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22 November, 2004

speedos vs board shorts

speedos vs boardiesAccording to's stories: Time to burn the budgies and Verdict: boardies v Speedos

Let's see what women on beach say:

"Men who wear Speedos should be culled or arrested for indecent exposure, especially the fat hairy ones who walk up and down the beach with no shame."

"Men shouldn't wear Speedos because men don't get bikini waxes. It's as simple as that."

"Boardies are the go because they've got that sexy surfer edge and it adds a bit of mystery as to what's underneath."

> more at Time to burn the budgies and Verdict: boardies v Speedos ( 22 Nov 2004)

Posted by Antony on 22 November 2004 10:16 AM | newstalk

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Posted by tiffany on 23 December 2004 4:22 PM.
I second that! Why do women (fat hairy ones too) think it's OK to show off their flesh and men cannot? BS!! To hell with you and your double standards. I'll continue to show off my banana hamock and you'll like it!
Posted by Michael on 8 March 2005 11:23 AM.
I've worn speedos for 40 years. Whats the problem with women? There is nothing wrong with the male form. Women can kid around at their Hen's Nights about guys assets, so much so these days that these son's have become so self conscious they're too scared to wear speedos. Whats their problem? Women have created this myth in their minds that big is better cos their twats have become so big they can drive a freight train up the middle.The kids start believing this themselves and worry about being inadequate, hence the move to board shorts. Quit complaining about the guys - what about the majority of fat and ugly women who let them selves go at the age of 30.Just the thought of them in Speedo togs makes me puke.Onthe other side of the coin.. why are male revues so popular with women? And many of the guys are gay!
Posted by William on 28 October 2005 11:13 AM.
Posted by Joe on 14 November 2005 7:38 PM.
I'm here in Maui where board shorts apparently rule. I say screw that, after two days of going along I mustered up anough courage to bear the Speedos I brought with me. All around I see fat ugly women bearing it all, so why the Hell can't I work on a awesome tan-line and feel sexy as well? I may not be a stud but I'm not over-weight or flabby either. Keep the Speedo faith!!
Posted by CebUsta on 11 February 2006 2:17 PM.
i mean the thing about speedos is that straight guys are terribly proud of their whatevers and its being a buddy to show other guys how proud it is. Gay guys go ape when they see a set of speedos on a good looking guy...
Posted by peter on 12 February 2006 12:34 PM.
SAY NO TO SPEEDO - speedos are by far the most embarrasing piece of clothing a man can wear, nothing is on its scale. I walked to my gym a few days ago ready for a good work out, only to be confronted with a fat man wearing a pair of speedos while exercising on the treadmil. Its not a pretty sight. DISGUSTING FAT SHIT! The majority of people whether you like it or not, do not like speedos and if you do, you will have to put yourself in the same catagory as those who like the name 'Barry' and have keetle warmers. Leave the speedos at home suck!
Posted by J-BOY on 28 March 2006 3:25 PM.
I bel;eive that only sexy black men should wear speedos because you can really see their shaping of their packages, also how big the sack really is.
Posted by laquesha stephania on 12 April 2006 5:03 AM.
You wouldn't catch me in a gym with a Speedo. In a pool? Yes. Women may not like hairy fat guys wearing Speedos. I think women just do not want to see hairy fat guys period--Speedos or not. I'd rather see a hairy fat guy in a Speedo at a swimming pool because he is getting exercise. The message women send to these guys is "Stay at home and bury your head in the sand!" Most men are not perfect 10s. Instead of looking at the anatomy, look at men's faces when talking to them. Speedos are worn in many places in the world with no fuss. Why should there be a fuss in the USA? As for the boys, they do get a hidden message that they are inadequate holistically if we say to them on the one hand, "Judge people by their character, not how they look," then in an instant say, "Only males with 'hot bods' are worthy of being seen in public." Talk to the face.
Posted by Anonymous on 4 May 2006 11:44 AM.
speedos are the go if your pround of your body or assets why not. If chicks dig what they see all well and good. If a gay guy wants to watch you - feel flattered (doesnt mean you need to touch em) who cares if they get off on it your not going to know
SPEEDOS all the way i've worn then all my life and i'm not going to hide behind boardies
Posted by on 7 May 2006 1:29 PM.
I got a good body and I look better in speedos ...
those baggy shorts look sloppy .. .and, when wet,
weight ten pounds ...
Posted by Andoy on 12 May 2006 5:50 AM.
Dang, when woman always are pressing on fat guys wearing speedos, what about those fat women pigs in stretch pants, with their crack, fore and aft pressing through? I am in great shape, love speedos - but when I read these messages, those fat pig woman come to mind writing----------barf
Posted by Cooper on 25 May 2006 6:14 AM.
According to the NY Times board shorts are out and are for men having mid-life crisis! Check it out:

Posted by smo on 25 May 2006 11:00 AM.
Alright. All you people that are so upset about guys in speedos, Shut the hell up. How about you all go and take a good look in the mirror, and ask your selves this question. Would I look good in a speedo? Ten out of ten of you wouldn't. Then ask yourself this, why is it that I hate myself so much, that I have to talk a whole bunch of shit to people in order to make myself feel good. What a bunch of low-life wearthless losers. I bust my ass off to have a perfecly sculpted body, therefore, I diserve to wear what ever the hell I want to. So, If you little boys and girls can't handle it, then go home and cry to your mothers, your bunch of troglodites.
