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2 May, 2005

Carlos returns! so desperate

Carlos returns
Monday night is always so important. More important then the releasing night of Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". I guess you all know why Monday night is so important. Desperate Housewives, of course.

Desperate Housewives will be on Seven 8:40 tonight. Tonight's episode:

Every Day A Little Death
The residents of Wisteria Lane finally learn Martha Huber's fate, and the truth has unexpected consequences for Susan.

Meanwhile Bree finds her new beau, George, getting a little too close for comfort; Lynette concocts an elaborate fib about Parker's health to get into a yoga class; and Carlos returns, but his homecoming isn't quite what Gabrielle had in mind.
(Seven's TV Guide)

Last week in Desperate Housewives,

Martha Huber's sister, Felicia, shows up to help look for her missing sister, even though she says she's sure Martha's dead. After Martha's car is found abandoned, Edie organizes a search party. Paul decides he needs to draw suspicion away from himself, so he returns to Martha's grave and takes her bracelet, which he plants in Mike's garage.

Rex is now well enough to be released from the hospital, but Bree refuses to let him come home, but she won't give an explanation to her children. Andrew insists, so she says she will let him stay while he still needs help, but after that, he can "rot in hell." Rex says he know Bree still loves him because of all the care she's taking with him. She responds, "Don't mistake my anal-retentiveness for actual affection." While picking up Rex's medication, Bree impulsively decides to ask out the pharmacist, George. When he shows up for their date, she invites him in for some awkward small talk with Rex, who tells him that Bree only asked him out to get back at him. Andrew demands an explanation when he sees George dropping Bree off and she accidentally reveals that Rex had an affair. Andrew calls her a liar, but then Rex tells him the truth, and Andrew can't believe she's being such a pushover by letting him stay. She says she's still going to divorce Rex, but that he is the love of her life, a sentiment Rex just happens to overhear.

Gabrielle is fretting that she's running out of money now that Carlos' bank accounts are frozen. If Gabrielle produces the passport, then Carlos can come home and the bank accounts can be accessed. But she still wants to make him suffer, so she does nothing. His lawyer tells her she should start looking for a job, so she decides to try modeling again. Unfortunately, the only modeling jobs available in the suburbs are boat and car shows. While demonstrating a car at the local mall, Gabrielle tries to pretend she's just shopping when she runs into Tom and Lynette, even though she's wearing a gown and holding a mike. When her electricity is cut off, Gabrielle decides it's finally time to produce Carlos' passport.

Lynette realizes Tom has a crush on their nanny, Claire, when Claire laughingly confesses that Tom caught her in the nude, a little thing Tom forgot to mention to his wife. Now Lynette knows why Tom was so amorous the night before! She tries to force him to admit he's attracted to Claire, but he insists he isn't. Then when Lynette catches Tom staring at Claire's breasts, Tom realizes it's time to let Claire go.

Karl stops by Susan's and admits he and Brandy have broken up. Feeling sorry for him, Susan impulsively invites him to join her for Julie's birthday dinner. In the middle of a makeout session, Mike tells Susan he loves her. When she doesn't reciprocate right away, he says he thinks she still has feelings for Karl, or else why would she invite him to Julie's party? Karl shows up at the karaoke bar with Edie as his date, much to Susan's consternation. Edie lets it slip that she made out with Karl at a party once, while he was still married to Susan. Midway through belting out "New York, New York," Susan drops the song and launches into an angry tirade against Karl. The next day Karl comes over to apologize, but then he stuns Susan when he says he wants her back. She realizes that she really doesn't have any feelings for him anymore and giddily runs over to Mike's to tell him that she loves him. But her timing's not great: The police are there asking him about Martha Huber.
(from ABC's Desperate Housewive official website)

Posted by Antony on 2 May 2005 10:09 AM | Desperate Housewives

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