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17 February, 2004

looking for permanent hair removal?

Are you one of the unlucky one with unwanted body hair? Looking for permanent hair removal? If you live in Sydney, Jessica Reid of Advanced Electrolysis Centre is the only person you should talk to. For all hair types, in any body area, for both man and woman.

She did not pay me for this blog entry.

Posted by Antony on 17 February 2004 3:59 PM |

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I want to know permanent hair removal price and how long takes(how many time). legs, armpits, below belly button(little) bikini line Thank you. Have a nice day!
Posted by Nayeon Han on 25 March 2004 6:16 PM.
i have so much hair on my bach and upperarms. how much will it cost me? thanks bye
Posted by jan on 10 August 2004 3:02 PM.
So may of us struggle with excessive hair and hair removal issues. It's nice to see someone handle it with respect. Thanks! Jenny

Posted by Hair Removal Products on 11 May 2006 6:37 AM.
Is there any certification you should check for before going in for electrolysis?
Posted by hairr on 14 August 2006 1:12 AM.
American culture has always dictated a hairless body image for women and now the sleek look is gaining appeal with men. The look that was once macho and manly is now deemed unsightly resulting in many hair removal techniques aimed at the male market.
My name is Donna Risos. Iím a licensed and Board Certified Electrologist and owner of Jersey Shore Electrolysis in Toms River N.J. I specialize in permanent hair removal for men and women.
Recently highlighted on ABCís Regis and Kelly (Mon. 8/28) was hair removal of a manís back and shoulders. The spa specialist demonstrated the method of hair removal known as waxing. She showed how small patches of hair can be removed with moderate discomfort ultimately revealing a clear smooth back. The audience sighs and claps with approval.
However I couldnít help but feel the ache of disappointment knowing that it would all grow back in no time and probably even coarser. What a tease. The skin no sooner looses its irritation than stubble appears.
With electrolysis the look would take longer to achieve but the results would be lasting-permanent. Now that would give an audience something to cheer about.
Earlier this summer on the Tyra Banks Show waxing was again the topic as nurse practitioner Jackie Snow of the Womanís Medical Group in Calif. talked about waxing and had the audience consider a not previously discussed possibility that STDíS can be transmitted at salons that offer these services. Consider these facts. The wax is not changed between clients. All body parts are waxed including genital areas. Wax is kept warm facilitating bacterial growth.
In electrolysis, extreme attention is paid to client safety. I use pre-sterilized gold disposable probes and instruments are autoclaved. If we can by pass the quick fix of temporary methods of hair removal men and women can truly have permanent freedom from unwanted hair and safety too. For more information about permanent hair removal go to

Posted by Donna Risos on 16 September 2006 7:15 PM.
Different kinds of lasers are safe for different kinds of skin. For instance YAG laser is safest on black skin but not as effective as diode or Alexandrite. Alexandrite is not as safe on medium/dark skin as diode but equally effective. At my clinic we use the Syneron Comet diode laser which I think captures the best of diode technology and adds to it radiofrequency energy, reducing the amount of light required for effectiveness. More info at
Posted by Tattoo MD [TypeKey Profile Page] on 26 October 2006 5:13 PM.

Plan well in advance for hair removal for your wedding, trips and cruises. Remember men and women have multiple cycles of hair growth lasting for 12-18 months. You owe it to yourself and your partner. Hairy Tattoo? Clear it permanently so that the artistry can always shine through. Remember to start your bikini line early so that you are clear or mostly so for summer and you can show off that new suit. Eyebrows frame the face for men and woman. Unibrows and pencil thin lines are out. Let us design brows perfect for you. We have a flair for it. Show off your diamonds! Remove that knuckle, arm or ear hair. Jewelry shows much better without it. If you wear a hearing aid, having your hair permanently removed will make it more comfortable and may increase the lifetime of the device. Shaving is O.K. but plucking isn't, if your goal is permanent hair removal. Tweezing or waxing is perceived as trauma by the body which over time makes the hair grow back stronger. So shaving or clipping between electrology appointments is preferred.
Although shaving is preferred the constant close shave is irritating and worse can result in ingrown hairs. We can discuss the products that will alleviate this problem. Medications can effect hair growth. That's why it's important to always update your medical history. Hydration's very important. Drinking plenty of water before your appointment insures a thorough and more comfortable treatment. Skin cancer has been aggressively on the rise. It is very important to wear an effective sunscreen ALL year long to protect from UV rays. Remember it is impossible to have significant permanent hair removal in one treatment only. You'll appreciate the lasting results when you schedule regular appointments with a skilled electrologist to complete the necessary growth cycles.
Come in to Jersey Shore Electrolysis in Toms River NJ for a free consultation which will take the mystery out of permanent hair removal. Call 732.349.7611

Posted by Anthony Risos on 26 October 2006 6:33 PM.
Itís a fact that hair will eventually grow back, when we use the traditional painful procedures; but during the sessions with laser hair removal it grows back, thinner though. However, it wonít go away completely over night. It will disappear, or it will be diminished after a few sessions, and it needs to grow back, so that the laser beam can spot it and do its magic. Iíve heard that it takes over 4 sessions for the hair to be reduced in 80-90%. Itís great!
Posted by Lucia on 6 July 2007 4:55 PM.
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Posted by hoodia gordonii on 23 January 2009 7:46 AM.
Hi, thanks for your post.Sadly, I don't live in Sydney but I hope i can find a centre that also do a permanent hair removal. I already bookmarked this page for my future reference. Thanks again... -kenneth
Posted by laser hair removal upland on 14 April 2009 1:57 PM.
Having unwanted hair can be frustrating and to get rid of this considering the best clinic for laser treatment will be a wise decision. Thanks for the above information.
Posted by Keiko on 3 August 2010 11:45 PM.
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