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9 September, 2004

John Farnham = liar

One Australia icon, John Farnham, famous for You're The Voice, had his tour - The Last Time - spanned 2002 and 2003, is now clearly a big lie to all his fans.

John Farnham announced plans to tour with Tom Jones in February, it is clearly a lie that he called his previous tour "The Last Time", and making it a farewell style.

[Many] who bought tickets to The Last Time were unfairly led to believe it was the singer's last big tour, and that he would be seen again only in small venues.

Sadly, Australia's consumer watchdog ACCC is on Farnham's side.

Mr Farnham was named Australian Of The Year in 1988

Posted by Antony on 9 September 2004 1:25 AM | music/iTunes

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Sorry "Antony" but you don't know what you are talking about. John Farnham never once said that he was never going to tour again. He said repeatedly that he wouldn't tour major venues by himself but would "come at you from a different angle" Doing a limited dates (8) tour with Tom Jones and participating in Grease does not go against what he said. It's clear that people like you have trouble understanding the english language when it is said plainly and clearly.
Posted by David on 17 June 2005 7:05 PM.
The name "The Last Time" and all the advertisement for that tour do imply something. Or the name "The Last Time" has only intention to MISLEADING people. Liar still.
Posted by Antony on 17 June 2005 8:10 PM.
John Farnham announced the last time tour because he did mention that he was not going to pack out major venues across the country... give the guy a break he is australias most loved performer and has a much better life style then you or I.. he can do what he wants to do.. John has worked his ass off for 35 years through thick and thin and he deserves every good thing that is coming to him.. so think before you speak about things you dont understand.
Posted by Mick on 8 January 2006 9:51 PM.
Your A fool the Last Time tour was taken from the name of the signgle (strangly enough the last time)Anyone who is a true Farnham fan would not care either way as they get to see there Idol again On Stage. If you dont have somthing positive to say Shut the hell Up.
Posted by joshrvs on 28 February 2006 5:57 PM.
i love john farham im 32 years old im still wondering if his going to do more concert john fans loves him
be good to see wat his been up to his been so quite i hope he pops back out soon to see if his still alive and well
Posted by adel_girl_24 on 25 November 2008 11:42 AM.
I wonder if Antony bought a ticket to that show ? Ifso...he should count himself as one of the very lucky ones that got to witness a 1st class show by one of the best singers ever. But....some people just have to have something to piss and moan about or they're not happy.
Posted by Bjerome on 21 January 2009 3:47 PM.
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