Posted by Ernhrt on 29 June 2006 4:33 PM.
Haahaahaa....I wonder why so many people care about whether a guy is enough of a man to wear a speedo or not? Maybe those same people who spend their time belly-aching over a SPEEDO should take a good look at their real problems~ possibly toy with the idea that they should get a life and not worry about the lives of confident, outgoing, stong, courageous and most likely, sexy as hell men out there who could give a shit less about your own worthless opinion anyway. Do something exiting, eat some fiery food, go for a swim at midnight when the moon is bright and full, learn to play the guitar, make love by candlelight.....LIVE a little and then the small things become non-existant, like they were never there to begin with. Why spend your time worrying about beautiful, healthy, happy, secure indiviguals who simply don't care about the norms, rules and restrictions society has placed on them. Go to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Brazil, Tahiti, Thailand, The Virgin Isles, The Carribean...and then cry about a guy rockin'a SPEEDO. Impossible....everyone wears a speedo or something smaller, women don't have to wear tops and both the men and women wear the least amount of bulky clothing to the beach as possible. These same people would be the minority in most places outside of the United States. Basically, Speedos rock and if you have nothing better to do than to tear people down to build yourself up I think it would be wise to spend time focusing on why it's necessary to behave in such a childish manner. Go to Prada, buy some stilleto's and fishnets, go home to your honey, turn on your favorite love-making music and enjoy your life. You never know what day will be your last so live it up like it's today.
Posted by StephanieNicole on 30 June 2006 6:32 AM.
well honestly guys look way more attractive in board shorts...but if u have a nice bod, speedos are ok too. but i think its almost a good thing speedos are going out of fashion(no offense) becuz if you're very insecure about urself, u can wear board shorts and still look hott! i just wish short shorts and short skirts can somewhat go out of fashion for women becuz im very insecure about the size of my calves..its a heridity thing, and i hate it but be happy that board shorts are becoming more popular! be lucky guys..while us women are also always filled with insecurity too.....
Posted by on 11 July 2006 1:01 PM.
I think that people should just wear what they want to. I am from a very backward section of Nova Scotia, and I still wear them. First of all they make so much more senes then board shorts and If men these days were not so into if people think they are gay or straight then I think that the beach would be a better place for all of us. And for you ladies I suggest that you all shut up until you are ready to tie a towel around you, and swim with that, because that is what wearing board shorts is like.
Posted by JS on 16 July 2006 9:58 PM.
I quite agree that if you have a decent or great looking body a man should wear a speedo that shows more of himself.Who cares what others think! I mean you only live once! Why not show more of yourself! If a woman can do it why not a man? I am 43 years old and in great shape and will not conform to everyone else in this society.How boring I find men who wear these ridiculous looking swimwear these days! I mean who invented these board shorts in the first place? A guy perhaps that lacks confidence to show more of himself.As well,some people think that you are gay if you wear a speedo.People should not assume things,because if you assume something you are making an ass out of you and me!I think that there are women out there who really dig a guy who looks after himself and shows more of himself in a speedo at a beach or swimming pool especially in the summer.I just feel people should lighten up and live a little!
Posted by Allen on 27 July 2006 11:56 AM.
I am a hairy fat guy and I plan to continue to wear my speedo. I really don't care what people think about my speedos or me in them. I chose them because they are comfortable. I am working on not being a hairy fat guy but until that changes I still will wear my speedo.
Posted by on 3 August 2006 1:30 AM.
I am a Gay guy here in Florida and love men in Speedos. I personally love to wear them myself.
Since THONGS are basically against the law women get away with it for some odd reason the police just look past the inevitable ass cheek hanging out...but if a dude likes that full body sculptured tan and is wearing a speedo its forbidden.. the looks that men get is ridiculous.. and he will get arrested for wearing a THONG.
I personally could care less what anyone thinks of me I live my life the way I chose if someone has a problem then they need to come see me!
The reality is this....... walk along the beach anywhere and you see these Mesomorphic guys GAY AND STRAIGHT wearing Board shorts all raveled up to their crotch why?
Just put a freakin Speedo on!
Move on with your day at the beach and appreciate your awesome tan. If you are Content with your sexuality then you are content..seeing a nice built guy and a fat hairy guy is no different LOOK THE OTHER WAY.. When a woman walks past me with watermelon jugs hanging and their asses hanging to the ground in these dental floss suits I respect her for who she is not what she is wearing and I smile and even say hi.
International male has skimpy suits for guys that I wear and the women are like wow!
If the Guys GAY or STRAIGHT don't like it..I say GET-TO-STEPPIN!
Personally if a Guy can wear Speedos He's content with himself. Screw everyone else. Tomás
Sarasota Florida
Posted by Tomás on 24 August 2006 4:27 AM.
I think men who are in good shape can wear a speedo with good taste. I live in Florida and a lot of gus wear speedo's in the Miami area. Board shorts are fine too but there is something attractive about a guy who is secure enough to wear a speedo and look good in one.
