red, Carlos jumps to grab John, but instead tackles Justin, who just happens to be in his way. "I'll kill you!" Carlos shouts to John, but to everyone else it looks like he's shouting it at Justin. On the stand, Gabrielle rolls her eyes.

Lynette finds Tom at an arcade in the middle of the day and he tells her he quit -- and that he knows about how she got his promotion revoked. Now that her act of sabotage has been found out, she doesn't know what to say. Then Tom surprises her by saying he wants to be a stay-at-home dad and she should go back to work.

Edie stops by to introduce herself to Wisteria Lane's new residents, Betty Applewhite and her son, Matthew. "I've never sold a house over the phone before," she says, her curiosity piqued. They're polite, but standoffish.

Zach freaks out when Felicia tells him his father isn't ever coming back for him. "What did you do to him?" he demands and beats her up. His next stop is Susan's -- and he's got a gun. He holds her hostage, saying that since Felicia told him Mike was on his way to kill his father, he's going to kill Mike when he gets home.

Edie comes over, scared to be alone after the news of Felicia's attack gets out, but can't understand Susan's attempt to tell her Zach's holding a gun on her and storms off in a huff, completely unaware of the situation.

Mike takes Paul out to a deserted quarry, intending to shoot him. Paul demands to know what it's for, if it's not about Martha Huber's murder. Mike says it's about Dierdre.

Paul finally comes clean about his and Mary Alice's secret: a drugged-out Dierdre sold them her baby to feed her habit. They fled Utah and changed their names, but she still found them. Mary Alice killed Dierdre by accident when she came to forcibly take Zach/Dana back from them and they hid her body where they thought it would never be found -- in a toy chest buried under their new pool.

Mike wavers. "Dierdre had a child?" he asks, clearly shaken. He walks away, leaving Paul stranded, but still alive. He drives back to his house, where Zach is still waiting for him, and goes inside.

Posted by Antony on 9 August 2005 7:06 AM | Desperate Housewives

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