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25 April, 2005

desperate ANZAC

Bree and GeorgeWell, today, ANZAC Day, is the 90th anniversary of one of World War One’s most vicious battles. But what's more important today? Monday again, the day for Desperate Housewives. The airtime of Desperate Housewives has been adjusted to 8:40PM from tonight.

Tonight's episode:

Move On
Edie organizes a neighbourhood search for the missing Mrs Huber, just as the absent busybody's sister arrives on Wisteria Lane.

Meanwhile, Bree resigns herself to her marital state and asks an attractive pharmacist on a date; Susan's ex, Karl, suddenly reappears in her life; Lynette fears that Tom is attracted to the new nanny; and Gabrielle sinks to new depths - she gets a job.

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane
(from Desperate Housewives)

Maisy Gibbons, Lynette's old school play rival, has a secret "hobby": entertaining men in the afternoon for some extra cash. She tells a client that she started to get back at a woman who made her feel small when she could no longer afford to belong to the country club. And now that woman's husband is her next client she says happily, opening the door to reveal Rex Van de Kamp.

Rex comes home at 3 a.m. and finds Bree has been waiting up for him. She accuses him of seeing someone and he says he has every right to since they're separated. During an S&M session with Maisy, Rex has a heart attack. Bree rushes to the hospital and sees Maisy's name on the admitting sheet. Bree asks Maisy pointblank if she's having an affair with Rex. Maisy cheerfully admits she's been seeing him because he has certain "needs" that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing with Bree, but that he still loves his wife. At the hospital, Bree tells Rex she's glad he's doing better because now she can tell him what's been on her mind: She's going to get the most vindictive lawyer she can find and "eviscerate" him. "I am so glad you didn't die before I had a chance to tell you that," she says coldly before walking out.

Carlos and Gabrielle
At Carlos' hearing he is deemed a flight risk and denied bail until he produces his passport. Gabrielle desperately searches for it, while her maid worries about how she's going to pay her now. Just then, a repo man comes and hauls off Gabrielle's snazzy little sports car. Carlos' lawyer tells her that more of her possessions might be seized as "ill-gotten gains," so she hides nearly everything she owns with her friends. At the prison, Gabrielle tells Carlos she doesn't mind losing everything, as long as she still has him. He whispers to her the secret location of the passport and tells her to take it to the lawyer and destroy the papers that are hidden with it. Gabrielle begins to doubt his innocence, so she keeps the papers and burns the passport.

Even though her new nanny, Claire, is completely capable, Lynette still feels guilty leaving her children alone with her. Bree tells her if she really has doubts, she should buy a hidden camera. Lynette installs the "nanny cam" and when she watches the tapes, she doesn't find anything wrong. Except for the fact that maybe Claire's better with her kids than she is. Deciding she has to sabotage Claire for her own peace of mind, Lynette insists Claire feed the boys their most-hated food: brussels sprouts. Claire fails miserably and, perversely, Lynette couldn't be happier.

Julie is still hiding Zach in her room and is relieved that her father's imminent breakup with his new girlfriend will keep her home this weekend. That's bad news for Susan, who had planned a romantic weekend alone with Mike. When Julie's dad shows up after all, Susan puts on her sexiest lingerie and tells Mike to come over. She hears Zach sneaking around and realizes it's not Mike. But it's Mike whom she ends up whacking on the head when she mistakes him for the intruder. Now the cat's out of the bag and Susan insists Zach go home. When Susan tries to lecture Julie, her daughter tells her she's been the real mother ever since the divorce.

Having waited long enough to hear from Mrs. Huber, Edie calls the police to let her into her friend's house.

Posted by Antony on 25 April 2005 3:02 PM | Desperate Housewives

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