Posted by jennifer on 4 October 2006 11:12 AM.
Reality is most guys look as bad in board shorts as they do in a Speedo. For boardies to look good, your inseam MUST exceed your waist size. No liners and no underwear, worn at the top of the butt crack and stopping at the knee. If you have a stocky build or are slightly overweight, you’ll have the appearance of a Munchkin. For Speedos to look good, you must have a smallish butt and an absolutely flat belly. Too tight and you’ll look like a prepubescent girl, too loose and you’ll look like you’re attempting to expose yourself. Wear them mid- hip, not at the top of the hipbone. Orange or pink bikinis are to be avoided by all men regardless of how buff they are. Black can be very unflattering on men with pale skin. The vast majority of guys would do well to wear something mid-thigh. Nothing too tight or too baggy and loose the denim at the beach or pool. Avoid any elastic in the waist and opt for a draw cord that is tied but never cinched around the waist. Loose the boxers underneath as they’ll bunch up in the water causing that “crapped your pants” look. Wear shorts that are self lined, briefs or boxerbriefs of something other than cotton. You’ll feel more comfortable and likely receive more positive feedback.

Posted by Critic on 7 November 2006 11:46 PM.
Hey==speedo is not equal to bikini! What about square cuts? Also, long board shorts only look good only really tall guys. The way to go is mid-thigh board shorts. Hope more manufacturers will make them.
Posted by on 16 November 2006 4:54 AM.
hi i'm a fat hairy guy and i like wearing speedos. speedos are cool
Posted by benruss on 19 November 2006 10:25 AM.
Hey, im a gay guy from CA, im 18 and i wear a speedo. i think people should wear what they want, its not fair that if you wanna wear a speedo but your too embarresed, but live your life to the fullest! wear a speedo, Who Cares. i love guys in speedos, its the sexiest thing.
Posted by Anonamous on 24 December 2006 9:25 AM.
Simple - if Hot, wear speedos.
If Not, then don't. Why do so many guys get that wrong?
Posted by SpeedoGuy on 23 January 2007 6:23 AM.
Im a 22 yr old straight male, I love wearing a speedo. It makes me feel sexy and everything, and even though women are someone "programmed" to think that its not right on men, I really dont care. I am in good shape and i hope more guys my age wear one.
Posted by John on 5 February 2007 11:03 AM.
When I broke up with my girlfriend I decided to do try new things and get in shape. I bought a speedo and went to Santa Monica beach. I asked some women to take pictures of me with my camera phone to track my progress. None had a problem with it or said anything. The best reaction was from a hot Australian tourist. Just gotta use the right bait I guess!
Posted by on 23 February 2007 8:19 AM.
people need to relax a bit on this i use to swim in speedos for many years and i was fine with them because i was around others were wearing the same thing i was, but when jammers came around we all jumped right on them because they looked more comfortable and more like what we wear every day. since i have never put on a speedo, i don't believe either are any more comfortable than the other. no one is trying to stop speedo wearers just know that you are not wearing what most people are and you will probably get some mean looks by people uncomfortable with it, if you look better in speedos go for it you aren't out there to impress anyone so why must there be such angry debates about one being wrong or right?
Posted by Anthony on 12 April 2007 3:59 AM.
I LOVE HOT GUYS IN SPEEDOS ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE THEM NAKED.. THATS ALMOST. guys, wear them all you want. the only women who dont like to see guys in them are lesbians, and theyre just freaks. lesbians suck gay guys kick ass:]]]] i love their pics, videos, bodies, omg i just love MEN. i love to see guys in thongs or speedos or whatever. i hate it when they wear just board shorts and have that UGLY ASS tan line. as long as they shave and arent hairy theyre sexy. guys should shave anyways. idc if were just going out, if i can see your hair and think its my carpet SHAVE IT. if youre fat ugly or your body sucks wear board shorts and a tshirt and a sweater, otherwise I LOVE YOUR FLESH. as long as your body is decent give me a chance to do you cause youre attire is hot
Posted by moonster, i;m a girl on 17 April 2007 5:33 PM.
I'm ready to give you a chance. If you hot the time I hot the time and body. Where do I find you
Posted by carlOS on 17 April 2007 6:40 PM.
Sorry I ment if you got the time I got the speedo and the body
Posted by carlOS on 17 April 2007 6:45 PM.
ling ling. why u no say hi me?
Posted by ling ling on 3 May 2007 9:45 AM.
I am mexican, 29 years old. live in Baja and much to my regret I notice that almost nowhere speedos are to be found. There is so much influence from USA that everything is sold for americans. I always wear French, Thailand or Brazilian swimwear and I have always been complimented. Most men should feel free and confident. Most of americans are so prudish as for men wearing speedos.
Posted by odin on 5 May 2007 11:42 AM.
When I was a kid in the 80s nobody ever thought anything about all the short shorts on men and the speedos. I remember having to make sure I wasn't falling out of my shorts when I was sitting down.
I work out very hard to stay in shape and have a sculpted body that I like to show off. I like wearing booty shorts around and about and either brazil cut or thong swimwear to the beach. I am tired of the women getting to have all the fun showing off their bodies whether their in shape or not and guys are stuck wearing bored shorts to be accepted and not labeled as gay.
Posted by Steve on 19 May 2007 12:41 PM.
Kinda not fair to the ladies guys hide everything while women show nipples, cameltoe and see thru swim wear. I think the guy should show a little also and give the women something to talk about. If they don't want to look, they won't but my experience is that most do of all ages. Give little get a little. Have a Tan, be in shape, smile. Show what you want to see.
Posted by Mike on 27 May 2007 3:25 PM.
I am a 52y/o male who likes to wear short side-split running shorts. I am slender/average build, with slim legs, and I feel very comfortable wearing short-shorts.
I do feel a little self-concious when I go to the local c-store, and worried what people are thinking, whether I am gay because I am wearing side-split running shorts. Well, when the temperatures are in the 80's and 90's, I am comfortable, because the shorts I wear are lightweight. So, I figure the heck with what people think, as long as I am comfortable.

Posted by Bob on 5 July 2007 6:13 AM.
Dork shorts=coulottes=gay Fellows, you look really cute in your dresses at the beach!
As a woman, I find today’s swimwear on men comical. Why don’t you just go swimming in long pants? It seems like a generational thing. The youth of America think of Speedo swimwear as “gay”. Let me tell you whats gay. Men today are wearing womens coulottes to the beach! Yes, back in the 70’s that’s what we called them. Why not just wear a dress to the beach? I laugh every time I see a man in clown pants or dork shorts. Why not wear lipstick too? Let’s bring back the bikini for men! Gorgeous, self-confident men wear bikinis! And they are NOT gay! They are more “manly” that you clowns hiding in your baggy clown pants. Most women won’t admit to it but we LOVE THEM! Burn those fairy dork shorts and give us ladies some eye candy for a change!
Posted by Gina on 6 July 2007 1:15 AM.
I'm glad y'all are not at the naturist beach aka Nude beach. We like to wear what God gave us. Hope y'all stay on your end of the beach.
Posted by don on 19 July 2007 2:11 PM.
If you want to swim around dragging 10 pound of wet clothes to look "normal" have fun. Speedos weigh nothing allow free movement in the water and look neat! In most of the world guys young and old have no problem spending a day at the beach in a bikini.
Posted by Jon on 21 July 2007 9:30 PM.
I love shorts. They are far more comfortable than jeans and last longer due to not having to get worn out in the knees I wear shorts all year round or most of the year except for holidays or other formal occasions. Then my best judgement tells me to wear the jeans and that sucks. Shorts are the only way to go.
Posted by on 6 August 2007 2:20 AM.
Like many of the guys here, I have a great body with great biker legs. I have no problem wearing speedos and short shorts. The shorter, the better. Yes I grew up in France and they were the standard when I was a kid, a teenager and in my early twenties. I am sick and tired of today's man fashion that is completely boring and so restrictive. I wear what I like and if people do not like it, it is their business. If they think I am gay, no problem.... It is time for men to stand up for their fashion freedom. I know who I am. I am a real man: I drive a stick and shoot guns!!!
Posted by jean on 9 September 2007 9:49 AM.
Good Grief. Much ado about nothing. I wear a bikini that is somewhat less covering than a speedo(but not a thong) at the beach. Usually I'm the only one in a bikini. And ya know what, I have more women say hi to me than if i was in the identical situation in bored shorts. Yes women like eye candy, and some of my suits are "push up" style that is at best hard to ignore, especially if i wear a cock ring descreetly. I'm straight,but it's a shame the simple minded might think otherwise. My girlfriend(s) also like the slutty tan line as well. And girls, it's true, bored shorts weigh a ton wet and are cold once the sun starts sinkin.
Posted by on 18 September 2007 5:20 AM.
Well, I'm big and fat, and I like wearing a speedo. I admit I look ridicules But I really don't care. I'm only 19 years old but I'm bald on top of my head with just a fringe of hair on the sides and back. I'm 6 ft 8 in tall, and I weigh 850 pounds. My measurements are, upper arms, 38 inches, chest 126 inches, my big round belly is 175 inches around, but my hips are only 56 inches and my thighs are only 26 inches around. Yeah, my arms are fatter than my legs. I have mostly upper body fat, with a big belly and a small butt and skinny legs. I'm not hairy all over, my skin is smooth with no body hair. When I wear a speedo, my belly hangs down over the front of my speedo, completely hiding it so that from the front view I look like I'm in the nude, but when you see me from behind, my speedo slide half way down on my butt showing off my butt crack. I know I'm ugly, but I still like to wear a speedo!
Posted by Big Fat Boy on 2 October 2007 6:50 PM.
Banana Hammock (speedo's)
Guy thinks he impresses girls on the beach wearing speedo's! (Or: banana hammock, grape smugglers, budgie smugglers, lunch sacks, plum smugglers)
Posted by I like girls in bikinis on 5 December 2007 5:14 AM.
I work damn hard on my body to wear white speedo briefs. I run every morning and swim 2 to 4 times a week. I am athletically fit and I am proud to flaunt my body to any female. I especially love to show off my body to my female companion friend!! There is a reason behind the board short craze. Men are socialising too much (drinking too much and eating fatty foods). Without adopting a regular intense exercise routine, they put on weight. Sooner or later, most men have to buy a men's bra or stomach bra!! I am proud to flaunt my athletic lean body to any female and I enjoy the fact that they love to check me out!! So, to all of you women and men who love to wear board shorts, lose some weight!!!!!
Posted by Robert on 9 December 2007 3:23 PM.
Posted by Crazy Clown on 23 February 2008 3:53 PM.
I love the quote, "Boardies are the go because they've got that sexy surfer edge and it adds a bit of mystery as to what's underneath..." from the article. I hear this from a lot of women...they do realize that there is probably a penis under there, don't they?
Posted by on 23 April 2008 5:05 AM.
I stopped waring speedos when i was 12. Im 14 now and not fat or ugly or hairy. Every day i run at the beach with my dad and i ware board shorts, i would rather ware speedos but everyone thinks that is gay. oh and fat old hairy guys in speedos are a good laugh. They should run a bit too. Same with the fat chicks. More running and less sleeping on beach.
Posted by Chris D... on 19 May 2008 7:44 AM.
I have seen and heard this same "poll" or "Quiz" over and over. And everybody that "HATES" speedos says exactly the same thing: "I hate speedos, you see fat..." - So tell me is it really the speedos you hate? Or is the fat you hate when the wrong type of person wears them? You almost never hear someone say: "I hate speedos, you can see all his muscles."
Posted by Eric on 21 May 2008 10:24 AM.
I'm a male in my late twenties, and I work my arse off to stay in shape. I have achieved and maintained a "ripped" physique. If i'm on a beach on vacation, I always wear a speedo. When swimming at my gym's pool , I wear a speedo. I don't concern myself with "polls" or "surveys" - I've met tons more women in these situations than any bar,club, or workplace. I don't know about everyone else , but I love the sight of a fit, toned , sexy woman (regardless of age) in revealing swim attire at the beach. I also believe there are plenty of woman who feel that way about men .
Posted by Eric on 25 May 2008 2:46 PM.
For practicality and looks, a man’s swimsuit should be no longer than mid-thigh and preferably a brief swimsuit otherwise know as a speedo. Women, whether they are skinny, medium or huge, wear maillots, tank suits and bikinis with impunity so a man of any fitness should be able to wear a swimsuit like a speedo that is less revealing than what women wear but more practical for swimming than board shorts. And, trying to ridicule a man because of one’s own insecurities is very juvenile so man shouldn’t let the giggling of a child in an woman’s body stop him from wearing a swim brief.
Posted by Atlanta Ebony Queen on 29 May 2008 4:10 PM.
If a man wants to wear a Speedo or G-String, so be it. Let him wear what he wants. I personally don't care for them myself, but that's beside the point. There are a bunch of fat, ugly, cellulite-infested women who wear bikinis, g-strings and thongs on the beaches here in America and they need to cover up their fat butts if there is to be a double-standard. What the heck is wrong with people these days, anyway? Are there going to be dress codes for the beach now?? Let people wear what they want to the beach -- heck, I don't care what they wear! I'm still sticking to my swim trunks. Board shorts are for teenagers, not middle-aged men! GET REAL!
Posted by Mark Podmore on 2 July 2008 5:05 AM.
PS -- To the "clown" above that says Speedos are only for gay guys: don't be ridiculous. I don't know any gay guys that wear Speedos. But, I know plenty of fat women that do.
Posted by Mark Podmore on 2 July 2008 5:14 AM.
Okay, a big fat hairy guy is still a big fat hairy guy in knee length board shorts, the only exception is that now his big fat hairy ass is showing because the 20 pounds of water-logged shorts are falling off of him. As for the women and their double-standard whining, next time you go swimming swim in a muumuu or the knee length shorts. Also, you ladies strutting around in your bikinis and other skin conforming lycra you are not all Victoria Secret models yourselves, so quit expecting all men who choose to wear a comfortable and practical swimsuit to be built like a seventeen year old. Now I'm not for guys wearing string bikinis and four sizes too small but a practical swimsuit is going to be a speedo style racer or a squarecut. IT'S A SWIMSUIT PEOPLE. With all the perfectionist attitudes toward people comfortably getting exercise no wonder Americans are getting so fat.
Posted by Chad on 25 July 2008 9:48 AM.
Posted by multi-billionaire on 13 November 2008 5:05 PM.
I'm a guy. I'm 23 and have let myself go a little.. I'm 5'8" and 250lbs. It's hard to work out when you have to take care of a daughter yourself. Anyway, I personally like speedos. It doesn't feel like I'm swimming in a wet towel and I'm used to wearing briefs as it is. If fat women can show off what they got, why can't guys? I'm not afraid to. I still wear a tank top while swimming, not that it hides anything, but makes me feel like its less revealing. I went swimming in my speedos in a small wisconsin town when I was traveling with my fiance. No one said a single thing when I hopped out of the pool with my speedos on. My only concern is with kids.. Could it be a little too revealing. Sure the buys are probably used to briefs and know what to expect underneath. But it may not be fair to younger female children seeing a guy, fat or not, in a speedo or briefs in general. Sure it's nothing to be ashamed of and they will figure things out eventually.. All in all I think speedos are fine, fat guys or not. But I guess I'm more open minded than most *shrugs* Jamie in Wisconsin
jamie at radioactiverussian dot com
Posted by Jamie on 24 November 2008 9:50 AM.
HI I have been wearing speedos since 1948. i cant understand why there are so many prudes out there at the moment, why wear something that looks awful and increases your drowning risk and rash risk when speedos have been around for 60 years. are so many of you gettin to be prudes and want to make it uncomfortable as well
Posted by on 4 December 2008 1:01 PM.
I'm a late 30's guy. I'm slim, athletic, 6 feet tall, very clean cut, never treat women like objects and since I was a little boy, always dreamed of getting married. I grew up with SUCH strong romantic feelings for women. At puberty, I began to be self aware. I began to notice how, in tight jeans, you could see a bulge. I felt sexy, but wasn't into ego trips or being lustful.
Then it happened. In my late teens, I became aware of the fact that guys in high school and college (and elsewhere), were wearing these ultra revealing things called speedos. Here's the key thing; I noticed they were wearing these things that looked like underwear and showed more detail of the male sex organ than you see in an R rated non-sexual situations, in front of females. Instantly, this said to me that I can forget feeling sexy and good about myself sexually, because guys can wear these tiny revealing speedos in front of women (and young women, who are supposedly interested in guys and sex), and they become oblivious. This is especially true of female swimmers. What's worse, the females who see athletic guys in speedos, are not only indifferent, but they laugh or think it's gross.
For 20 years...20 summers, I've worn speedos to the beach, keeping it from anyone who knows me, to TRY and see reactions from women out of the corner of my eye. I look online, go to chat rooms, read articles, and ask female acquaintances who are not wise as to why I'm asking, and the consensus is what I feared....women are oblivious, grossed out, or thin it's funny.
Now, I know you'll want to doll out advice like "Forget what others think", or "Women just aren't visual". But the bottom line is I have felt UTTERLY devistated for 20 years. I just got married. Despite what my wife says, I don't believe her. She "is" female, and females feel as I described. So, I don't want to have sex at all, because it's like living a lie. I KNOW that women like sex only for closeness, to feel good, to please their guy and they enjoy the male organ in those respects, and only as it offers them a reflection of their own attractiveness when it's aroused. But do women find a bulge or what's underneath intrinsically sexy or a turn on when its attached to a fit guy? No.
Go to voyforums, or Yahoo singles discussions or countless other message boards, where I changed my name and/or age to try to discuss this to maybe get female responses to change my mind. I was blasted from all sides by female speedo haters. Imagine a GUY telling women he finds long board shorts more attractive on them than bikinis? Absurd. Yet, women say they prefer board shorts.
I can't LOOK at a picture of a swim meet, where guys are in speedos and females are there too (swimmers), because I know I've read and heard directly how after a while they don't even notice the guys bulges.
Please note that I'm leaving out lots of info, and please know I'm 6 feet tall, about 175 pounds, very athletic, not hairy, and am "normal" down there. Besides, it's not about me, it's about women, who I grew up having such strong feelings for, and their attitude towards guys in general.
An article in a young women's magazine, a few years ago, BY a female, was about the movie Swimfan. In her article, she mentioned being on the set on a day when guys weren't in speedos, but followed by writing "..don't be grossed out ladies, it's for their roles". Even in ARTICLES it's a given that the more of us that shows, the grosser we are.
This summer, I'll be secretly out there again on a New England beach, walking in speedos, hoping to see SOME look or overhear SOME comment that might help change my mind about how I feel women think of us.
Whoever reads this, I will tell you that 20 years of my life has been ruined! You have no idea. I showed a girl in college once (when I was in college), a pic of the yearbook swim team...just casually to see her reaction. I was HOPING she'd go "Oh my gosh..I can't believe guys wear those. They show so much". Or..."Oh wow...we girls LOVE looking at this page", or something. Instead, she saw the guys in speedos and went "Eww, arent they ugly in those?" I could go on with countless experiences like that. I guess if I didn't have such romantic feelings for women, I wouldn't care. But I do, and have been UTTERLY devistated for years.
I'm a Christian, but now look at porn every night, engage in disgusting chat, and even want guys to look at me just to get some sense of reassurance that guys and guy's bulges are sexually attractive. Sounds crazy, but I'm not. I'm popular, and a class clown type. But crushed inside. All these years, and I feel this is ruling my life, and I feel utterly hurt by women. Any positive or hopeful comments, I'm
Posted by Lee on 3 February 2009 2:23 PM.
I am a 50 year old man that works out to keep in decent shape. Fortunately, I got to enjoy the '70s and early '80s when it was okay for a man to wear a speedo in public. I discovered the freedom and comfort of speedos while in college and that's all I wore for years, and thoroughly enjoyed swimming and tanning during those years. I painfully stopped wearing my speedos in public around 1990 when I figured out that most men had stopped wearing them. I regretfully conformed! However, I have continued wearing my speedos in my backyard ever since. I enjoy, but limit my speedos to own backyard where I swim, tan, and do yard work. My wife enjoys watching me in my speedo. It's just a way-of-life. I love my dark speedo tan, the comfort of swimming, and just showing off. Unfortunately, when we go over to friends, to the beach, vacation, I have to dreadfully put on an uncomfortable, long-legged monstrascity board shorts. I hate them!!!!! I just hope speedos come back in style before I die so I can wear them in public again and be comfortable. Young men today have conformed to a stigma and don't know the comfort they're missing. It's unfortunate, too. Wake up men!!!
Posted by Frank on 8 February 2009 3:49 AM.
In short wear what you want!! Show the male body and be proud!!! The reason why the lady's don't like guys in anything that show's to much is that there afraid that we will take away from there attention!!!It is all about attention!! It's the one thing they have on us and they want to keep it!! We persue and chase and they love it, not the other way around!!

Posted by on 23 March 2009 4:28 PM.
I wore my running shorts to the beach the other day. I am in my 30's. I wear the shorter full split running shorts by Soark running apparel. BTW, made in the USA! The woman at the beach that I had gone by that day made comments that they liked my shorts (and my thighs). They wished that they would see more men wear the shorter shorts.
Posted by Cal on 5 July 2009 4:52 PM.
I am a 22-year old college student. I recently added swimming to my 6 days a week workout routine , at a health club/indoor pool nearby off campus.
My first pool workout 3 weeks ago I made the mistake of attempting to swim in knee-length boardshorts. It felt as if I was wearing a parachute! At the time of night I was swimming , I had the whole pool to myself , as I was the only on the pool deck (save for a very hot female lifeguard) and no one witnessed this horrible display of saggy , wet fabric clinging to my body. A change was in order.
Two nights later , I decided that my gray , body-hugging Speedo would be far more practical , so I decided to wear it. Upon entering the pool area from the shower area , I set my I-pod and towel on the pool deck. At this time , I hear the following....."Uh , you can use this chair for your stuff so you don't have to put it on the ground". It was the HOT lifeguard , who had positioned a chair right next to hers at the far-end of the pool. As I got to the chair , she extended her hand , said hello , and asked if I was a student. We chatted a few minutes , and then I set out to accomplish why I was there : swim laps.
Well , I've been a regular at the pool for the past 3 weeks (in Speedo) , and I'm happy to say my swimming has improved as well as my dating life. I got the "digits" of said lifeguard and have been talking daily.
BTW , she says she enjoys men in Speedos , so pay no mind to the negativity you may encounter on the Net. Not only are they a near requirement for efficient swimming , you might just recieve some extra benefits as well!
Posted by Nicholas on 11 November 2009 6:32 AM.
I can think of some reasons why some woman think guys shouldnt wear speedos... (I think this is kinda off topic I think...)
2.Stupid Woman Who are against speedos
3.Bi-prejudice (Maybe)
4.Woman that say: Speedos are "automaticlly" refered to gay guys...
Posted by Nobody on 27 December 2009 7:06 PM.
I live in Florida and frequent the beach to swim and get a tan, I have loved speedos all my life the look and feel. I'm skinny an feel a little self conscious but with all the redicoulous ridicule of why men should not wear speedos I get my nerve up and find a quiet spot on the beach and enjoy my self getting my tan and swimming. For all you guys who fear wearing a speedo try an experiment. Try on a speedo (not a thong a don't like them and to me are not attractive on guys or women.) and swim in it and be honest to yourself and tell me that they are not 100% more comfortable to swim in and when you get out of the water don't feel like a cold wet towel wrapped around you. When you get home and take a shower and see this great brief tan line that is is way more appealing than a dark bottem of your leg tan line and white as snow thighs which looks rediculous. Bet your girlfriend will find you a whole lot sexier this way. On that note Board shorts look stupid and are extremely uncomfortable. If speedos are to extreme for you than at least wear shorts that are halfway above the knee and crotch.
Posted by Kevin on 15 February 2010 4:26 AM.
Personally i don't have a problem with men and what they wear...I'M STRAIGHT and not a closet LESBIEN,many women today shock me and their attitudes towards men.
I know women i work with and their attitude is one of disgust and hate when it comes to mens clothes on mens bodies,especially towards speedos and manthongs on attractive,fit,well built men !!!???,how did these women ever get close enough to their husbands to produce children !!!!
,it must of been a jarring expierence for the poor things.Women wonder why some men "CHEAT",i would say their cheating is the cause of a lack of straight women.....if i see an overweight man in something not pleasing i simply turn away,can't be any worse or gross than some of the females on a sunny afternoon
Posted by susan on 24 June 2010 12:23 PM.
Personally i don't have a problem with men and what they wear...I'M STRAIGHT and not a closet LESBIEN,many women today shock me and their attitudes towards men.
I know women i work with and their attitude is one of disgust and hate when it comes to mens clothes on mens bodies,especially towards speedos and manthongs on attractive,fit,well built men !!!???,how did these women ever get close enough to their husbands to produce children !!!!
,it must of been a jarring expierence for the poor things.Women wonder why some men "CHEAT",i would say their cheating is the cause of a lack of straight women.....if i see an overweight man in something not pleasing i simply turn away,can't be any worse or gross than some of the females on a sunny afternoon
Posted by susan on 24 June 2010 12:25 PM.
Is this really an issue worth worrying so much about? People should wear whatever they like and whatever they feel comfortable in. I've seen plenty of people - both men and women - in swim suits that may have looked good on them at some point in their life, but no longer do. If it doesn't bother them to look like that, why should it bother anyone else?

Posted by Robert on 29 July 2010 6:53 AM.
lots of us who think it's sexier to leave certain things to the imagination prefer guys don't show off all the goods in public. Board Shorts are better at this than Speedos. I agree that if you're an avid swimmer (usually means you're in good shape) then it makes sense to wear a Speedo. In the US, it's more acceptable for a woman to show T & A than a man's genitalia outline.
Posted by on 1 August 2010 6:54 AM.
directed at the comment above.... >lots of us who think it's sexier to leave certain things to the imagination prefer guys Again if your a lesbien dear thats fine but please don't dictate to me what you think is acceptable to lesbiens,i'm not young but i still enjoy looking at men
,the ones that still believe in showering and fitness and if it's "certain things" to the imagination you prefer, than next time tell your little girlfriends to cover up their half naked bodies because us "straight" women prefer not to see that dirty little strap up their backsides or the peeking out/outline of "their female genitalia" or "oversized tramp chests" your right,in america it's more acceptable to be lesbien and your the complete cause of the downfall of mens sex appeal truly sad that most straight women today have only overweight immature male idiots or lesbiens to look at
Posted by susan on 18 August 2010 7:54 AM.
im 13 from the newcastle/ australia area and i started going to the beach recently. On the first day i decided to ware my bordies and it wasnt that comfortable, it was all flappig around, water everywhere weighing you down, sand everywhere it wasnt that comfortable. So i decided to tell dad, and he got me a pair of "Budgie Smugglers" he called it, but he got them from the speedos shop and oh my god they are so much more comfortable! You dont take half the beach home with you, you fell so much better, nothing flapping around,no water etc. Who cares what women think, they ware their bakinis so why cant we nearlly be the same? Seriously get speedos much better!
Posted by Jack on 24 September 2010 8:45 PM.
i love wearing speedos at the beach or at the pool if people would only try them more would wear them, speedos are sexy
Posted by on 28 December 2010 1:55 AM.
Guys it all come down to one thing. "Control" Not all but a whole lot of women have been trying to control us & if we don't stop them pretty soon it will be too late. I'm already noticing that young men are afraid or ashamed to wear anything else but knee high shorts. They can't even imagine how comfortable and easy to wear these suites are. They have all the advantages.So why don't they want us to wear speedos, because they have issues with themselves and they can't fix them. So what do they do. They brainwash our kids and try to degrade us by telling us that it is not right to wear the very bathing wear we want. Something is going to have to change real soon, or else it will be too late. Come on guys let's stick together! Let's not let the bitches win!
Posted by Roger Doucet on 24 March 2011 2:57 AM.
10 Reasons To Stick With Speedos And Not Become A Sissy
Posted March 27th, 2011 at 3:59PM Here's my top ten reasons for sticking with Speedos: They're practical They're comfortable You can get a decent tan They look good These days - it makes me a rebel (and I kind of like that) They don't bring your legs out in a rash after you've been in the water Girls DO like them - in spite of what they might say in public I'm a man - not a Sissy I go to great lengths to keep in good shape - why hide that shape? I absolutely refuse to be brow-beaten into believing that as a man, my body is something that is shameful and somehow improper - to be hidden away under acres of unflattering, superfluous fabric! WTF happened since the 1980s to make straight men so Sissy? What could be more Sissy than consciously trying to hide the fact you are a man? Yes you heard right. All men and boys that hide behind big baggy shorts are Sissies!! and the ones that wear them over running tights or wetsuits really are pathetic!!!! Only real men wear Speedos.... Btw a Speedo (singular) is a device for measuring speed. A pair of Speedos (plural) is a pair of swim briefs If you agree - check out and join this site:
Posted by Geoff on 1 April 2011 5:03 AM.
It all go back to being at least fit in wearing brief style shorts. I have worn the TYR brand of brief instead of Speedo. I've had gals talk to me just the same if I was not wearing them. Even some say "nice package". I mostly wear running short, also the split side style by SOARK, In Sport, and others.
Posted by CS on 29 April 2011 11:14 PM.
It all go back to being at least fit in wearing brief style shorts. I have worn the TYR brand of brief instead of Speedo. I've had gals talk to me just the same if I was not wearing them. Even some say "nice package". I mostly wear running short, also the split side style by SOARK, In Sport, and others.
Posted by CS on 29 April 2011 11:15 PM.
I'm able to think about several reasons why some lady think men shouldnt put on speedos.
Posted by on 6 March 2012 4:22 PM.
This website really has all of the information I needed concerning this subject and didn't know who to ask.
Posted by on 20 June 2012 3:51 PM.
Speedo is just sooooooooo not cool even woman outfit that shows everything is just not cool, we lived in this day and age where to kids it matter. I have 8 wonderful children and each one of them do not like seeing men in speedo, 5 of them are boy if you are wandering.
Posted by Theresa on 18 January 2013 7:18 PM.
Can't everybody (1) Shut up about what anybody else wears and (2) Wear what you want? Whether you dress like a nun or go nude, I care not. Same applies to any in-between attire you may choose. Your thoughts are not as profound as you feel they are and your opinion matters far less than what you think.
Posted by Ethan Turner on 31 August 2014 1:48 AM.
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